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Victory Medical & Family Care

4303 Victory Dr Ste 100
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 462-3627
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I read some of the reviews on this page about Victory Medical...I am thinking I am going to a different Victory than the rest of you. I have had nothing but wonderful care at ...


I've been going to Victory Med for a few years now ONLY because Rufus Tanner is an excellent PA, and the only reason they're getting 2 stars from me. Nothing but great things to ...

BAD EXPERIENCE at Victory Medical Clinic 5/8/2011

I took my daughter to victory clinic for a planters wart. We had been back 3 times for this and saw a new Dr. each visit and each Dr. had a different opinion of treatment. This is ok- I understand that Dr.'s have their own opinions. The second visit I was overcharged and am now awaiting a refund. But the clencher for my family was the third visit. My daughters wart was annoying and we wanted it gone. The Dr. decided that she did not want to provide freeze treatment for this visit and thought that a prescription would work best, but when she handed it to me, she told me it could ONLY be filled at there on site pharmacy, I told her my daughter was in a hurry to get to school to take a test and asked why we couldn't fill it at another pharmacy. She said that it was a special compound. So we went to the pharmacy, they told us it would take 15 minutes and wasn't covered under insurance (and we do have a great insurance policy).. My daughter headed to school and returned 2 hours later to pick up the prescription. It is now 3pm and they tell her that it won't be ready until the end of the day. So my daughter calls me at work and I tell her to go ahead and go home, we live in Kyle and it's a 35 minute drive each way to this clinic. I think about the situation and call the Dr.'s office at 4:50 (they stay open until 7pm). I ask if their is another medication that can take care of a wart that we can pick up at a pharmacy close to home and that might be covered under our insurance. The receptionist tells me that the Dr is with a patient and she or her nurse will call me back. I go home and wait for a return call. No one calls back. I call the pharmacy close to home (the receptionist asked for a pharmacy # prior to hanging up with me), and asked if anything had been called in. Nothing had been called in and she told me their are other prescriptions available for warts. So I call Victory clinic back and leave a message on their voice mail asking for a call back to let me know about getting some medication for my daughter. Victory Clinic NEVER called back and wouldn't you know it- Saturday 11pm her wart starts throbbing with pain. It's not easy watching your child suffer when you thought you took steps to take care of the problem. I feel this Dr. abandoned my daughter as a patient. She should have returned the call regardless of if she wanted to call in another prescription or not. Very unprofessional!!! We will not return!! more

Dr. Kadir is the most amazing doctor 1/7/2011

I read some of the reviews on this page about Victory Medical...I am thinking I am going to a different Victory than the rest of you. I have had nothing but wonderful care at Victory, mainly from Dr. Kadir. She is the most wonderful doctor I have ever seen. She always listens and makes me feel like I am her only patient. She never rushes me and always stays in the room with me talking about whatever I feel necessary. I don't live by Victory, but I have no problem driving down south to see Dr. Kadir. She is one of the most compassionate people, which makes her a wonderful doctor. more

Rufus Tanner (PA) is awesome, staff is awful.... 2/22/2010

I've been going to Victory Med for a few years now ONLY because Rufus Tanner is an excellent PA, and the only reason they're getting 2 stars from me. Nothing but great things to say about him: he’s all ears, doesn’t downplay symptoms, and addresses everything very thoroughly and thoughtfully…..However, I’ve had several unpleasant experiences with the nurses and other staff, one incident having happened this morning I’ve had a persistent cough, a sore throat, and aching ears for a couple of months now, so I made an appointment to see Rufus Tanner this morning. The nurse who led me back seemed to be in a fowl mood to begin with. Hadn’t even put down my purse and coat when she started asking me what I was there for in a very abrupt and hurried tone. Pretty sure that I was the only patient in there, so there was no reason to rush me or my assessment, and I would’ve appreciated a couple of seconds to sit down and collect my thoughts, since I didn’t feel so well. Was in the middle of explaining the duration of the cough and sore throat when she interrupted me and decisively said that if I’d had a cough for that long, then it was probably allergies. I was taken aback, wondering why a nurse was even attempting to diagnose my symptoms, and figured it was just safer to quit trying to tell her what was wrong with me and wait for Rufus. Then she told me to open my mouth so she could swab my throat (so I’m going to have to pay for a test that I didn’t want, and didn’t think I needed, and which was taken without the doctor’s orders). I’ve had many, many strep tests in my lifetime, and they're far from pleasant, but this was absolutely the worst. She was extremely rough and was literally yelling at me to keep my tongue down the whole time, which I was trying very hard to do without gagging. She was so aggressive with the swab that I seriously considered pushing her hand away from my mouth and telling her to leave me alone immediately. If only for the sake of closure, I wanted to address the issue with her right then, but decided that confrontation wasn't going to fix the problem, and that I’d speak with a nurse supervisor later. Rufus was great, as usual, and addressed everything medically that I needed to speak with him about….For the record, I have an ear infection, irritated breathing passages, and post-nasal drip, which are causing the cough and sore throat. NOT an allergy issue. In addition to my encounter today, I’ve had problems with other nurses before, and had an issue last week with the accounting jerk regarding misinformation given to me by a nurse about some testing. They’re all pretty rude, and it makes me dread going to the doctor more than I do to begin with. I want to continue seeing Rufus Tanner, but not at the expense of being hassled and yelled at (and now I can add being physically mistreated to the list of bad experiences). I’m writing a letter to address my complaints, and was told that it would be directed to the head of the practice. Seriously doubt it’ll get to him, or that he’d care to address anything. He obviously lets his nurses and staff run amuck with their poor attitudes and behavior, so I hold little hope to anything being righted. If you feel like dealing with rude staff and rolling the dice regarding the attitude of the nurses, then I'd go to Victory ONLY to see Rufus Tanner. Otherwise, stay far, far away. Pros: Rufus Tanner, and him ONLY Cons: rude, abrasive staff and nurses more

