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W8Less Nutrition

1492 North Coast Hwy.Suite E.
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 612-6345
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W8Less Nutrition - Laguna Beach, CA
W8Less Nutrition - Laguna Beach, CA


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Stella, You've been a joy to work with! Wishing you all the success you deserve. Jenny Pros: Stella! Cons: Zilch


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Stella is Stellar! 1/4/2010

Stella, You've been a joy to work with! Wishing you all the success you deserve. Jenny Pros: Stella! Cons: Zilch more

Get Your Health Back on Track! 12/2/2009

Consulting with Stella last August was one of the best decisions of my life. For the past five years, my health had increasing declined. I experienced chronic and unexplained fatigue, insomnia, bloating, inflammation, digestive problems, and declining ability to absorb essential vitamins and nutrients. Despite my efforts to “eat right” and exercise, I was feeling increasingly worse and putting on weight. I felt helpless and quite frankly, I was convinced that I would never feel normal again.\r \r Stella suggested running an extensive GI panel to help deduce the cause of my symptoms. The results indicated that my body had several intolerances to certain foods- which I was consuming in large amounts. Thereafter Stella suggested a cleansing diet to help me back on the track. As of this writing (November), not only have I lost 20 pounds, I feel and look much better. I don’t’ have the need to take naps, I have more energy and sleep better, and the bloating and inflammation have disappeared.\r \r Stella has provided so much guidance and tools- including menu plans, recipes, nutritional information, that I know I will be successful going forward. Aside from being a great nutrionist, she is a wonderful person to work with. She made the process so easy and seamless!\r Alice T. Pros: Simple and Effective Process more

Exceptional Nutritionist! 4/1/2009

Stella, Thank you for getting me healthy again. After my accident, I couldn't understand why the weight kept piling on. I now understand why (sorry I can't get into detail with the public). Sincerely, K.M. Pros: The Program! Cons: Have to be ready for it! more

Never would've thought Nutrition played this big of a role! 3/23/2009

I can provide over 10 pages of my experiences through Stella's / W8less' Nutrition program! I'd like Stella's potential clients to know one major thing: This was a life-changing experience for me. I know that may sound a little over-the-top, but I really mean it. I never realized how important the role Nutrition plays in health. Stella mentioned (on our first appointment), its over 90% of the health puzzle. I mentally noted a, ""Ya, right"". She also mentioned her diet is over 95% ""clean"" (those are her exact words) and the necessity to go to the gym and ""overtrain"" (her words again), was unnecessary. First time I ever heard about this! She explained the importance of why overtraining could do X, Y and Z. Not only do I completely understand what it now all means (took a couple of times to get it), I've brought the subject matter up to one of my colleagues who was so fascinated by the subject, he is now doing clinical research on 'overtraining'! Stella, your so humble (she always mentions her clients are the ones who do all the hard work, while she ""only"" provides the correct information). What I'd like to say to Stella is, your 90% of my health today. You provided me with the correct information to make the right change. Its because of you, I'm off all the diets I've been on in the past (both books and services rendered). --Kelley, Pacific Palisades, California (yes, I made a long journey to see Stella) P.S., take the 405! Pros: Stella, her office, enthusiasm, experience and background Cons: Make sure to allow enough time if your traveling from LA more

On her way to GOLD!!!! 8/8/2008

I love both Stella and her practice. She's created such a personalized approach to nutrition. Her expertise in both nutrition and genetics makes the approach very fascinating. Stella, thank you! Pros: Stella and her office more

Great nutritionist 2/11/2008

Stella was very helpful in solving my long time stomach problems. She has also been keeping in contact with me while at school so I still feel like she is my nutritionist. She is a great nutritionist Pros: she kept in contact with me Cons: somewhat expensive but worth it more

Nutritional Guru! 10/26/2007

Stella is definitely one of a kind!! In a couple of months I lost 11 inches and that wasn't even the primary goal of my program. She has a unique approach to nutrition and tailored the program for my specific needs. Thanks Stella for your ongoing support.\r Linda Dennis Pros: Great Results! more

Nutrionalist of the Year 10/18/2007

I have always been a healthy, altheltic person. But I wasn't able to get my body to lose those last few stubborn inches. As well as I really wanted to learn more about what I was eating and what was best for me to eat for my body type. When I found Stella, I immediately liked her. Her warm personality and friendly office made me comfortable and excited about starting her program. She never made me feel ignorant, nor was she pushy about the things she wanted me to try. And the concern, excitement, and care she showed me were definately sincere. I felt like I had a friend that was helping and teaching me. I eventually achieved the goals I was looking for in a very short amount of time. With my wedding right around the corner, I now feel like my body is where I want it and I know that I am eating and living a healthier lifestyle. And with all the stress with planning a wedding and working full time, using what I learned from Stella makes me mentally and phsically feel better. If your're looking for a great nutrionalist, I highly recommend Stella, she's the best, plain and simple. Pros: Stella is great! Her office is in a beautiful area and makes you feel comfortable. Cons: Just that its over. more

