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Vca Met Vet South Animal Hospital-Closed Location - 24 Reviews - 560 McNeilly Rd, Pittsburgh, PA - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (412) 344-6888

Vca Met Vet South Animal Hospital-Closed Location

560 McNeilly Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15226
(412) 344-6888
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Vca Met Vet South Animal Hospital-Closed Location - Pittsburgh, PA
Vca Met Vet South Animal Hospital-Closed Location - Pittsburgh, PA
Vca Met Vet South Animal Hospital-Closed Location - Pittsburgh, PA
Vca Met Vet South Animal Hospital-Closed Location - Pittsburgh, PA
Vca Met Vet South Animal Hospital-Closed Location - Pittsburgh, PA
Vca Met Vet South Animal Hospital-Closed Location - Pittsburgh, PA
Vca Met Vet South Animal Hospital-Closed Location - Pittsburgh, PA
Vca Met Vet South Animal Hospital-Closed Location - Pittsburgh, PA
Vca Met Vet South Animal Hospital-Closed Location - Pittsburgh, PA
Vca Met Vet South Animal Hospital-Closed Location - Pittsburgh, PA
Vca Met Vet South Animal Hospital-Closed Location - Pittsburgh, PA
Vca Met Vet South Animal Hospital-Closed Location - Pittsburgh, PA
Vca Met Vet South Animal Hospital-Closed Location - Pittsburgh, PA
Vca Met Vet South Animal Hospital-Closed Location - Pittsburgh, PA
Vca Met Vet South Animal Hospital-Closed Location - Pittsburgh, PA


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Met Vet in Robinson was a wonderful experience for my dog and I. He was extremely taken care of while getting neutered and vaccinations. The tech went above and beyond providing t...


This place is unorganized, rushes you through your appointment, and has misdiagnosed 2 of my pets!!! My dog is now dead because of a misdiagnosis. I took my 12 year old golden in...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/27/2013

I would not take my dog back to them ever again. Used them in an emergency because it was late and my vet was closed. They did not find the break in my dogs leg and ended up costing me 3K because their error required major surgery to repair when my vet found it. My moms dog had a mild stroke, missed that even after all the blood work, They recommended putting the dog down. She pulled through and lived a happy 12 years longer. Now my daughter is having her dog put down because they could not figure out her dogs problem and is now beyond saving. 3 strikes met vet. go back to school and learn how to be real veterinariens more


This place is unorganized, rushes you through your appointment, and has misdiagnosed 2 of my pets!!! My dog is now dead because of a misdiagnosis. I took my 12 year old golden in because he had a cough. When the vet did an x-ray, he found nothing wrong with the dog's lungs and respiratory system, but found an odd mass by luck of an x-ray spanning to his abdomen. Instead of the Dr. connecting the cough to the tumor, he just prescribed me a cough suppressant and antibiotic. He told me to call back in one week and let him know how the dog was doing. I called back only to find he was moved to a different office permanently and were going to charge me another office visit to bring him in again to be rechecked! NEVER EVER use Dr. Bienkowski! When I asked what I should do as far as the cough not getting better, he asked me what I wanted to do. I said, "you are the vet! You tell me what to do or what my options are!" This guy is WAY too laid back when it comes to your pet's health. My dog more

Great Experience- Robinson 11/10/2011

Met Vet in Robinson was a wonderful experience for my dog and I. He was extremely taken care of while getting neutered and vaccinations. The tech went above and beyond providing the best information and care catered to his needs. The physician even called me when he came out of surgery to let me know how he did and when to pick him up. Very friendly and courteous staff. They loved my dog and I know he loved them as well. Will continue care with them! more

its the compasion that counts 9/18/2010

I had an emergency with my guinea pig..\r saturday.. Northview animal hospital refused to see my guinea pig cause they had no doctors till tuesday..and that was the hospital i always took my pets to.\r I called around and i called around, finally met vet south said yeah you can come in :)\r They really took good care of her, and Dr. Wu is a real young compasionate doctor that really did do everything she could today for my guinea pig.\r more

Soaked in urine upon release 5/25/2010

Do not go to Met Vet West!. Beside the outrageous pricing, they released my cat soaked in urine from his chest to his tail. The tech actually said that he did soak a blanket he was on, so i could be assured he was urinating (was taken in for blocked urinary tract). She also stated how he hated them - well, duh, wouldn't you if you were soaked in urine? They called today to check up on him, I called back, and so far no return call. My cat is VERY good at his regular vet, who I had to visit the morning after his release from Met Vet. Frankly, I had to make sure he was okay, after his condition when we got home from Met Vet. DO NOT GO HERE! more

