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Wax Spa Miami - 99 Reviews - 13726 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL - Other Reviews - Phone (305) 940-5141

Wax Spa Miami

13726 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL 33181
(305) 940-5141
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Wax Spa Miami - Miami, FL
Wax Spa Miami - Miami, FL
Wax Spa Miami - Miami, FL
Wax Spa Miami - Miami, FL


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It's been 2 hrs since i got my first wax done at the wax spa. I must admit that Ina was great. She was honest enough to tell me that for my first wax ever, i should start with bik...


I had my eyebrows and my lips waxed in this location and the bumps above my upper lip and around my eyebrows did not go away for days. I took me a long time to get my soft skin b...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/5/2013

I was a loyal customer for the wax spa for about 3 years. I was very happy with their services and especially for Ina’s amazing work. The manager/owner has always been very rude to customers and staff but I kept coming since Ina always did such a great job.\r I few months ago I found out that Ina has left and I did not take her information. I was very sad but decided to give the wax spa a chance with the new staff. The services have been good but not comparable to Ina’s amazing service. Recently I have noticed that their business has decreased a lot.\r Last time I went for a service, I had called to ask if I could come to the appointment 10 minutes late. The receptionist said it was not a problem and when I arrived the place had no customers. But before leaving the owner got very rude with me about my tardiness. This man was so irrespectful, rude and mean. I NEVER want to go back to this place. \r Luckily I did my research today and found where Ina now works.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/13/2013

I think this place is beautiful. I had a spray tan there by Carolina and it was the most perfect tan and it truly made me look star-quality. The tan didn't leak or wear off unevenly and the service of all the staff was truly amazing. If there is ever a bad word even thought this place will go above and beyond to make your experience more enjoyable. Thank you Carolina and Wax Spa. I will be back. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/13/2013

Had a great experience at Wax Spa yesterday. I heard about them through Citysearch and after reading all the positive reviews decided to give them a try. It was worth every penny! My waxer did an excellent job on my eyebrows and made me feel totally comfortable while I was getting a brazilian bikini wax. I will definitely be going back and LOVE their 3 week promotion for 20% off. Plus the interior is sooo pretty and the rest of staff was really nice! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/13/2013

Great Customer Service and Very Professional. I was new to the city and was used to my previous wax place in New York and was a bit hesitant to find someone new for my Brazilian bikini and eyebrows waxing in Miami. Wax Spa not only was more skilled, but more professional and accommodating than my waxing place in NY. They are very detailed oriented and never make me feel uncomfortable (ladies, we all know sometimes how we feel about these experiences...) and they always give helpful advice. I highly recommend them for any body or facial waxing. For the service alone, it is well worth the experience. I double-dare you to find someone who makes you more comfortable than Wax Spa. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/2/2013

LOVE, LOVE LOVE!! \r I have no problem with dentists or doctors, but when it comes to brazilian waxes - I fear The Reaper.\r \r Went there for the first time last week - and I'm hooked!! Christina did an AWESOME job, took her time and was really diligent about getting the shape I wanted for my eyebrows and brazilian.\r \r The BEST PART - they DO NOT RECYCLE and DO NOT DOUBLE DIP.\r \r BEST WAX EVER-IT DIDN'T HURT. \r \r Let me say that again - IT DIDN'T HURT.\r \r Laid back, comfortable place (and they give you candy :-)\r The staff were very friendly.\r The prices were also very reasonable\r I have a new waxing spot :-) \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/29/2013

Let's say I've had some quite unpleasant experiences looking for a deal around where I live on getting waxed... but Wax Spa is the best place I've been to so far! Christina, well she is amazing. She is so fun and sweet as she's waxing my lady parts. I also have very sensitive skin and she is great with accommodating my needs.\r \r It's not fun thing getting hair ripped out. But it's great when you can find a place where you can laugh at the same time... you could say it numbs the pain :) Needless to say I've found my go to waxing spot and will never stray to another salon, never ever.\r Thank you ladies and I'll see you in 3 weeks! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/11/2013

Great customer service!!!!!!\r \r The girls at WAX SPA really made things easy and pain free for me! \r \r This was my first time cleaning the basement and Christina made me feel comfortable about it, explained the process, and she was sooo nice to me. \r \r I'm definitely going back :)\r \r Clean, spotless and very bright place, new wax every time (not recycled), plenty of parking, AMAZING customer service. \r \r You guys ROCK!!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/2/2013

The worst waxing,would not recommend this place to anybody,the wax technicians doesn't know what they doing !! No experience , very painful , takes forever to do bikini!! Not clean, they double dip the sticks!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/16/2012

Amazing Air Brush tans!!!\r I had never gone tanning before and I was afraid to try the Mystic tan so instead I received a custom airbrush tan from Carolina and it looked amazing!!!! My tan looked so natural afterward as if I had been laying out in Hawaii! I now have no tan lines and the perfect sun kissed look! I would highly recommend it if you were a tanning newbie like me. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/16/2012

