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Vca Animal Hospital - 11 Reviews - 8290 E Crystal Dr, Anaheim, CA - Business Services Reviews - Phone (714) 602-1473
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Vca Animal Hospital

8290 E Crystal Dr
Anaheim, CA 92807
(714) 602-1473
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Vca Animal Hospital - Anaheim, CA
Vca Animal Hospital - Anaheim, CA
Vca Animal Hospital - Anaheim, CA
Vca Animal Hospital - Anaheim, CA
Vca Animal Hospital - Anaheim, CA
Vca Animal Hospital - Anaheim, CA
Vca Animal Hospital - Anaheim, CA
Vca Animal Hospital - Anaheim, CA
Vca Animal Hospital - Anaheim, CA
Vca Animal Hospital - Anaheim, CA
Vca Animal Hospital - Anaheim, CA
Vca Animal Hospital - Anaheim, CA


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I want to say thank you to the staff at Yorba Regional Animal Hospital. We had contacted several other vet hospitals in our area when we made the hard decision to euthanize our tw...


This place is fancy but the worst service. Waited forever till the vet saw us. When we got in he wanted to do all these tests on my baby that the 1st vet did not recommend. We jus...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/6/2015

The receptionist was so friendly and nice. My son brought Annie in for grooming with Jarrad. It was a pleasure dealing with both. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/21/2015

YRAH is in my opinion overall the best practice in Orange County and I've used many over the years. Two days ago we just had an iffy whelping situation diagnosed on a very important breeding it could have ended with the loss of puppies due to the size of one of the pups. Dr. Cortez is amazing when it comes to reproductive medicine in so many respects beginning with his ability to analyze a situation and ascertain the best course to take. Much like Dr. Steven Dunbar and Dr. Rebecca Williams :-) Yesterday he did a pre-whelping pregnancy x-ray and a c-section later on in the day. Both my husband and I were impressed and grateful for his thoughtful recommendations and his surgical skill. We had a very happy outcome ... 5 vigorous puppies and and a wide awake mom by the time we were ready to go home. Needless to say, we we highly IMPRESSED !! This is but one of countless positive outcomes coupled with outstanding service we've experienced at YRAH over the past 7 or 8 years. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/31/2015

Maggie G. ? 5 star\r I have had my dog in for a couple of dental cleanings before, the staff and work have always been top notch. That is why I keep coming back. But this time your service was over the top, by calling with updates about how my dog was handling the procedure. He is an older dog and I was concerned about how he would handle the anesthesia, so your calls made a huge difference to me.\r Thank you! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/28/2015

I tookght my Scottish Terrier Bitch, Radley, in for Dr. Becky to Ultrasound (and we were thrilled to find puppies!). She and her people are fabulous and I'm very thankful to have them only 10 miles away. Also, an aside note, Dr. Babcock helped deliver a litter of puppies 19 mo ago and he was fabulous. One has Finished his Championship - and if it wasn't for Dr. Babcock, he may not have been here. Thanks so much! Jacki Forkel more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/27/2015

Great sevice very nice Team: The Vet, his Assistant, the Receptionist and the Groomer!\r Professional!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/27/2015

Receptionists very polite and friendly. Appointment was for 9am and by 9:10 we were in an examination room, ready for the doctor. Dr. Tateyama was so kind and very thorough in his examination of our cat. He explained everything very well and the next day, spent a long time on the phone with me, explaining all our options. I felt we could make decisions based on good, sound advice. Overall, a great experience again. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/27/2015

Our pets have been taken care of by Dr. Dunbar for over 25 years, from when he had two small hospitals. He has always been concerned both with our dogs and ourselves personally; he is an excellent vet and a very compassionate person. Since he opened Yorba Regional, we have still gone to him for our dogs' care, even when we moved to Orange, farther away. Well pet care, emergency services, chronic conditions (as in the case of two previous dogs with heart failure) doggie day care and luxury boarding...we have done it all! (Not grooming as I do our own.) We always want to see Dr. Dunbar, but sometimes that doesn't work out; we have been very happy with Dr. Tateyama, Dr. Hong, Dr. Weiss, Dr. Matsura, Dr. Williams, Dr. Bogan, and Dr. Fujioka. We had a great experience most recently with Dr. Hong for dental. We wouldn't go anywhere else, highly recommend them to all of our friends and family and strangers too! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/27/2015

