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Warehouse Wines & Spirits

735 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
(212) 982-7770
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You will have a hard time finding a cheaper source of wine and liquor. On the other hand the help is not well informed, the supply is erratic and the isles are too narrow to navi...


I visited this store June 27, 2009 and I must say they seemed to have everything. The prices were great for any price point and I was asked if I need assistance about three times...

worst manager ever 8/5/2011

i've shopped at lots of liquor stores and the manager at this particular store is the most illiterate,obnoxious and downright stupid one i have ever crossed path with. how did he ever get that position leaves anyone to wonder. many of my friends share the same opinion and we all say blame the person that hired him. rest assured we would. 'not even shop there anymore. he screams at the workers without considering there are customers in the store not to mention the rude way he talks to customers and the workers. some of the workers are very helpful and courteous but the manager is a PIG. have people like that working for you and you are sure to lose customers. just saying more

Shop here for bargains, not cool 5/24/2011

You will have a hard time finding a cheaper source of wine and liquor. On the other hand the help is not well informed, the supply is erratic and the isles are too narrow to navigate. But I shop here regularly and save a bundle. You have to find a wine you like and buy LOTS of it because the next time you go back it will likely not be there. Those who complain about poor service and bad manners don't understand that these are the small things you give up in exchange for saving money. How do you like the manners and service at COSTCO or WALLMART? Well Warehouse is cheaper. And anyway I have never found the serve staff to be ill mannered, just rushed and not well informed. more

Will never go back there! 8/14/2010

I went there last week and wanted to purchase a case of wine labeled at $348.00. When i checked out the big rude fat guy behind the counter told me that the price was $468.00 for the case. I told him that the price labeled was $348.00 so he took the price tag and left with it and came back with a new one at $468.00 They are thieves, i will never go back again. The few dollars that you can save over there are not worth it. more

Nowhere on earth can you find cheaper prices 4/21/2010

This is not a place to leisurely shop. I do not get the comments about service and the workers. If you want to shop at the Armani Exchange, fine. Go to some chi-chi expensive wine store. This is a place to stock your liquor cabinet without busting the bank. Half-gallons of brand name whiskeys are 20-30 dollars. That's UNHEARD OF in New York. I love this place. Guys, don't ever change. Pros: prices, prices, prices (and maybe selection) Cons: none, unless you're a nü-yuppie more

should not be in society!!!! 3/23/2010

such an ( asssshole ) to bee a maninger!! cant speak proper , have an attitude problem, dont know how to talk to customers, just a typical short f@#$ing asssshole, not to mention again should not be allowed in society.......etc.... Pros: dummm Cons: mouth more

Best Value for Your Money! 12/16/2009

Syntoms, you really should send your review to Warehouse management. The ICK below is misinformation. I shop here, Astor and at other full-priced stores. I have been coming to Warehouse SINCE IT OPENED. I have never seen it dirty. Some of the staff who do the stocking are a little rough around the edges, but the sales people usually do know what they are talking about and have never been rude to me or anyone else I have seen. If you need something, ASK TO TALK TO SOMEBODY ABOUT THE WINE OR LIQUOR YOU WANT. But not the stockboys--they don't know. Whining about narrow aisles is a dead giveaway that Ur from the Burbs. Astor's aisles were pretty narrow before they moved, too. That's why they moved to a bigger space. Warehouse doubled their space when they took over the old restaurant space, but they could still use more. They carry nearly as much variety as Astor does in a fraction of the space, usually for a fraction of the price. Spoiled wine is something else I've never encountered here. But if you mean a ""corked"" bottle, where the seal didn't work and it tastes ""funny"", you can bring it back (don't dump it out first--they have to see and smell it) and they will give you a good one. You can also avoid ""corked bottles"" by buying something decent and not the cheapest wine you can find. Pros: Best Value for Your Money more

too young to be a bum!!!! 11/17/2009

the worst place to be is when one of the young, hard face looking staf uses the toilet and comes out from the back,it smells like when onion is soaked in water and left to rot for 30 days, when he comes out he goes to the vodker section and stands,made me want to through up,will never go to the back again>>>>>>>be aware of the young bum,,, Pros: ram goat Cons: stay away caution more


By all means, shop here if you are a complete masochist. You are guaranteed to find:\r WRETCHED SERVICE\r RUDE, DISGUSTING STAFF\r SPOILED WINE WAY TOO OFTEN\r FILTHY, NARROW AISLES \r NOTHING YOU CAN'T GET DOWN THE STREET\r No one needs to be so desperate they can't spend a buck more elsewhere, like at Astor Wines just down Lafayette. If you want good wine selection shop online at PJ Wine and they'll deliver your case for free. The only reason this god-awful place stays in business is the sheer volume of nyu students with their fake id's who know they'll squeeze by.\r \r Pros: nothing Cons: too many to list here; see my review more

Wonderful salesman Great salesman A good day 8/7/2009

I went in to purchase A large order for a party a salesman name miguel help me select all my wine p.s. He new all about wines different regions of wines all of the selections where wonderful thanks miguel more