Missing my bird 5/7/2010

Met Vet is an absolute horrific example of an Animal Hospital. The owner Dr William Hough is a horrible doctor, I had taken my bird, (blue & gold Mccaw) to see him for a wing trim and nail trim. He would not let me hold my bird they took her to the back against my better judgement. I will never forget him coming back to the room after 30 minutes to tell me that my bird must have had a heart attack, cause she is dead! I can't even talk about this incident it is all too painful but please, please do not take your animal to this hell hole! more

DJ 4/13/2010

I have dealt with MetVet South for approx 8 years and have found their treatment of our four dogs (kids with paws) to be exemplary; the staff are knowledgeable and caring. The treatments received by our pets have ranged from basic health maintenance to tumor removals. In all instances the staff and Drs. took time to listen to our concerns, explain the range of treatment options and what our expectations should be. We've also had some, more limited, experience with MetVet West and received the same level of care and treatment for our pets. more

A top notch Veterinary service at MetVet 3/22/2010

I have been using MetVet since 1998. I have always been pleased with the level of service and expertise they offer. The Docs and Tech's are top notch and very approachable. No, they are not the cheapest in town, but you get what you pay for, and they deliver admirably. more

Very Nice Staff 10/2/2009

My 17 year old cat was very sick and had to be put to sleep. The staff was very good in handling the situation. They knew what I was going through and I thank them for taking care of me and my long time friend. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Pros: Very Caring more

Best vet around nice people 9/23/2009

My 4 year old cat, had been acting funny for days ( not eating right, or at all, sleeping alot more, very weak) I called the vet we have taken animals to in the past ( Valley vet in belle vernon) by the way, dont take your animals there, very heartless people. Anyway they didnt seem to care just told me to change her food. I called Met Vet south and before i even finished saying was wrong, they told me i could bring her in that afternoon to get looked at. As soon as I walked in i was comfortable, the girls behind the desk were friendly and talkative while I was waiting to get my cat seen by the doctor. The doctor went over the options I could get done, x-rays and other tests work and it was all my choice, even gave me the total price for all the work, before it was done. I went with the tests done first, which came back normal and probably just a UTI. They never once pressured me into getting anything else done. Very kind with my cat, and just very nice people. It almost an hour drive for me to get there, but I will from now on take all my pets there. more

Horrid experience...More than once! 7/29/2009

I have a dozen dogs, literally. I foster, rescue, I do placement and I used to breed, not often and I NEVER will.. The first horrid experince I had was with Dr Brown. I had taken my tiny Maltese there because she was in labor,water broke and nothing was happening. I went to met vet south as an emergency to be seen by Dr Brown. She told me there was 1 pup and she couldnt understand why she couldnt pass the pup because from the x-ray showed the pups skull to be tiny enough for her to pass. She said she's going to need a c-section but she had another emergency coming in so I would have to travel to Robinson and have Dr Hough perform the surgery. I said the pup will die on the way, especially on a fri at 5pm I knew I would be stuck in traffic. She said the pup is probably already dead so it doesnt matter. Well not only did I sit in traffic with my dog bleeding profusely, I almost lost the mom. Dr Hough did the surgery after sitting in traffic for over an hour, the puppy had a heartbeat but not for long, he died... Most recent experience is utterly disgusting and heart wrenching. I took an 8 week old pup with an upset stomach, otherwise completely healthy. They told me to admit him so he wouldnt dehydrate so I did... After 2,000 dollars worth of testing they concluded it was a viral infection but continued blooddraws out of his jugular vein every 4 hours, 6 x's a day for6 days so they could make 200 dollars every time they did it... After 4 days in the hospital I told Dr Sisc to stop the blooddraws in his neck, for he was severely bruised. He said they had to and that they had to continue this on the same jugular and not bounce to the other, he said they had to save the other in case of an emergency. Keep in mind this pup weighed 1 1/2 lbs. This pup NEVER had a fever, diahrea, just an upset belly with his electrolytes off caused from the viral infection. Well, the 5th day this pup was doing fine until the last draw. He died on the last draw!! Most of the techs are professional but they lie thru their teeth and some aren't even certified. Said they disinfected a scale after a parvo puppy was on it but yet there were hairs all over it, I asked them to disinfect it and they did..He had urine on him all the time ,his i v was never changed in 6 days... I have known Dr hough for a long time and have taken many of pets there.. He used to put the pet first, not any more. I have paid over 3,000 dollars only to walk out the door with my dead pup... I am heartbroken and sick, literally Cons: Please think twice and carefully read if you truly love your more

