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Vca Animal Hospital

4905 SW 77th Ave
Portland, OR 97225
(503) 967-7055
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Vca Animal Hospital - Portland, OR
Vca Animal Hospital - Portland, OR
Vca Animal Hospital - Portland, OR
Vca Animal Hospital - Portland, OR
Vca Animal Hospital - Portland, OR
Vca Animal Hospital - Portland, OR
Vca Animal Hospital - Portland, OR
Vca Animal Hospital - Portland, OR
Vca Animal Hospital - Portland, OR
Vca Animal Hospital - Portland, OR
Vca Animal Hospital - Portland, OR
Vca Animal Hospital - Portland, OR
Vca Animal Hospital - Portland, OR
Vca Animal Hospital - Portland, OR
Vca Animal Hospital - Portland, OR
Vca Animal Hospital - Portland, OR
Vca Animal Hospital - Portland, OR


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I take my cats to see Dr. Franklin on the Laurelwood side, though he primarily works on the "specialty side", and is an Internal Medicine specialist. He's an outstanding vet, and...


Dr. Ronald Earp DVM I'll really advise against, but his partner Erdman is more proficient in my opinion. We gravitated to Erdman after multiple problems with Earp. Anything that...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/10/2014

I take my cat to Dr. Earp. He is kind, compassionate and considerate. He is highly competent and takes time to discuss treatment options, costs and practical concerns. I know people who drive long distances to take their pets to him, and I have a friend who has used him for 20 years with all of her animals. As for Ron H., who filed the official complaint (which I've read in full on his blog) he sounds like a highly neurotic person who can't go on living without endless blame casting and is fixated in his attempt to damage Dr. Earp's reputation. I am very sorry for his loss, but he is out of control and his brief is the first example of the degree of his inability to adjust. I am not a friend or family of Dr. Earp's and I give the highest rating. more

Please Beware for your animal's sake 10/5/2013

Dr. Ron Earp is not trustworthy. Very inept with complex diagnosis and early diagnosis. Lax. Believes his cordiality/friendliness is the same as being a skilled doctor. He's a fake, deceptive man. more

Dr. Franklin is a truly excellent vet 3/30/2013

I take my cats to see Dr. Franklin on the Laurelwood side, though he primarily works on the "specialty side", and is an Internal Medicine specialist. He's an outstanding vet, and I only trust my cats' welfare with him and one other vet on the entire planet.\r \r I'm seeing some 1-star reviews here & elsewhere online, most of which are likely from one poster using different usernames. This person also has a blog on blogspot which goes into great detail about the negative experience they had with their dog & Dr. Earp. It is very sad and I feel terrible for this person that their dog developed cancer and died, but the post was written in Aug 2011 with a promise to follow up with results of the complaint they were filing with the Oregon Veterinary Board - but no follow up post was made. So what happened with the OVB investigation?\r \r Having seen so many highly derogatory reviews online about Dr. Earp by what seems like this one poster (judging by some of the specifics and language used), more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/12/2012

I really don't understand the post from dan h. regarding poor care and abusive treatment from Dr. Earp. I have been taking my animals to Dr. Earp for over 15 years now. Dogs and cats, various medical issues over the years, and I have always received top quality care and advise from Dr. Earp and his staff. He has always been extremely professional, spends time answering all my questions and never made me feel like I was being ""cattle-herded"" through their office. Maybe the issue Dan had with him was in response to how Dan was treating HIM. Take a look in the mirror and quit attacking other people for your own abusive mentality more

In my decades working with many 4/2/2012

In my decades working with many veterinarians in Oregon, California, Michigan, New York, and Ohio, and based on my discussions with several veterinarians about how Dr. Earp handled my dog's case, and based on his personally abusive treatment of me via several voice-mails, I'd conclude that Dr. Ron Earp is not trustworthy, not competent to handle complicated conditions that require proficiency with diagnosis and with which diagnostic tests to order, and that Dr. Earp uses a business strategy regarding profiting to dictate how he medically treats many of his animals. A very unusual strategy, done to attract a greater volume of clients. What he does is actually minimize exams, tests, lab work, x-rays, to save clients money, and in this way, he generates a larger clientele. Unethical. Please search drronearp blogspot for a revealing the extent of Dr. Earp's poor medical skill. Please be aware. Please. I've also spoken with two other dog owners whose dogs were miscared for my Dr. Earp. The owners were intelligent to right away seek another veterinarian and immediately received diagnoses of such things as skin sores and infections that Dr. Earp did not find, and abdominal problems that were left undetected by Dr. Earp because he ignored doing simple rectal exams and abdominal xrays. more