Doctor Weiss is the best. We love the staff. Everyone seems so interested in our dogs and what is best for them. We drive from Dana Point to see Dr. Weiss and his staff. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/5/2015

I've been an extremely satisfied client at YRAH for seven years now. I have really specific needs because although my dogs are my pets first, I also show them and occasionally breed them. I was impressed with Dr. Rebecca Williams and her down to earth bedside manner from day one and my admiration for she and the members of her repro team, especially technicians Chelsea and Candra, has only grown over the years. I also have come to know the ultra competent and vastly experienced emergency room staff (YRAH is a 24/7 hospital turning into an ER hospital after regular hours) as I've needed c-sections in the middle of the night as well as having a pregnant girl with a severe case of HGE who would have bled out without immediate attention. In the case of the dog with HGE my husband was met in the parking lot by Dr. Williams, an ER vet and several technicians. Not only did they save our girl, one of her puppies also survived! We have been blessed so many times by the care we've received at YRAH it is impossible to recount all the instances. With not one but two in house machines YR offers no appointment necessary Progesterone testing with results back within 2 hours and in emergency situations the results are back within 20 minutes. I can honestly say I've never experienced better medical care anywhere and the costs are comparatively so reasonable. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/9/2014

From the front office (Adrian, Sara, etc) to the back office, we are always treated well. Dr Tateyama is the best! Always takes time to explain everything to us, I trust his expertise. Dr. T has even come in on his day off to check on labs and call me with results! Through the years, he's needed to help a few of our furkids to the bridge, always with compassion and kindness to them and us... always goes above and beyond by sending us a handwritten sympathy card. He's compassionate and caring... everything I want in a Dr. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/9/2014

I really hate to give bad reviews but feel it is important to let other dog owners know about the boarding at Yorba Regional Animal Hospital. Let me first start off by saying that I have been taking my dogs for vet and grooming purposes since Dunbar first started on Yorba Linda Blvd. next to Von's, over 28 years ago. We lived across the street. At that time, it was a very competent facility. The only thing good about the facility now is Dr. Weiss. If it were not for him, we would never step foot in this place again. I'm going to make this brief even though it was a 4 day nightmare. We dropped off our two dogs and when I got home, I started watching them on the video cams to see how they were doing (they were together). On this trip I was in a position to watch my dogs 24/7 on my iPad and cell phone. I took notes and pictures because of what I saw. There was a time difference of two hours so I was able to start watching them early. My dog peed on her bed and it was not touched until I called them which was quite a few hours after. I had been watching my dog dance around needing to go out so I wasn't surprised. The next night my dog had diarrhea which was not cleaned up for approximately 18 hours. And the following night, once again because they do not walk the dogs enough, she pooped all over her room around 7:00 pm and it was not cleaned up until 8:30 am the next day. I was told they would give them 4 walks a day - I saw 2. The first walk was at 8:30 am which is too late. The last walk was at 7:00 pm and was for exactly 1 minute. I watched quite a few dogs go for walks and they all lasted one minute. One of the reason we took them to stay there was because we thought they would walk them. They do not walk them - they take them out for a quick break which is why they pee and poop in their rooms. I also out of curiosity watched another kennel with two what appeared to be Scottys - one white and one black. They had a big puddle of pee for almost 24 hours. These poor dogs had to stay up front of the kennel because the pee was at the back of the kennel (4' x 7'). I brought carrots for my dogs to have as treats and it appeared they gave them to my dogs only once. The way they fed them the carrots, they threw them on the floor. My dogs stayed three nights in the luxury suite and one night in deluxe. In the luxury suite, I felt they never checked on them. This is where I saw the messes left for hours. Most people who have their dogs stay at this facility probably do not have the opportunity to see what goes on - I did. Anyone who is even considering boarding their dogs at Yorba Regional Animal Hospital should first watch the video cams off and on throughout a day. You can watch any kennel, any suite and see if you feel they are giving the dogs the proper attention. Because the place looks so nice on the outside, I believe it is assumed you can trust that your dog is being well taken care of. I am writing this review to serve two purposes: first to advise the dog owners to check out the place via video cams to see if you feel this is the place for your dog; secondly, in hopes that the managers and owner will give some serious thought to making changes. It has the potential of being a really great, caring place. And we know it's a safe place because there is a vet their 24/7. They just need to take better care of the dogs - clean up the mess within an hour and take the dogs on a longer walk. I also signed my larger dog up to have 15 minutes of play time each day, this did not happen. By the way, play time, treats, etc. are extra and not included in the price. Also, if you are dropping them off for boarding, allow at least 45 minutes. Picking them up, probably about the same. Lots of people working there, but super slow moving. I felt so bad for my dogs, I tried to get an earlier flight home. I felt like my dogs were in the dog pound!\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/16/2014

