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Walkey, Marilyn, Md - Flying Crane Acupuncture - 11 Reviews - 7875 Sw Alden St, Portland, OR - Acupuncture Clinics Reviews - Phone (503) 608-8155

Walkey, Marilyn, Md - Flying Crane Acupuncture

7875 Sw Alden St
Portland, OR 97223
(503) 608-8155
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Walkey, Marilyn, Md - Flying Crane Acupuncture - Portland, OR
Walkey, Marilyn, Md - Flying Crane Acupuncture - Portland, OR
Walkey, Marilyn, Md - Flying Crane Acupuncture - Portland, OR
Walkey, Marilyn, Md - Flying Crane Acupuncture - Portland, OR


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My health is coming back after a 20 year illness. Working with Dr, Walkey over the past six months has been a real adventure. I had been unable to keep up with my business and car...


Upon talking to this Marilyn, I was given ""15 seconds"", seriously, she gave me 15 seconds to describe what I 'needed'. I attempted a brief summary of life after Leggs Calve Per...

Upon talking to this Marilyn, I was 3/19/2012

Upon talking to this Marilyn, I was given ""15 seconds"", seriously, she gave me 15 seconds to describe what I 'needed'. I attempted a brief summary of life after Leggs Calve Perthes disease and she all but scoffed, then told me to seek treatment elsewhere, then 'click' she had hung up on me. So if you want all the professionalism of Donald Rumsfield with the empathy of Dick Cheney, then please give her a call. Otherwise find a Doctor who is good enough to afford a staff. more

very disappointing 10/1/2011

Perhaps there is something wrong with me, but I had a very negative reaction to Dr. Walkey. It began when I arrived. I sat in Dr. Walkey's waiting room for fifteen minutes without seeing another person. i wasn't sure if she knew I was there. When she emerged from a treatment room she gave me some paperwork to fill out then vanished again. I waited another half hour before she came back out. By this time, having spent 45 minutes in her waiting room, I was admittedly not in a good mood. She apologized for the wait, which helped, and I followed her into a treatment room looking forward to the treatment. I have had fatigue issues for many years and have had no relief from Western medicine. I also used to get acupuncture regularly but hadn't visited an acupuncturist for some time and I was looking forward to the needles! Dr. Walkey began to question me about my medical history and seemed to diagnose me about halfway through my history. When I questioned her decision she suggested I ""open my mind"" and stop using my left brain. Next, Dr. Walkey had me hold some glass vials, filled with liquids, and pushed down on my (other) outstretched arm, a form of diagnosis known as muscle testing. She told me that energy waves from the substance in the bottle would interact with my body's energy and that would be communicated to her by how hard I pushed my arm against her hand. I would like to pause here. Perhaps Dr. Walkey is a great healer, as others have suggested, and perhaps adrenal support would help me, as my apparently weakened arm suggested. Both of these things might be true, but I seriously doubt that energy waves from a diluted substance encased in glass, probably airtight, communicated with my own personal energy field and interfered with my ability to contract my muscles. But, that's my left brain thinking. When I questioned this method Dr. Walkey moved her chair aside so I could leave. So, I wasted two hours in driving time, sitting in her front room time, and finally being diagnosed by muscle testing. She never felt my pulse, looked at my tongue or inquired about my urine or bowel movements, all of which are the primary diagnostic tools of acupuncture. Perhaps Dr. Walkey was having a bad day. Perhaps she's a wonderful intuitive healer who uses methodology I am not willing to accept. But in my experience she was unprofessional and a poor communicator. more

I have my life back! 6/7/2010

My health is coming back after a 20 year illness. Working with Dr, Walkey over the past six months has been a real adventure. I had been unable to keep up with my business and career, let alone my life routine. And now, I am returning to school so I can expand my professional skills and renergize my business. Thanks Dr. Walkey!\r \r Plus - my friends and family have had marvelous results too! Pros: Great understanding of eastern and western medicine more

