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Vega Investments - 22 Reviews - 444 Pearl St Ste D4, Monterey, CA - Property Management Reviews - Phone (831) 655-1781

Vega Investments

444 Pearl St Ste D4
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 655-1781
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I moved into a complex they have over by Lake El Estero I lived there happily until an ex boyfriend found out I was living there and started trying to get back together with me I ...


I moved in nice the girl in the office was nice and I lived there about a month and a buddy and I were playing video games and BBQin and hanging out and we accidentally broke a wi...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/26/2013

A family owned business. If you're reading this, I hope it's not too late - don't sign anything just yet. \r \r They cover up for each other - in other words they lie. They don't keep appointments and see no reason to apologize for doing so. Erica yelled at me, hung up on me and called me the liar. Erica, Candice, Crystal and Kate must have gone to the same school. THE WORST company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with - I could write pages worth of GRIEF.\r \r They'll do everything to keep all your deposit - even give you receipts that are self-generated, so watch out for this. They won't sign or initial for any paperwork you deliver - they stamp it with a machine that doesn't even have their name on it. If you send them ""Certified Mail"", they'll refuse it so they can claim they never received it - so keep your Envelopes that are marked ""REFUSED"" by the post office. \r \r Any good reviews you read would most definitely have to be coming from the family and their employees. \r \r * * * * D I S H O N E S T * * * * \r \r They gave me a lot of grief. i write this only to save someone else from being put through what they put me through. If there were a negative rating, I wold give them a negative. They don't deserve the one star. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/1/2013

They got us our place via fax since we were out of the country. Christal and Candice were helpful they sent us detailed pictures of the unit and the area. They also helped us get everything all set up and got us in fast once we got there because we were going to be in hotels. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/23/2013

My friend rent from them for 1 years and were very happy.\r They came fast when the basin was needing repair. The\r Lady in the office help them with everything to move in\r And live and help them with finding school for the child. I \r like what they do so I moved my family to the same building\r because my lanlord was bad. Now me and my family are happy\r with the new house that Vegas gives us. We have had no problem\r with the house at all. And they are very very nice to my wife and\r kids. \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/17/2013

I drove up with my parents and got there late on Saturday they stayed late to get us the apartment rented and they even came down on a\r Sunday to sign a lease with me because I needed to move in and had\r not planned it out since this is my first place on my own. I really was in a jam and they bent over backwards for me and my parents who brought me up here. I moved in to David Avenue and have a beautiful ocean view and my apartment is great. I had a good experience with them. Kate the onsite manager even helped me move stuff in when she saw me doing it alone. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/3/2013

Horrendous --the worst thieves ever---We left the apartment in better shape than when we received it but they stole our security deposit of $1400 and did not explain the reason!!!! They knew we are not from here and had to go back to our country and could not do much about it. Here in Europe tenants are protected...I hate them for the evil they did to our family more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/18/2012

The reason why the reviews for this company are so inconsistent is because this company is a joke - don't rent from them. Even if they act like they like you, they like your money WAY more. \r \r Our security deposit took over 2 months to arrive because first, they had ""lost our forwarding address"" (and never thought to call and ask because they obviously wanted to keep our $1200), and then second ""they had written the address wrong and it had been returned to them by USPS"". \r \r Out of the $1200 we got about $850 back after 2 separate cleaning fees (even though our property manager told us it would only cost $90). We were lied to several times by our property manager. \r \r They don't return your calls, they don't care at all about you (just your money), and some of these reviews that are positive are actually written by people that work there. They're just sketchy. If you can avoid them, do it. I wish we had. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/5/2012

They were so nice to me and got me approved within a day when I was living in a hotel. I came for school and my housing feel thru last minute they really went over and above for me. After my semester I moved out and they gave my reimbursement within 2 days because they knew I was leaving the country for a job and I got all my money back. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/3/2012

