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Vca Animal Hospital - 19 Reviews - 9125 Manchaca Rd, Austin, TX - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (512) 280-0878

Vca Animal Hospital

9125 Manchaca Rd
Austin, TX 78748
(512) 280-0878
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Vca Animal Hospital - Austin, TX
Vca Animal Hospital - Austin, TX
Vca Animal Hospital - Austin, TX
Vca Animal Hospital - Austin, TX
Vca Animal Hospital - Austin, TX


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I want to express my full confidence in Dr. Blatt and Dr. Newman and the staff at Feather's and Fur. I have been taking my two dogs there since 2006 when my family moved to Austi...


And even if you point out errors on the bill he will refuse to correct it and make threats. Arrogant, rude and belittling if you dare to disagree with him. Otherwise a real charme...

Money Driven, Overdosed Medication could have been fatal 9/6/2011

I took my 10 year old, 65lb dog in here on a Saturday in May 2011, I was in the middle of trying to find a new vet....I had y been seeing a vet up in Pville, very far from my house. My dog had a swollen abdomen. We saw Dr. Blatt, he treated her for stomach upset, and didnt want to do an xray, when I requested it...he said, well I can make this cost a whole lot if you want, but protocol says to treat this for a stomach upset. My dog had not been eating for the last 3 days, was noticeable thin, except her abdomen was swollen. $275, some metronidazole and cerenia....My pup didn't do well on the metro...she seemed to get dizzy, I called an emergency vet on Sunday they said to stop the metro and go back to the vet on Monday. When I called feather and fur on Monday morning right when they opened, they didnt seem to think it sounded serious and told me they didnt have appts, and after I pushed them...they ""found"" a 2:00 apt for me. UGH I realized I couldn't trust their care and called another vet who told me that sounded like an emergency and referred me to the VCA clinic at Manchaca and Slaughter, who took me right away. Xrays showed my babies abdomen was filled with fluid....her liver wasn't functioning properly and the metro had been making it the dose they gave her was DOUBLE what 2 vets later told me should be prescribed to a dog that size. My baby had Lymphoma, and I lost her about 2 mos later....Feather and Fur, Dr. BLATT, never called again to check on her. I am writing this as my TRUE experience at this clinic, and I encourage people to QUESTION a vets decision...and double check them. Just because they have a fancy clinic, with fancy automatic scales and such...doesn't make them a good dr. With lymphoma, my baby couldn't have been saved, but she didn't have to experience the metro overdose because of this clinic and carelessness. What I think happened is Dr. Blatt didn't want to waste time with taking xrays, maybe because I wasn't an established client....maybe because he needed to be somewhere, and didnt not want to run over time....he made it about saving me money.....I didn't want him to save me money, I wanted him to save my best friend. more

Money Money Money 8/19/2011

And even if you point out errors on the bill he will refuse to correct it and make threats. Arrogant, rude and belittling if you dare to disagree with him. Otherwise a real charmer. more

Devastating Experience at this clinic 7/5/2011

Sadly learned of Dr. Blatt's history in Hawaii TOO LATE.Took my dog in for dental, 4 days later he DIED. I brought him back in 4 days after dental due to wheezing. Dr. Blatt said he had pneumonia from dental surgery and a fever. It was a Saturday and Dr. Blatt acted like he was in a hurry. He should never have sent him home; he needed to be hospitalized that day. He died at home, gasping for breath just hrs later. Was a healthy dog just 4 days before. I'll never get over guilt or heartbreak. His death could have been prevented. I've read reports from Univ.Hwi, and Animal Rights Hwi. Lesson learned. They never offered to refund the 500 dollars for the deadly dental and followup emergency. It wouldn't have brought my dog back but I don't know how Blatt could sleep at night having kept that money. It just kills me when I think of how my dog trusted me as he sat on my lap while I drove him to that dental appointment; he was a healthy beautiful sweet soul and didn't deserve what happened to him. more

Feather's and Fur Animal Hospital 3/18/2011

I want to express my full confidence in Dr. Blatt and Dr. Newman and the staff at Feather's and Fur. I have been taking my two dogs there since 2006 when my family moved to Austin. The care is excellent and the pricing fair. At one time, for one procedure I had moved to another( also excellent) vet since it was closer to my home and recommended by a neighbor; but this other vet was much more costly for what I believe to be similar care. So I returned to Feather's and Fur. The doctors work with me to help me afford the best care. They offer the generic heart worm medicine, Iverheart, that other local vets don't offer and this saves a lot over the year. The staff is friendly too. I see the comments about having to wait for service: if I come at a busy time, I have to wait. I also have to wait at the hair salon or the mechanic, I know I'm not at the express isle at HEB. When my turn comes, my pets and I are well cared for. The vets and staff always take time to help educate me (in a way I can fully understand- and make a good decision) about the needs of my pets. Check out their Website. more