Doctor, Healer, Miracle Worker. Whatever you call her it still adds up to the same thing: A CURE 9/3/2008

I went to Dr. Walkey in May 2008 after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I was in horrible pain, depressed, anxiety ridden and fatigued. After just a few treatments the pain went away almost entirely and now after 4 months I feel like I am cured of all my chronic pain and fatigue. Dr. Walkey spends time talking with me about my issues. She is insightful, intuitive, positive, friendly, and professional among many other ideal qualities. I think a lot of people have a fear of needles and have been raised in a society dependent upon western medicine so they tend to view acupuncture as a last resort. Western medicine is designed to treat the symptoms and not the root problem so it doesn't really work for long term issues. If you are even considering acupuncture or alternative medicine, do yourself a huge favor and go see Dr. Walkey now. You will find her to be extremely accommodating and pleasant. She understands your pain and her confidence in healing you is one of the first things that will make you feel better. She doesn't judge people, nor is she someone who is just trying to get on to the next patient and the next paycheck like many doctors I have encountered. The environment she has created is very soothing and comfortable for anyone but especially for someone with social anxiety like myself. I cannot recommend her enough. Pros: Dr. Walkey changed my life and she can help you too Cons: There is only one Dr. Marilyn Walkey when there should be thousands, perhaps millions more

Dr. Walkey has the hands of a HEALER! 8/10/2008

I came to Dr. Walkey after my western medical doctors told me I would have nausea for the rest of my life. I have had many surgeries as a result of a botched epidural anesthesia in 1984 where I had a cardiac arrest. Later, I lost my urinary bladder, and then my entire colon. I depend on medications to keep me free of pain. But the doctors could not cure my nausea. I found Dr. Walkey, and she cured my nausea in 3 acupuncture treatments. I have been seeing her ever since, and she has helped me with MRSA infection in my sinuses, abdominal pain, restless leg syndrome, anxiety, GERD, migraine headaches and withdrawal from dilaudid. I feel that Dr. Walkey has been the best blessing in my life for ten years. Pros: Thank you, Dr. Walkey, for changing my life! more

Dr. Walkey cured my Cardiac Arrhythmia! 8/10/2008

I am 45 years old and love to run. I was diagnosed several years ago with a rare cardiac arrhythmia called ARD (arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia). I was having episodes of irregular heart beats which frightened me. I was told by my cardiologists that I could never run again, because I might have a fatal arrhythmia. I started seeing Dr. Marilyn Walkey almost a year ago. I have stopped having irregular heart beats, I no longer suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, and I have started running again. Dr. Walkey not only does expert acupuncture, she has advanced knowledge in Chinese herbology, which has given me back my health. Dr. Walkey gave me what my western cardiologist could not---a life with no more arrhythmias. Pros: Dr. Walkey is a miracle worker. When western MD's can't help, she can. more

I am Bipolar and I don't need psychopharmaceuticals! 8/10/2008

I've been treated by Dr. Marilyn Walkey for 1 year now. I started seeing her to get help with my emotional mood swings. My father is bipolar, and I recognized the same mood swings with times of rapid thinking followed by very dark moods. I wanted to avoid taking lithium or depakote, since these medicines have serious side effects. Dr. Walkey has treated me successfully using only acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I am so happy that I don't have to be diagnosed with a mental illness and suffer the stigma that my father has lived with his whole life. Acupuncture helps my mood, helps my thinking, and has given me a new view of what health actually is. My life has changed with acupuncture. Pros: Dr. Walkey is the only Acupuncturist in Portland who I would trust. She is an MD and a fully trained Acupuncturist. more

She changed my life! I don't have abdominal pain any more! 8/10/2008

For two years I have had episodes of abdominal cramping followed by severe reflux lasting for 1 or 2 days. The western medical doctors have given me a diagnosis of ""cyclical vomitin syndrome"" but have not been able to stop the attacks. My life has been changed, I've stopped going to school, and I've been trying to find help. Then I found Dr. Walkey. She is the only Medical Doctor who was able to help me. But she only uses acupuncture and Chinese herbs. It's amazing. I don't have the attacks which caused me so much pain. I'm off the western medications, so I feel better (no side effects). If you have CVS, go see Dr. Walkey. She changed my life! Pros: She is a pro. Cons: There is no con. more

