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Vintage Corporation - 12 Reviews - 4631 W 20th Street Rd Ste 100, Greeley, CO - Community Center Reviews - Phone (970) 515-3429

Vintage Corporation

4631 W 20th Street Rd Ste 100
Greeley, CO 80634
(970) 515-3429
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I have lived at Country Club West for almost 3 years. The longest I have had to wait for a repair is 14 hours... and that is my fault because I called at 5 for help. They treat ...


If you can avoid this place. As most people have stated that are outrageous on the security deposit, seriously don't plan on getting it back. Also, took them a week to get someone...

Vintage Blows 8/12/2011

If you can avoid this place. As most people have stated that are outrageous on the security deposit, seriously don't plan on getting it back. Also, took them a week to get someone to fix my laundry machine + 5 days for someone to get the garbage disposal working again. more

They ROCK 8/2/2010

I have lived at Country Club West for almost 3 years. The longest I have had to wait for a repair is 14 hours... and that is my fault because I called at 5 for help. They treat me wonderfully and I love living here. Anything I need or any help i ask for is given. This is the best apartment building I have lived in..... more

Panty Thief 7/13/2010

I live in the Heatherway Apts off of 17th ave & 30th St. The new apt manager is lying, complaining about the kids in the complex, and they won't get an assistant manager to help her out, so she's complaining constantly about the "kids' behavior" even when playing in the courtyard.\r \r They've had a panty thief for as long as I can remember, so I pretty much HAD to stop doing personal laundry there because it gets STOLEN every freaking time, AND I DO COMPLAIN!! If they got security cameras, or even FAKE ones, that would probably cut down on theft, but of course, VINTAGE DOESN'T GIVE TWO $HIT$ ABOUT TENANTS! ONLY MAKING MONEY! more

Horrible 7/7/2010

My lease is up August 1st! Very disappointed already by reading these reviews. I signed a lease with another girl who moved out 3 months after the lease started. She still paid rent for the last months of the rent. Now vintage is saying that SHE is getting back the full deposit because my name was hand written on the lease, and thats not official enough for them. Plus even though it is very clear that im the one with animals, and put the pet deposit down, she is still getting ALL the deposit back! I paid cash to her, so there is no proof on what I paid her. And since she moved out on bad terms, she is not telling the truth!!! The fact that Vintage wont even look into this... really makes me upset!!! Our full deposit was 1100.00!!!!! and im not seeing a penny of it!!! It disgust me that they can get away with this! So with this all said and reading all these reviews, Im not putting a minute of my time into cleaning anything!!!! more

Count on NO DEPOSIT REFUND!! 6/13/2010

I am not an employee or a student! My daughter rented an apartment. Vintage took over ownership in the middle of her lease. My sister and I helped her clean her apartment when most of her other roommates dumped her with the mess. We went through the entire checklist and made sure everything was in FAR BETTER shape than when she moved in. Because she did NOT STEAL the "stuff" that was left there from the tenants before her, she was unable to get ANY of her deposit back. They claimed my daughter and her roommates were responsible to remove everything! The Vintage Corp. started as kind responders when asked for help, however after their first month of ownership they no longer would do anything that was requested and charged the tenants for goofy things like not having the lawn mowed once a week whether the lawn was long or not. We replaced drain pans on the stove and cleaned it back to the original shape, even though it was filthy when they moved in. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM IF AT AL more

Crooks! 5/30/2010

This place STINKS! Literally, one property we looked at smelled like pet urine and had pet fecal matter stains on the carpet! NOT GOOD! Specially when I have a child who crawls! And plan on not getting your full deposit back, they will find any little thing they can screw you on. Even if the place was a $hit hole to begin with (which seems to be 99.9% of the properties they "manage.") And the staff at Vintage Corp is HORRIBLE!! Just pure RUDENESS!! Just read the reviews. They don't deserve the 1 star I gave them. And Missy T is full of it. Obviously she's an employee of Rip Off Corp! Nice try Missy T, I would be embarrassed if I was you, working for such a sleezy company. more

Professor 5/28/2010

Sorry Brittany I am not an employee so think again. If the unit was so horrible then why did you rent it? Exactly, you are just mad because you trashed the place and didn't get your deposit back!!! You should be the one ashamed of yourself for being such a HORRIBLE LIAR!!!!! more

