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20115 44th Ave W Ste 102
Lynnwood, WA 98036

(425) 697-6106
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Our dog, an epileptic Australian Shepard has been a patient at the VCA for over 2 years. We have our specialist Dr. Kline who by far is the most incredible Doctor on this earth, l...


After 3 weeks of chemo, my cat Abbie, didn't make it. The oncologist they had at the time had a bedside manner of a rattle snake! My other cat is there now, and it seems they wa...

VCA, Thank you! The Wyse family. 11/20/2010

Our dog, an epileptic Australian Shepard has been a patient at the VCA for over 2 years. We have our specialist Dr. Kline who by far is the most incredible Doctor on this earth, loving, caring, concerned, and by far incredible when it comes to the knowledge in her field. We have been under the care as well of several other doctors at VCA when she has been out of town or middle of the night emergencies and all of the doctors and staff are beyond incredible. They have always been supportive and there for us as dog owners. All professional services have a cost factor, but I do not believe that they are any more expensive than anywhere else and they are worth every penny that we have spent on our dog. I have had dogs all of my 59 years and I feel fortunate that God placed Buddy, our epileptic dog in our family and fortunate that we are able to get such great care from Dr. Kline and the VCA staff in Lynnwood. Ron Wyse more

Questionable 7/12/2010

After 3 weeks of chemo, my cat Abbie, didn't make it. The oncologist they had at the time had a bedside manner of a rattle snake! My other cat is there now, and it seems they want to run test after test after test, but are not treating him other than fluids. It seems they are guessing, and trying to charge me a lot for no action, no treatment. I'm not sure I really trust these people, but when my regular vet does not have the equipment to do what they think needs to be done, I feel stuck. They're the closest, and not wanting to put my cat under even more stress of a longer car ride, I feel I have no choice - and I feel they take advantage of that. more

My cat had small cell lymphoma, hard to diagnose 11/7/2007

Every once in a while you get a pet that is just an exceptional animal--like those exceptional human beings that become your best friends. My cat Koshka is like that, so I was heartbroken when he was losing weight steadily, developed diarrhea, and we had been unable to diagnose him at his regular vets after numerous tests and monitoring his weight. The vet suggested an endoscopy, and this was one of two places he recommended. At his appointment, Dr. Gokhale, a very caring and pleasant vet, took his history, examined him, and suggested an ultrasound, which might find masses in areas not covered by the endoscopy and might rule out an endoscopy. We did this and found several masses and inflammation. I was actually present at the ultrasound, helping hold Koshka in the "taco" (a little trough they put him in to assist in scanning his belly), and I observed how gentle and careful and thorough the radiologist and the person assisting were. I discussed the options with Dr. Gokhale, and decided to skip endoscopy and aspirations and to do an operation, which, though expensive, would give Koshka his best chance at survival, combining treatment and diagnosis of the masses. Money was an issue, and the operation was a big risk, because he had to be cut open "from stem to stern" as it were; they operated on his pancreas, liver, and colon; Koshka was 15; and he had lost half his body weight since his prime when he weighed 17 pounds. We had also talked about checking his lungs to see if the cancer had spread that far, which I initially decided against, to save money for the operation, but then I decided to do this because I wanted Koshka to have the best and longest life possible in whatever state he was, and felt the risky operation would be wrong if the cancer had reached his lungs, would probably shorten rather than lengthen his life. I did encounter some problems other reviewers have described here, when I was setting up the surgery appointment (and again at the end). They wanted me to bring Koshka back for another pre-op appointment with the surgeon, as well as the chest x-ray, and he did not do pre-op appointments on the same day as the operation. Because I have no car, was relying on friends and this was the busy pre-Christmas season, and both the vet's and the cat-drivers' schedules were hard to coordinate, I was unable to do this. I felt that what really needed to be seen was the chest x-ray, not the cat again, and that this should be able to be done quickly and on the same day, and at this point I was feeling there was more of a focus on money and their convenience and not on my cat's health, so I considered taking him elsewhere. However, they did accommodate me ,and we did the chest x-ray, the pre-op appointment with Dr. Gokhale rather than the surgeon, Dr. Snyder, and the operation all on the same day. I stayed with Koshka to keep him calm, and we sat out in a little room for kids just off the waiting room, where I was able to observe many people bringing their pets in and out all day, and that the staff seemed caring and responsive. Dr. Gokhale, who was assisting at the surgery, came out and told me during the surgery that Dr. Snyder was concerned about trying to remove everything in the pancreas, which could compromise the pancreas too much. We again quickly discussed Koshka's possible diagnoses and outcomes, and I agreed he should not try to remove all the masses. After the surgery, Dr. Snyder came out and talked to me about Koshka, and I learned that the risk of pancreatitis (which is usually quickly fatal) is about 45 percent when you do any cutting in the pancreas at all. He also told me about his own old cat, and it was evident that he, like all the people I met there, cared about animals. I stayed until Koshka had recovered enough from the operation to see me, and he was actually standing up in the cage and poking his paw out to ask me to get him out of there. He stayed a couple more days, and the vets I talked to always gave me clear, specific information and advice, did not encourage me to leave him there longer than necessary, and appeared focused on the cat's wellbeing and sensitive to my money constraints. (I was also told about a specific credit card--by an outside company, not the hospital--that is available for vet bills, but fortunately I was able to use my own credit cards and a settlement to cover the bill.) The checkout was done late at night, by someone who told me it was not her usual job, and she neglected to tell me to refrigerate Koshka's medicine (it also did not say this on the bottle) and that the bandage on his paw where the IV had been was a pressure bandage that should be removed when I got home. I left in on for a couple days and this led to a horrifying condition called "fat paw" (yes, really!), where his paw swelled to literally three times its size, and I called in a panic, planning to rush him to a vet. They told me how to treat the paw and reassured me that it was not necessary to take him to the vet. They also offered to replace the medication (I just got it from his regular vet, but they agreed to pay for it if I wanted), and even mailed back the purring tape I had left for Koshka to soothe him. Koshka's post-operation treatment of meds and blood tests has been administered by his regular vet but overseen by Dr. Gokhale who looks at the blood test results and makes recommendations re frequency of testing and adjustment to medications. Almost a year later, my darling 16-year-old cat with lymphoma is alive, happy, and healthy, thanks to the care by these folks and our regular vet. I could take off a star for the problems at the beginning and the end, but I think results are what counts in the long run, and both times, the center made efforts to help with/fix the problems. Plus, they saved his life! The heartbreaking experience described in a review by the owner of Bart definitely gives one pause and should not have happened. I hope she will contact the center's administrators with her experience and suggestions re improvements. Any business should know that treatment of customers (including here both animals and people) is the number-one priority, both for ethical reasons and for the survival of the business. As far as the money issues/problems mentioned in several reviews, I think staff definitely should all be educated to be sensitive, courteous, and keep the state of the pet-owner in mind while spelling out policies. However, as consumers, we have to remember that these policies are made way up the food chain and there is nothing the staff people (and generally the vets) can do about them. This center is likely more expensive than other, smaller vet places because they have professional-level complicated equipment to maintain, like a surgery center for humans. They also belong to a big chain (as was explained to me by one of the places I considered taking Koshka during the initial problems--the guy who told me this said most of the vet centers in our area do, including his), so there is even less flexibility, I'd assume, than with small centers. We might forget this when we are traumatized about the health of our animals, but it costs a lot of money to provide these services, and a business has to stay afloat, each of the staff people has to make their salary to survive, just like we do, etc. When I first came to Seattle, I had to treat my other dear cat, Koshka's sister, for an infected bite and since I was just starting a job, I did not have the full amount for the wound to be lanced; I offered to leave a post-dated check for the remainder. The vet could not do this (I still remember him saying he "just could not"--it was not up to him), and we ended up doing another treatment with medication and hot compresses (I also remember him saying that he would not recommend this other treatment if he didn't think it would work). I went with another place for my cats' vet services, but then a few years later I had a coupon, had forgotten which place this was, and went back there as a "new patient." This same doctor looked a little familiar, but I didn't remember until years later I happened to see that original bill in my file. This same place now will let you split up your payments if you need to; they have put a procedure in place that accommodates both the patients' financial needs and their own, and they have taken good care of Koshka and also his sister, right up until the day she died. Thanks to these two vet places, I have had the joy of my cats' company for many, many years. more

