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2218 Western Ave (at Blanchard Street)
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 448-8887
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Venom - Seattle, WA
Venom - Seattle, WA



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Venom is one of the best clubs in seattle...hands down. Great music, good men to women ratio, and DAMN GOOD DRINKS! Yes they're a little spendy, but welcome to seattle people! If ...


Avoid this place!!!!! My friend and I came out to Venom for her friend's bday. Upon entering we decided we wanted a drink, so my friend went up to the bar to get us some drink...

Worst experience I've ever had 5/10/2010

Avoid this place!!!!! My friend and I came out to Venom for her friend's bday. Upon entering we decided we wanted a drink, so my friend went up to the bar to get us some drinks. I ask the couple sitting there at the edge of the booth if it is taken and they say no, so I sit there and wait for her. A few minutes later she comes back to the booth and we sip on our drinks. Not two minutes later this a-hole in a goofy looking scarf tells us rudely to get out of the booth. Not taking him seriously, my friend and I don't get up from the booth. He says it again, louder now, telling us that the booth is reserved and we need to get out. We tell him we didnt see a sign, or even know the booths were reserved(considering they were right by the bar, and didn't seem very nice or exclusive). He says again that he is the VIP host and tells us to get the f*** out or he's calling security. Appalled by his rudeness, I tell him to go ahead, considering I still didn't think that someone as rude and unprofessional as him could approach customers this way. About two seconds later, he grabs a security guard and he confirms that this douche works there, and that this table was reserved so my friend and I calmly leave. I tell my friend I wanna leave, because I didn't like the vibe here, but she insisted we stay since it was her friend's bday. We stand around for a minute and Mr. douche is mingling with some skanky looking hoes and I tap on his back and ask what his name is. He yells 'Michael Michaels' and my manager's name is Dave do you want me to go get him for you????' sarcastically. I say 'Yeah I do' and 'Michael Michaels' disappears into the crowd. After this my friend and I headed to the restroom. When we come out guess who was waiting for us outside of the restroom? douchebag a.k.a. 'Michael Michaels', the 'VIP host'. He violently grabs my arm and yells to security that i kicked him. (COMPLETE LIE!!!!!) This pisses me off since i never touched the bastard, and so we get harassed and kicked out by security. Security refused to even listen to me, and immediately took his side. Not to mention my drink was taken away from me as we were getting pushed out. I hate this place and hope it goes under. If you're reading this 'Michael Michaels' F U!!!! Pros: Location Cons: Lack of customer service, lying 'VIP host', cramped, small more

WORSE Seattle night club. 9/11/2009

Where to begin? Venom is complete garbage. Whenever I go out with my buddies and one of them mentions stopping by Venom, I just want to pull out my .45 and shoot him in the foot. The security guards treat everybody like dirt and think they are GOD. Nothing like a little 1v1 fight will settle the score. The go-go dancers freak out if you accidentally bump into them. They are not even that gorgeous. Just a bunch of college girls who are still in shape and have large breasts. I still prefer Ibiza's over Venom. I have been kicked out of Venom for bumping into a security guard unintentionally. May I remind everybody that there's 100 people crammed in a prison cell. Cover charge is too expensive. Who hell pays $15 just to get in a trashy environment? Even with the VIP pass, I pay $5...that's still too much. The day I hear that Venom gets successfully shut down is the day that I will know that there is hope in humanity. That place just attracts low class people who enjoy picking fights with random people for the most retarded reasons. DO NOT GO TO VENOM. Pros: Nothing Cons: The inconsider security guards and stuck up go-go dancers more


I arrived with a group of over 30 year old women and it was immediately obvious that our demographic was not the desired group. We were told we could sit at a booth--it was only 10:30. Then a different security guy told us we could not sit there and directed us to another. Then he came to the second booth and said that since I was "rude to him" we needed to "get out of his booth and sit in the back of the club with the non paying customers or he'd make us leave altogether, physically if he needed to." He stated he did not care about us being told it was alright to sit there. Ridiculous. When we asked several security members for the manager and the bartender for the manager or his name, no one seemed to know who it was or his phone number. One of my friend went outside to ask the security man there for the manager, and he physically shoved her back and told her she wasn't allowed back into the club. Customer service doesn't seem to exist here, and the security members know they are treating people wrong or would not refuse to contact the manager when requested. My friends and I are professional and intelligent and now offended, and will find every blog possible to inform the public of the rude treatment at this establishment. more

You decide! 9/16/2007

Saturday night for gentleman was a bust. Cost me 15 for cover, the bouncer almost wouldn't let me in after waiting in line for an hour, because he didn't believe my ID was real. But was nice and finally let me in after 5 minutes of thinking about it. Drinks are roughly 10 for mixed and 4 for bottled beer, talk about ripping a person off, however my bartender was polite and fast also knew quite a few shines (or tricks with glasses while making drinks. The girls on stage were OK I guess, not ugly but I was expecting a little more, great outfits though. The guy to girl ratio was really bad, about 3 guys to each girl. And on top of that there about 60% Asian, 15% African American, 15% Hispanic, and 10% caucasian. I think I counted 5 caucasian girls. The place was packed. There is lounge seating but the music is so loud that you can't hear anybody anyways so forget about talking. And yes if you step outside for a cell phone or smoke, you get the priviledge of waiting in line once again. Bottom line find somewhere else to go. Pros: bartenders Cons: waiting in a long line for a let down. more