Appreciate you hiring people that REALLY show an interest in our pets and treat them with dignity, care, and love. If anyone displays a dislike for their job or position, it would definitely make me look for a new Animal Hospital. One bad staff can ruin the entire name of a company. Thank you for paying attention and not allowing that to happen. \r Carolyn Sands \r more

Dissapointed 11/26/2013

This place is fancy but the worst service. Waited forever till the vet saw us. When we got in he wanted to do all these tests on my baby that the 1st vet did not recommend. We just came in for a second opinion not do 1300 worth of tests. Wanting to sell us catfood we do not need. When we got our! Just wow,, Your suppose to take care of animals and not take advantage of people and their emotions. more

Shame shame 11/26/2013

This place is fancy but the worst service. Waited forever till the vet saw us. When we got in he wanted to do all these tests on my baby that the 1st vet did not recommend. We just came in for a second opinion not do 1300 worth of tests. Wanting to sell us catfood we do not need. When we got our! Just wow,, Your suppose to take care of animals and not take advantage of people and their emotions. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/17/2012

I want to say thank you to the staff at Yorba Regional Animal Hospital. We had contacted several other vet hospitals in our area when we made the hard decision to euthanize our two very old/sick rats. We wanted to have it done in the most humane manner and have them fall asleep with anesthesia before anything else. The vet hospitals in our area would have given them shots, then this, then that, etc which was not what we wanted for our pets. At Yorba Regional Animal Hospital, they answered all of our questions and showed great compassion throughout the process. From the receptionist, to the techs, to the veterinarian- all of them were kind and helpful. I believe they genuinely care about your pets and know how much they mean to their owners. Our two pet rats weren't treated any differently than if they were a dog or a cat. We received a sympathy card from Yorba Regional Animal Hospital several days later and I appreciate that. From this experience, we have now found our new vet hospital for our pets. Again, thank you for the love you showed and for your professionalism. more

This hospital is responsible for the death of my cat. 8/7/2011

I have to rate this place to get this out there but, I really want to rate it a ""O"".I took my precious cat there because it was a Sunday and my vet was closed and my cat was crying. They told me that his urine was blocked by crystals and that prevented him from urinating. They gave me an estimate of $1500.00, but I paid $2300.00 when I picked him up. I called twice a day to check up on him. They said he was unblocked and doing fine.He was there four days. I took him home. As soon as we got him out of the cat carrier he went to his litter box and could not urinate. I took him back to the hospital and the vet told me that he was reblocked and I started crying the Vet left as if she was annoyed with my crying,the next person that came in the room was the girl who writes up the estimate And she told me that I had to pay another $1400.00 to unblock him. Plus $1600.00 for another procedure where they would remove the tip of the penis so that he could pass these crystals and be able to urinate. I feel he was still blocked when they sent him home. They also never explained the sucess rate of these procedures, in fact the only thing the vet told me when I took my cat back in was that my cat was reblocked and she told me nothing is guaranteed. So if I paid all this additional money and he was still blocked what then? I would have to pay them again to unblock him a third time. I was left alone in the room crying because I didn't know what to do I. They had no compassion for me or my cat. I was willing to pay this money to save my cat, but I didn't know if it would be successful. The Vet never explained anything to me and never gave me any hope that this procedure would work or what precentage of cats get better.She just said your cats reblocked and there is no garantee that we can unblock him. They didn't tell me that the first time I paid. I had no other choice but to euthanize my cat. I also want to warn pet owners to feed their pets premium foods and filtered water to prevent crystals from forming. more

