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Welcome To The Johnson's - 25 Reviews - 123 Rivington St, New York, NY - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (212) 420-9911

Welcome To The Johnson's

123 Rivington St (at nr. Essex St.)
New York, NY 10002
(212) 420-9911
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Welcome To The Johnson's - New York, NY
Welcome To The Johnson's - New York, NY
Welcome To The Johnson's - New York, NY
Welcome To The Johnson's - New York, NY


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I was in there last night and apparently Alice (""the crazy asian lady"") has quit. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about - she was awesome and one of the main reasons I used to...


I am laughing at the reviews below because I have totally been there & experienced how insane that bartender is (the crazy Asian). So hello Welcome to the Johnsons- has this girl...

Cheap drinks in the LES 9/12/2010

They absolutely have some low price drinks. All mixed well drinks are $5 and the place is totally drive. But it can get really crowded with some terribly drunk and obnoxious people. I would come back for some cheap drinks. more

She's gone... 3/7/2009

I was in there last night and apparently Alice (""the crazy asian lady"") has quit. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about - she was awesome and one of the main reasons I used to go here. more

I'll take a PBR with a side of crazy.... 2/12/2009

I am laughing at the reviews below because I have totally been there & experienced how insane that bartender is (the crazy Asian). So hello Welcome to the Johnsons- has this girl been fired yet? I'm sure there are plenty of sane people more than willing to take her job. I know businesses can respond to posts so let us know when T.C.A. has been fired! Until I hear from someone, I won't be going back. Pros: cheap beer Cons: T.C.A. more

changing my plans.. 2/6/2009

i will only go back after reading all these reviews if that crazy woman is not behind the bar... wow... i was looking forward to having my party there... back in the day i use to go there all the time and it was fun... i'm sure she just needs to helped, BETTY FORD style. Pros: cheap drinks Cons: crazy woman, gross bathrooms more


welcome to the JOHNsons, son of JOHN, i am a brother of a JON. i am compelled to review this place cause they let you sleep there on Wednesday plus dudes their racquetball court is enormous. theres this bartender there that looks somewhat like an Asian woman she was screaming at me and me and her ended up screaming at each other for hours, at the bar. once i FOUND A PINECONE in my bloody mary. it took me thirty times to get the name right of this ONE drink i wanted to order, it was garnished with a slice of yellow american, CELLOPHANE OFF. also, last time i was there i had just one bloody mary and they tried to charge me for 27. Pros: 450 different types of coffee drinks Cons: the bartender stole my car more


And by one, I mean Alice, the crazy speed freak bartender who traded in her strait jacket and padded room for plastic covered seats at the straight bar. All I can say is WOW. One really got away. I smell a a fat payout in the making for a good lawyer and some lucky patron that has the misfortune of coming across Ms. Prozac Nation. KA-CHING! Pros: $2 PBRs Cons: Alice in (who should be) In Chains more

Welcome to the ""Loony Bin"" 1/29/2009

I'm still trying to pick my jaw up of the floor after last night's bizarre occurrence!!! Last night I went to this bar to celebrate my friend's birthday. Suddenly, completely unprovoked, the bartender, (YES I'M REFERRING TO THE SAME INSANE, 90 POUND, CRAZY HAND-WAVING ASIAN GIRL DESCRIBED BELOW) completely lost her mind and started screaming at my friend, calling her every 4 letter word I've ever heard...AND THEN SOME!! I'm pretty certain she in clinically insane, or at least bipolar. Clearly this was her normal behavior because her 15 minute rant which included a freakish throbbing vein in her forehead seemed to completely unphase her fellow bartender. This lunatic needs to be fired and thrown back in the institution she escaped from as she has no business working with the public! Pros: JACK Cons: CRAZY ASIAN BAR TENDER more

Thanks for saving me the trouble! 1/29/2009

I just looked this bar up because I initially thought I wanted my bachlorette pregame party here (I went here once before a few years back) but after reading about this ""crazy asian bartender"" I am going to go elsewhere! Thanks for saving me from almost having the worst party ever! more


I think the reviews below are way too kind... more

Too bad they don't serve Prozac! 1/29/2009

I too have felt the wrath of the CRAZY Asian bartender. She wailed at my friends and I when we were there. Someone let her out of her straight jacket a little too soon! more


if you want to be cursed out by a crazy asian bartender for absolutely ZERO reason....definitely go here!!! i was here last night for a bday party & have never experienced something so ridiculous. we are a nice group of people- fun, smart & definitely not looking to start a fight with a 90 pound asian who clearly forgot to take her meds yesterday. long story short- they let my friend who hosted set a table up with a cake, snacks etc....& as we were lighting to candles to sing happy bday....the bartender walks over & tells us to ""clean everything up."" we were like, okay....we will obviously, just let us finish singing happy bday first....& all of a sudden the b*tch goes INSANE. called my friend a c*nt....dropped every form of the f-bomb possible & told all 20 of us to get the eff out of the bar! she was 2 inches away from my friends face waving her bony hands all over the place & screaming at her in a packed bar. im telling you now this is with ZERO exaggeration. i was in complete shock & literally had to hold myself back from slapping the taste out of her mouth. my friend (who i am so proud of) just looked at her- half in shock, half not even believing it was happening.....& told her that we werent leaving. the crazy asian literally went on a rant screaming every curse word in the book for (no joke) 10 minutes & when she realized we werent going anywhere....she went back to the bar to high-five her 2 friends that were there like she was in 5th grade. unless they fire this lunatic- i will never go back here. neither should you! there are plenty of other fun bars in the area. i have to say the other bartender (jack) was amazing & i feel sorry that he has to work with someone who clearly belongs on a jerry springer episode. Pros: jack Cons: the crazy asian bartender more

