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Vigil Diana G MA - 17 Reviews - 7500 E McDonald Dr, Scottsdale, AZ - Professional Services Reviews - Phone (480) 946-0801

Vigil Diana G MA

7500 E McDonald Dr
Scottsdale, AZ 85250
(480) 946-0801
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Diana Vigil is a very good therapist for both adults and children dealing with issues surrounding sexual abuse or abuse and trauma of any nature. She is very warm and loving. I s...


This provider has a complete lack of ethics. She will lie to you, to the court, and anyone else on the case. I've never met someone who lies like her. She will do anything to i...


This provider has a complete lack of ethics. She will lie to you, to the court, and anyone else on the case. I've never met someone who lies like her. She will do anything to increase billings and make her. In my case, everything got substantially worse, but she doesn't care - in fact that is what she wants so she can justify her services. LIAR - beware - you've been warned. more

As Bad as Others Have Stated 2/14/2015

Ms. Vigil is as unprofessional and ineffective as all of the other reviews have stated, Thousands of dollars were spent on her treating our child before successfully finding another more competent and effective therapist. Ms. Vigil is scattered, ineffective at remembering issues discussed in previous meetings and was intimidating to our child. As our daughter commented, "she looks and acts like the wolf dressed in red riding hood's outfit". The office assistant is terrible in scheduling appointments and returning calls, the billing statements were often incorrect, and when challenged, Ms. Vigil becomes quite defensive - in a very unprofessional manner. There is somewhat of a prima donna complex surrounding her which is frightening to see in action. We cannot overstate our dissatisfaction with Ms. Vigil and highly recommend that other seek more competent providers - we discovered there are plenty out there in the Valley. more

Unprofessional Bully 1/22/2015

Do not subject yourself or your children to this "professional." Once you provide a retainer, you are trapped into endless meetings that intimidate you children and suck your wallet dry. Scheduling is disorganized and a nightmare, Ms. Vigil is a terrible communicator and is highly scattered and she is an outright bully in issuing threats. I don't like writing negative anonymous reviews like this...but this is absolutely deserved. more

Please stop and read if you are considering Diana Vigil as a therapist or TI of Reunificationist 8/25/2014

BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE.....If you want to PROTECT your kids and get the best of help, you will be making the mistake of a lifetime looking to Dianna Vigil. My experience with Diana Vigil has been nothing short of a ongoing-progressive night mirror that just keeps getting worse. The problem is that somewhere along the line she was viewed as a helpful advocate for children in sexual abuse cases. This has NOT been our experience, but she has, however, been a significant help to the "accused" parent (ACCUSED by the child himself) who set this whole thing in motion. She is not in it to help the children, she is in it to feed her need for power and money. She is arrogant, cold and will lie on the stand and in written form with no issue as long as it behooves her position. My child has said repeatedly they know Miss Diana doesn't believe them. She has her own interest at heart and if you dare stand up to her, she will work double time to make sure your case and situation become more difficult than you can imagine, going to great lengths to damage your reputation as parent. She believes she is untouchable. Her Goal is to get paid and to keep extending her cases so she can keep collecting. She is not interested in helping these kids but in elevating her status and Power. Take heed, run, don't walk away from this person. She cares not but for herself. Diana how do you sleep at night? more

Upset Parent 5/4/2014

So I am right now the parent paying for everything dealing with this woman, and the ex is the one who did the action. But besides her expensive fees, I have asked her on multiple occasions for some help and guidelines on how to handle situations, instead of giving out helpful ideas she just refers me to a book. I had this other play therapist before her that was amazing, and then the judge came back and wanted Diana because she works for the courts. First she doesn't not look very kid orientated, heels and a dress that if she sat on the floor would show everything. Her room is business like not that much inviting one bit. She all around is a horrible person. She placed lies on her paperwork about a situation that happened and said I was coaching my three year old. Mind you my daughter showed signs when I was over seas. During my interview part with her, she had the nerve to make me feel like the worse mom for deploying, when I had no choice and had tried getting out of it. She seem to be little way to much like she was better then the other play therapist I had my daughter going to. Her ego over takes everything and honestly i fear she won't help my daughter; so after pouring so much money into her my question, is my daughter going be helped or take backwards steps? Ridiculous that I had this amazing therapist that seem to actually get some where after two sessions and Diana is getting no where after 7. Diana take your ego and shove it, its not about the money, its actually about the children. Maybe learning how to interact might assist and actual successful cases. more

