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Vca Animal Hospital - 47 Reviews - 2864 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (954) 210-4946

Vca Animal Hospital

2864 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, FL 33020
(954) 210-4946
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Vca Animal Hospital - Hollywood, FL
Vca Animal Hospital - Hollywood, FL
Vca Animal Hospital - Hollywood, FL
Vca Animal Hospital - Hollywood, FL
Vca Animal Hospital - Hollywood, FL
Vca Animal Hospital - Hollywood, FL
Vca Animal Hospital - Hollywood, FL
Vca Animal Hospital - Hollywood, FL
Vca Animal Hospital - Hollywood, FL
Vca Animal Hospital - Hollywood, FL


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Thank you for the excellent emergency visit. Brought my mothers 11 year old poodle on a Friday night,, very professionally, reasonably priced and got a quick diagnosis. I'm going ...


This place used to be owned by the Dee brothers (all vets)., it was the best place in town.. Since VCA took over, it is ALL about money. Everyone works on commission. Take note; t...

Horrible place 8/12/2018

Wemt to this place Cat had bad reaction to flea amd tick she was having tremmors amd was bad i took her her they took her in baxk the shaved her paw tje told me 98.00 to see jer i said i dony habe now tje put her in a blue varry box and sid take her home to die what kind of animal hospital is this i offered to give vtedit cars number amd charge tomorrow they juay handed me the box this place is horrible please donot take pet therr more

Downhill since changed owners 5/13/2018

This place used to be owned by the Dee brothers (all vets)., it was the best place in town.. Since VCA took over, it is ALL about money. Everyone works on commission. Take note; this is also a training hospital. You will be assigned a brand new inexperienced vet unless you specifically someone.. The pros are there is someone there 24/7, the cons are you will go bankrupt paying this corporation... Better to find a vet owned animal clinic. more

Dr. Jessica Lukens 3/19/2018

Dr Jessica Lukens is a true blessing. She consistently goes above and beyond for our 16 years old JRT. A few years ago he was diagnosed with diabetes and we firmly believe that we would have lost him had it not been for Dr Luken's skills, knowledge, compassion and dedication. Dr Lukens is a true example of an animal lover, our JRT can sense this and was immediately drawn to her from day one. She has provided us with straight forward information, advice and guidance that enabled us to make the right decision at the right time. Her kind and caring demeanour has kept us calm through many trials and close calls. She is well respected within her VCA family, including her peers. Words cannot express our gratitude for all she has done and continues to do for our JRT. Last but not least, Dr Lukens is surrounded by excellent techs who cares for our fur baby. They are courteous, hard working and caring. more

Killed my dog 1/29/2018

I had 2 dogs, both had parvo. Both were admitted for 3 or 4 nights costing us over 5k.. one dog made it, the other did not. Parvo only kills if the dog is not dehydrating. There was no reason for that to happen. She was a healthy strong dog fighting for her life. She wanted to live, they did nothing to stop the bleeding in her stomach.. i owe them like 2k for my dead dog. I will sue them if they ever conatct me again. more

Dysffunctional and rude 12/29/2017

(Go to YELP and see the 96 reviews YELP "won't include in star rating" -- search for "not YELP recommended reviews" There are like 96 one-star negative ratings for VCA HAH that somehow don't count. -- all one star) We pulled our five pets out of this vet recently after five years because 1) the vet (woman, middle-aged, blond, big) has gotten very inarticulate yet condescending (starting every conversation with let me finish) and the med director is a rude arrogant guy also. After tellling him weeks ago that I was taking all 5 pets out out their care and calling their VCA corporate number to also tell them this, he (the med director ) feels he has to send me a letter saying they are discontinuing my care. (What a joke!) How small and defensive can VCA HAH get!!! Anyway I have long since found a great vet, Dr Bob at Sheridan Animal Hospital, where they answer their phones (don't take 10 mins like VCA HAH) and where they are not so assembly line. Another big thing with VCA HAH is their disorganized records. For two of my pets, 2 days in a row, they messed up their medical records. A black cat (tuxedo) they had as brown on the form and they erroneously said that he was found at a shelter (wrong) and for another cat they had lost the notes entirely for his last phys exam, and then when I noticed this and pursued it, they found some scribbled vet notes that I requested they type like the others (so I could understand them) and that is when the mgr and med director got very defensive (med director said oh I can read them) like that is all that matters (not the customer). (Accurate Records are important for pet insurance.) This place has real problems and it starts with bad mgmt from the director and office mgr and a condescending vet who does not want to articulate things for people who want to understand!. Disappointed in how this place has changed. Others may have great experiences. Good for you! more

