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Vca Animal Hospital

1510 Piedmont Ave NE K
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 875-7387
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Vca Animal Hospital - Atlanta, GA
Vca Animal Hospital - Atlanta, GA
Vca Animal Hospital - Atlanta, GA
Vca Animal Hospital - Atlanta, GA
Vca Animal Hospital - Atlanta, GA
Vca Animal Hospital - Atlanta, GA
Vca Animal Hospital - Atlanta, GA
Vca Animal Hospital - Atlanta, GA
Vca Animal Hospital - Atlanta, GA
Vca Animal Hospital - Atlanta, GA
Vca Animal Hospital - Atlanta, GA
Vca Animal Hospital - Atlanta, GA
Vca Animal Hospital - Atlanta, GA


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Our dog had a bad bite from a junkyard dog. My partner was a vet tech for 10 years and went to interview the staff at PAPT at Ansley to see if that was a place she wanted to take ...


Recently we had an emergency with our dog, and since our regular vet is far from town, we went to VCA. Because it is so close to home, we decided to keep going for our regular che...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/1/2014

DO NOT go to this clinic. I've seen pets handled roughly by irritated technicians, I've heard technicians/veterinarians speak hatefully of their clients, and the ""clique"" attitude between coworkers is atrocious. There is a lot of work place bullying and gossip. The prices are steep as well. It's all about money for them. Recently they started pushing for a physical exam if you haven't been in within the past month, instead of having an exam semi-annually or annually, which adds on to the cost of whatever you originally went in for. If it's busy, expect to wait at least an hour to be seen, even if you had an appointment. I've seen clients wait in rooms at least two hours before their visit was over. Don't waste your time here. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/2/2012

Our dog possibly ate some cold medicine. My daughter took the dog to this vet. The got the dog to vomit, gave her charcoal, an I.V for fluids and kept her overnight. The bill was $1,300. more

My Dog died over money 5/3/2012

My black lab Roxie was sick.She was in pain. I rushed her over to the VCA Pets are People Too Veterinary Hospital. Her belly was swollen and she was having trouble breathing. When we walked in the door they immediately wanted to charge us $500.00 just to give her oxygen to stabilize her breathing. We had the hopes that we could get an antibiotic and something for her pain so that we could make it to her regular vet Instead the doctor presented us with a quote for 703.00 to run tests that could have been done at her regular veterinarian. I was prepared to spend at least $400.00 but I wanted it to be for something like an antibiotic. When I told the doctor that I did not want to run those tests there but wanted something like an anitbiotic and maybe a laxative and something for her pain. She refused and instead sent someone in the room with a paper for me to sign saying that I was refusing treatment which was not true! I did not want to spend my money on tests and then not have the money for her treatment. The doctor was so cruel and insensitive. She did not even come back to the room!! I cried for my dog who only needed an antibiotic and a laxative to save her life and the doctor was so greedy that she was willing to let me walk out of the hospital and let my dog die over some money. I am very angry and hurt. She is a heartless greedy person with no soul. She is comfortable with being set up in a wealthy community and just taking people's money for minor treatments and running unnecessary tests to take all of your money. When there is emergency you are supposed to treat the problem and give a diagnosis so that the pet can go to his regular doctor to continue treatment. I think that this hospital is a scam and they should not be in operation! As I was leaving there was a lady there that told me that she brought her dog in for a minor injury and she was charged $500.00. I told her they were rip off and then I left with my untreated beloved Roxie who died two days letter. She had pyometra. The doctor even wrote in the notes that she thought it was pyometra and didnt offer an antibiotic. I am so upset over the loss of my Roxie and they just didnt care!! All she cared about was scamming me for $703.00. She should not be in practice. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET TO THIS HOSPITAL more

No Service needed 3/28/2011

My dog is sick, I lost my job 20 months ago,,, after reading your reviews, I'm gonna wait it out. If my dog dies I'll bury him. I feel sorry for PAP2 you should have more compassion and help people and pets, you would actually make more money. you over charge you lose customers. Stupid,,,,,,,,,,,, very stupid. more

Rude & Expensive 10/23/2010

My dog went in for her yearly shots and a bath - right at $450. I have never had a vet bill so large. When I asked for an explanation the guy behind the counter kept repeating the price. I will never go back again$450 is VERY EXPENSIVE!!! more