Flaky, Scattered, Money only!! 3/31/2014

Doesn't care about the wealth-fare of the minors, she automatically sides with the parent who is court ordered to pay the most money. Very Flaky and is scatter brained when talking to minors during TI session. Diana is NOT appropriate to be court appointed with minors. more

The most clueless and unorganized group i've seen yet! 2/9/2013

I can relate to all these comments. My experience: 1) Money issues and Cold Unclear about what is owed with no itemized statements. Front office person-Non-professional and emotionally involved. 2) Most unorganized office as a whole i've seen (needs training) 3) Doesn't put the time in to really know the case and then scrambles to put together a last minute court report 4) No progress with the children. Bad experience. 5) Fake reports to Judge Only reports to judge the goals but all included are clueless. It all looks good on the outside... 6) Drama instead of order She doesn't have control within her supervision and doesn't know the 'purpose'. Other parent, with the domestic violence- allowed to constantly complain about the soul custody parent instead of the focus being on the progression with the children. Red flag!!! All and all- An expensive nightmare of a system. Don't loose hope, WE THE PEOPLE can stand and make a difference and we will! :) more

Vigil/Moran HORRIBLE! 2/3/2013

I wish I could give negative stars. They are only about money. Their decisions favor the parent with the most money. They will bleed as much money as they can from both parties and could care less about the psychological and emotional welfare of children. I am not hypothetically speaking, I'm speaking from experience. I didn't win or loose; my children did. They damage to them can never be reversed. I am willing to provide specifics, documentation, etc. I will openly debate Drs. Moran/Vigil anytime! If you love your children, keep them away from these idiots. more

Don't do ittttt 1/27/2013

She i untrustworthy ,money hungry , one sided , dishonest , just horrible counselor do not waist time or money on her she lies to you , judge everyone by the I won my case regardless but I still felt it nessary to warn everyone more

I read all reviews prior must read mine trust me 1/27/2013

It is very true she only cares about money she is a horrible counselor she lyed right To the judge and totally sided with opposing lawyer who referred her .... She is very oppionated and one sided . She is by far the worse I've ever seen in my life please people listen o these reviews save your money ...... more

Only cares about the money 7/13/2012

I have been forced to use the services of Ms Vigil by Superior Court. She does not seem to care, or know the details of our case, clearly does not do her job enforcing previous court orders. I would agree with exactly what each previous poster has said in regard to the poor experience they had with her. Stay as far away as possible more

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Money, Money, Money 4/25/2011

If there was a zero star Diana would have earned it. Brought our 6-year old for anxiety issues. Initial report seemed "okay" but we didn't know what to expect. After that time you learn that she is only about the money, Mother pays the bill and Diana clings to her as she knows this is where her bill gets paid. She definitely does what is in her own interest not the child's. Insists that a 6-yo have 5, 45-min sessions a month, No issue other than anxiety!! She is a fraud and smiles to your face, but does what she wants without considering your or child's concerns. Not just sour grapes as other reviewers have expressed the same sentiment. She also has (2) open complaints with the State Licensing Board - Do Your Homework on this fraud. more

Be careful 11/17/2010

Be very careful in using her. Review her reports carefully and her billings, too! more

Very Poor 2/18/2010

I would not recommend Diana Vigil to any parent who deserves a fair review of family dynamics and circumstances. more

INSANE 7/14/2009

Not only is Diana not a neutral 3rd party by any means, she can not make up her own mind as to what happened. My ex and I went to mediation with Diana for 3 sessions to mediate out of court but when her report came out there was nothing in it that reflected some of our settlements and then the wrong information on the items we settled on. I think that our 4 year old would of done a better job! more

Not a dis-interested 3rd party 10/27/2008

Our experince with Diana vigil has been poor. She has a habit of picking one side and fails to act in an objective manner. We would not recommend her or her husbnd John Moran. more

abuse therapist 11/24/2005

Diana Vigil is a very good therapist for both adults and children dealing with issues surrounding sexual abuse or abuse and trauma of any nature. She is very warm and loving. I saw her for a couple of years surrounding sexual abuse issues I had as a child and always felt that she cared about me and my future. more
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