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I have a Eeyore watch that is over 10 years old. I love this watch. I bought it on Mainstreet in Disney. They have this fantastic watch store there. All the watches have a charact...


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Mainstreet Disney World 10/16/2006

I have a Eeyore watch that is over 10 years old. I love this watch. I bought it on Mainstreet in Disney. They have this fantastic watch store there. All the watches have a character on them. Some characters you do have to search for but you will find them. My Eeyore watch is awesome. It has a cloud above Eeyores head and it changes colors with my moods. It is the best thing ever! I also got a Goofy watch there. That one is cool too because the numbers on the watchface are backwards. Sometimes it is hard to figure out the time but it is just so cool! more

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Thinner crowds in the fall 10/2/2006

What makes visiting Disney in the fall better than the summer? Shorter lines (school's in session), cooler weather, and (for FL residents) discount admission! What more can I say about Disney that you don't already know? If you don't have any kids, or have small kids that aren't in school, this is a great time to visit Disney. You'll still see plenty of families, just not as many as in the summer. And since the weather is cooler people won't be as cranky. If you have the time and the resources, you have to check out Cirque du Soleil La Nouba. If you've never seen a Cirque du Soleil performance you don't know what you're missing! More information can be found at or once you get to Disney. more

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Walt Disney World 9/3/2006

I first visited Walt Disney World as a child the year it opened. Ever since then I have been hooked! I am a huge disney fan, I have a big "collection of disney stuff", as my husband refers to it. Living 3 hours from orlando we visit WDW at least 6 times a year. We go for the annual events. What brings me back is the annual events, what makes it special is Disney. more

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DisneyWorld 8/31/2006

What can I sway about DisneyWorld that hasn't already been said? In my opinion even if you've been to DisneyWorld dozens of times, the experience is different depending with whom you share the experience. First off . . . "WARNiNG" . . . . never "ever" visit DisneyWorld by yourself. This is probably the most damaging of emotional depression activities that that I can think of. That being said. . . let's start from the beginning . . (the "very" beginning") AS A TODDLER: If you are a child visiting with your parents you will think you've gone to heaven (even if they left you with the official Park babysitting service in the Contemporary Resort) AS A TEENAGER: If you're a Teenager (or early adolescent) you will be on the adventure of your life as you plan your "exploration" of this incredibly vast wonderland. This is "so cool" as you flex your negotiation and planning skills with your "team-mate(s)". It's great preparation for business! AS NEWLEYWEDS: If you're a newlywed going to DisneyWorld on your honeymoon (as I did) you will foregoe the kiddie rides and fous on the romantic side of the park. Can you imagine floating around the "lazy-river" under orchids and exotic-perfumey flowers while holding hands side-by-side in your tire tubes. Or "horse-back riding" on the back trails. Or the fantastically romantic moonlight canoe ride down marshmallow creek in frontierland. Or the Moonlight "Champagne Cruise" (In your tuxedo). Or the ( kiddies please) special reservations only tour of the underworld of Disneyworld's Magic Kingdom. Topped off by dinner in Cinderella's Castle and a couple of commemorative Cinderella Castle Champagne glasses. Speaking of dinner . . There are so many romantic dinner opportunities in Disneyworld that I don't know where to start, except to say that the Mexican pavilion in Epcot was awesome with the volcano percolating in the make believe distant horizon. And the romantic views are one-of-a-kind (since they're mand-made). We were immersed in the moment as we laid on the beach of the Polynesian at midnight as the moon rose over Cinderella's Castle in the distant Magic Kingdom. And the service. I'll never forget how they treated my new bride (at Midnight) when she wanted some ice cream but the kiosk vendor had just closed-up for the night. the vendor saw the expression on my wife that she was hoping for some ice cream and re-opened the kiosk just to give her an ice-cream cone. (that would never happen in NYC). And the Polynesian resort took notice of my brides "Nosegay" of flowers (which for some reason she took everywhere until they died) and there was a knock on our door with a waiter and a tray of roses and champagne and a message that said "Compliments of the Mouse"(honestly, I didn't order it). AS PARENTS w/KIDS: If you're taking your toddlers you'll appreciate the manner in which they care for the emotional enjoyment of each child. We saw the monorail engineer hold-up the train and whip out a hand-puppet to entertain a crying child until the child was happy. And Security was transparent yet disciplined. We overheard a distressed couple approached by a "plain-clothes" park officer who upon being informed that they lost their child whipped out her walkie-talkie and barked some "codes" upon which time we noticed the park front gates being locked down (nobody in-or-out). AS A PARENT w/PRE-TEENS: If you're with preteens, you'd better be in shape! These youngsters have done their homework (about the Park) and tend to "windsprint" to every major ride!! In the heat and humidity of Orlando FL I surprised that we haven't heard of more parents overwhelmed by heat-stroke from this phenomenon. To overcome this heat exhaustion I highly recommend "swimming with the "SHARKS" at "Shark-Cove"! WITH "OTHER" ADULTS: Lastly, If you visit the part with other Adults, you'll finally appreciate the shops and other amenities such as golfing and nightclubbing or just taking out a yacht into the lagoons. AS A SENiOR CiTiZEN: I can't wait to go back as a "senior citizen" to see what else I can appreciate. more