Over a year later they add $$$.$$ to my bill 10/4/2010

I brought my dog to PAP2 for an after-hours emergency visit, so the estimate was steep to begin with. I made payment arrangements with the staff - put down a deposit of over $400 and paid the balance after pick up. This was July 2009. I just received (as in today, October 4th 2010) a voicemail asking for a return call regarding my balance due - well over a year after the service was rendered. I called back and was told that I owe over $200 and that it looked like the services went over the estimated cost. I wasn't informed of this when I asked for my balance in July 2009, or when I made FINAL payment...or at any point over the past year and two months since the service. Of course the office manager is on vacation this week and there wasn't anything the person I spoke with could do other than transfer me to the mgr's voicemail. I'm flabbergasted to say the least. I can only guess this ""rebilling"" is due to the management change mentioned in other reviews. I can't help but feel this is going to be a long, drawn-out process to get the billing corrected. I won't be paying the extra fees...I'm sure I'll be seeing this on my credit report some day. As for the actual service - the vet I spoke with was friendly and compassionate...even when giving me the option of letting my dog die if I could not afford the service. I do recall spending several hours in the waiting room the night of the incident...and I waited close to an hour at pick up. An aside ~ follow up visits were with her primary vet at another clinic - who informed me some of the services provided were not necessary for the type of injury she was being treated for. A rating was required to post - otherwise I would give this company ""0"" stars. more

Won't be going back. 8/26/2010

First off, the pros: The vet was very sweet and friendly and talked to my pet like her own. The office was very clean and nice. Now the cons: The price The wait The rude staff I wish I had gotten a second opinion. It would have saved me over $170 if I had gone to a different vet. The medication they gave my cat didn't even fix the problem. I didn't have an appointment, so I understood I had to wait. I waited about 30 minutes before being seen. The vet saw me, and the nurse that gave my cat the shots said she was going to come back. An hour later, she never came back. so I left the room and asked the receptionist if the vet forgot about me. The vet apparently didn't know she was supposed to come back. The receptionist was rude on multiple occasions; in the office and on the phone. By the time I'd left, I didn't like her. I'm not sure if she was having a bad day or not. I was furious at what I was charged and what was done. After researching on the internet and calling around, the exact same medications were up to 50% cheaper ONLINE and at other vets. I will NOT go back. My cat is STILL SICK and I have no idea what is wrong without expensive tests (that actually aren't expensive at other vet clinics, they're only expensive at this vet clinic.) I lost my job and used the last of my savings to take my cat to the vet. I wish I would have researched before the trip and not after. more

Great Place to take your pets 8/3/2010

Our dog had a bad bite from a junkyard dog. My partner was a vet tech for 10 years and went to interview the staff at PAPT at Ansley to see if that was a place she wanted to take our dog for treatment. They were very friendly and knowledgable. She spent over an hour talking to them and inspecting the facility which they allowed since she was a vet tech. The place was very clean and professionally run. The prices were reasonable. The vet, Dr. Josh Woods, who examined our dog was through and caring and gave good advice. Would definitely use them again. My guess is that the bad reviews are from competetors not customers.\r Larry Cooper Pros: caring professional service Cons: didn't see any more

New Puppy Mommy 4/18/2010

I brought my 11 week old rescue puppy in late last night because I thought she was having an allergic reaction. She was hacking and coughing and being a new puppy mommy I was worried and rushed her in. The staff was sympathetic and the vet was great. I was hugly disappointed after being there less than 5 minutes, the vet didn't see anything wrong with her but they did charge me $85 just to check her out. I understand it was 11pm but I really felt like I was ripped off. I guess I agree with the others on this site, if you have money to burn, this is the place for you. more

Be ready to wait! 4/14/2010

Recently we had an emergency with our dog, and since our regular vet is far from town, we went to VCA. Because it is so close to home, we decided to keep going for our regular check ups. Big mistake!! The first time I waited 40 minutes in a room, even though midway thru our wait I told the desk guy to not forget about us (he gave me attitude, and told me there was an emergency, I guess all the personnel was busy with one animal?). 3 weeks later I had to go for a booster shot and I waited 55 minutes in a little room. Again I told the desk midway thru our wait but nobody seems to know what´s going on, after 45 minutes I decided to go out and gave them hell!! So many excuses... the charts were messed up, the technician got confused, etc, etc. We will never go back. Also I was comparing the costs of the meds and it is very steep compared to my regular vet. I have never seen my dog get so upset when going to the vet! She starts trembling every time. Literally: use only in case of emergency! Pros: Accesible for an emergency Cons: Regular service is pathetic more