Animals died 11/12/2010

You should always check out your vet for disciplinary actions here.\r You can also read about Dr. Blatt and his activities in Hawaii before arriving to Austin. I wonder if he shares this bit of information with his unsuspecting clients?\r more

Above and beyond customer service 9/10/2010

A vet doesn't get better than Feather and Fur! I moved to South Austin 5 years ago and started to take my black lab there because it was close to the house. The first time Feather and Fur won me over was when my black lab became ill with liver disease. While Dr. Newman was preforming a biopsy my beloved lab passed away. He was just too old. Dr. Newman cried with me and took a lot of time out of her day to allow myself and my brother to view Marley. Dr. Newman went ahead and sent of the sample of Marley's liver at no cost to me so we could know what was going on. This was the first time F&F won me over. The 2nd time was an incident with my dog Gunther. I received a phone call at work that he had gotten out and had been recovered by someone and they were getting a phone number for me. The other line started to ring and it was my vet, F&F, the apartment complex that my dog had snuck into to go swimming had called them too. Feather & Fur walked over to the apartment complex and oicked him up for me and kept him until I could leave work. If that isn't going above and beyond I don't know what is! Besides the excellent customer service they provide Dr. Blatt is very cost conscious and is always giving me and honest option of what needs to be done and what could wait or isn't really needed. The whole staff is pleased to take their time with you and recognize me and my dog every time we come in. Gunther and I Love Feather and Fur!!! more

Too harsh with Dr. Blatt 9/1/2010

You folks are being too harsh with Dr. Blatt. I have taken my shorkie to Feather & Furr since he was a puppy and I have always felt that he received professional evaluation and treatment. Dr. Blatt may not be a standup comic but that's not why I go to the vet. His demeanor is forthright and professional which might be misunderstood as arrogant and aloof. Be fair. Cut the guy some slack. He's a good doctor. more

Rude 10/19/2009

This place is No good. I went with my friend to take her sick cat and the vet is a total jerk with attitude never taek your pets here. Pros: ? Cons: rude! more

Impersonal, disorganized 10/19/2009

I recently took two of my pets here for vaccinations. Dropped them off at the beginning of the day to be picked up late afternoon. The few times I have been to this vet this seems to be what they prefer... given the stressful, overworked, disorganized vet and staff, I left with real doubts as to whether my pets received adequate physical exams and full care in my absence. I waited 40 minutes to pick up my pets, found numerous errors on the bill, they didn't give my pet the pain medicine that I agreed to pay extra for and my pet was crying from pain and they never did the test that was the reason I brought them in. The visit for the two was over $500.00. We left that day never having seen or spoken to the vet. Appalling. Some of there techs seem like nice people who do care, albeit so overworked and stressed, but Blatt, who runs this place is cold and clearly prioritizes $$$ over the care of the animals. I'd pay twice what I paid for good care, but for the level of service I feel ripped off. There are lots of great vets in Austin, this is not one. No wonder the reviews on here are so bad. Pros: nice techs Cons: Disorganized, Uncaring vet, Sloppy about requested work more

Arrogant 8/29/2009

How did this guy graduate from VET school??? Arrogant, aloof, and disdainful are a few words to describe Dr. Blatt's attitude toward his patients owners. He might want to stop pontificating for just a moment to actually listen to what the owner has to say. They might actually know their pet and have some important insights that you might just overlook in your chase for self-importance. Go have to be joking. more

Money, Money Money 8/29/2009

If you want to spend lots of unnecessary money...this is your place. They will poke you for everything they can get, because you'll never be back Cons: cold service more

Blatt Howard Dvm - cold, impersonal, money focused 7/23/2009

From Dr Blatt Howard's service, it is obvious that he is in it only for the money. This vet offers cold and impersonal service which is very money focused. I would not recommend this vet. more

Cold service / money focused / never on time 7/23/2009

From Dr Blatt Howard's service, it is obvious that he is in it only for the money. This vet offers cold and impersonal service which is very money-focused. I would not recommend this vet. Pros: some staff is courteous Cons: Cold service / money focused / never on time more

great vets, not so friendly staff 4/22/2009

when i took my cats on both occasions there was one particular staff member that was rude made rude remarks to me and comments to other staff. i love the doctors there but would find another vet if it was a non emergency Pros: great doctors Cons: staff more