I had read about Wax Spa on Citysearch and nearly fell head over heels with the reviews. I made an appointment. and made my way in. I hadn't been waxed since I gave birth to my daughter 16 months ago...actually before that because I didn't get waxed while I was pregnant either. Anyway LOL. Christina was super cool and totally made me feel comfortable during the whole session (full legs, Brazilian, and underarms). Did I mention they don't double dip? Total Bonus Points! I can finally say I have found my new place to Go To. The prices are definitely not bad either ($43 for Full Legs) =O where some salons charge $65+. more

Not a spa. Double charged. Terrible experience. 12/10/2010

Not a spa. Ugly strip mall setting with even worse waxing job that left broken, stray hairs and tons of redness. Double charged- never heard of charging for both a brazilian AND bikini wax for just one wax. I only have one bikini area- I would think a brazilian would cover it all. Also, very strange that Wax Spa reviews itself (and gives itself 5 stars!). Its now posting 5 star reviews of itself to counteract every negative review, pretty shady. more

Great waxing, but infection prone people take extra care! 12/9/2010

This review is for June 19, 2010 after almost 6 months passed from waxing procedure. When first arriving to the Wax Spa, you'll probably think it does not look like a ""spa"" at all. Inside, it is still small, with three or four dividing rooms where everything can be heard unless you concentrate more in your thoughts than the voices. You meet the Russian man (whose name has slipped) and Yulia, the one who waxed me for a Brazilian (landing strip), full legs and a buttock strip (after the Brazilian done she asked me about getting it done and I acquiesced). There is even another plump girl whose the other receptionist. The receptionist girl is very nice and answers your questions as good as the Russian man receptionist. Some complain he is rude; he is just brutally honest and very picky about punctuality. But now, the waxing part. After entering the room, you lie on some sheets protecting the medical-looking bed. I peeked at the big white pot of wax with some mini cracks on it after leaving me to unclothe. I thought it would be honey colored, but it was more of a teal/blue color. The full legs is done in five minutes and no pain at all. But, I do confess that I waxed regularly (soft wax) and epilate since it is cheaper. The Brazilian! Although I had read about getting the No-Scream Cream, I didn't buy it, shrugging the future ordeal off. I had also forgotten to take my ibuprofen. Yulia applied the warm wax, let it cool and rip. You won't feel much pain. The lips do not hurt at all. It is actually the front, your mound where it will sting a bit, hoping she distracts your pain by waxing another part. But if not, just concentrate in the dots in the ceilings. The cons. Yulia and I had a minor communication barrier since her accent was very heavy, but we got around that. The bad part of that is that Yulia left too quickly the scene and didn't offer some advice for after-care. You might have strips of wax stuck on your skin after the procedure, making it a bit uncomfortable to walk due to slight sticky feeling. --- After 1 month. The leg hair for me grows very slowly, so I was still smooth, just a tiny bit of hair growing. Perfect growth after two months. But the Brazilian...the growth was horrible. Before that, I shall expound on my background so infection prone people know what they might be getting into. I have a weak immune system and I always been prone to staph and infections. Epilating my thighs, legs and bikini area has never left me with ingrowns. I exfoliate daily (sugar and olive oil) and clean it with tea tree oil and moisturizing it with emu oil. However, this first Brazilian just made me break out in ingrowns (no matter my exfoliation care) and some got heavily infected. The hair grew broken, and I still have the Brazilian-veteran scars of this infection. I was not able to walk properly for two weeks. And let me tell you the sight was not pretty: we are talking about sanguine, erupting mini volcanoes. After such painful weeks and healing, my hair did grow back but broken still. I do not blame the Wax Spa because I do not have much experience with brazilian waxings. I just wish Yulia could have been there, as well as informing myself better on the effects. Still, the Wax Spa is an unique place. I no longer reside in the area, and finding the waxing skills and price in another state is impossible. Will I go for a Brazilian here again? Not likely. Shaving or trimming seems preferable and safer.I will go for their other waxing services but not anything to do with my poor Venus. While I may try a Brazilian/Playboy with another esthetician to try my reactions, I will be thinking an awful lot when conjuring the pain. So if you have sensitive skin issues (dermatitis, weak immune system), definitely consider any effects you might get because as much pain-free it was, that could spell major pain in the after growth. For those who don't have much problems with the skin, go ahead and enjoy the Wax Spa! more