wow, what a quick decline! 4/5/2010

We loved this place because it was 24 hours and seemed reasonable, but about 6months after we started taking our pup there, the Mgmt changed and we suddenly had extra charges every single time we took her, regardless if we had current shots just two weeks earlier, they would always find a way to tack on 50-100 dollars! she came from the back smelling HORRIBLE, either like a cheap air freshener or poo and was clearly freaking out and ready to leave! she always immediately went to the bathroom as soon as she got through the doors, and for a dog that regularly holds it for ten hours, that's NOT a good sign. seriously, unless it's midnight and your dog is really really sick, don't go here. It's not as cheap as you think and NOT WORTH IT. Pros: 24 hours Cons: dirty, overcharged, dog seems traumatized more

WORST place for your dog... only for emergency LAST RESORT 3/20/2010

OMG.... if you ever want to see a good business go bad... just look at this place. when it was ""PETS ARE PEOPLE TOO"" it was a pretty decent place to take your dog for veterinary care and boarding.. Well when it went corporate it went to the ""dogs' ... literally... I use to take my dogs there to get their anal glands expressed it was $12.50 for each dog.. seems reasonable .. Well I took them back, they are now VCA... I got my 2 dogs anal glands expressed.. when i went to pay.... the price was $52 dollars total.. the price had more than doubled.. That did it for me.. NEVER WILL I GO TO THIS PLACE... their are much better places in Atlanta to take your dog... do your research.. stay clear of this money hungry place.. I would say only take your pet here if its an absolute emergency after hours, because this place is open 24 hours... otherwise.. SKIP IT. \r Pros: clean the lobby area Cons: Service & the OVER PRICED more

Bad for Boarding 1/2/2010

Boarding here = Never again! I picked my dog up at 11 a.m. after a two day stay and she crapped (bloody stool) in their lobby. She's never had an ""accident"" so in shock I ask the employee why this might be happening and what might be wrong. He tells me she hadn't been let outside yet! 11:00 a.m. and hadn't been let out of her kennel to go to the bathroom!!! She's a smart dog and thankfully that was the only way she could communicate to me how horrible they were to her. Then I get her bag back which had contained specific instructions for treats in the a.m. and different treats after her medication. None of the treats were given to her! I will never do business here again! Really, I couldn't believe the kennel employee told me they'd been too busy to walk my dog that morning - yeah, well next time don't take that many dogs. At least mine will be one less at your kennel. \r \r In addition, I know the price seems good at first, but in the long run you won't save because your dog will be sick and uncared for at that facility - and the price quote and price charge are two different things once they add in a bunch of hidden random fees anyway. Next time, I'll pay up for the peace of mind. more


I have used their services for several years. They can make you spend unnecessary money on xrays and other test when they are not needed. I have put my dog in the kennel several times, and paid extra for extra walks. It's no way you can verify if they accually took your dog for extra walks. I was told that I had to trust them. I called a few days ago to see about putting my dog in the kennel for a few days, and I was told that I would have to pay $40 for an exam, plus the money for the kennel cough. I told them that I would get it done some place else. I then decided not to take my pet their. I have paid out alot of money in the past to them. The only thing that I like about this location is you can pick up your pet anytime day or night. I also had a problem with the groomer before. They don't have a groomer their anymore to my knowledge. I would recommend you looking around at other places to take your pet, unless you have an emergency situation. more

Pets Are People Too is Pricey and Sneaky! 9/21/2009

Upon first walking in the door the staff is friendly enough. We took our 10 wk old puppy there. Neither was the wait bad, as we were called back fairly quickly after checking in. The tech entered the room and asked for history and reason for the visit, all normal. But then he steps out of the room and within ten minutes comes back telling us we needed to pay $80.00 for the pups ear infection. Ouch! I'm thinking that's a bit expensive, but okay. After the vet examines the pup, which again was good. She leaves and the tech comes back in with a form for us to sign agreeing to pay $159.00. Our pup also needed antibiotics for a cough. What they didn't tell me was they'd added a de-wormer for $24.00. In the end I felt bilked. I've heard others complain about the prices here as well. If you have money to burn they're great, otherwise check out some other places first! more

