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Vatan - 70 Reviews - 409 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016-8103, New York, NY - Lunch Spot Reviews - Phone (212) 689-5666


409 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016-8103 (at Between 28th Street and 29th Street)
New York, NY 10016
(212) 689-5666
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Vatan - New York, NY
Vatan - New York, NY
Vatan - New York, NY


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Hi, Vatan is one of the best resturants I have ever been to. The food was awesome, its just like having dinner in gujrat. I have been to BARODA and I know what Indian food tastes ...


The enjoyment I get out of a Vatan visit seems to diminish each time I go. They are not kid friendly at all, charging a full $31 even for a 7 year old! They crammed us into a ...

Great Place 7/27/2011

I went there with a friend and we both really loved this place! Great food, great service and awesome atmosphere. Highly recommended. more

Vegetarian's Delight 7/11/2011

My girlfriend and I are both vegetarian's so we like to go out and try different things that go along with our diet. I came to Vatan because a friend of mine had told me of the vegetarian dining. He told me the atmosphere and the food were great, however the service was not exactly up to par. When I experienced it myself, he was on point with his recommendation. We LOVED the food, very authentic and fresh, everything was delicious, the ambiance was definitely a major plus. The downside is definitely the service from the managers to the servers, our waitress was not exactly attentive throughout the meal, however she was very helpful in explaining various dishes to us since we were new to Indian cuisine. more

Only if I wouldn't know otherwise 11/26/2010

Over roll it's an ok place with good atmosphere but knowing NYC and being a local I could just walk to Lexington and get GREAT indian food there... more

Manager didnt bother coming to our table. 1/3/2010

We recently reserved a table for our family gathering in Vatan and I took my little son with me. When we got to Vatan, manager ignored us for some time until he finished talking on the phone. He could of at least said excuse me, wait a minute or similar remarks just for the manners, but he didnt bother doing it. After finishing his phone conversation he asked us about our reservation with such a bad english that I couldnt understand what he was saying, one of the waitresses with better English came around and had to repeat it for me. After that we were sat in our table upstairs, and food started flowing. Food was tasty as usual, its a Gujarati food, all vegetarian consisting of three courses and its a lot of food with all you can eat system. In the middle of one of the courses, my little son felt sick and threw up. The waitress went to notify the manager, then brought me some tissues to clean up and was very helpful. What I didn't see was that, not once during our presence that day, manager came and asked us if everything was ok. My son felt sick and threw up in that restaurant and manager doesn't even bother checking if customer is ok after such an incident. What kind of management is that? No professional courtesy at all. If it wasnt for the unprofessional management, Vatan would of been a perfect restaurant. Pros: beautiful design, good food and good service Cons: horrible management more

Terrible management! 1/3/2010

Me and my family went to Vatan last week. We had a nice food and our server was nice too, as usual. The only downside I always find in Vatan is the management. The so-called "manager" can't speak a proper English and everytime I go there, I end up getting confused on what he's trying to tell me. Especially when I call up to make a reservation, God knows what he's asking and his manners are so rude. When I called last week to make a reservation, he asked me what time we'd like to come, and when I said at 7:15pm, he said that either we have to come at 6:30pm or 8:30pm or we'll have to eat our food in 1 hour 15 minutes. I mean, who makes a customer to eat food in a certain time or duration of time? It's not a competition, I go there to enjoy my time, yet, he is timing me on how long I should eat my food for. I dont know why he was even put there. Vatan seems to be a very high-profile restaurant, but because of the unprofessional manager, it looks really bad. I'd given it a 5 star rate since the food was tasty as usual and our server was nice, but i'll have to give it a 4 since the manager is very unprofessional. I will start making reservations online now, I can't stand that guy anymore. Pros: nice decor, nice waiters, nice food Cons: terrible management more

Horrible management 12/28/2009

I went to Vatan with my boss and co-workers hoping to introduce them to authentic indian food. But as fate would have it, I was not only embarrased but horrified by the service. I work for a top-notch accounting firm and I made reservations a week ahead. But when we got there, the manager tells us the table will be empty in 5 minutes. He had terrible english which we could barely understand, however we were seated after 5 minutes. Then came our server whose english was worse than the manager. Now, my boss wanted a glass of Taj Mahal beer and trust me: IT WAS FLAT with no taste whatsoever. So, I asked my server if she could exchange it. Instead of being accomodating, she said "NO we cannot." Also, she came to our table only 3 times during the whole course. Never asked us for refills on food, drinks. All this while I saw her standing by the well and talking to a gentleman who I believe is the host/manager? My server was the laziest, most unprofessional and had no clue what she was saying. I could barely understand her English. All in all it was a horrible night for us. Pros: Great Decor Cons: Horrible management, servers who can't speak english more

