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Vine Restaurant - 104 Reviews - 1190 N. Highland Ave, Atlanta, GA - Notable Wine List Reviews - Phone (404) 892-2393

Vine Restaurant

1190 N. Highland Ave
Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 892-2393
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Vine Restaurant - Atlanta, GA
Vine Restaurant - Atlanta, GA
Vine Restaurant - Atlanta, GA


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I've always eating here in Vine Restaurant. The food is very tasty.


We used to be a fan of vine but stopped going quite some time ago. We saw their new sign on a visit to highland pet so we ventured in last evening to give it another try. The me...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/23/2012

The staff was very helpful, knowledgeable, and attentive. They answered all our questions with ease. Overall experience was great. I highly recommend this place! more

I've always eating here in Vine 6/10/2012

I've always eating here in Vine Restaurant. The food is very tasty. more

loved it a lot 7/14/2010

My friend dragged me to this restaurant when he heard about the quality of food they offer. It was both our first time to try eating at this place and we were really satisfied. The food was fresh and tasty. The server was also very nice. Both of us had a great time . more

Great Improvement! 11/9/2008

Live in the neighborhood and used to go to Vine a while back but the food and service started to diminish. Went a few months ago and had horrible service so we decided not to go back any more. Recently we received an email to come and try the new we did...and boy are we glad we did! The food is great and the service was prompt. They had a special 50% off menu so we decided to take full advantage and try numerous items. The Short Rib Canelloni, Lamp Lollipops and Duck Confit appetizer were very tasty (served tapas style). The Halibut with Spinach was phenomenal and the Braised Short Ribs were excellent! If you are not having appetizers, I would recommend a side dish as the portions are on the small side. We usually never order dessert but decided to give the Blueberry Cobbler a was well worth every calorie. All in all the new menu is a much needed improvement for Vine and I would recommend giving it a try. Pros: Great new menu more

Okay, but... 5/25/2008

Vine used to be my favorite restaurant. They had INCREDIBLE Italian food that rivaled any food I've had in Italy. I was extremely dissapointed when it was sold and the new owners and only had a couple of my old Italian favorites. Well, then it sold again, and now there is no Italian food to be seen on the menu. The new menu is good, but nothing special and the kind of food you can get anywhere. It's nowhere near as good as what it used to be... Sadly, while I still occasionally frequent Vine, it's not on my list of favorites anymore. Pros: Ambience is nice Cons: Food is just average more

Creative Wine Tastings, Fantastic Customer Service 4/25/2008

A close friend of mine and I went to VINE on a Monday night a few weeks ago, just to grab a glass of wine and chat. Little did we know what was in store for us. Not only was the wine, and wine list, exceptional, but new owners had taken over and we were showered with their hospitality. They have completely invigorated this place. A taste of the Tuna Tartare Trio had us vowing (actually gushing with oo's and ah's) to come back on Wednesday for the weekly wine tasting (which is $10, but is free if you dine there afterwards) and dinner. We did come back that Wednesday and were not disappointed. The wine tasting was certainly informative, interesting, and delicious, but also delightfully relaxed and fun, thanks to the in-house sommelier, Chris, whose witty observations about wine are only accentuated by his witty observations about people. The service at dinner was impeccable, and the server's knowledge and recommendations for wine were just what we were looking for. Everything we dined on, from the Tuna trio to the PEI Mussels to the Seared Atlantic Salmon were wonderful. If you are not a seafood fan, there are plenty of meatier options on the menu, but I do recommend leaving room for the desserts. I have now been to VINE three times in two weeks, and while I didn't think it possible, it just gets better and better everytime. more

Sophisticated Yum 4/2/2008

I was out and about shopping in Virginia Highlands when I stopped in to grab a bite to eat at Vine. I was in jeans and sandals but immediately felt right at home in this beautiful upscale but comfortable place. Pros: One of the nicest patios in Atlanta Cons: This is cozy so when it gets busy there is a wait more

vendetta much? 3/18/2008

Is it just me or do many of the reviews on Vine seem excessively mean and personal? As I read other reviews of restaurants on City Search, the reviews usually just have to do with the food and service. Get A Life! more