You will be overcharged for less than adequate care. 8/25/2009

Do not trust this practice with your animals. This is a corporate practice whose main interest ""money"" will always come before your animal's welfare. If you do some research you will find other ""local"" clinics that charge far less and require less manditory testing. You will not find fees like biohazard, disposable needles etc, at most clinics. They also have a rule about splitting up flea and heartworm preventative into single doses..they claim this is a law..if so, most local clinics are pretty loose about this ""law"". Also, the quality of the staff has gone down hill. The people they employ are not professional and seem miserable in their jobs. \r \r What is really sad is that The Humane Society has made a deal with this company to send them new clients in exchange for a free exam for adopters. This is really sad!! The Humane Society wants to be supported locally but they send adopters to the most expensive ""corporate"" hospital in town..instead of some of the other""local"" hospitals which support the rescue efforts of this city and work to make animal healthcare affordable in the city of Atlanta.\r \r One last point. If it is the middle of the night and your cat is dying, you will be turned away if you do not have atleast 500 dollars up front just to get your pet stable with fluids. They will turn you away and they will not give your pet's welfare a second thought. They will not even give you a referral! I know this to be true first hand.\r \r All I can say is, For shame VCA/ Pets Are People Too!!!! Pros: 24 hour practice Cons: Their primary goal is racking up the charges more

What a Rip off! 7/29/2009

I brought my newly adopted dog in for shots at the PAPT in Dunwoody. The assistant refused to help me weigh my dog and pretty much ignored us. Then, we were ushered into a small room and I was presented with a bill for $600!! When she saw the look on my face she said that we didn't have to do everything today and we ended up negotiating over services. I felt like I was buying a used car not taking care of my pets health. The vet then realized that the dog was already chipped, but couldn't read it even though I found out later that the chip was from Home Again, the very same chip service they provide. I will NEVER go there again. Pros: scheduling flexibility Cons: horribly expensive more

unsatisfied customer 7/13/2009

I have two dogs that were patients at PETS ARE PEOPLE TOO. Today july 13th, i went in to get a single dose of heart worm medicine for one of them. Because of the recession i can not afford six month doses at this time, and haven't been able to for a couple months now. PETS ARE PEOPLE TOO, refused to sell me a one month dose this time. Their reason was that they no longer feel that the single doses are being administered properly???? So apparently I am capable of administering a six month dose but not a single dose!!!!! I am very angry. I also tried purchasing from PET MEDS., but when they called PETS ARE PEOPLE TOO, to get them to sign off on the meds., PETS ARE PEOPLE TOO, refused, even though my dogs were current with their shots and heart worm test. Their reason was because the generic meds. i wanted wasn't a med. they(PETS ARE PEOPLE TOO) CARRIED!!! I was trying too take care of my dogs, PETS ARE PEOPLE TOO'S patients. They are more concerned with their bottom line than the health of my dogs. I found a feed store in the next county that sells yearly vaccinations and heart worm meds. for a fraction of the cost, and i dont have too spend a hundred fifty dollars for an exam and office visit to get my supplies. This feed store is a saving grace, worth checking out. I gave them one star only because a rating was required. Pros: Their receptionist interrupted me four times and was rude Cons: They r more concerned with upsells than pet health more

Horrible boarding facility 4/6/2009

While the areas of the building seen by the public have been updated, the boarding facilities are outdated, a biohazard and unsupervised. The staff hired to care for the boarders do not take the dogs out properly and they are all thugs who seem to care less about the welfare of animals. Do not board here without a kennel tour! Pros: Example: best croissants in town Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

Too Expensive 3/1/2009

I originally chose this vet because it is open 24 hours. I have seen several vets there and they have all been excellent - especially Dr. Phillips and Dr. Woods. Unfortunately, since they became part of VCA, the prices have skyrocketed. I have a cat with chronic kidney disease and his fluids went from $30/mo to $60/mo. After comparing new and old invoices, it seems that almost every service has almost doubled in price - especially surprising in this economy. I would only suggest this place if you have a pet with special needs who may require overnight emergency care. Otherwise, there are plenty of better options out there. Pros: Excellent vets, caring techs Cons: Very expensive more
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  • At VCA Pets Are People Too Veterinary Hospital, we look forward to welcoming you and your furry family members. Everyone on our staff believes the better we get to know your pets, the better we can provide the best possible healthcare for them. And when you come in, you'll see exactly why our veterinarians are praised for their kind and thorough care. We'll give you and your pet all the time you need, and never rush through an exam. We'll also carefully track the course of your pet's care, which is so important to your pet's long-term health. Additional Services/Information: - Bathing - Dental/prophy - Digital Radiograph - Drop off services (with convenient hours) - Emergency and Critical Care - Friendly professional staff - Full service veterinary hospital - Surgery (including soft tissue surgery)

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