Im come to this country to study and live at their apartment. I find them clean and nice. Very friendly and helpful to me and my family I appreciate them. I have no problems with them ever. My friends who came from my country to go to school took my apartment when we leave and are very happy to. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/22/2012

I read really bad reviews on them and I was really nervous when moving out. I thought I would be charged for a lot and they only took out $80 even though my apartment needed painting and cleaning they only charged me for the carpet cleaning. They knew I was always on a strict budget and really took care of me. more

Whats Up Monterey 5/3/2012

My management company is awesome. I have rented from them now 3 times as I am going thru college and come and go during summer. The gals in the office are sweet and fun even if you bump into them downtown. more

Deposit Score 11/22/2011

I lived in their apartment for 4 years. When I moved out I expected the usual taken out for cleaning and painting and whatever other bs landlords charge for. I got my check and I got all my money back not too much more to say other than they were more than fair to me. more

My First Place Ahhhhh 9/7/2011

This was my first place since college dorms and I was so nervous after looking at a bunch of places all over town I look at 2 of Vegas and I liked them both. I filled out the application and went for it. After about a day they called me to come in and bring in paystubs and they approved me! The deposit was a little high I think but Erica explained to me that was due to my credit so its understandable Im the one who let my credit get dinged in the first place LOL. So then I scheduled my movers and did my lease signing and moved in. Being my first apartment I was so nervous what to expect but when I moved in it was great the building was older but the rent was cheap 975 so I was not expecting the taji mahaul give me a break. So my experience was good with them my maintenance has always been done within a day and he was nice and really funny. The biggest drawback was the high deposit =( I could really use that money. Oh and watch out for the military neighbors in the complex they are kind of mean and act like the own the place and all they do is complain, drink, play music loud, and smoke like 5 packs of cigarettes a day and never pick up the butts! I complained to the main office and they sent out generic notices about it and it helped for awhile but there is still a little problem with the military they are very disrespectful. I give Vega a 3 because I think I had a good experience with them to each his own. more

Charged Me For a Window 9/7/2011

I moved in nice the girl in the office was nice and I lived there about a month and a buddy and I were playing video games and BBQin and hanging out and we accidentally broke a window. Not a big deal but they expected us to pay for it when it was an accident. They have money and are trying to make us pay thats not right! Its their window and they keep it when we move out so why should we pay? more

Don't bother with these guys 6/28/2011

Crappy, run down place with shitty heaters and electrical wiring (nothing will stay plugged into an outlet unless you tape it there), super EXTRA shitty maintenance (you're lucky if you can actually get them to send you a repairman). I know that people have gotten carbon monoxide poisoning from their crap heaters that look to be older than I am... I know monterey is an expensive place to live, but the rent is way too high for these crappy, poorly maintained apartments. They advertise a pool that has been closed to swimmers for the entire duration that I lived there, and the people I met before me have lived there. They charge a lot for the deposit, but no almost nothing to clean or fix the place up before they let a new tenant move in. They don't maintain anything very well and if you have a problem with something you'll be lucky if someone answers the phone or calls you back about anything. They are super friendly until they get your money and you move in, then they could care less about anything that needs attention. The only plus about the place is that they'll let you rent month to month and allow a pet. But they will try to charge you an exorbitant amount for your pet, I know two tenants that had a 600 difference in their pet deposit for the same kind of animal within the same time frame of initial rental. So if you're adamant about moving in here, don't let them play you for a sucker. Also, I'd suggest photo documenting all the sh*t that is wrong when you move in, and save it and use it to contest the charges that they'll try and push on you for damage that you didn't leave in the first place. There's a reason so many people have given this place a 1 star rating. the people that left higher ratings actually amaze me... I don't think I knew anyone that would ever consider renting from these guys again. more


HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! A breakdown of how vega investments operates. I lived at the 2000 david ave apts. for over 14 months. The absolute first day I was there, when myself and my wife were moving in, the neighbors came over and said if you are thinking about moving into these apts. think again. I wish I would have, to say the least. To start off, when we moved in, the carpet had stains all in it, our bathroom had mildew all on the walls and on the side of the bathtub, and I will not even start on the condition of the bathroom window. Our outside window was just gross and the screen was broken, and when I say broken I mean cut from one side all the way across, from the first day we moved until the fantastic day we moved out. While living there, we had but only 3 problems. Stove wouldnt work and plumbing was some kind of messed up. I'll get into the third problem in a little bit. It took them 3 weeks, 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!! to fix the stove, b/c they had to ""order"" new parts. The plumbing was fixed within 24 hours only because I told them to come right that second to fix it, and I made that the final say so. The third problem was the heater. The heaters in the apts. were so out of date that there was carbon monoxide leak!! The fire department came out and had to go into each room with some detector and check for the gas. Luckily, we were fortunate enough that ours wasn't multifunctional, others though, weren't so lucky. One couple who had been living there for a very long time, had a gas leak, so bad that they were sent to the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning! The best part, vega investments blamed the TENANTS because they had furniture too close to the heater... like that would cause the gas leak, not the 20 year old heater. The worst part of my vega investment experience was when i moved out. I paid a security deposit of $1400. I received just $100. I was billed fro a HEAVY cleaning... $200, I left that apt probably the best it had ever looked, even better than what it was when i moved in. I was billed another $200 for painting and labor, I never even painted the walls, and they were in perfect condition when I left. I did have a couple of small holes in the carpet in the living room and the bedroom which I knew I was going to be charged for, but $900!!!!! are you serious. Not only did they screw me on the amount of security deposit i received, it also took them amost 2 months for them to get it to me. I called everyday for 3 and a half weeks, left msg's on the answering me, left msg's with the girls who work there, AND NEVER got a call back. They were flat out ignoring me. They ""supposedly"" sent my check 2 times before that but there were ""problems"" It wasn't until i said that if i didn't receive my check that i was going call the police. They will be nice when you are in the office in person, but behind all their overdone make-up and fake smiles are straight evil people. It's horrible to say that about somebody else but you can ask me, you can ask people who have lived there, and you can even ask the people who live there now, they are just bad, bad people. With all that said, I am extremely disappointed in myself for giving those people over $15000 for living in such horrible conditions, and i will never make that mistake again without looking at reviews first, which is the whole reason i made this post. If you haven't gotten the point of this post, it is Do not rent from them, you will regret it!!!!!! more

Worst Property Management Company in the world 6/12/2011

Very unprofessional, rude to customers, never follow up on appoinments, unorganized. We made an appoinment for the weekend, but when we got there, nobody showed up. Made another appointment for a showing of the same apartment on Saturday, the same thing happened again. When we called back, nobody picked up the phone and we left a message, and they didn't even have the courtesy to call back. A total waste of my time!!!! Do not choose this property management company, because they treat their customers in a very poor manner. My worst experience with property management companies ever. more

Run away from Vega Investments 5/3/2011

Horrible place, they have never come to fix anything and their treatment of their tenants is really poor. I spoke with many other tenants and they share the same experience. By the way, Vega Investments writes positive reviews about themselves. Look carefully at their ""positive"" feedback online and you will realize that they wrote them themselves. Simply it is not logical to have more than 10 fantastic reviews submitted about them within 30 hours! If Vega investments is interested in improving their image they should start improving their services and the treatment of their tenants! more

Nice to work with 4/15/2011

I like them very much they have treated me good. I have problem they fix fast and are very nice to myself and my family. more

Not Bad 3/17/2011

They charged us for a sink faucet our daughter broke by accident. We understood that it was her fault that she broke it but since we liked there almost 2 years it would have been nice if they didnt charge us for it other then that we got our deposit back though which was nice. more

Good to go with 9/16/2010

I rented from them and I had a very good experience. I had been looking at places forever and I walked into their office and got an application brought it back and moved in 2 days later. I have been there for 9 months and have only had 2 maintenance issues and they were handled within 24 hours both time. more
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