Hoodwinked 3/7/2010

I feel like Country Club West has an unfair practice to financially take advantage of people. In there rental app. it states that if you are approved, whether you sign a lease or not, they can keep your security deposit. No dates as to if or when you can cancel, just that they get to keep it! How many places do you go where they will work with you, or at least give a time as to when you can return a purchase and get some $$ in return or credit? I feel this is totally an unfair practice. I will surely let others know that they should NEVER sign up with Vintage Corp. and Country Club West for this reason. BBB will definatly get a letter about this as well. I canceled well in advance, and should of received my security deposit back !! I am a widow and single. Nothing comes easy!!! more

THIEVES!!!!!! 10/16/2009

Vintage Corporation just stole almost $200 from my husband and I. I have been renting from various companies for 10 years and have NEVER been denied my security deposit until now. They said that they charged us $75 for cleaning because we did not clean under appliances, remove light fixtures to clean them and clean the second story windows of their building. We scrubbed the apartment head to toe and it was in sparkling condition when we left. They also charged us $90 for "bent" blinds. First of all, who notices if one blind is bent (we didn't in our initial walk through) and secondly those blinds are so cheap, the are probably less than $10 at Walmart. The blinds were in great shape when we moved in and out. I am VERY disappointed with Vintage's shady ways and underhanded fees. You guys should be shut down! I would NEVER rent from Vintage again. They are thieves. more

yes it's true 11/6/2008

I lived in an apartment that Vintage had taken over. When i moved I\r went to the office gave them a month notice I was moving. I have pictures of the apartment when I moved. Yes they are rip offs. They Kept $110.00 of my deposit and with my check was a copy of an Invoice they paid for 5 hours of cleaning @ $22.00 hr. I have all pics.and witness I will see them in court.\r They are rip offs. more

Rip OFF central 10/21/2008

Tina K. is right. I lived at an apartment complex operated by the vintage corporation and their dealings ARE very shady. Be sure that even if you clean your apartment with every known cleaner known to man that they are going to keep at least $100 out of your security deposit. Pictures won't help because they know you probobly won't go to court over it. They even charged me for a couple of extra days after I had moved out a week early for rent - AND TOLD THEM ABOUT IT! What a horribly corrupt company. Shame on you. more

Rip of Central 11/28/2005

Vintage Corporation has tons of apartments available across this town. They however very shady in their dealings especially when it comes to the return of the security deposits. I rented a new apartment, lived in it for 6 months. I was hardly ever there. The only thing it accumulated was a bit of dust on the window sills. When Ieft it was completely free of anything, no pictures ever hung on the walls, didn't even use the stove or the dishwasher. When I left I gave proper notice and they charged me for 8 hours worth of cleaning. When I asked them to prove the charges they just sent me something that said general cleaning charges 8 hours @ 15 an hour. THEY DO THIS TO EVERYONE regardless of how clean the apartment was when you left. They also stated that my stove had not been cleaned, yet it had never been used. I would take lots of pictures prior to move in and then upon move out. These people are rip offs!!!! The parking lot was broken into constantly (something I hear more
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  • Vintage Corporation is a property management company serving Greeley, Colorado. At Vintage, we distinguish ourselves from other property managers by taking charge of more properties, offering a bigger staff, and more comprehensive services than other property management firms in the area. If you're looking to rent an apartment or require full-service management by real estate professionals, we think you'll like us at Vintage. To better serve your needs, we offer a staff of seventeen on-site managers and sixteen full-time property management professionals, so you can count on the personalized attention you deserve. In addition, we have full-time maintenance people on staff to ensure repairs are made promptly, and we're easy to access by phone in emergencies, including after hours. What's more, for your major maintenance projects we rely on properly insured contractors. These experienced, well-referenced workers competitively bid on projects, allowing us to secure for you the best possible rate. Our services include: Apartment renting in Greeley Homeowners Association management Commercial space leasing At Vintage Corporation, we're proud to be responsible for roughly fifteen hundred apartments in the Greeley area. In addition, we look after six hundred thousand square feet of retail space. We enjoy being depended upon and look forward to serving your needs. For apartment rentals and comprehensive property management, come to Vintage Corporation. Call today!