Vatan is a Food Stall 9/8/2009

Hi To summarize I was handed a stell hot bowl of Daal in my hand. The server was holding cold part of bowl (upper part) and I was holding the lower part. Everything else was worst at best. In nutshell, if you want to visit a Food Stall and Pay restaurant price...Vatan is the right dinning place for you. If you dont believe me, try it out and respond to this review. Pros: Ambience Cons: Everything else food, service, price, staff attitude, serviy more

Diminishing value 7/10/2009

The enjoyment I get out of a Vatan visit seems to diminish each time I go. They are not kid friendly at all, charging a full $31 even for a 7 year old! They crammed us into a smaller than optimal booth. The service is less than stellar and they are trying to rush you out so as to seat the next party. The price increase in recent months has not brought anything new. First time goers should enjoy the food, although the $40 price tab (including tax and tip) leaves a lot to be desired. Pros: Great food for first time goers Cons: Too expensive, mediocre service more

Horrible! Not going again! 6/17/2009

We Went there with 2 kids (American kids 6 & 8 years old) They had burger and fries before we went to this place and weren't hungry (Also, they are absolutely not a fan of non American food) So, we told the waiters that only 4 adults will be eating. He was so rude and told us that's not something their restaurant policy will allow weather or not the eat they will be charged for setting on the table with us. When we asked to speak with a manager some lady come after good 10 mins She was having difficultly speaking English at the first place... Instead of listing to us she kept on reaping the restaurant policy (r@p and made us pay 70$ for the kids who did not touch thair plates once...If I wasn't with the guests I would have left..neways I dont think I will ever go back there though! Pros: Good change from Regular Punjabi returant Cons: Way too Pricy, Very unprofessional staff, Bad resturant poli more

Less is more 6/15/2009

I enjoy Indian food and know something about Indian cuisine. I will not be returning to Vatan. Firstly it is expensive. At Vatan you dont have the option of ordering a single entre or a couple of apetizers, and you cant share. It is prix fixe. All or nothing. I would not normally order apetizer and entre and bread and rice and desert. I dont eat large quantities. An all you can eat buffet for $32. may be great if you plan to consume the equivalent of three meals! If not it is very pricey. Then the quality in my opinion was average at best. Like most buffet food, it may suffer from having been sitting around a while. I thought it generally fell into one or more of three categories: too saty, too sweet, or over cooked. Pros: ... Taj Mahal beer Cons: value and quality of the food more

Good food poisoned by bad service 5/19/2009

I had very similar experiace as explained by first reviewer. That was almost a year back when I decided not to visit this place again. I have guests this weekend who would like this food. So just wanted to check if they improved on service. But recent negative review reconfirm my decision not to visit this facility. It is a shame on part of vatan to be in negative books for so long. Go their if you want to see pennywise people more

Horrible Serivce, Padded their tip 4/20/2009

Four of us went to Vatan for a friend’s birthday. She’s a vegetarian and loves Indian food, so Vatan sounded perfect. The evening started off slowly when we got sat at 9:10 for our 8:45 reservation. Our waitress took another 15 minutes to come our table. After that the appetizer and entrée round of food were both equally slow. I don’t understand how a prix-fix, set-menu restaurant can have slow service. Everyone in the restaurant is eating the same food, so why does it take 45 minutes for an entrée to be delivered after the appetizer plate has been cleared?? Despite the slow service, the food was extremely good and representative of what one would eat in India. My final complaint and the one that pushed me to leave a review was the 18% gratuity included. The restaurant calculated the required 18% gratuity on the total bill INCLUDING TAX, not just on the food and drink total. I was very upset at this because 18% was extremely generous for the abysmal service we received, but putting gratuity on the tax is WRONG. I mentioned this to our waitress and suddenly her English wasn’t good enough to understand. I walked the check to the hostess desk and explained that gratuity should be calculated on the food and drink total, not on the tax. She argued this was their policy and wouldn’t budge. I paid the total because at this point it was 12:30am and we had been in this restaurant for over 3 hours and were very restless. I will never return to these crooks again. Pros: Authentic Meal Cons: Rude Hostess, Slow Service, stolen tip more

In response to the previous review. 3/6/2009

Hi, Vatan is one of the best resturants I have ever been to. The food was awesome, its just like having dinner in gujrat. I have been to BARODA and I know what Indian food tastes like. The staffs and the servers were very welcoming and they took care of me and my friends very well. I completely disagree with the previous negative review. I think there must have been a misunderstanding. I wish VATAN best of luck and hope it carrys on spreading Indian tradition. more