Terrible service all around 12/15/2017

Gone way downhill since bought by HAH. They screw up all your pets' medical records and then won't fix even when they admit it is their oversight. The vets are in a hurry and the first thing out of their mouth is "LET ME FINISH!" So, they don't want intelligent people who ask questions -- they are allergic to that. Sometimes the phone rings for 15 mins before someone answers phone. Admin and Med Dr are extremely rude. Go higher up to complain. more

Worst office ever 9/27/2017

High Priced and do not care about your pet. more

Worst boarding experience EVER! 9/20/2017

You'll want to read this entire review: I took 2 of my cats in for boarding during Hurricane Irma. I have been using Hollywood Animal Hospital for 10 years (now they are VCA) and have been extremely happy with the 2 Vets that I use. However, as I found out the hard way, boarding is an entirely different story. Emma and Ginger were there for 4 days. When I picked them up on day 5, I had to be taken to the kennel room (where they board), because I was told Ginger was too aggressive to take out of her cage. This didn't sound at all like my cat. But OK, understandably she might be nervous and confused. So I was escorted back, and found a big sign on the cage saying, "Cat BITES". Ginger has no teeth! Bites? The gal that had been trying to get her out of the cage was so NASTY about it. Ginger has a chart. Can't she read? Long story short, I got her out and took her and Emma home. As soon as they were let out of their carriers, neither one of them could get enough water or food. Ginger was dehydrated and it took 2 days for the skin on the back of her neck to bounce back. I might add, when I was in the kennel room, I did notice that NONE of the cages that I saw had bowls or water. Nor did they have litter boxes. This is relevant as I tell you more of my story. I noticed a strong smell of urine emanating from Ginger. When I dropped her off at the hospital for boarding, I included one of her smaller beds.They hadn't given that back to me saying it was being washed. Now I understood why. On top of not being fed (I left a new bag of dry food when I dropped them off) or given water for who knows how long, she also was left laying in her own urine for a long period of time. I assume in her bed. I assume along with her feces. It took me two bathings with Dawn and still could not completely get rid of the stench. It was all over her and deep in her skin, not just the fur. Her skin must've been burning her! I am so very ANGRY! She was traumatized by this experience and it took her nearly 2 days to resort back to her old self. Don't EVER take your pet in for boarding to this place!! I regret so much that I did. more

Concerning negative reviews about Dr. Jessica Lukens. 7/30/2017

As someone who knows Dr.Lukens on a personal and professional level I can attest to the fact that she is nothing, if not professional. She truly and deeply cares about her patients. She is truly passionate about her work and her main concern is that of the wellbeing of her patients. She is understanding and overall a brilliant Doctor. One would only fabricate such falsehoods if they did not agree with her treatment plan and didn't care about their pet. This is fact. Anyone would be fortunate to have Dr. Jessica Lukens as their veterinarian. more