My Son brought home a puppy a couple days ago. We have 4 cats and have not had a dog for several years. This Puppy had been abused and is very timid. I asked a friend to give me the name of her Vet because she alwys went on and on how great they are. I called on a Saturday. Explained the situation and they got us in within a couple hours. I have never had such a great experience as this with a Veternarian. They were so loving and caring. They were gentle with her and explained things in detail about her health. I would recommend this Vet (Dr. Newman) to anyone without the least bit of hesitation. Hope (Dr. Newmans assistant) went above and beyond with her care and concern. She was wonderful and very knowledgable too. Thanks!! Our new rescued Puppy has a great new start. Jen Duffy Pros: Excellent all around Cons: I didn't want to leave more

Adequate care, but not the best service. 8/14/2008

We started using this vet when we moved south. It has been just OK. We use Dr. Newman and she is gentle and conscientious with our dog, but unlike our old vet up north, the vet techs do most of the work here -- if you want basic services performed by the vet, you have to pay a lot more. Most of the vet techs are very sweet, but there is one tech whose customer service leaves much to be desired (she always gives me a hard time when I want to accompany my dog to the back and stay with him during his services -- which I think is a reasonable request). My chief complaint is that they always seem rushed and overbooked. Every time I call, they immediately put me on hold for several minutes. They consistently run behind schedule and every appointment I have had with them, I have had to wait 10-20 minutes in the waiting area -- even when I make an 8am appointment. It's frustrating. As much as I like Dr. Newman, I wish we got more personal attention from the vet herself and I wish the customer service was better. Pros: Dr. Newman Cons: so-so customer service, behind schedule more

Great staff 1/3/2008

I took my puppy here for his first visit since I adopted him, and the staff was great. The vet's assistants and receptionists were very friendly to us and our pup, and the vet herself was thorough and took her time answering our questions. Also, after I had my puppy neutered at a city-sponsored clinic, I was concerned about his incision and called Feather and Fur. They did not do the procedure themselves, but I was impressed that one of the vets answered the phone and explained in-depth what was going on. This was just before a holiday when the office was about to close! There are animal hospitals a bit closer to our home, but since the service and knowledge are exceptional, we will be back to Feather and Fur. Pros: Knowledgeable, friendly staff Cons: Way south more

Don't take your ferrets here!! 12/27/2007

If you like your ferrets and don't want to risk harm to them, don't take them to this office.\r I've been raising ferrets for 11 years and this was the worst experience I could imagine for my ferrets.\r The staff is unfamiliar with how to handle ferrets, the don't have the correct tools for these small animals (they used cat instruments), and the vet knows NOTHING about ferrets - thinks they are just like a dog or cat.\r I wound up in an argument with the vet when I questioned him and he told me to take my animals somewhere else. Very unprofessional. Pros: Nice building - friendly staff Cons: They don't know anything about ferrets even though they said they did. more

Very caring, professional vets and staff 7/24/2007

We took our 8 year old pug to this clinic because she was drinking high quantities of water. Dr. Newman immediately ordered tests upon our approval to see what the cause was. Within three weeks our beloved pug had suffered kidney failure. The staff and doctors of Feather and Fur tried in vain to save our dog but it was too late. They offered to perform a necropsy free of charge because they too wanted to find out why she died so quickly. The results from Texas A & M came back within the week. She died of advanced renal failure. There was nothing either we nor the doctor could have treated unless it had been found earlier. We are most grateful for the care they gave Melody. Please take your pets there. They will be in the best of hands. Pros: Very professional and caring people work here more
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  • VCA Feather and Fur Animal Hospital in Austin, Texas is a full-service companion animal hospital. We provide a broad spectrum of diagnostic procedures through in-house testing and the use of external laboratories. We also work closely with local practices when special diagnostic procedures are required. The facility includes a well-stocked pharmacy, in-hospital surgery suite, in-house x-ray capabilities, a closely supervised hospitalization area, and indoor boarding kennels with an outdoor play area. Our services and facilities are designed to assist in routine preventive care for young, healthy pets; early detection and treatment of disease as your pet ages; and complete medical and surgical care as necessary during his or her lifetime. Please call us today for more information about our preventive, primary & advanced veterinary care services as well as our boarding & grooming options. We look forward to meeting you and your furry friend!

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