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Victory Restaurant - 41 Reviews - 91 6th St, San Francisco, CA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (415) 543-6939

Victory Restaurant

91 6th St
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 543-6939
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Walked into Tu Lan and ordered my usual at every Vietnamese joint I've been to since I was a kid-- rice noodles with charboiled pork and eggrolls or, here at Tu Lan, the number 17...


Good service for a high volume place. My girl is vietnamese so i've had lots of vietnamese food . This place is kind of chinese/vietnamese. A lot more greasy. You get a lot of foo...

An Insult to the Asian Culture 3/7/2012

Tu Lan is nothing more than dog entrails marinating in sewage water. I have eaten at this restaurant three times in the past ten years because I work a block away from it. Upon each dining, I have walked out hating myself for being so desperately hungry as to stoop so low as to eat at Tu Lan. The rice dishes I have ordered came marinating in two inches of cooking oil. I went with a friend once, who ordered a noodle soup, and the noodles were all stuck together, meaning that the noodles weren't properly cooked. We were looking around us and we noticed that the diners were all filthy laborers and folks who most likely grew up eating greasy trailer park food. Not a single person was Asian. That ought to be a sign of the kind of food Tu Lan truly has. As for Julia Child's review, the woman specialized in French cuisine. What would she had known? She wasn't even Asian. more

Nothing has Changed 9/24/2010

today is Friday. temperatures were due to reach 78 and passed 85. tommorow in the 90s. I happened to get off the wrong stop and walked to a store that was closed. I walked further to Tu Lan where I had not been for at least one year. Less people than I am used to seeing there but time of day is to be considered. The menu has not changed and still has Julia Child on the cover. I always ordered their signature dish but forgot what it was today. it helped to read caption which reminded me where I picked the dish. Food was as always but plate has shrunk in size. Prices are same as before which is great and makes it easier to pick Tu Lan to return. Beer is still very cheap which is a huge reason to come back for a chow. I recommend it but make sure you know where it is and so on. Pros: fun, value, exotic Cons: skid row, rough zone more

Put on your kevlar and go get some noodles! 3/25/2008

OK, so this place is pretty sticky. Kinda gross and greasy and in a neighborhood that could be used for a scene in a movie where young kids are coppin' for heroin and they wouldn't need to hire ANY extras. If you can get past all that, you've made it to the front door. Inside you will merely find LESS crackheads. The food, albeit not the most authentic of Vietnamese around San Fran is pretty flippin good for the price! Their imperial rolls are better than any fried viet. style spring roll in the city. PERIOD. do NOT order the pho... there are plenty of other sketchy holes in the tenderloin which SPECIALIZE in that fabulous soup... such as pho hoa on ellis and taylor (or jones?) it's creepy too, but that's another review... don't come to tu lan with any expectations. least of all, keeping your clothes from smelling weird or touching sticky greasiness. However, you will leave with a full belly and an almost-full wallet! Enjoy! and don't talk to strangers... seriously.\r Pros: Cheap, fast food. Cons: Life threatening neighborhood. more

Fast,Greasy, Chinese style vietnamese food... 1/8/2008

Good service for a high volume place. My girl is vietnamese so i've had lots of vietnamese food . This place is kind of chinese/vietnamese. A lot more greasy. You get a lot of food for the money though and it's not that bad but it's not quite ""authentic "" vietnamese. Worth checking out once for the novelty of it but i don't think I'll ever go back. Pros: Cheap,fast, good service, down and out type ambience.. Cons: GREASY, not that clean, GREASY... more

cheap, hot, spicy, greasy, fast vietnamese food 9/21/2007

I can't believe Tu Lan is on random. A few years ago I used to work in this area and several people kept talking about the ""great Vietnamese"" around the corner. I ended up going a few times with them and liked the food. It's basically cheap, hot, vietnamese food fast food style. I always ordered this curry that I crave to this day - very spicy and heavy, with slices of whole jalapeno in it. Mmmmmm. I wouldn't say it's ""great"" Vietnamese, though - it's a greasy take on Vietnamese and any foodie will immediately note its limitations. And the other reviewers have it right when they warn you against the neighborhood. 6th and Mission/Market is a sketchfest - many people walking around are visibly high or fiending. I always ordered my food to go to so I could enjoy the food at my leisure and not in the loud restaurant. This is one instance when I'd say it's okay to eat at your desk. :) Pros: cheap, hot, spicy, good good Cons: parking, location more