We Will Avoid Hollywood Animal Hospital 7/12/2017

This Review Will Reflect The Behavior of Employee Vet Name Jessica Lukens.. Without boring the readers of this forum, will leave out the trivial details-- Hollywood Animal Hosp employs a veterinary physician named Jessica Lukens. We had the unfortunate experience of the female Jessica Lukens being assigned to us during a routine visit. This person was Nothing Short of Rude, Obnoxious, Confrontational, Verbally Threatening and Postured Her Body in a Flail Motion When She Slammed One of Our Plastic Feline Cat Carriers on the Exam Table ( cracked as a result ). This Veterinary physician Jessica Lukens acted like a adolescent, displaying a child-like side that only a parent would punish. HAH Has Been Established Since The Late 1940s and Has Been Declining Over The Recent Years. HAH(Hollywood Animal Hospital) is Supposed to Be Owned Regulated By VCA I Implore You to Avoid The VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital for numerous reasons: 1) The Staff Overall, Found to be Rude. 2) The Lobby is Poorly Monitored / Managed. 3) The Front Desk Staff Chatter Among Themselves as a Priority. 4) On One Occasion The T.V. was Loud Airing a Segment of Ghetto Rap Spewing Violence. 5) Many Staff Members Smoke Cigarettes Not Far From Main Entry. 6) The Hospital Administrator Named 'French' Will Only Reply With Null-Void Pre Scripted Answers and Only Defend The Staff. We Will Be Contacting MARS.Inc as Well as more

**BEWARE**Don't believe your estimate they will charge you way more without your consent 7/5/2017

Don't be fooled by their initial charm and sense of caring for you and your pet. After an initial estimate from Dr. Katz of $2600-$3200 to perform a splenectomy surgery for my 8yr old Rottweiler who suffered from abdominal bleeding cause by a ruptured mass in his spleen. I was called 2 days after my dogs passing from post-op complications by their billing department to advise me of the remaining balance on my account which had increased to over $4300. Never once did I receive a call to authorize anything more than the amount of the original estimate. After I responded in utter dismay over these charges I was called by Dr. Katz attempting to justify the cost and acknowledging that some credits may be warranted he agreed to have them review the charges....but a week later I received the revised bill showing the $500 credit but ironically the balance still showed the original $4300 total despite the credit. Some how they were able to finagle the cost of the other charges in order to get their money. ** total scam** They don't even give you a detailed estimate of your charges prior to performing the procedure but they are quick to change the terms after the procedures are performed....I feel that they saw a sucker who desperately wanted to save his best friends life by pay the costly expense for the chance of getting a positive prognosis that they could charge any amount after the fact without objection.....but that's where they went wrong. ** I will be filing a complaint for this unethical practice ** BEWARE OF THIS SCAM, ask for a detailed estimate prior to any procedures. more

100% Negative 7/1/2017

OMG - WOW I have always heard good things about Hollywood animal hospital until I recently had to bring our feline. - The Lobby was very busy with 10+ people - The TV was playing some Urban Rap Garbage talking about police - The girls at front desk paid more attention to the TV than the Patients. - Two of the front end workers STUNK like Ashtray and were smoking near front door when we walked in. -We were called to the exam room with a Jessica Lukens . - This vet named Vet Doctor Jessica Lukens exhibited a Very Unprofessional approach, Raised Her Voice and talked to me as if I were a child being scolded. NEVER Again will I visit Hollywood Animal Hospital and would advise you to seek an alternate care facility. I have been told to complain to VCA.COM more

doctors great, staff obnoxious 4/20/2017

female staff member assigned to me was argumentative , unapologetic, and generally obnoxious even after realizing that she was wrong and was overcharging me for the $3000 surgery that had just been done to my dog! the doctors are the best but the staff is horrible! more

we went there for check up . 4/4/2017

overpriced! wasre of money and waste of time. . Bigtime!!!!. think twice before you decide to go there. more