Individual Specific Nutrition 8/9/2007

Stella has been great to work with. I've tried a number of different approaches on my own to better my nutrition & health, but always felt like something was missing. Stella is so knowledgeable and has really helped me to take my nutritional awareness to a new level. Not only has she given me sound advice that is scientifically proven to work, she has tailored a diet and nutrition plan to my individual needs & has filled the gaps that were missing when I just followed a generic plan on my own. Thanks Stella :o) Pros: Individualized program for client more

Specifically tailored nutrition 8/5/2007

I've been working with Stella for a few months now and I am impressed with the amount of knowlege and research she has put into designing a nutritional plan tailored to my specific needs. I have tried many commercial weight loss plans and they just give out a general diet plan. Stella has gone way beyond that by analyzing my metabolic needs and deficiencies then discussing those findings with me so that I am able to better understand how my body works. Bad habits are hard to break and it takes time to encorporate a new lifestyle but I feel that I have made a great deal of progress and I look forward to continuing my efforts with Stella's assistance. She's very genuine and a pleasure to work with! Pros: Genuinely interested in her clients, supportive, easily accessible, very personable Cons: none that I can think of more

Best Nutritionist 7/31/2007

I started a program to help resolve some digestive issues and to increase my energy. Stella started me on supplements and made some dietary changes that immediately made a difference for me. I started to feel better right away. She has educated me about food, nutrition and digestion in a way that really makes sense and has made a difference in my life. Thanks for all your support and dedication to nutrition Stella! Pros: Supportive and responsive, great location more

A good lifestyle change 7/30/2007

I started Stella's program when I was 15 and I was told by the doctor that if I don't lose weight I could get diabetes within the next couple of years. The idea of having diabetes freaked me out and I wanted to lose weight but it seemed like I just couldn't get it off even though I exercised more. I went to see Stella at W8less nutrition and she explained to me that it all had to do with what I was eating . I'm 16 now, and i admit that changing my eating habbits is not easy especially when my friends can sit around and eat anything without gaining pound. However people can see the difference and so can I. I still have a ways to go but I'm supported by my nutrtionist and family through all this. Thank you Stella for helping me!!! :)\r ~Amelia M. more

My Nutritionist = A+ 7/13/2007

The program at W8less uses your own physiology to create a program for your goals. I've been working with Stella for almost 3 months and absolutley love the results thus far. Working trans-Atlantic monthly, Stella incorperated her program accesible to reach anywhere and at anytime. I love her 'tech' enthusiasm! \r She uses only real methods in achieving my goals. There were no magic pills or wonder-dieting, we foud out how to incorperate all the scientific facts (great emails, by the way!) into establishing why 'other' methods did not work. The office is beautiful (located in North Laguna Beach, bypassing the traffic at Main Beach).\r I could wrtie a chapter on my experiences at W8less, for now I will leave you with a review of an A+. \r Thank you Stella. Pros: North Laguna = No Traffic Cons: ? more

Simply the best investment I've made 5/3/2007

Thank you so much for all the support you've given me. This was the best investment I've made for myself. Now I can actually look at myself in mirror and am happy with what I see. There are still more weight I need to lose but at least I have confidence and feel so different about life.\r Thanks again Pros: The ambience of the office Cons: None that I can remember more

W8Less Nutrition is AMAZING! 3/13/2007

Before finding W8Less Nutrition, I had a severe medical miss-hap. With this came a lot of fear. Fear of doctors, fear of illness reoccurring, ect. Stella was confident and supportive of my body knowing how to heal itself given the opportunity. By following her protocol, little by little, I began to feel better. During this process I began to feel empowered in my own healing. So much so, that I've enrolled myself into a Professional Health Counseling Program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC so that I may help others. Stella is a huge reason that I've taken this path. She's the BEST! Pros: Beautiful office in Laguna Beach near the ocean more

Best Nutritionist 3/2/2007

I cannot express enough how much I thank myself for looking into Nutritional Therapy as a means of coping with my P.M.S. I am a first year college student that has enough stress to handle on a daily basis. Stella explained to me the importance of the specific protocol she has me on, and why the supplements I was taking before were not being absorbed properly. I also feel extremely informed on so many questions I had before I started with W8LESS. This program changes your life. I could never imagine going back to my old ways! more