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walt disney world 7/27/2006

MAGIC KINGDOM: This park is home to most of the rides including: Haunted Mansion Splash Mountain Space Mountain Pirates the new ride!____________________________________________ this is a fun park for people of any age some sections are oriented for only kids though. It is my second favorite park. my favorite ride at magic kingdom is space mountain. ANIMAL KINGDOM: This is the outdoors and wildlife adventure park. some of the rides there are: New! Everest! Kalaminjaro safaris Dinosaur! Its tough to be a bug! live movie! _________________________________ this is wildlife oriented and fun for all the family. Older kids and/or adults may enjoy this park more. Its got more sight seeing than anything. 4th favorite park. favorite ride, Everest! Epcot some of the rides include: Test track Mission Space ______________________________ this park also is filled wit the world showcase that has: Japan China US Mongolia Canada and many more! ___________________________________________ the world showcase is a long walk through the park. I recomend this park for ages 12+ cause young kids probably wont enjoy walking for 3+ hrs. 3rd fav park, fav ride Test track MGM STUDIOS some rides include: Tower of Terror Rockin Rollercoaster and lots more! ___________________________ Its got tons of movies and shows to watch like my favorite show indian jones. This is my favorite park fun for all ages. favorite ride is all of them! They have 2 waterparks i have not been to: Blizzard Beach Typhoon Lagoon. This is disney! more

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I don't have a Disney obsession... 6/28/2006

But I do love to go there for vacations! I live about 3 hours away from Disney World in southern Florida and it is such a treat to be able to go there and spend a weekend or sometimes even longer. Disney has a way of bringing me back to my childhood and reminding me of when things were simple and fun, without all the weights and cares of life. To me that's the magic of Disney and that's why I enjoy it so much. The rides are great, but as I've gotten older I've become more and more motion sick. Unfortunately this means no rides for me but there is such a great atmosphere surrounding the park that it doesn't even matter. I have always had a great time no matter who I'm with or what we do. I can't wait until my nieces get a little older so they can enjoy it as well!! A couple of my friends and I have made it an ongoing hobby to see how many different Disney character's autographs that we can collect while we are there. The loser always has to by a round of drinks for the night. Whenever things get overwhelming at work or stressful at home, there's nothing that a weekend trip to Disney won't cure! more

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pop century 6/17/2006

We stayed at the pop century last year and thought it was very nice. There is a bus for each "kingdom"--one for Epcot, one for Magic Kingdom, etc.. You just get in front of the sign for the park you want to go to and the bus comes, picks you up, and goes directly to that park. We found that the buses seemed to come every 15 min. at least. more

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Greatest Place in the World 4/14/2006

Disney word is a great place to re-visit since they are always adding new rides and shows each year. One great feature that I like about Disney is the fast pass ticket system. What you do is scan your ticket, get an assigned time to come back, skip to the front of the line and go on the ride. You can use this service for free (other theme parks charge you a fee for using a service similar to fast pass). One of the staples at Disney World is Space Mountain. I consider it to the best roller coaster that you can go on in complete darkness. Food and souvenirs are high priced as they are at all theme parks. more

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Been a fan for 30 years! 4/4/2006

We have visited Disney since the 1970's. Although they haven't changed a whole lot of rides since then, you will never have a bad experience. I think they have the top rated customer service of any business I have been to. The food is good, but the tickets are pretty pricey. If you are going to put out that kind of money, you should try and stay at one of their many resorts on the property. Thus, you can get in an hour earlier than the public! more

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Magical 3/26/2006

I am a huge Disney fan and love Walt Disney World! They do a great job of taking you to a magical world and forgetting your problems (for a price, a big price, of course). This is a great place for kids or adults. There is no need for a car, as their transortation system is well designed. Take time to relax, much of the magic is missed if you are just trying to do everything and get your money's worth. more

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We love this place Mikey Mouse 3/26/2006

My family and I have been to Disney world 3 times and plan on going again next year. We stayed on the property all three times . We have stayed at Dixie Landings, All Stars Movies, and Caribbean Beach. They were all excellent, clean and close to everything. We toke the bus everywhere. We had shuttle service from the airport so we did not need a car. I would suggest getting the food plan included as things can get a little pricey. We added it to ours and was able to enjoy all the character breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The attractions were great and we have still not seen everything. more

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Walt Disney World 3/23/2006

I have been to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida with my daughter twice. We are going again in December. We always enjoy ourselves immensely!!! I would suggest staying onsite. It is so much easier not to have to rent a car. The buses run often and take you back and forth to the parks. The first time I went I rented a car and lost it in their enormous lots. There I was, exhausted with a sleeping 4 year old in a stroller searching for the rental car which looked like all the other rental cars. The parks are spotless and the staff is wonderful. Take advantage of fastpass! more