Well wrapped dead cat for $707 3/30/2017

The emergency people at the desk are clueless. Nothing is entered in their computer, they have no idea who has your pet's paperwork.....etc. The person who admitted my cat at 2AM and to whom I made a deposit payment of $300+ asked me less than 24 hours later if I have ever been there before..... (we had a conversation about Dr. Sessa, my cats, my pets' insurance....etc.) The overnight Doctor seemed to care. She had my cat on IV for a few hours until the morning staff came in. I authorized $180 blood work to be done at 9:30AM. No medicine was administered to my cat until after 4PM. By that time the cat was way too weak to fight for her life. The outcome probably would have been the same since she had an FeLV. She tested negative in the past, but since she was a rescue it is hard to say what she was exposed to. Still, I was given no explanation to why they waited from 10AM to after 4PM to give her meds. Terrible. I have spent thouthands of dollars in that location. In fact, I bought my house in 2005 specifically to be close to them. Dr. Sessa was wonderful. The level of care went down significantly throughout the years. Perhaps they are under a different management. This time my experience was different from the past visits of this clinic. Total charges for less than 24 hours of care was $707. What did I get back? A well wrapped dead cat and door slam in my face from a front desk clerk Anna. What a shame. more

Excellent Service 3/23/2017

The lobby is pretty big compared to any vets in the area. I have been to a few and pretty sure this is the biggest lobby. There is usually a lady at the front that helps you check in knowing that an excited dog can be a handful... The staff had always been extremely friendly and can make your appointments in a timely manner. They have showed me step by step how to administer certain meds when needed. They are my favorite vet office that I have been to thus far. Doctors and assistants are all extremely helpful. Definitely recommend if you need a vet for your little fury babies. :) more

Friday night emergency visit 3/10/2017

Thank you for the excellent emergency visit. Brought my mothers 11 year old poodle on a Friday night,, very professionally, reasonably priced and got a quick diagnosis. I'm going to switch vets and bring my own 5 year old terrier there for everything! more

THE BEST IN ALL WAYS !!! 10/22/2014

Been driving there (30-40 minute drive) from my home with our many dogs over the past 35 years !!!!!!!!!!! GRATEFUL!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/12/2014

Dr. Swinger is AMAZING (and so is Debbie his assistant) but given the choice I would go anywhere else! The front desk folks are horrible! They are rude and nasty. They yelled at me because they couldn't communicate the Jessica screamed at me! I have zero appetite for that! The hospital is totally overpriced! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/28/2014

I just realized yesterday that this Hospital is an other money sucker, nothing to do with the real help for the animals. I came in for a vaccine with not examination required because my dog is healthy and they charged me 50 $ anyways. Dr. Carlos lied when he was asked about the examination, he was not even capable of doing the shot, he didn't check the dog at all. I'm a client, I have two dogs , I have been coming for a long time , that's a shame. Francesca Benvenuti more
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  • VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital is a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year medical facility available for all of your pet's wellness, emergency and referral needs. Founded in 1947, our staff has been serving the South Florida community for over 65 years and have experts in the field to meet all of your pet care needs. Your pet is an important part of your family, and when he or she is ill, you want the best medical care available. The veterinarians and staff at VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital are ready to provide your pet with cutting edge veterinary medical care. From wellness exams and vaccines to advanced diagnostics and complex surgical procedures, your dog or cat will receive high quality care at our hospital. VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital offers a wide range of primary care & advanced care services for cats & dogs including: • 24 Hour Hospitalization • Emergency & Critical Care • Internal Medicine • Orthopedic Surgery • Soft Tissue Surgery • Dermatology • Endoscopy • Canine Physical Rehabilitation • Dental Care • Advanced Dentistry • CT Scanner • Ultrasound • Digital Radiology • Preventive Medicine • Wellness Exams • Spays and Neuter • Vaccinations • Flea & Tick Control • Senior Wellness • Parasite Control • Oxygen & Transfusion Therapy • In-house Laboratory, Pharmacy and Surgical Suite • Dna Breed Testing • Euthanasia Services • Geriatric Medicine • Pain Management • Health Certificates • Hospice Care • Microchipping • Nutrition Services • Diabetes Treatment • Weight Management Program We also offer grooming services including baths & nail trimming as well as dog & cat boarding. Please call us today for inquiries about our veterinarian services or to schedule your pet’s appointment.

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