We have been taking both our 2 dogs and 12/30/2011

We have been taking both our 2 dogs and cats to Dr Earp for going on 10 years. I feel our animals have received excellent care and Dr. Earp and his staff have always been professional and caring. more

Appalled at lab's story 9/21/2011

After reading the heartbreaking account of what happened to this Lab I just had to say that there are so many red flags in this account that any good pet owner should be paying attention to: exams that are too fast and not thorough, tests that were not run, symptoms that were ignored, etc. etc. PLEASE PLEASE pay attention to this report and make sure that this ""doctor"" is conducting a thorough exam with appropriate tests. As for all the 5-star reviews here that seem to magically pop up after a truthful account of what happened to somebody's pet, I suspect it could be a friend, staff member, or family member, or even the vet himself. We see this all the time when victims try to tell their stories. So pay attention to the negative reviews because oftentimes that is where the TRUTH is. Julie C., Founder, Veterinary Abuse Network more

Super vets for my dogs! 9/3/2011

Drs Ron Earp and Lynn Erdman: Really great vets w/ a very nice, clean, modern facility. Both have helped my husband & me for over seven years w/ sometimes very old & ill canines [right through to determining when it was time to finally let our dear ones go], & sometimes w/ young, naughty pups that got into things they shouldn't have. These two docs have each shepherded us through bloodwork &/or xrays when needed & gave clear explanations of conditions and options. I can't express how grateful I've been for their having a deep knowledge base, and even more especially for their caring and compassion. [Thanks! Docs!!] more

Warning Incompetent, Dangerous 8/17/2011

Warning please. \r Dangerously incompetent regarding complicated conditions. \r \r (1) Dr. Ron Earp failed to order simple diagnostic tests that were indicated by my dog's condition, such as abdominal xrays, and a rectal exam, in light of my dog presenting, for many weeks, persistent straining-to-defecate, flattened stools, and leg tremors. Several DVM's were consulted with after my dog's death, and each agree that Dr. Earp wantonly failed to order tests that were obviously indicated. \r \r (2) Dr. Earp handled my dog's case with a careless confidence: He began to prescribe medicine over the phone, said many times that in-office exams weren't necessary, that he wasn't worried about my dog's health, to trust him, etc. Meanwhile my dog was dying, per the agreement of several DVM's after my dog's death.\r \r (3) Day's prior to my dog's death, Dr. Earp did his first rectal exam, and found nothing. I then demanded other doctors step in (I should have 6 months prior) and each doctor immediat more

Dr. Ron Earp, Now At Laurelwood Animal Hospital 8/16/2011

Brief of Oregon State Veterinarian complaint against Dr. Ron Earp: drronearp.blogspot dot com more

Fantastic Vet 6/16/2011

My wife and I are both physicians and care for people and we know what it means to provide compassionate care. I can't believe the negative comments in this page and it looks like these are coming from competitors or clients with unpaid balances. Unfortunately some people have a negative personality and there will be no one who can please them. Our dog has been cared for by Dr Ear for many years until the time came for us to let her go. We were offered every option possible to treat her cancer--malignant melanoma and she lived for another 18months. We were referred to other subspecialties and Dr Ear was always communicating with us and kept us updated. He was very kind and felt our pain. At the end after our dog was put to sleep we received a nice well thought out/written card and a bouquet of flowers in memory of our dog. Dr Ear was also kind enough to let us pay our bills later after the dog was put to sleep and the charges were more than reasonable. I will strongly recommend Dr Earp more

The Best Animal Care on the planet 2/21/2011

We are so lucky to live in a city where we have access to the BEST VET on the planet. Dr. Franklin is exceptional in every way. His knowledge and experience are unequaled. His dedication endless. His kindness and generosity unparalelled..\r \r He has cared for all of my animals for everything from routine check-ups to the most difficult and sophisticated of treatments. \r \r One of the main reasons I moved back to Portland after a short stint back in Chicago (my home) was because I could not find veterinary care of the caliber of Dr. Franklin in Chicago. \r \r Everyone at the Laurelwood Animal Hospital; from the vets, to the vet techs, to the front desk folks are professional and compassionate.\r \r I work primarily with Dr. Franklin but have also been pleased with the compassionate care that Dr. Erdman has provided some of my animals.\r \r Laurelwood is the cat's meow and Dr. Franklin is my hero and he, quite literally, has been the savior for my animals. \r more