good place 4/15/2009

Both of our dogs have been cared for by Met Vet and staff. We have always had what I consider excellent care, and I'm an nurse. When our first dog was diagnosed with cancer they were great. They helped us care for him for his last months and made him as comfortable as he could be until it was time to put him down. We didn't spend hundreds of dollars but we did what we felt was needed and we were never made to feel guilty. more

worst veterinary hospital in pittsburgh 12/3/2008

took 2 of my dogs there, neither one every actually had an exam, dr caroline brown was in such a hurry. She seemed like she really had somewhere to go that day, rather than take care of her patients. My other dog was spayed by dr michele pietrzak. what a chop job she did. the wound looked horrible, bleeding everywhere. she was nowhere to be found after the surgery either. I asked to speak with her and the front desk told me she went home. you cant leave your patients there while you go home!! thats bad practice! i also saw dr william hough once or twice, what a quack he is. so full of himself, and absolutely no bedside manner. If it wasnt for the one guy technician they had working there i'd have never gone back.. The management staff there is of no help. I had called to talk to a manager about my issues and Amanda was supposed to get back to me, NEVER got a call!! its been 2 months!!! I gave up calling after the 10th time. what a waste of a good hospital. Never used to be that way Pros: nothing immediately comes to mind Cons: the whole building is a waste more

Saved a life 11/14/2008

Five years ago, I took my seven week old puppy to Met Vet South because of seizures. I had only gotten my lab puppy two days before. We found out her seizures were caused by a servere case of worms--every kind possible. The doctor told us he would do his best, but her prospects looked grimm. Five years, later I have a healthy happy dog. I live 1 hour 15 minutes from the vet, but I still her back for her yearly appointments. more

These people are crazy 8/23/2008

I had two dog's I took there and two cat's.\r One dog was 18 year's old, \r He was deaf could hardly see, he could not lay or sit down,\r when I took him to Met Vet for them to put him down,\r they made me feel guilty and started running all this test $300.00 dollars later they told me he needs to be put down so on top of the $300.00 now it cost me another $200.00 to have him put down and cremated.\r My other dog I took there to have her leg fixed that cost me $1700.000.\r My male cat kept getting crystal?s in his bladder, again they put the guilt trip on me, they tested him for feline aids, leukemia, $300.00 and at the end wanted to turn my male cat in to a female for $900.00. \r A another cat I took there $300.00 later they had to put her down.\r To me these people see Big Dollar signs the minute you walk in the door with an animal.\r The only reason I took all my pets there is because they seemed to get sick when all other vets near me where closed. more

not good with my ferret 8/5/2008

I don't know how they are with cats and dogs, but I know they aren't good with small animals. I had a ferret that started to loose weight. (she wasn't eating) So after $500 worth of tests, the doctor tells me that she has a vitamin deficiency. Of course she does, she hasn't been eating! He also tested her for adrenal disease, which is a very common disease in ferrets, even though she showed none of the major symptoms of it. (she had no hair loss, no swollen belly, no red spots, no itchiness, no aggressive behavior, no excessive water consumption, etc, etc.) more

Spare your pet and your wallet 6/27/2008

Filthy facility, miserable employees, I once seen an employee h!t and yell at a dog, this place is ran by idiots and they rip you off with thier high prices and unneccessary services more

Worst animal hospital 5/13/2008

My dog had a stroke. I took my dog to met vet to be put down. When they injected my dog with the medicine to put her down, they missed her vein. She started shaking violently. This lasted at least 30 seconds. This was extremely upseting. I took my dog there to end her pain from the stroke, not to cause her more pain. Shortly after that incidence, a vet from Penn animal hospital put down my other elderly dog and the experience was totally different. My dog died peacefully in my arms. Think twice before going to this hospital more

Good Care at Met Vet in Robinson 7/2/2007

Met Vet has taken care of my pooches for about 8 years. I have been very happy with the care that we received. Both of my dogs have had successful surgeries at Met Vet, one almost rtearing of his paw in a sliding glass door and having it retttached without incident and the other having acl surgery. Both have recovered and gained almost 100% mobility. Pros: Very Resaonable prices, quick care, competent Cons: None glaring more

OK for routine visits, Injured or sick, Definate NO NO 5/30/2007

I used this vet for an emergency visit and their mis-diagnosis ended up costing me over $ 2000.00. I took my small minpin there with a leg injury. They did a couple of Xrays and told me he had a sprain. Three days later and still no sign of any improvement, I called my vet to look at him. He took an Xray and found his leg was broken and because it was not treated correctly right away, I had to take him to an orthopedic surgeon and have a pin put in his leg. I will never use this vet again. People had warned me that they were not very good, I should have listened. I don't think their doctors have enough experience with emergency medical care. I just kept asking, How could they have missed a fractured bone. more
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