Don't let the look of this place fool you 4/5/2011

This place is very nice and fancy.... but don't let that fool you. This place is all about money and don't care about your pet. They almost killed my little dog and refused to treat him until we sign >$1500 treatment plan... later I realized all they had to do was to give my dog a fluid Therapy that cost around $ 250 and they refused to do that... I wish I could remember the name of the woman (vet) that was supposedly treating our dog... she was emotionless and didn't take any action to improve the condition of our dog... all she was interested in was to get a signed agreement for expenses and when we refused to do that, she disappeared and didn't come back and send her assistant to tell us that the other option is that we do the treatment at home... so we chose that option and paid $750 without any training or little explanation of what we needed to do... we got home and realized that we really can't do the procedure at home and we ended up going to another hospital that treated our dog right away ... so basically the $750 was also wasted. It was such a bad experience and it emotionally drained us.... I will never go there again. Please don't go to this fancy place, just because it looks good ... please do your research and at least find a good vet there before taking your pet there. more

Love This Place 11/11/2010

This vet hospital is the best! I have brought my dogs here many times since they opened, for care and boarding, and have always gotten good service. They proved it again last week when I came home and saw that my Big Bad Puppy ate a bottle of doggy pain medicine he had knocked off the table. I rushed him to Yorba Regional. Everyone working there was kind and calmed down a hysteric mom while my boy was taken back for emergency treatment. Dr. Babcock explained everything to me. My pup was home safe and well after having to throw up and spend a night and day in the hospital. The cost was good considering it was after 9pm and he got all kinds of care. Can't say enough good things about this hospital. I'll never go anywhere else. more

They saved our dogs' lives 2/2/2010

They saved our little dog's life in December, 2009, and our larger dog's life in January, 2010, when they both came down suddenly with hemorrhagic gastro-enteritis. Everyone treated our dogs and us with kindness, and took care of our dogs round the clock -- and, miraculously, both dogs recovered fully.\r We are so grateful to the whole staff. Though we live about an hour away, and are not rich, by any means, it was SO worth the $$$ and the long drive. Highly recommend this facility. more

one unhappy cat mama! 6/25/2009

Im sorry to have to write a review, which i have never done before. But im in need of letting out some frustration. I have brought my chihuahua here as well as my cat. Everything was wonderful, friendly staff and what not. My issue with this place is i brought my cat to this place now 3 times for the same problem. they send me on my way with my meds and a bill of around 150. Well now that i am fed up with giving him these meds which are not working, the vet tells me he will need surgery to fix the problem. i am ok with surgery cuz i want him to be healthy. when the estimate delivery boy came in with a nearly 2100.00 bill, i about fell on the floor. he had absolutely no compassion for me and left the room. when the vet came back in she said she said the estimate was made for a 150 pound dog and it will go down a little. well a little was 150 dollars. I am very frustrated with this place. not only did they loose a 2000.00 dollar proprective sale, they lost my business all together. i will be returning to my normal close nit small family owned practice right up the street. i am sick of paying the salaries of the vet techs and drs who charge waaay to much for a much needed surgery. Cons: All they want is my money... more
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  • VCA Yorba Regional Animal Hospital is the culmination of my vision to offer the very best in comprehensive and compassionate veterinary medicine and pet care. We take pride in our exceptional facility and our highly-skilled pet care teams. I’m pleased to report that VCA Yorba Regional Animal Hospital has earned the distinction of being among the top 17% of all small animal practices in the United States to be accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). The facility was also recognized as Hospital Design of the Year by Veterinary Economics Magazine in 2006 and was voted by consumers as One of the Best Pet Hospitals and Best Grooming and Boarding in the Orange County Register's "Best of OC". My fellow veterinarians, our management, care teams, and I are all animal lovers who uphold a standard of excellence that we believe sets us apart. Your pet’s wellness and comfort are our top priority.

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