Best Nutritionist 3/1/2007

Stella, you have changed not only my life but my families as well. I was suffering from severe mood swings, that I thought were based on 'that time of the month', or so I was told it was normal and to just edure the agonizing pain. Well, my husband and kids were suffering for about 2 weeks out of the month, so I decided to really take matters into my own hands. I started seeing a personal trainer (great results the first month) then I reached a plateau and got frustrated. My sister (who resides up in Los Angeles) asked her doctor about other 'alternatives' I could explore. She referred me to W8less Nutrition and the rest is, shall I say, history!\r Thank-you Stella, I could write on and on about my experience. Pros: Everything about W8less/Stella Cons: I really can't find one. Promise. more

The Nutritionalist that listens and cares 2/28/2007

W8less Nutrition has saved my health and maybe more. I began seeing Stella about 3 to 4 years ago. I suffered from being overweight, always tired, and having acid reflux so bad I was taking medication daily. But I also needed to supplement this medication with rolaids and maylox. I was in very bad shape. I met with Stella and completed all of her necessary paperwork. She not only said she could help me with my Acid Reflux but the weight would also melt away as we followed her recommendations. Let me tell you it was not magic and it was not overnight but yes you guessed it, it WORKS. I learned about my body and my metabolism and how it reacts to different food I eat. But the best part is being ACID REFLUX FREE, more energy and in better shape. I would recommend W8less Nutrition to anyone who is looking for a change or who has been told by others to learn to live with it. I did not want to just live with it and I chose W8less Nutrition and it has been great for me both emotionally and physically. I am sure if you give the W8less program a chance and do what the program asks of you. You will definately see results. I did.\r \r RJ Green Pros: She listens to your problems, She Cares, Very good program Cons: Any change in life is hard and this is a life change not just a diet. more


I have been working with Stella for a few months now. When I first visited Stella, I was at a point where my health was deteriorating and I did not know why. I had gained weight and felt huge lack energy to even perform my normal daily routines ? like getting out of the house, going to work, visiting with friends. I knew my eating habits were not ideal, so I thought meeting with a nutritionist could help motivate me eat healthier and maybe get me back on track. Little did I know that meeting with Stella would be the best thing I could have done for my body, mind and life. Stella was able to pinpoint critical vitamin deficiencies that were causing huge problems in my metabolism and she very quickly noticed that my body did not regulate sugar properly. With a few minor adjustments, my world has totally changed and I am still in the beginning stages of Stella?s program. I highly recommend W8Less Nutrition to anyone who is interested in truly feeling healthy and would like to understand what our specific individual bodies need in order to function properly. In addition to Stella?s technical capabilities, she is also a delight to work with and is so passionate about her life?s work that you can?t help but get excited too!\r \r Pros: EVERYTHING! more

Finally a Nutritionist that understands me ! 2/26/2007

What a difference in my wellbeing now compared to last year. At the pre-menopause phase in life I gained 60+lbs, looked absolutely terrible and most important was constantly depressed. Trying to jump start a change, I bought every new diet book on the market only to toss the book in a dark corner after the second chapter. Finally, I realized that unless my mental state improved my physical state would continue to suffer and not respond to dieting and/or exercise. \r W8LESSNUTRITION cured me from the inside out. Now my health is balanced mentally and physically. My skin not only looks absolutely amazing but there are days that I don?t apply face or eye make-up. My daily eating habit has completely changed and now I workout everyday not because I have to but because I want to. I just cannot emphasize enough that counting calories and feeling mandatory to sweat in the gym doesn?t work. You must WANT to improve and this is the secret of W8LESSNUTRITION?S approach. \r Stella is not a Nutritionist in name only but rather someone who has a passion for improving her client?s overall health. MOST IMPORTANT IS THAT HER NUTRITIONAL KNOWLEDGE IS YEARS AHEAD OF OTHER TRADITIONAL NUTRITIONISTS I PREVIOUSLY HAD CONSULTATIONS WITH. Wow, before becoming a client of Stella, I didn?t know what Cortisol is. Now, I actually wake up in a good mood and ready to start my day. Stella not only excels in the clinical aspects of Nutrition but also has a way to relay all the information in a way that I can actually understand (unlike the endless health and diet books I bought from Costco). Thank you Stella for your encouragement and charisma that helped me achieve all my goals. Ps?. Your upcoming book will be one that shall not be tossed in a dark corner ! I wish there was a way I could post my 'before' and 'after' photos on this review ! Pros: Her Nutritional Beauty Cons: Hum..... I'm searching for one but can't find it ! more
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