Diabetic Retinopathy from Diabetes---I see better! 8/10/2008

I've had Diabetes since I was 7 years old. I started acupuncture and Chinese herbs with Dr. Walkey after I had foot surgery for ulcers on my big toes, and laser surgery for diabetic retinopathy. Under Dr. Walkey's care my Hemoglobin A1c went down from 14.4 to 8.8, and the vision in my left eye improved, even though my ophthalmalogist thought acupuncture wouldn't improve my eyesight. The healing from my foot surgery was easy with acupuncture help, and feel that my diabetes is easier to control when I get regular acupuncture treatments. Dr. Walkey knows all about what I'm going through since she's a medical doctor. She is also a wonderful acupunctuist! I would recommend anyone with complex medical problems like mine, to go to her for help. Pros: wonderful treatment rooms, quick scheduling, she pays attention to details Cons: nothing more

Acupuncture helped my Fibromyalgia 8/10/2008

I am 18 years old. I went to Providence St. Vincent's to get acupuncture treatment for my fibromyalgia. In three visits, I received no treatment and no medications, and was told that acupuncture would not help me. Since then, my mother found Dr. Walkey, and I started acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment for my fibromyalgia. I have had profound changes in the way I feel, with resolution of my pain, new emotional stability, and a sense of confidence and wellness. Dr. Walkey has given me new hope that I can live a pain-free life. She is a miracle worker. Pros: Dr. Walkey is a licensed Medical Doctor & licensed Acupuncturist. This is really important with someone who has western medical problems. She understands it all. Cons: n.a. more

Acupuncture works....I avoided shoulder surgery! 8/10/2008

I crashed my bike going down Mt. Tabor. Dr. Walkey started acupuncture treatment on me immediately, as I proceeded with my MRI and orthopedic evaluations. My first surgeon looked at my MRI and said I needed surgery for a rotator cuff tear. My second surgeon evaluated my shoulder movement, and said that the 5 acupuncture treatments I had received was working, and that he thought surgery was unnecessary. I saw the second surgeon three days after the first surgeon. I have healed without surgery. \r I am a chiropractor and have worked with many acupuncturists in my career, but none like Dr. Walkey. Her profound knowledge of western medicine and unique understanding of Chinese Medicine give her an unusual advantage in healing acute trauma. Pros: professional, compassionate, knowledgeable, bridges western & eastern medicine more
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Dr. Marilyn Walkey, MD-Acupuncture offers acupuncture and herbal therapies that treat a variety of ailments.

Owner Message

  • Dr. Walkey is the only Oregon-licensed MD who is also a Certified Acupuncturist. She is also the only MD in Oregon, with NCCAOM certification in Oriental herbology. With 15 years of experience, Dr. Walkey recognizes the strengths of Chinese Medicine for its healing and the wisdom of 3,000 years of continuous practice in China.
    Dr. Walkey provides Integrative Medicine services to those who wish to add acupuncture to their allopathic treatment, including:

    * Digestive problems (IBS, Crohns, constipation, diarrhea),
    * Headaches/migraines,* Insomnia,
    * Depression/anxiety/panic attacks
    * PMS/menopause,* Chronic pain syndromes,
    * Immune disorders (RA, HIV, scleroderma, fibromyalgia, lupus)
    * Chronic toxic exposure, EBV, chemical sensitivities,
    * Sciatica,
    * Back pain,
    * Whiplash injury
    * Support a weight loss program (ear seeds, Chinese herbs, acupuncture)
    * Support a stop smoking


  • Dr. Marilyn Walkey, MD-Acupuncture offers acupuncture and herbal therapies that treat a variety of ailments.

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