WORST...PLACE...EVER!!!! 12/4/2010

DO NOT go to The Wax Spa! ?Spa,? yeah right!!! It?s more like a small office in a shopping center divided into two or three mini rooms with a tiny table where you lay down to get waxed and a small metal folding chare where you can place your things while your getting waxed. And the waxing ?specialist? is more like a professional torturer! She rushes through the entire waxing process, leaving you with hairs that are broken off, as apposed to pulled out from the root. She also does not apply any pressure to the areas after pulling the strip and does not remove the remaining wax remnants with oil, leaving you super sticky. I have been to many waxing places and the way The Waxing Place?s waxing specialist performs waxing is not the way it should be done! And the way they charge for services is questionable. I went for a full leg and brazilian wax. I asked the cashier girl (before I got waxed) what was included in the full leg wax and she said that it included everything from your ankles to the top of your thighs, but not the bikini area, which is understandable. What is not understandable is that they not only charged me for the full leg, but also for the inner thigh. When I asked the cashier why I was being charged for the inner thigh, she said ?because we divide everything into sections and not everyone who gets a full leg need the inner thigh,? even though she told me the full leg included everything from the ankles to the top of the thighs! I was also charged not only for the brazilian, but also for the bikini area. When I asked her about the bikini charge, she said ?the brazilian does not include the bikini area!? WHAT? When have you ever heard of a brazilian price not including the bikini area as part of the waxing? THIS PLACE IS SUPER SHADY!! BEWARE!! more

First time waxing! Awesome experience. 9/17/2010

It's been 2 hrs since i got my first wax done at the wax spa. I must admit that Ina was great. She was honest enough to tell me that for my first wax ever, i should start with bikini even though i wanted the playboy(all hairs gone!). Happens to be that i was very tollerable to the pain and i did the whole 9 yards! It was great. She gave me a free sample of some liquid to avoid in-grown hairs and i was very happy for that. \r OVERALL, IT WAS GREAT! THANK YOU FOR MY FIRST WAX EVER! I HAD AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE. more

Overall good expirience 5/10/2010

the receptionist was a little snarky and made me feel like I was bothering her with my questions but Julia the waxing specialist was great. She was very pleasant and the waxing didn't hurt as much as with other places. the palce is clean and neat their prices are very resonable and they have good discount programs. I'll be back there. more

Go elsewhere if you want to be treated well. 5/1/2010

If the word ""SPA"" is in your business' name customers may expect a SPA-like experience! It's nothing close. Rude front desk staff. A lot of first-time customers but very few repeat. Tried to cancel once cuz of an emergency and got charged!! Too bad the owner is so conceited. Don't forget the way potential customers are treated! If you park in his illegally marked space he threatens to illegally tow you! Of course, he never does this to any of the men visiting the strip mall. Just the ladies. What customer service! Pros: location Cons: rude owner, bad service more

Happy new customer 4/17/2010

Just got back and thought this place was great. Julia was so friendly and patient, no one was pushy. I checked prices online and couldn't believe it was so inexpensive. I purposely didn't ask the price when i got there b/c i wanted to see what they would charge at the end... EXACTLY AS ADVERTISED. I'm definitely a new steady customer and will refer everyone! Thanks Pros: friendly staff, esthetically clean looking, Cons: wish they were my neighbors and not 10 minutes away :-) more

Best of Citysearch 3 years in a row 12/3/2009

To all our present clients we would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making us the Best Hair Removal Center and Spa in Miami 3 years in a row. Also, we would like to say thank you to all of our former clients, our neighbors and everyone who envy’s us for your help by leaving us negative reviews and comments during the voting period for the Best of Citysearch Miami Spa and Beauty 2009. You arouse such a curiosity with your negativity that we were getting calls from people who were intrigued to see what is going on. After explaining and emailing them the proof they were more than eager to vote for us. Once again, thank you. P.S. From now on we will not respond to negative reviews (some of you get upset when we call you “Dear” or say “Sincerely” and call it rude), but instead we will post this on top of each negative review. In our humble opinion being voted the Best of Citysearch 3 years in a row by the people of Miami speaks for itself. Pros: Loyal, Repeat Customers more

Good Luck in the ""Best of Citysearch"" 11/21/2009

Competition or No competition . . . .5 Star review or Unfortunate 1 Star Review. . . . Wax Spa is simply the Best Waxing center in South Florida. Many tried to copy them and use their technique, but none could come even close. Good luck guys ! ! ! Pros: Read my review Cons: Jealousy that surrounds them from nearby businesses more

Fantastic experience,great customer service,super affordable 11/20/2009

Oh My God! It was the best experience you could ask for under the circumstances. It was my first waxing experience there alone my first Brazilian and Ina at Wax Spa made the experience fantastic. She was super patient seeing that it was my first time and even took time to comfort me in between waxing. Highly recommend Wax Spa for their service and ambiance. Really private rooms and a super friendly staff. Loved it, loved it, loved it!!! If this is your first time or your 100th go to Wax Spa for all your waxing needs. The pricing was incredible for the high end service. Pros: Everything more
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    Miami locals flock to the spa for all their waxing needs. Guests walk out looking and feeling good after highly trained esteticians customize services to fit every clients' need....

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