When Bartenders Attack (If you want to be insulted, go here) 10/25/2008

Originally me and my friends were loving this bar. It was a fun hang out and had great atmosphere. Then a bartender (female, asian, long black hair) blatantly and very rudely told me that I wasn't tipping her enough (I was tipping her $2 on $2pbrs...whatever) and if I didn't like it I should leave. She and the staff had been extremely uptight, not caring that they were way insulting. Then she got security to escort me and my friends out when she talking about me for the next ten minutes and I told her to relax. So, I threw my beer can at her, she called the cops, and made up some more bs. Just don't go there. I'm all about the punk attitude that goes along with the scene but she was just a awful and angry and took out her frustrations on her customers. Cons: Service ... bartenders are awful more

Great times always! 10/14/2008

I love this place! We go here every year in October after going to the Haunted Nightmare Haunted House on Rivington. Cheap beer, good jukebox, kitschy place. It's perfect for a night like this. Highly recommend. Pros: Great ambience, cheap beer, great bartenders, great times! more

cheap cheap cheap 11/15/2007

Welcome to the Johnsons is one hell of a dive in the LES. It's a mod-podge of people from your college hipsters, crazy regulars, or random business types. It has a homey- unpretentious feeling with all the vintage decor, fridge behind the bar and pac man table. Cheap beers always a plus ($2 PBR) but their Guiness on tap is either never properly working or the bartender just doesn't know how to pour... then again I'm sure getting a job there doesn't require much more skill than knowing how to open cans. Pros: CHEAP BEER! Cons: smells, dirty, creepy old men, but hey- its a dive bar! more

Bring a coozie and some older clothing 11/12/2007

Welcome to the Johnsons is not pictured above as another reviewer noted. WttJ has shag carpeting, a gold-inlaid mirror and refrigerator behind the bar, and a genuine living room beside the bar with a pos television, fan, couch, lay-z-boy, a wall of pictures from your grandmother's house, and a line of emptys on the tv stand reminiscent of your last frathouse experience. The folks playing pool are typically 50-60 y/o Vietnam vets or Native Americans and will mack on the girls in your group. That's a good thing. You aren't going to a velvet-roped bar filled with hair gel and Ballys. If you want a bar with character, you want the aforementioned qualities and redfreakinneck interaction. Pros: Atmosphere, the 'boy, prices, icy tubs of PBR Cons: Can't wear seersucker, have a flammable 'do, or discuss politics more

Just Another Inexpensive, No Thrills Dive Bar 11/5/2007

First off, this bar is not the one pictured above! It's dark, small, and dingy. This place isn't bad if you're looking for cheap PBRs and to meet up with some friends without spending much money. They have a few tables/chairs set up. This bar also has a reclining chair for one lucky person who just wants to relax after a long hard day's work. The bartenders seemed to have a little bit of an attitude when I was there and took their time to serve me. They seemed to only concentrate on the regulars for the most part. There was a jukebox, however it wasn't being used. Instead, they had a CD playing from an unknown source (mostly older rock and southern rock music was heard at the time I was there). The patrons at this bar seemed to be very into themselves and were very clicky. Drinking here by yourself may make you feel a little out of place, although I did it and it didn't bother me. Just your average, no thrills, dive bar with mostly male patrons. Pros: Cheap PBRs, no cover charge, dive bar Cons: bartenders concentrate on the regulars only, very small, patrons aren't friendly more

great stop! 9/18/2007

love this place. it's a dive filled with awesome people definitely a regular here, check it out for sure!! more

Complete Dive 11/24/2006

Pros: Prices Cons: Smell more

Sweet local... 10/19/2006

The Johnson's...What can you say?A little smelly,very friendly,competely affordable.Very kind staff. Pros: The most consistent bar in the LES IMO Cons: random crazy people more

An Institution 11/6/2005

When did this place go from being a theme bar to a dive? There is still evidence of the parents basement theme going on here and there, but it sure ain't clean and sparkly anymore. Super strong drinks, great jukebox, pool table, and for the most part awesome bartenders and patrons alike. Plus, you don't feel like a derelict drinking here at 3 in the afternoon. This is the place that started the whole cool to drink beer in a can thing. The bathrooms MUST be some kind of a test. Anyway, it's a classic already. Pros: CHEAP!!!!, jukebox kicks, $2 happy hour drinks Cons: weekend dorks, bathrooms more
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