Worth it! 5/19/2007

I have been here many times the food has always been wonderful. The dishes are a unique blend of flavors. One of my favorite dishes is the tomato beef. If you are not adventurous, unimaginative or just maybe just stupid and shallow, you might have a hard time with the location and the atmosphere. But if are smart enough to overcome those things, you will enjoy a great meal. more

Where do I even begin 4/9/2007

Where do I even begin....maybe it's the nice brisk walk past the crackheads and ""street vendors."" to get there...or maybe it makes sense to start about 20 minutes earlier when you convince a co-worker to be your wingman (the buddy system in full effect when cruising to 6th and Mission). Once you actually get past the narrow door frame, you find yourself immediatly on top of about a dozen other patrons and you get your first glimps of the local famed executive chef. He can be easily identified by having a towel rolled and afixed to his neck by a rubberband to ensure that his sweat doesn't contaminate your meal. Ok, now on to the service...(crickets)...Ok, now on to the menu. Thankfully they are laminated, which serve a dual purpose. 1) You can physically prop it open without having to have any actual skin-to-menu contact 2) The plastic used to cover the menus also helps offset the change of any grease fires. I'd dedicate the remainder of the review to the food, but it's something you really ought to experience yourself. In all seriousness, the food is fantastic. Fresh, authentic Vietnamese food, particlularly their spring rolls (fried hard!). Others have compared Tu Lan to eating a good meal in a bathroom stall, whereas I think a more appropriate depiction is: Eating at Tu Lan, is like drinking champaign out of a hippies birkenstock. 4 of 5 stars...(minus 1, cause both of my wingmen got sick the next morning) more

Why has the department of health not shut this place down yet? 12/21/2006

It's kind of like what being in a smoker's lung must be like - dirty, cramped, and smelly. If you don't mind grease on your seat, the floor, and everywhere else, or if eating out of dumpsters is your cup of tea, then this is the place for you. It's been a year or so since I was here, and usually I only remember eating at a restaurant if it's really good or really bad... a friend just asked if I wanted to go here and I quickly and easily remembered how horrible my experience had been, from waiting ten minutes in the sketchy neighborhood for a seat, to the gruff service, lack of cleanliness, and poor quality ingredients leading to abysmal tasting food. There is so much better Vietnamese food in this city, that we should not have to subject ourselves to such low-rent establishments as Tu Lan. Go up to Saigon Sandwich shop at Turk & Eddy for an incalculably better meal. Pros: there's so much b*rf in the street in this 'hood, that no one will notice when you hurl your lunch Cons: see review... more

Greasy - Inexpensive - Fast - Furious - Vietnamese - In Funky Neighborhood 11/1/2006

I'm surprised I'm coming back to this greasy, smoky and stinky, dirty, disgusting place with sticky tables and chairs, but the food is decent, not really authentic though, if spicy hot it is HOT, don't try finding out from menu what to expect, inexpensive, big portions; oh yeah and the neighborhood: no looking left or right, folks, especially if you have to wait in line outside the restaurant.\r Pros: price, food, fast service Cons: grease, smoke, smell more

Worst Vietnamese food EVER 8/4/2006

I went to this place based on the numerous positive reviews, and boy, what a disappointment. This was very bad Chinese food masquerading as Vietnamese food. Everything was bland, tasteless and, frankly, gross. The food (rice plate) was overcooked, soggy, and the pho was not pho--it tasted like salty dishwater. Cons: Too many to list more

Fast, Tasty and inexpensive Lunch 8/1/2006

I am woking around Market and Powell. \r My frined took me to this place for lunch(1hour) and I liked it. I expected restaurants to give me tasty food , not SERVICE, so this palce and also locaton was perfect for me! \r We, 2 of us, ordered 2 iced tea ,2 small paltes and 1 noodle and we shared. We even couldn't finish all.\r The food was served fast and I could get back to work without being late.\r I want to go back there and try different menu soon.\r more

Brave 6th Street for Good, Cheap Vietnamese 7/17/2006

Going to and dining at Tu Lan is an experience . . . visiting 6th Street reminds you just how varied our fair San Francisco is. Getting there may not be dangerous (though it looks as if it would be), but it should remind you that any great city has an underclass that has fallen through the cracks. That said, the energy in Tu Lan can be scary as well -- there's some much going on with their stove top! -- but they put out quality, traditional Vietnamese, quickly and cheaply. It's worth the trip! Pros: Authentic, quality food at a great price Cons: Neighborhood more