Expensive, but fun 3/11/2006

I'd have to say of all the Disney theme parks, this is our family's favorite one. Of course, if you asked my husband and I 3 years ago-- ebfore we had kids-- we might not have said the same thing. But, having our 2 toddlers along at the park was great fun! Watching them squeal with delight any time a familiar character walked by and signed their autograph books or the joy on thier faces when finally we got to the front of the Dumbo ride, is worth the price of admission. (We bought annual passes this year and our children are still free, so it's not too bad for a family of 4). One major complaint I have is why is it that merchandise is still so expensive? It would be nice if WDW could cut us a break by giving at least a 10% break for buying stuff in the park than purchasing online or at Downtown Disney, Disney Store, etc. Aren't we spending enough on admission, food and drinks? more

Different things to do 3/11/2006

What I like about this park is that there are lots of things to do for just about anyone. My kids (age 1.5 and almost 3) loved the Nemo "Crush" interactive show. They loved watching the different fish and aquatic creatures in the tanks and had fun doing some of the Kidcot crafts. My husband and I like visiting the countries to eat and drink different foods. A must: The cinnamon bun from Norway. We're going back up to Disney in 3 weeks and we already know we have to take a trip over to Epcot to pick of a few of these! We all love to watch the different shows put on by the countries and the fireworks show at the end of the night is spectacular! There just wasn't enough time to do/see everything! more

The Best Vacation Ever 9/23/2005

Many people ask me why I return to Disney World for vacation every year. (I've been 30+ times.) It is simply the best vacation ever. I've experienced Disney at many stages of life - as a preschooler, gradeschooler, middle & high schooler, college student, visiting with friends, boyfriend (later same one as fiance then husband), honeymoon and with our child as a baby, toddler, preschooler and kindergartener. We look forward to many more experiences. Yes, it is very expensive, but there truly is something for everyone, and you CAN do Disney on a budget. I always recommend the website It has the best information you will ever find on planning a Disney vacation, including complete menus for nearly all restaurants, along with side-by-side comparisons and reviews. Fodor's Unofficial guide is also good, with age recommendations for rides and humorous comments. Birnbaum, the official guide is also helpful. Disney World is too big to do it justice in this review, but if you are thinking of going, research it. No matter what age you are, no matter if you have children or not, it is a great vacation! more

Epcot - Perfect For 1 Day Trip With Partner 9/12/2005

Now, before I get started with my review of Epcot. I must saw that I have never visited the Magic Kingdom, MGM Studios, or Animal Kingdom so this isn't a comparison. It's just a compliment on Epcot. : ) Now. Earlier this year me and my girlfriend (who live in NYC) were looking for a nice getaway we could take together. But the only issue is that we could only getaway for 1 Day. So after much research and a good deal on Song airlines. We decided to go to DisneyWorld. Now when we got to the airport we took a shuttle bus to the Rental Lot and were at the park in under an hour. When we got to the park we really just picked Epcot because it was the first exit we could get off at. But what a great choice it was. I think for a couple this is great park to visit. They have a technology side to park that shows how science can be applied to vegetables, transportation and many other relevant issues. For the tech geek in me I loved it. Then they have a Around The World Section. Where they have mini-parks which each mimic a different country. Even the stores have products from these other countries. Amazing! So you know she was loving the shopping. Then on top of that each country has an educational boatride which is kind romantic if you get a boat alone. Overall for both of us this was a great trip thanks to a great park. I'm sure this was known already but Epcot is should definitely be a stop for you and your partner at some time in your life. Hope this was helpful. more

The best place on earth 8/19/2005

I remember the very first time I ever went to Disney World when I was young and I still can not seem to get enough. This place never gets old for me. I visit one of Disney's Amusement parks at least once a year with a couple of my friends and it is still amazing. If you ever get a chance to go you will never want to leave. more

Good for kids, but certainly pricey 8/19/2005

I've been to Disney several times over the years and while it was great when I was a kid, I think the older you get, the less you appreciate it (unless you have kids of your own). From what I can tell, it seems like Disney has worked to try and change their image to a slightly more blended age group, but the fact remains that it's still a kid's theme park. And with prices continually rising, one has to ask just how much is too much. For myself (and my friends), more fun could be had at some place like Islands of Adventure. more

Childhood fun 8/15/2005

Part of any childhood in our country includes a trip to Disneyworld. Just one trip here with your little tykes will tell you why - Mickey and the whole gang are waiting to give them hugs and waves and all sorts of fun. Must rides include It's a Small World and the teacups (They keep changing the name of this one - Mrs. Potts vs. the MadHatter). Sure it's ultracommercial and the food is incredibly overpriced, but Disney is a must for any family. more

Fun! 8/12/2005

I've been to Disney more times than I can remember and every time it seems like a brand new experience. It's even more fun now that I have children. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, the rides and streets are always immaculate, and they're constantly adding new attractions to keep you coming back. The only down side is the price, not only for tickets, but once you get into the park. more
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