Wow I can't imagine the negative reviews. It's 5 stars for me 7/24/2007

I've been twice on a weekend when I had an emergency and thought both times everyone was great. I recently went on a referral and my dog had an operation and 3days of aftercare. I've bred dogs for 43yrs so I feel I'm pretty experienced in Vet care and I think Dr Sean Sanders walks on water and everyone I came in contact with was great. Everything was explained about what they were doing, the tests, the expense. Everyone I know thinks it's a great professional place and for what you get in care and expertise it's very reasonable. It's the place I choose to go when my local Vet is closed and for referrals you can't beat it. more

A wonderful experience every time I've gone. 5/22/2007

I've had to go to the Specialty center twice for emergencies involving my birds, and once to get my golden retriever's heart checked for her heart clearance. All three times the reception staff were polite, courteous, and efficient, especially since I was quite distraught during two of my visits. The doctors were all very professional yet connected with me on a personal level as well. They took the time to explain every step of my visit to me, from drawing blood for tests to answering questions concerning medications and care. Cost was reasonable for the treatments I received. Overall, I'd definitely recommend going to the Veterinary Specialty Center and am writing this review because I can't imagine a circumstance where any of the staff would ever treat someone like the person in the other review said they did. I actually switched my birds to the Specialty Center for their normal vet care after the the way I was treated during each of my visits, and high quality of care my birds were given during their emergency visits. more

the very best of the worst animal hospital everr... 5/10/2007

i recommend to go another places.. this place is sucks.. their service is very bad.. i came there at 7 o'clock and they made me keep waiting for 3 hours more

My Worst Vet Experience-Ever 11/23/2006

In August, I brought my cat Bart to be treated, he was mildly ill and had begun turning down food. I was apprehensive from the first moment. The girl at the desk was rude, surly, and not helpful. She snapped at me at least 3 times during the intake. When the doctor came in and examined Bart, she looked him over for 5 minutes, no tests and told me he was dying of kidney failure and would need years of treatment. She handed me an estimate, I told her I couldn't pay that much, she left for 5 minutes and came back and told me Bart had anemia and the price had been cut in half. I was in shock. She told me since cost was a problem, I could put a small deposit down and pay the rest at the end of the week. When I got to the front desk to put a deposit on the treatment, the girl up front began screaming at me and telling me the doctor was wrong and I needed to pay the full amount. I was thrown in a room and the doctor came back in and told me that since I could not give them the full amount that night, a cost effective method would be to have Bart put to sleep. I began crying so hard I was almost hysterical. Since Bart was not eating my main concern was with him and no one else was open at this time at night, so I let them treat him, if anyone else had been open it wouldn't have been so. They had me sign a paper that I would pay in full within three days and the girl at the front screamed at me no less than four times to be sure to be there that day to pay it. I almost bit my tongue to stay respectful. These people are highly unethical and not interested in the welfare of animals, only their pockets. I work with vets constantly because I work with feral cats and I have never seen a situation like this. I am not arguing their cost, which was excessive, or their treatment, but their ethics, they are not a good place to take an animal you care about. more
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