Would NOT recommend Earp 2/17/2011

Earp is a terrible vet. Apathetic, incompetent, sloppy diagnostic skills. Would not recommend under any circumstances. more

Great place for animal to get loving care 11/3/2010

Great place for animals to be cared for. Dr. Franklin is the best on the planet. We have 2 cockers and one has Lupus and the other Cushings. Both are being treated by Dr. Franklin and would highly recommend him for the treatment of your pets. He also loves to decorate for the holidays, so get ready for Christmas 2010.\r Linda Perry more

We love Laurelwood 8/30/2010

My husband's family had several cockers when he was growing up and Dr. Earp took care of all of them. So when we bought our first puppy is was a pretty natural decision to take Henry to Laurelwood. Having never had a dog myself, I felt kind of clueless about even simple things. But Dr. Earp has been fabulous. He has an amazing rapport with our puppy and he's also really easy to work with from the human end. He's great at explaining the different options so that I really feel like I'm making the right decisions. And knowing that the office is part of a larger complex of doctors makes me feel even more secure because I know that all of his care will always be right there. more

Caring and competent team of vets 6/22/2010

Dr Ron Earp has cared for our cat for 12 years, and has dealt with routine issues and some serious medical problems with excellent results. He cares about each animal as if it were his own. The vets at this clinic are collaborative, and we always know that Dr Earp will consult with the others to get the benefit of their expertise. Initially we had five cats, as ours had a litter. All of them received excellent care from this clinic. When our cat is sick, Dr Earp calls nearly every day to check on him, including weekends. Seldom see this kind of compassion and dedication Pros: sincere concern for their four legged patients more

Happy wife 5/7/2010

We were going to Roseburg to visit our kids and we had a two dogs with us. When we got to Portland, our little male started to get sick. We at the time was getting Gas and one of their customers handed us a card it was VCA Raleigh Hills Animal Hospital. we called and got him in. He had ate something that made him very sick. They had great service and the price was not that bad. Thanks for saving My wife's little boys life. more

Earp Ronald F Dvm - Laurelwood Animal Hospital is Reallyf Aweful 8/28/2009

Dr. Ronald Earp is about the worst vet I've had. Never seen a vet who will keep putting you off, over weeks and weeks, ignoring dog's symptoms, until it's too late. We wanted our dog treated, he was only 6 years old, and had to go to another vet to do this, after 4 months of Earp telling us "no xrays needed, everything is surely ok". Well we found quite the contrary. Sadly. A bad vet. Character follows. more

The doctors must work on commission 7/18/2009

This place should be out of business. They are solely concerned with how many tests, labs, and products that they can sell you. They show no genuine concern for your pet at all. The basis of their ""concern"" seems based only on how much they can sell you with their proposal for treatment. What a joke. They obviously need to pay for their beautiful, new building. Do not go there! Pros: long hours Cons: awful service more

Below Average, Lack of Proficiency 2/28/2009

Dr. Ronald Earp DVM I'll really advise against, but his partner Erdman is more proficient in my opinion. We gravitated to Erdman after multiple problems with Earp. Anything that's beyond very simple and routine with my pet, I'd never never have Earp involved with. Never, out of love for my pet. I kinda feel bad, but when I call to make appointments and they say the only one available is Dr. Ron Earp I say I'll postpone for Eardman. The staff think it's only my preference. I don't tell them the true reasons. Cons: Erdman ok, Dr. Ronald Earp not ok more
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  • We're more than an animal hospital! We're the place where pet parents know they can bring their pets for superb veterinary care that sets new standards for quality and kindness. For pets and pet parents alike, a trip to our clinic is an opportunity to see how our neighborly, welcoming staff cares for your pet as if it were their own, and treats you with the friendliness and respect you'd expect from an industry leader. Additional Services/Information: Serving the community for over 30 years Comprehensive Medical and Surgical Care Urgent and emergency services Advanced dental prophylaxis and digital dental radiography Geriatric health care programs Digital radiography, ultrasound, endoscopy, and CT imaging Laser and minimally invasive (camera based) surgery Oncology services with Dr. Lisa Parshley Specialty surgical services with Dr. Scott Gustafson Specialty anesthesia and pain management with Dr. Pam Fulkerson Acupunture with Dr. Rachell Corrocher and Dr. Pam Fulkerson Physical therapy with Dr. Carol Helfer Canine reproduction with Dr. Rebecca Martin Cat lodging

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