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Walker Art Center

1750 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 375-7600
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My boyfriend and I went here one night unaware of the new gallery opening - which didn't start until 9PM it was only 6PM. we kinda walked aroudn and acted liek we knew what we wer...


We went to the walker on the free Saturday. It was really busy with many children. Maybe I don't have an appreciation for modern art, but is putting a toilet brush along with a ...


My boyfriend and I went here one night unaware of the new gallery opening - which didn't start until 9PM it was only 6PM. we kinda walked aroudn and acted liek we knew what we were doing haha. But one of the watchers came up to us and asked if we needed help, he showed us the way to the front destk and there the lady gave us 2 free passes! It was really great. I recommend this for a first date! Pros: clean and sheek Cons: weird hours. more

this is art? 1/7/2008

We went to the walker on the free Saturday. It was really busy with many children. Maybe I don't have an appreciation for modern art, but is putting a toilet brush along with a mannequin hand and a sign that says ""no children allowed"" in a display case really art? There really was nothing there that made me contemplate it. At one point, there was an exhibit where an artist had used a black marker and wrote on the walls and drew stick people and other pictures of a 3rd grade caliber. I didn't read everything, but what I did read seemed to aim for a shock value. There was a stick person with a speech bubble that said ""I'm standing on a bridge in Minneapolis. Ooops."" It really does take a lot to offend me, but I found this in very bad taste- trivializing a pretty recent tragedy. I wouldn't waste a Saturday going here again. It's not a place for everyone, that's for sure. more

We're lucky to have it 12/22/2007

We Minnesotans don't know how lucky we are to have such a great modern art museum.\r The restaurant 20.21 is wonderful as well! more

Wasn't worth the $5 I paid for admission. Thoroughly disappointing. Nice building...horrible ""art"". 3/10/2007

I visited Walker today after a walk through the Mpls Sculpture Garden. The garden and conservatory were great, but the museum was trash and filth. I like modern and contemporary art, but the works they have on display there don't qualify as either. In fact, it shouldn't qualify as art. Yes, the pieces ""push the envelope."" But there's no point to it. The impression I got from the works on display was that they were there for shock value and nothing more. I know, people will surely call me ignorant and unable to grasp the true concept being conveyed by the artists. And perhaps they'd be right. But I lack appreciation for things that have no meaning and simply exist to shock in the name of ""creativity."" HUGE exhibit on sexuality and private parts. What's the point? The works weren't beautiful, they weren't interesting. They were kindergarten calliber. Another exhibit on the suffering of African Americans, racism, oppression and prejudice.....first, the drawings and paintings were hardly provocative and were so simplistic it was more like a preschool drawing show and tell. And quite frankly the them is getting OLD and overused in art museums. I can appreciate the topic of race and oppression if it's provocative. But this exhibit was just more of what you see in any museum, in fact you can IMAGINE what you'd see in a museum on the topic, and you'd come away with the same impact as going to the museum. I paid $5 for admission using my university ID (student price). And I left the museum feeling robbed of $5. Should've bought a good burger somewhere instead. Also thought it was ridiculous how people in there were totally studying the pieces as if there was some hidden meaning behind them. Honestly, I went in enthusiastic to see art, and kept an open mind. There wasn't a single piece I saw in the whole museum that was worthy of a minute of my consideration. Never going back again. See the sculpture garden's a nice stroll. Pros: Interesting building, adjacent sculpture garden is cool. Cons: Worthless art, only shock value, pointless, DON'T take kids there! more

Great! 2/24/2007

The Walker Art Center is one of my favorite places in Minneapolis. It is a little offbeat, but interesting if you like modern art. People who don't like modern art in general, of course, wouldn't like the place. more

Terrible excuse for art 12/28/2006

VERY DISTASTEFUL!\r Terrible place to bring your children.\r Disturbing paintings of child molestation, murder, P***agraphy etc.\r They give no warning to parents about graphical images.\r Definately not a family friendly place.\r I was very disapointed with the lack of artistic talent.\r \r waste of 20 minutes. more

Run, don't Walker! (I'm clever) 5/8/2003

It's an unnamed weekday early afternoon. It's raining and I'm bored. What shall i do? I'm going to the Walker! (especially if it's Thursday). The Walker has not only a great permenant collection, the touring exhibitions they bring in are thoughtful and usually moving. The recent ""How Latitudes Become Forms..."" exhibit is/was poignant and thought provoking considering our new global culture and my government's seeming ignorance to the fact. Comparing the Walker to the MIA is like comparing the MOMA to the MMA, two completely different collections and two completely different goals. Also, the sculpture garden is fab. Pros: Free Thursdays Cons: Gaping Hole in Ground more

Where's the bad art? 4/25/2003

The WAC is an internationally-renowned modern and contemporary art museum, and the community should cherish this phenomenal institution! Its collection contains a diverse array of art of the last century and spans a variety of cultures. It regularly offers lectures, films, and performances as diverse as its collection, and After Hours is one of the best parties in town! Some visitors may feel threatened by contemporary art because it's not immediately understandable. The most important thing visitors must bring is an open mind! People most disparaging of art (so arrogant as to dismiss ANY individual's creative expression as ""bad"") tend to have limited knowledge pertaining to what they criticize and are least tolerant of differences. Don't allow ""premier art history textbooks"" to dictate what you think. Learn to think for yourself and tolerate challenging and differing expressions as a means of broadening narrow perspectives. Pros: Sculpture Garden, Free Thrusdays, After Hours Cons: No bad art more

too good for some 8/21/2002

I left mpls for NYC years ago, and was checking Citysearch to see what was currently happening before I visit. The Walker is a world renowned museum with consistently some of the best exhibits and performances. It is a sad reflection on the ignorance of some of the local population that the reviews are so low. The Walker is always one of my highlights when I return, and the bad reviews a reminder of why I left! Pros: excellent exhibits, great performances, great store more

Matter of Taste 7/17/2002

Apparently your rating must either be a 3 or a 10. I don't care much for the exhibits at the Walker, but am not about to tell people not to go. If you enjoy modern art you will like the Walker. Some people find depth and meaning in a small tear in a large piece of paper, more power too them. We're all different and am not going to enjoy the same things. However, I still laugh at what people try to pawn off as ""art."" more
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  • When this world-renown modern art museum got a makeover and building addition in 2005, some said a southbound view of the exterior--with its own glowing skin--looked like a giant robot monkey face....

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