Disappointed - there's much better Vietnamese 6/5/2006

Whenever I try a Vietnamese restaurant for the first time - I always try the Pho or the BBQ Pork with eggrolls and usually the spring rolls. Pho was not on the menu - the BBQ Pork with eggrolls at Tu Lan was below average. The portion was huge but the pork slices were way too big and thick and the eggrolls were too large and not very tasty. I also ordered the spring rolls - the wrappings were dried out and the peanut sauce was runnier than I like. It's definitely a hole in the wall so it's not for the faint of heart. I saw another customer order a fish dish that looked tasty - but I'm not too likely to return for Vietnamese here. Pros: Cheap, Large Portions Cons: Food, Limited Seating more

Julia Child knows her stuff 3/2/2006

Walked into Tu Lan and ordered my usual at every Vietnamese joint I've been to since I was a kid-- rice noodles with charboiled pork and eggrolls or, here at Tu Lan, the number 17: Pork kebabs with imperial rolls over rice noodles. A great dish that's seen its days on Julia Child's plate, apparently. Food came out in less than 3 minutes. It's in and out here, folks. Don't sit around and shoot the bull too long here because they'll wait around for you to leave so they can usher in the next lucky ones in that long line during dinner hours. Good prices, good food, though my friend's noodle dish was a little too salty. I'd eat here every day if I knew my cholesteral could take all that fried goodness... Pros: food, quick service, the #17 Cons: small more

A great scene of chaos and heavenly dishes 2/13/2006

I love going here- it is just a terrific scene. Just have them sit you at the bar and take in the show- these people know how to prepare Vietnamese! There are woks and pans flying around, flames lashing high and just amazing dishes appearing out of the air. The food is fantastic- just expect to wait a bit. No glamour, but insiders know it is cool. Pros: Front row seating, Beef Steak etc., The scene Cons: Wait, No Sundays more

no second time 10/20/2005

Small, smokey, crowded place. I was seated infront of the cooks. I dont have a choice because I dont want to be seated on the second floor, because it was dark and confined and hot. Nothing special about the food. But the servers are great. more

dirty oil 8/12/2005

This place is so bad. It's cheap, but what I love about Vietnamese food-- heck any food-- is fresh ingredients. This place just serves up oily hot stuff fast and cheap. I guess it's diner-like in that respect. But man, Vietnamese food can be so good! Obviously some people really like it, and that's cool. But it doesnt taste like Vietnamese food. Period. Pros: there are chairs Cons: food more

If I was drunk... 7/23/2005

Tu Lan always seems to make the Top 10 list and I always question why. Being Vietnamese, having been to ,many Vietnamese restaurants all over the world-I would say this is the worst place I have ever eaten Vietnamese food. When I did eat here, I was coming from a night at the bars. Most of my friends had rant and raved about the place, so my hopes were high. Everyone in the place seem to love it, except for me and my boy. And what I noticed is that everyone was drunk, so of course they loved it. Not only were they drunk, but they were broke from spending so much cash at the bars, so they had maybe, $5 to their name. Enough to get a plate of food from Tu Lan. I say save that $5 and eat Ramen at home.. Cons: Food is bland more

blech 7/19/2005

While definitely qualifying as a ""hole in the wall"", this place has lousy food and lousy service. The service is on par with the neighborhood, and forgiveable. But the food is way overrated. Hardly authentic, this isn't even a good take on Vietnamese cuisine. Catfish soup served with enough pineapple (?!?) to make it as sweet as cake. Greasy meats on as bland as cotton balls. I get the impression that this place thrives because it's got a critical mass of customers who think of it as a ""find"", not because of any standout quality. If you want pork cakes or steamed catfish like mom makes, this ain't the place. more

it was just ok 7/14/2005

i'm a huge fan of vietnamese food...i've tried a huge number of vietnamese restaurants in sf bay area as well as la. so when i saw that tu lan had high ratings on citysearch, i hopped in my car and tried it out.....and i was disappointed. i ordered a bowl of beef noodles (pho), but the broth was tasteless, the beef rough, and the noodles hard and stale. i also ordered the imperial rolls, but they were very under par. not much to see here...u wouldn't miss much if u never came here. Pros: service, value Cons: food, parking, decor more
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    People come from all over San Francisco to this tiny Vietnamese storefront. Seating is limited to eight small tables and a Formica counter that runs along the open kitchen....

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