Good Customer Service 6/27/2009

I visited this store June 27, 2009 and I must say they seemed to have everything. The prices were great for any price point and I was asked if I need assistance about three times before I actually asked for help. The staff was nice in a helpful not obnoxious way. I found what I was looking for in the price point I was looking for. It turned out to be a great tasting selection... and there was no rude yelling at all. You can definately get the selection and service at this location! Pros: Was asked if I needed assistance very politely Cons: Layout a bit overwhelming more

Great prices if you know what you need 12/1/2008

This store isn't know for its customer service, but the discounts and deals can't be beat. However, here is another thumbs up for Sergio- he is incredibly helpful and thorough, and will help you find what you need. Pros: Variety of selection and prices Cons: Customer service more

great deals, yet worst services!! 8/13/2008

ppl are so rude there !! the staffs were arguing / yelling at each other, openly in the store the other day ... more

Diamond service in the rough 7/20/2008

I would agree that its pretty overwhelming on a first visit. There are people yelling back and forth and moving all over the store. Doesn't exactly make you feel welcome to ask a question about vintages. However, the prices are very good, so I was willing to overcome that and seek out good help. If you ask for Sergio he is excellent. He is knowledgeable about wines and everything in the store. He was friendly and wished me the best when I left. He is the reason I am writing this review. He told me to go home and try the wine he recommended and to come back in so we could talk about it. Excellent service. Thank you Sergio. more

Best Prices, Worst Service 6/13/2008

I work right around the corner from here and have been stopping by frequently to take advantage of the unbeatable prices on their wine and liquor, but have, on occasion, been snarled at, purposefully bumped into (because my bag was in the way), grabbed and had my path physically redirected, and asked the wrong question and been condescended to by one or two of their customer service reps (it always seems to be the same one or two). I once actually witnessed one of the reps literally screaming at another customer from across the store, because the customer was apparently asking too many questions and the rep had been telling him his shift was ending. Across the store! Screaming! No joke. I'm perpetually in awe of both their egregious service and cut-rate prices. Part of me would like to take a stand because of the former, but just can't bear to do it because of the latter. Pros: Great prices, selection Cons: TERRIBLE Customer Service more

Will go out of my way to get good liquor 2/26/2008

I live on Staten Island & will go out of my way to get nice wines and liquor for great prices. Staff is knowledgeable & if they don't have what you are looking for, they will recommend something similar. Wide selections & again, can not beat the prices. I will not go anywhere else to buy liquor. Pros: Great prices Cons: Isles is a bit small more

Great Selection & Great Staff 1/27/2008

I go out of my way to shop here. They have a great variety/ reasonable prices & the staff is well educated and willing to assist you. I highly recommend the place. I've always found that most people are more apt to write negative reviews about places (including myself). However, when I experience great service I think it should also be acknowledged! \r \r Keep up the great work! more

Reliable Anti-californian Hold out 1/25/2008

With an emphasis on utility booze and a loyalty to french & italian wines this Broadway bottle bastille is a go-to for any heavy drinker. I would not pick it over crossroads for inspiration or Astor for service, but bottle-a-day people must bring their business here. Quaffable Rhones for $5.99, Bushmills for $17.99 and the R train outside the front door. I will agree that the staff seem to regard the public with a certain amount of contempt, but if you've ever served the manhattan public your skin would thicken as well. They do seem to resent CA wines & CA wine drinkers, so leave your F&W clippings behind. Pros: value & accessibility Cons: not quite fabulous more

Fraud!!! 1/7/2008

I went in to purchase a bottle of 1998 perrier jouet (a gift to celebrate our first wedding anniversary) for what I though was a reasonable price. The salesman went to the back and returned with a sealed box (as this was a gift) of the '98 vintage I had requested. Nowhere on the box was the vintage displayed, but the salesman assured me that this was the 1998. I happily paid. When my wife opened the gift, we discovered that this was not in fact the '98 vintage, but the '95 instead, which is rated significantly lower than the '98. We returned to the store to exchange the untouched bottle for the vintage we had originally requested and were told we were purchasing. The salesman laughed at this request and stated that all sales are final, regardless of any issues with the sale. Both the salesman and the manager were very rude and refused to discuss the issue any further. I for one will never shop here again. Pros: Seemingly low prices Cons: Double check everything. Staff is very rude. more

Bad service! 11/6/2007

I called to ask the price of Maker's Mark, and they wouldn't tell me! I'm supposed to ""just come in and see."" Yeah, as if I have the time to do that. -Sorry, but a store that won't offer such basic service just won't cut it. There are plenty of other friendly stores in my neighborhood that will help. more

""CheapY"" 4/17/2007

This place is a quite friendly place overall, except for (at least one) wine salesmen who is so dumb that I wonder what this guy has been studying as a wine salesperson. One guy said he never even heard of the regions nor wines ( one of them was quite famous wine which I heard is Tom C's favorite), which I read about in one of the most famous wine magazines. Basically, their selection is quite boring, not interesting nor hip, with a bunch of crappy cheap and cheapy bottles. Maybe it is good to look for the cheapest priced liquors which are priced severl dollars higher in other places. You will have to pay more than $40 to have good wine, and off course, that price will give you good wine in every new york wine shop. Don't expect cool stuff there. Pros: cheap Cons: boring selection more
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