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Wentz Canine

Fogelsville Shopping
Fogelsville, PA 18051
(610) 336-0200
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When I dropped my dog off to be groomed I was a bit concerned when I looked around the grooming area. It was extremely dirty (lots of hair everywhere as well as an empty cigarette...

filthy puppies 1/26/2010

Please, please - will the owner clean up this store. It is terrible. It smells horrible, the dogs are filthy. Animal control should be checking it out. more

horrible conditions, unreputable breeders! 8/17/2009

If I could give this place no stars, I would. The place is completely filthy and disgusting.I had to shower because I smelled so bad from being in there for ten minutes! I have researched some of his breeders, and most have been cited for violations, some are not even liscensed! Incredible that people do not see what they are supporting when they buy a puppy from Wentz. Buy from reputable breeders or adopt from you local animal shelter! more

horrible buisness 8/16/2009

Horrible establishment, dirty grimy. more

unhealthy 8/13/2009

Our puppy died in less than 3 weeks after we got her from a virus already in her. more

Smells Bad! 7/22/2009

We went to this place to check it out and it smelled so bad when we walked in. It was like urine and just a very dirty smell, it was horrible. Those poor dogs have to sit there with that stench and live like that, how horrible!!! We will NEVER go back to that place or another pet store after reading what the rest of these people have to say about this place. more

Want Proof 6/7/2009

If anyone thinks that this place buys from "good, small, local breeders", then think again. Go into the store and check out the names on his "stands" and look them up, most of them are mills! I bought a puppy from him and did research on the "breeder" and found out that he has about 450 dogs at his place and has been given notices and citations for horrible things, like dogs having horrible eye diseases and no one caring for them and dogs having matting caked in feces and no one washing them! This place is like all pet stores, they buy from mills. How else would they have a constant supply? They told me once that they get a "shipment" in every Wednesday, that's nice. more

Do some research! 6/2/2009

Why don't you go in and look at some of the breeders' names. Go on the department of agriculture's website and search the PA ones and you can see their inspection reports. SEE FOR YOURSELF! One of his breeders was cited for "no shelter for outside dogs" and another for "Feces in the food receptacles". Does that sound like "nice, small, family breeders"? OPEN YOUR EYES, PEOPLE! more

Puppy mill puppies galore. 6/1/2009

I honestly can't believe this place is still running. The place is stocked wall to wall with numerous different breeds of puppies sitting in their own filth. It smells terrible. I've heard horror stories of people who purchased from them and ended up with horribly ill puppies who died after numerous vet visits and attempts at saving them. I've also heard horror stories of how sickly and thin the puppies look when they arrive at the store from the puppy mills. Their 'quarantine' room is a joke. This is the room where their 'sick' puppies go. It's a small room full of wheezing, hacking, pitiful puppies. It's also completely open (no door even!) to the rest of the store, and no one is required to wash their hands after visiting the sick puppies. How exactly is this quarantine? If you hate puppy mills and animal neglect/abuse, steer clear of this store. Do not give them your money, you're only supporting their poor practices and the puppy mills they get their puppies from. more

Don't Buy-ADOPT 6/10/2008

My daughter and I recently visited Wentz Canine and the first thing we noticed as we entered the store was the smell. You expect a certain amount of smell that is associated with animals, but the stench that greeted us at the door almost made us turn around and leave. We didn't because we wanted to check out the conditions of this "STORE". In the first pen by the door were three puppies treading on their feces and they had access to the wood chips below their wire floor. One puppy actually was chewing on a piece that was certainly urine soaked and as a result, he was choking on it but fortunately, was able to cough it out. Each enclosure has an easel that lists the price of each animal in that enclosure with an official looking piece of paper that is hand-written with the dates of when that puppy was given shots, the name and address of the BREEDER and the VETERNARIAN that administered the shots. Some of the puppies came from known puppymills in Lancaster County here in Pennsylvania and some from other states like Oklahoma and Missouri. If some come from puppymills in PA, logic dictates that the ones listed from OK and MO are also from puppymills. Please, please, please do not buy any puppies from this STORE. A store is only in operation to make money and this STORE is no exception. We witnessed puppies with runny eyes and noses, ring worm and mange. Please do not be lulled into believing that if you buy a puppy from this STORE, you will be rescuing it from a horrible existence. The result of buying one of these puppies is that you will only create a space for another puppy from a puppymill thereby perpetuating the cycle. The SPCA takes in thousands of animals every year. These animals are the ones in need of rescuing. If you want a breed-specific puppy, find a rescue for that breed. Wentz Canine does not deserve a rating of even one star, but I had to choose at least one to be able to post this review. more

Puppy Mill City 4/28/2008

This place is a prime example of a puppy mill pet store. He buys dogs from brokers (who buy from puppy mills), just like all pet stores in the U.S. Not only is this place disgustingly dirt, but the dogs have everything from emotional problems to ringworm, kennel cough, mange, intestinal parasites, etc. BOYCOTT all stores that sell puppies, adopt or research a responsible breeder! more

Horrible! 12/30/2007

Do not get your dog here...the owner is VERY mean and defensive...has obviously had many complaints before based on his comments. Our dog has been seriously overbred...major separation NOT buy a dog from here...they are ruining what people once thought about labs... more

Grooming area could be cleaner. 11/7/2005

When I dropped my dog off to be groomed I was a bit concerned when I looked around the grooming area. It was extremely dirty (lots of hair everywhere as well as an empty cigarette carton on the floor). They did do a good job on the dog's (a Westie) grooming though, but I was so turned off by the uncleanliness that I have not been back since then. more
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