Yeah! Vine was sold. 3/14/2008

Was making reservations on OpenTable and I saw that Vine was closed. I thought they went under as everyone was expecting, but then found out that Vine was sold. While it was only a matter of time, this is such good news. Hopefully we will see it return to its old glory. I called and found out that it is a chef and his wife that bought it. This is very exciting, it was sad to see what happened to this once great restaurant after it changed hands a year ago. Can't wait to see the new menu and watch the crowds return. Now if the guy that ruined Vine would would only sell Sala too we would return the Highlands back to a place for creative chef driven restaurants. more

Tried new menu 2/17/2008

We used to be a fan of vine but stopped going quite some time ago. We saw their new sign on a visit to highland pet so we ventured in last evening to give it another try. The menu was very confusing. They say they are steak and seafood, but there is not that great of choice. They don't say the size of the cuts (except the filet) they don't say prime or choice, no guide to temperature. The prices look lower until you find out nothing comes with the grill items, so once you add a side or two, you add another $7-$10 to the price. Our food was ok, but nothing exceptional. We like the creativity of chef dishes rather than a piece of meat off the grill. As other reviewers have said, the service lacks professionalism so I would not plan a special night. We had a very long wait for our initial glass of wine and our food took much longer than expected and the place was empty. I mean really empty. There should be no excuse for poor service. No one even came over to update us or check if we needed anything as we sat there. One last comment about the menu. There are type errors and some things in upper case and others in lower. The format itself does not look like a professional restaurant. So we tried their new menu and was not impressed, but be your own judge. For us we will let them work some of the problems with a new menu and try again in a couple months or until the word on the street is better. Cons: Too dark, poor service, confusing menu more

Terrible service 2/16/2008

I've lived in Atlanta for three years, but I'd never been to the Vine, and since they had an open reservation the other night, I took it. I was so, so disappointed. Our waiter was just terrible, and everything took forever to come to the table. Nobody knew their right hand from their left. I saw a manager running food who ran it to the wrong table and just started walking around and asking each table if the entree was theirs. How incredibly unprofessional. It was like some bizarre reality tv show where people who've never worked in a restaurant try to run it for the night. The servers appeared to have tables all over the restaurant instead of sections, which had our server running like a chicken with his head cut off. Everybody looked confused. Pros: Food was great Cons: Awful service and execution more

good times~ 2/16/2008

finally a new place to enjoy steaks at in the neighborhood! no problem parking and the service was great. great food too! more

Steaks and Lobster! 2/16/2008

we recently went to VINE to check out their new menu, and enjoyed one of the best steak and lobster dishes ever. home made tater tots and collard greens made the meal! Our server was very good and knew her wine. We will be back, more soon. Pros: a new place to have steak and lobster in Virginia Highland more

They are at it again 2/15/2008

Looks like Vine/Sala marketing guy Eric H (ala destinationvideo) is at it again. He is leaving fake reviews when a bad honest review hits either Vine or Sala on Citysearch. It is too bad that a restaurant is so desparate to put their marketing guy up to such tatics to deceive the public that relies on honest reviews to spend their hard earned money. Look at the history, bad review and the next day a glowing review. Gee how coincedental that this happens. Both restaurants quality of food and service have gone way down, mostly due to the significant turnover in staff. You can go on Opentable and find reservations available anytime. It is sad, because both restaurants used to be great and very busy. more

New beers at VINE 2/15/2008

My wife and I are starting a blog for Atlanta Restaurants and have found that CitySearch offers a very wide array of input. We find the disparity of reviews particularly complex. In the case of VINE Restaurant in Atlanta, Virginia Highland or -more commonly referred to as Va-Hi- we were absolutely reluctant to a new concept, as advertised in the Ponce Press. However, in the Highland area, where we have lived for more than thirty years, there are not enough family-oriented restaurants -like the old country- to select from. Especially those that serve red meat, ha ha. New beers of European decent added to our feast! Pros: good beers Cons: more wine than beer, but good parking more

Reluctantly give one star 2/15/2008

My girlfriend and I made last minute reservations at Vine because it was about the only place left we could get in other than McDonalds. What a mistake, I am sure we would ahve enjoyed our meal and service much better at McDonalds. This place was totally disorganized, we ordered wine that took forever and then some slow moving heavy set guy brought it to our table and who was as pompus as they come. He had no personality, had a frown on his face like he did not want to be there and then tried to wow us with fake wine knowledge. It may have worked if it did not take 20 minutes to get a bottle of wine. When our steaks finally arrived they were over cooked and tough. We told our waitress and she said it was a new concept so the kitchen is still working things out. Why start something new on valentines day. We saw the menu on line and it no longer exists. We would have much rather had the menu that they advertise on the web site. What restaurant has one menu on their web site and it is totally different at the restaurant. The atmosphere is dark and manly like some boys club. Not romantic at all. Very bad experience and we will never go back. We are telling everyone how bad it was. We could not wait to leave. All I can say that is a sign of desperation when a restaurant changes a concept of what used to get a lot of awards (well at least their web site says they did). If the service and food stay as bad as we experienced, I am quite sure we will be seeing the last of vine very soon. We will go again once someone new takes over. My guess that will be very soon. Cons: tough over cooked steaks, very bad service, ugly atmosphere more

