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Wells Fargo Bank

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Wells Fargo Bank has a cool new savings account for kids. You can make deposits in it and the kids can't withdrawl it til they turn 18. Everytime you make a deposit of $3 or more,...


Sub-clauses in the contract leave me paying $4,000 more than the residual if I want to keep the I've effectively overpaid for the duration of the lease. Very unpleasant c...

Car Leased from Crooks 7/22/2010

Sub-clauses in the contract leave me paying $4,000 more than the residual if I want to keep the I've effectively overpaid for the duration of the lease. Very unpleasant company and I urge you to seek a better deal elsewhere. AVOID AT ALL COSTS more

Never Get Auto loan With These People 2/12/2009

I got a loan with them 1.5 years ago. Ran across some hard time.Would call them to tell them when I would call them to let them know what date I would have my payment. Set it up online in their site, Call them to give them the confirmation number. And they would call me six to seven times a day to ask me when will i make a payment. they will still contine to harass you after you have given them a date for payment. this is the worst company I have ever dealt with.Sho keeps calling someone after you have setup your payment. and when you give them the reason for the lateness, when they call they ask you the same reason over again. as if you never gave it to them. This is the stupidest company I ever seen. Harrassing someone like that would make them purposely not tell you anything or answer the phone. STAT AWAY FROM THEM. they are awful. and they want to get mad with you when they tell you to stop calling. more

Watch your debit card 6/24/2008

My debit card expired, and a new one never came, so I went to the bank to inquire about it. Without asking for ID (I have only been inside the bank twice in the last 5 years) the teller asked for my SS number. She told me that my card did expire, but I received a card and already activated it. Irate because they should only be able to activate by a home phone I demanded to know what transactions had expired. She quickly marked the card as stolen and put in a request for a new card. As the activities popped up on her screen ( I am guessing), she suddenly asked, "Are you Mark?" This was a dumb question as I am female! When I told her no, she informed me that I needed to let Mark know that she just marked his card as stolen. I argued with her that I have no idea who Mark is and that she should inform him. She casually said, well I hope he isn't stranded somewhere with no money. It should be okay, his new card will arrive in 8-10 business days. Sorry Mark.....whoever you are. more

Kids savings account 6/19/2007

I recently opened my son a Wells Fargo Savings account. Per the literature for the kids savings account, the child earns one buck for every three dollars deposited. Often, branches and I have used several from Oregon to Wisconsin are out of bucks, say he gets one buck for every ten or they say they aren't aware of such a program. Shame on you Wells Fargo for breaking your word to little children. You can bet that we will move his kids savings account to a bank that will keep their word. My son has almost $300 - bucks received 18 - WOW - that's inexcusable. more

Screwed by Wells Fargo auto finance! 6/5/2007

I have never dealt with bigger crooks in my life! I used them to lease a PT Cruiser and it is 9 months until my lease is up. I have a baby and the PT Cruiser is not big enough for all the baby stuff so I want to get a minivan. Well Wells Fargo will not let me just pay what is left on the lease which is $2700, no they want $13,300! They want me to pay off the car as if I am buying it AND they have tacked on tons of fees too. So even though I was willing to pay what is left in payments they won't accept that and now I have to keep this car that does not fit my needs for another 7 months because they will allow me to give it back 59 days early...OH GEE THANKS! By the way the dealership said that Chrysler auto loans always let people out early! Thanks for nothing Wells Fargo! more

Worst Finance company EVER! 12/11/2006

Dealership leased my new car with Wells Fargo; The first thing I did was try to figure out how to make a payment online. I quickly discovered you have to enter a cryptic, hard to remember URL that has no link from the bank's main page to pay an auto lease. But that's just a minor inconvenience compared to how they REALLY screwed me. Upon changing jobs, my payroll was spaced out so I called to find out if I could reschedule my payment due date. The woman assured me while I couldn't reschedule because of how close I was to the original due date, there was a 10 day grace period and I could pay later with no penalty, and just to go to the website and schedule the payment for when I wanted it to come out. What she failed to tell me was that she was going ahead and scheduling the payment for me (You can probably guess where this is going). I check my bank balance on the day the payment is scheduled to come out, and what do I find? Duplicate payments and an overdrawn checking account. I call their customer service who tells me they only see one payment, despite the fact I am logged into their website and the payment history clearly shows two. God help me through these next few months so I can get a lease with a different bank! more

Open an account for your child 9/17/2005

Wells Fargo Bank has a cool new savings account for kids. You can make deposits in it and the kids can't withdrawl it til they turn 18. Everytime you make a deposit of $3 or more, they give you what they call a "stagecoach buck". After you accumulate a certain amount, you can exchange them for prizes. If you collect 100 of these stagecoach bucks, you can exchange it for a $50 Savings Bond which is pretty cool. This way, you get rewarded for saving, and its a great way to teach and start out your kids with. If you are interested, just go to the nearest Wells Fargo Bank and ask them about it. more

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I agree, Wells Fargo is hard to deal with 8/30/2005

I don't do my normal banking through them, but I have a car lease, and its the first time in my life that I have had to deal with hassles (none that were generated by me). It's been a frustrating experience overall, and I don't think I would use them ever again if I had the choice. more

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Don't make my mistake. Wells will screw you when you need them most. 8/11/2005

I have had Well Fargo checking account for nearly ten years now. I would gladly change banks if not for the many automated withdraws scheduled on this account. Several times now Well Fargo has put me through a financial hell I would wish on my worst enemy. The first time I was making a down payment on my house and had sold stock in order to be able to finance this. I deposited the very large check at my Well Fargo and expected the normal 1 week for the check to clear so I could in turn meet my closing 2 weeks later. About a week later I received a letter from Wells Fargo saying that my check had been marked as potential fraud and it would be another 2 weeks before the money was released. Panicked at the idea of not being able to make my house closing I called the bank to find out was going on. Apparently, because I had never deposited a check of this size before, they were going to hold the money for 2 weeks AFTER the check had already cleared. While I was able beg the seller to delay close by another week, this very nearly cost me the home I so badly wanted. The Wells employees I talked to were the most callous corporate stooges I have ever had to deal with. I could go on with more stories of how Well has abused me over the years but it just makes me mad. As for a day to day Bank, Wells is OK, but if you ever need them to handle anything out of the ordinary for you, they'll just let you down. more

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Here's a plug for Wells Fargo 8/10/2005

We had the basic WaMu savings & checking accounts when we first moved here. I had no problem with them at all, so I guess this review is a thumbs up for them as well. And I have to admit, their free checking, really is free checking. Just like the commercials advertise! However, when we bought our house we got our mortgage through Wells Fargo and eventually moved all our accounts there. The customer service has been great on all levels and they provide scads of financial services. Even though you may only need basic services now, someday, you might need more and I'm sure Wells Fargo could accommodate you. (For instance, you could get a Wells Fargo Visa card and attain points by using it. If you spend enough - you could get a snow cone machine! How cool is that!) P.S. I love the facility in the U-District b/c it's in a big, old, grand building and reminds me of how banks used to look. Like in Mary Poppins! more
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