Interesting but anti-climactic 2/28/2009

At first I was impressed with the ambiance and decor. However, when the food service began I soon realized this was a gimmick. The waitress kept coming back with a fake smile and kept asking if we were finished with the course. She grabbed my beer that was still 1/4 full and asked me if I would like another. The second and third courses were served at once, sending us a hint that we took to long with the appetizers. Desert was then served (more like tossed on the table) and the waitress whispered into our ears that the next guests were waiting for our table. By this time the fake smile was no longer there, She had already switched to "clear table" mode. Next thing I know my Indian chi tea was whisked from under my nose, cup half full, and a bill for a couple hundred + $ appeared. NOTE: the Prix Fixe price is no longer $22.95, rather it is now an whopping $31 for an array of vegetables (apparently not even organic). To say the least the experience was very anti-climactic. At first I thought this would be a great place to dine with future guests. By the end of the meal it was clear that this was a gimmick! Pros: Ambience Cons: food service felt rushed and fake more

So good you don't even know it's vegetarian 2/8/2009

There is nothing bad and everything good about this place! The service is attentive, the food is delicious and plentiful, and the space is beautiful! Unlike a lot of Indian places, the food is cooked very healthy - not oily - and the ingredients seem really fresh. It's a fixed-price/fixed dish menu, but you get a huge selection served right to you, and seconds, thirds, etc or whichever dish you want. At dessert time, ask for the mango pudding; that's the one dish they don't automatically bring you, and it blends wonderfully with the dessert. I went with two Indian friends, and they both love this place and say the food is exactly how their moms and grandmothers prepare it at home. I just really hope that they remain in business for a long time! The menu is so reasonably priced, and you get so much food, and most of all, they have a HUGE space in Murray Hill, but they have very few actual tables. It's greatly refreshing to go to a restaurant in Manhattan and not be seated elbow-to-elbow with the strangers next to you, but I just really hope they serve enough people in there each night to make s profit. Pros: Great vegetarian, service, value Cons: nothing! more

So good you forget it's vegetarian! 2/8/2009

ngershony Provided by Partner
There is nothing bad and everything good about this place! The service is attentive, the food is delicious and plentiful, and the space is beautif... more

Vatan 1/10/2009

The experience all Vatan was awful. The food was tasteless. The service was terrible. They didn't even come to see if everything was okay. The staff very rude. Me being from Indian culture know and acknowledge the taste and flavor of Indian and Gujarati cooking. Their food had no flavor, no taste, just absolutely bland. It is not a place I would recommend coming to. more


As a frequent visitor to Vatan I must applaud the new decor, wonderfuil service and as always, incredibly delicious food. For those of you giving a bad review, what planet are you on? Pros: Peaceful setting, attentive and knowledgable servers Cons: NONE more

loved the new vatan 11/9/2008

hi i went to vatan with some of my friends we had a wonderful time i cant find fault with any aspect from the hostess to the server to the food to the ambiance every thing was perfect so if u want to experiance the real home cooked meal GO TO VATAN u would not be disapointed Pros: ambience Cons: none more

Great indian vegetarian 11/9/2008

Go to Vatan for a unique dinner experience. I am so glad they reopened for I have definitely missed the flavorful dishes. We went there for my friends birthday. Everyone who went really likes indian food and I must say we all agreed that they serve the best vegetarian cuisine. The whole experience is so different from any other indian restaurant in NYC. The whole table decor is made to make you feel like you are eating in a hut in India. They redid the entire inside of the restaurant and it is sooo cool the pictures dont do it justice. We had a wonderful relaxed, unrushed time. The waitress was great always checking in periodically to see if we need anything! I reccommend this restaurant to everyone even if you do not like Indian food. Just go fo rthe atmosphere! Pros: Two thumbs up Cons: not one more
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  • In Short
    The bi-level dining room, which resembles a bamboo-thatched hut, is a brightly-lit, wide-open space with high ceilings and laminated depictions of Indian village life. Cast your shoes aside and sink into a cushioned booth in an enclosed hut, surrounded by artificial banyan trees and wisteria. The prix fixe meal typically includes spicy chickpeas flecked with tomato and coriander, samosas stuffed with ground vegetables and peas, khichdi (a lentil and rice mixture) and chilled mango soup.

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    Sun, Tue-Thu 5pm-9:30 pm; Fri-Sat 5pm-10:30pm
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    American Express, Visa, Master Card
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    Kips Bay, Midtown