Valentine's Day at VINE 2/15/2008

Valentine's at the new VINE began with a bit of vacillation, given how restaurants typically need time to perfect new concepts. Our apprehensions, however, were immediately meet with reassurance when the sommelier, greeted our table and suggested a perfect paring (and affordable) to our meal. Our server was witty and appreciated how special the night was for my partner and I. We enjoyed the new menu items .. 30 day aged rib eye for me complimented with a bernaise sauce was absolutely mouth watering after being tempted with marinated olives appetizers. As for the new decor, it was much more comfortable and casual feeling -even with a packed house and wait. Mahogany paneling accented with chocolate sued fabric adorned the main wall and seemed an excellent fit with the new leather couch and open fireplace. Distinctive yet understated, comfortable but not too cozy...perfect dining ... great new concept! Pros: plenty of parking and great price! more

The worst service I have seen in a long time. 2/14/2008

I found this restaurant on Open Table and thought I would try it. I went tonight, on Valentine's Day, and I was amazed at the terrible service. We waited more than 15 minutes for our drinks, and our entrees came almost 45 minutes after the order was put in. Our server was probably the worst server I have ever had at a restaurant at this price point (and worse than many at places like Ruby Tuesday, even). He never came by the table, left empty plates and glasses for the entire meal, didn't refill our water, didn't bring the wine we ordered to come specifically with the entree, gave us butter knives for the steak (which we solved by asking another server for steak knives), and didn't remember who had ordered what entree. We asked to speak to a manager, who didn't seem at all concerned with the poor service. He eventually comped the meal, but he didn't check back with us and there was seemingly no sincere effort to apologize. We were seated on the patio, which was nice until I realized we were next to the server station, where servers were slamming silverware and plates so loudly that I jumped. Pros: Food Cons: Horrible service and unconcerned management more

Vine has turned in to a joke. 1/28/2008

This restaurant has gone from great to being one of the worst run restaurants in Atlanta. The service is horrible for a restaurant with the highest prices in Morningside/VH. The food is OK, nothing great but not bad, just way over priced for the quantity, quality and service. The place looks run down and when we were there on Friday we were even served drinks in different glasses. When we pointed that out to the server she said we ran out of the other kind. What kind of restaurant is this? I would expect that at some low end tavern, but not a restaurant that is suppose to be somewhat upscale. Why doesn't the management get it? Every other place in the area is packed to the gills on weekends and you walk in to Vine anytime and get seated. This place needs new management badly, it used to be one our our favorites but has gone way down hill, which is very sad since for a while it was the best place in Morningside/VH. I was talking to my neighbor that said they used to go to brunch at Vine all the time then and stopped going because they changed it to a buffet and said the quality was terrible, so now they are part of the crowds at Babettes, Murphys, Food 101 or LaTavola. more

Service isn't up to par 1/8/2008

I have eaten at Vine since it opened, and the service has really gone downhill. I had a dinner party for a friend's birthday there with a large party of 18 - something their website says they specialize in - but it was a nightmare. The food was wrong, served sporadically, we were charged for bottled water we didn't order and the server had a horrible attitude with everyone and never once smiled or was gracious. The birthday dessert was brought with little fanfare, and when we gave them candles for the dessert, the brought a tealight for us to light them ourselves. The hostess had previously asked for seperate checks, and though we only had 4 checks, much of it was incorrect. The server had a shadow who was training and unable to find answers to simple questions, such as ""what beers do you have?"" After this bad experience a few of us contacted the manager, who sent a 100 gift card email to give Vine a second try. more
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  • In Short
    Though it sounds like a one-word fermented grape bar, Virginia Highlands' Vine is an upscale-casual eatery with self-proclaimed ""European flair"". The Euro-influence may be...

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