Uninspired music, lousy bartender service, uninteresting crowd 5/5/2007

Purveyors of quality clubbing beware: this might not be the best place to spend your Friday or Saturday night. Having international djing experience I have come across many different levels of quality of service in night clubs, and I'm afraid I have to rank Venom Seattle as one of the worst. In specific: DOOR: no dress code; on a Saturday, girls would pay 10 dollars cover, while guys 15; amazingly, the VIP lineup was LONGER than the regular lineup. MUSIC: totally uninspiring mix of last year hits and R&B "crowd-pleasers", by a dj with an impressive lack of mixing skills. BAR: the (female) bartenders were slow, unattentive and obnoxious. CROWD: most people would go to this place to get drunk and get a quick hook-up; if you're looking for hip, cool, attractive people, try something else more


Venom is one of the best clubs in seattle...hands down. Great music, good men to women ratio, and DAMN GOOD DRINKS! Yes they're a little spendy, but welcome to seattle people! If you're looking for cheap drinks drag your piggy bank to a hole in the wall bar. As for security being a--holes...they're doing their job. Anything I've even seen from them has been with just don't be a d!ck or a b!tch, and you wont be treated like one =) Oh yeah and as for, if you choose to have a cancer're chosing to leave, therefore WAIT IN LINE! Think of it as them helping your health! If you're planning a big celebration venom is the place to'll get vip treatment that you can't get anywhere in Seattle! Pros: AWESOME bartenders! Cons: sweaty and hot! more

Nothing to write home about... 3/2/2007

We went to Venom last night at about 11. Alfie was our bartender and he's a 10. The music is a 6. The demographic is a 7. Drinks were a 9. Prices didn't apply to me. On the negative side, upon arrival I was still blowing a .00 and wasn't sure if I was going to hurl because of the girl rubbing up on her man in the booth next to us (The Edgewater is very close cupcake, get a room!) or because of the cottage cheese I saw shaking on the stages. Don't get me wrong, go go dancers can be a nice touch, but if you're going to use a girl as a product, screen her for qualifications. In the Entertainment industry you can hire based on looks. Thank God for BFOQ's! Venom now just needs to use them! Lets just say that if I came in as new managment I would only keep the black go go dancer that was there last night. Very pretty, good dancer and very fit. Someone who can dance around in her under-roos and get paid for it. as for the rest, they are fat skinny girls. On the positive side we met a diverse group of people. Mikhale from Nassau, Miguel from Ecuador and Jason from L.A. Oh, then there was the girl who thought my Hawaiian friend was hitting on her because he said "Aloha". She responded saying, "I'm not Hawaiian." Smart girl....I don't think she realized he was saying that to everyone. He's a friendly drunk. Pros: Alfie, People Watching Cons: Read the review more

Super-pretentious; make you wait in line again after smoking; bouncers are #$@%&*! 10/24/2006

Ignore the obviously planted review by madflava. This place is no good unless you're an airhead bimbo (or mimbo). I paid $15 cover to get inside, and found the place overcrowded with even more vapid, plastic posers than you'd find at a normal club. You know the type -- snooty people who think they're hot stuff, but couldn't count their own fingers. Stepped outside to have a ciggy and get away from the suffocation (ironic, I know); tried to go back in the door I came out of only to find it locked from the inside. Showed the bouncer my stamp and he directed me to the back of a HUGE LINE to get in (remember, I had ALREADY waited in line AND paid $15 cover). I said "That's ******* ridiculous!" and would've just left, but my friends were still inside, so back in line I went. I got to the front of the line and they wouldn't let me back in because I was "causing a problem." Needless to say, I'm NEVER GOING BACK. Avoid this club if you have any real taste, and especially if you like to have a smoke or two while you're out clubbing. There are MUCH better, friendlier, less pretentious places in Seattle to have a good time. Fenix, Bohemian, or any number of other clubs are more worth your time and money and the music is as good or better than this place. They try to make the claim of being the "upscale" club of Seattle, but all that means is that they're ULTRA-PRETENTIOUS and NOT FRIENDLY to regular people just looking to have a good time. Pros: Bartenders are cool Cons: EVERYTHING ELSE more

Great Addition to Seattle 9/9/2006

I had my 21st here and it was amazing. The atmosphere is great and the place has lots of energy. The owner was really great in helping to plan my party, we booked the dance floor VIP Booth (the best in the entire club) and it was awsome.The service was amazing and quick. The drinks are great. There's a good ration of men to women so it's not at all creepy. The only draw back to this club was security and the people in charge of the line. The people at the door have no idea of what's going on. I had to leave the club about 3 times to make sure everybody in my group got in because the person in charge of VIP's wouldn't let them in. Security inside really needs to lighten up a bit. I will definitley be going back to this club in the future. Everyone should go to this club at least once. It's amazing and it's a great addition to Seattle nightlife!!!!! Pros: Great VIP Booths Cons: People at the door don't always know what's going on more

Best Dance Club in Seattle, hands down! 9/4/2006

Seattle's nightlife scene is complete with the arrival of Venom. Venom offers much more than your typical nightlife experience. It's industrial atmosphere, amazing light show, gorgeous go-go dancers, and it's strong DJ line up make it the place to be in Seattle. The free flowing design of the club allows customers to freely walk from room to room with almost no bottlenecks. Well thought out booths and VIP areas make it a place for people to feel special. The strongest part about Venom is the bar. With 4 bars throughout you will have the shortest wait time for a drink of any of the major clubs in the city. Many of the male bartenders at Venom are the most charasmatic entertaining bartenders you will ever see. Throwing bottles around with ease while making drinks in an efficient manner. Sometimes the show at the bar is better than that on the dance floor. Overall Venom is by far the best choice for any club goer in Seattle. It is especially good on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Mostly playing Hip Hop, Top 40, and mash-ups. Pros: Cities most entertaining bar staff, great ambiance, quick service. Cons: Tough to find free parking in Belletown on a Friday or Saturday night. more
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  • Belltown dance club, often frequented after-hours, popular for big-name Dj's, Vegas-style ambiance and Matrix-inspired decor.

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