I LOVE THIS PRACTICE!!!!! 1/11/2010

I read some of the other reviews for Victory and I strongly disagree. I have always been treated with the upmost consideration and care. I since moving back to Austin have been so frustrated with other medical practitioners I have had the displeasure of meeting and paying good money to. Then I heard about Victory and I have been a patient there for a good 10 years now! I do however have my favorite practioner and he always finds a way to squeeze me in as a walk-in. Some of those negative reviews i do not feel are warrented at all. Pros: I have had some of the best medical care since I moved back Cons: Your Dr. needs to have days off (laughing) more

horrible health care clinic 10/30/2009

i went to victory medical for a very big problem i was having. Comming into the clinic the receeptionist were ok trying to help me out seeing that my doctor was running 2 hours behind. Well it still took me about 3 hours to get back. being seen by the doctor was not a very good experience it was of no help to me and didnt answerany of my questions. i talked to a Michelle Holle to try anrs eated d fix my problem with the charges and the way i was treated there in the clinic and she came off as a smart mouth and seemed like she didnt care much to what i had to say or the way this horrible clinc treated there patients. She was the worst practice administrator ever no help at all. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO THIS CLINIC F YOU ARE LOOKING FOR GOOD HEALTH CARE SERVICE. Overall this was the worst clnic the worst service ever Cons: everything about this place was horrible more

My experience 9/24/2008

I was referred to this doctor by a friend who was happy with the doctor. Her daughter-in-law did not like the doctor, though; she felt she had been treated in a very condescending manner. I got great service when the doctor was in her previous location, including referral to a specialist who possibly saved my life. However, the staff at the new location is just as described in previous reviews: totally incompetent. I once left a message for her assistant, and he never bothered to return my call. I went in for a physical 2 years ago. I was extremely upset, as my significant other had just gone to the hospital with a heart issue. Upon arriving at the doctor's office, I was told the doctor had an emergency, and they didn't know when she would be able to see me. I would have rescheduled, but I really needed the lab work done so I could get some maintenance meds refilled. I had to wait well over an hour to see the doctor. When she finally entered the exam room, I was on my cell phone, checking on my boyfriend; she got upset about that. She got even madder when I complained about her assistant not returning my call. The day of my physical, this same assistant was supposed to have arranged for me to have my routine lab work done at a local lab. I asked for the referral in writing, but he refused, stating that the referral would be on the computer. When I went to the lab--which was several days later--there was no record. This was a Saturday morning. Dr. Chanda-Kim was not in her office, but fortunately, there was a doctor working in the clinic that morning. I still had to wait another 30 minutes or so while the lab staff confirmed the order for the lab work. A few days later, the assistant left me a message on my home phone about my lab work being OK, so I didn't need anything else. I had to call back and remind him I had had the lab work done so I could get my meds refilled! Then Dr. Chanda-Kim dropped ME because I was "rude" to her staff (!). Pros: none Cons: staff more

Poor customer service and inconsiderate staff that gives you different answers every time 8/19/2008

Extremely disappointed with Dr. Chanda-Kim's staff, due to their lack of knowledge and lack of empathy. Each time I go in, they seem to be more interested in chatting than helping a patient. Victoria is so rude, and very unempathatic. I can't believe she works in the medical industry, because she lacks any sort of emotion towards the patients. I will start by saying that my husband and I had a physical with Dr. Chanda-Kim, and she was great. She listens thoroughly, and seems to really care. However, it took her over 1 month to get us our results back from our tests and physical. I thought she had forgotten us. Besides Dr. Chanda-Kim being nice and knowledgable, that is the ONLY highlight to her office. Her staff is rude, insensitive, slow, and gives you the wrong directions. For ex, I wanted a pregnancy bld test. I called at 9:00 a.m., and they said come on in. I get there, and they don't know what I am talking about. Then they say, "Oh, you belong on the second floor, bec that is where they are doing bld tests today." So I go downstairs to the 2nd floor, and then they are confused. They ask, "Who sent you? And what do you need?....Oh, you need to go to the first floor." As I am signing in on the first floor, they tell me, "It could be a week or it could be 4 days." I said, "ok, I guess you will call me when you get the results?" Then they say, "No, you must set an appt, & come in again." I asked why they can't just call me and say "yes or no". How hard can a pregnancy bld test be?Pregnancy is not a death sentence, esp. when you are wanting it finally at the age of 36. I just need a phone call saying "yes or no". I told them that I would be out of state visiting in-laws for the week, so I just said, "Never mind....I will continue to urinate on a stick instead." I am changing family doctors, bec my husband and I just feel that they are very incompetent. That is the last thing a person wants from a doctor and her staff. Pros: parking is easy, and Dr. Chanda-Kim seems knowledgable Cons: Her staff is just awful....very rude and slow. They continue to give me the wrong answers, and lead me on a wild goose chase when trying to get the appropriate medical care. more

Excellent Doctor; Rude Staff 8/9/2007

I saw Dr. Chanda-Kim a couple years at her old location ago when I first developed alopecia areata, an emotionally difficult autoimmune syndrome in which patches of hair suddenly fall out. I was otherwise healthy, in my early 20's, and cycling and jogging regularly. Dr. Chanda-Kim was very patient and comforting and recommended an equally excellent specialist for treatment. I recently visited Dr. CK at the Victory Medical Center. When I called to make the appointment, the secretary/staff LVN was extremely short and, even after I said that one of my concerns was alopecia, she replied in a very irritated and rude tone, "I asked you WHAT your condition was." She obviously did not know what alopecia areata was, but her response wasn't warranted. Still, I passed it off as someone having a bad day. Dr. CK was again extremely comforting and thorough in her assessment of my symptoms and considered the many possible problems, arranging for several short notice lab appointments, with stat results delivered to the office in less than 24 hours. Then she had the staff nurse take my bld. The staff nurse ,Victoria, came into the room, did not smile or try to make conversation, and simply said, "Lie down." I laughed and explained that I get a bit uncomfortable when my bld is drawn. She responded, "Well, don't do that," in an irritated voice, and went on further to say, "It hurts even worse than it usually does if you move or tense up, so don't." Still absolutely no smile or sense of warmth whatsoever. I understand that I am a grown woman, 26 years old, and I don't expect a stuffed animal when my bld is being drawn. But Victoria was so rude that I did not let her draw my bld and instead went to a local lab where the people were much nicer. All the results were sent to Dr. CK and Victoria called me saying "Everything is normal." I didn't really trust her, so I called to speak directly to Dr. CK, who told me that there, in fact, were matters of concern. Pros: Excellent, thorough, kind, professional doctor. Cons: Rude staff. Unreliable in communicating lab results. more

Great, thorough doctor with an excellent beside manner! 5/11/2007

My company recently changed health insurance, so I left my awesome PCP and had to go on a hunt to find a new one, and I admit I was not feeling hopeful about it. Well, a friend told me about Dr. Chanda-Kim, and I made an appointment to see her. Let me say this, I have a lot of health conditions going on, and I am VERY picky about doctors, but Dr. Chanda-Kim EXCEEDED my expectations. She is incredibly thorough, definitely is patient and listens well, and addresses everything, and doesn't hesitate to refer to specialists when necessary. I truly recommend her to anyone looking for a new doctor! more

Great Doctor 11/22/2006

Dr. Mousumi Chanda-Kim. She's pretty awesome. I've sent a few folks to her that just love her and have recommended her to their friends, as well. She's very thorough and listens to everything you have to say (and addresses them) so you're not rushed in and out. Very knowledgable doc. Pros: Great doc Cons: none more
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