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Vanderhoof Veterinary Hospital

2235 Lake Ave # 101
Altadena, CA 91001
(626) 798-5901
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Vanderhoof Veterinary Hospital - Altadena, CA


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All three vets are terrific. Vanderhoof, Sloan, and Dawson give top-notch care to our dog. (Sloan is our favorite!)\r \r The back of the clinic staff -- vet techs -- are wonderf...


We went to Dr V. ten years ago when we took our elderly boxer to him, he wanted to do all these extra tests with all the bells and whistles ( and pricey) just "to see IF...' When ...

Geat Vets -- awful staff 7/25/2010

All three vets are terrific. Vanderhoof, Sloan, and Dawson give top-notch care to our dog. (Sloan is our favorite!)\r \r The back of the clinic staff -- vet techs -- are wonderful. They're caring, concerned, empathic, and good.\r \r Here are the two problems: \r \r 1. The behind-the-counter staff are just the opposite. They're seemingly unconcerned, and at times, actually impatient with customers. On one visit, I walked up to the counter and after a few minutes, had to ask if anyone could help me.\r \r Sure they're probably poorly paid, but a smile, a positive attitude ("hey, we're glad to see you,") and even a phony display of interest would go a long way. \r \r 2. The other issue is a problem at every vet's office -- they're expensive, and I know they have lots of overhead, and blah, blah, but I sometimes feel like I'm being gouged to help put their kids through college.\r \r I'm giving five stars because, overall, I strongly recommend Vanderhoof and his vets; just be prepared not to feel welcom more

A Great Vet 5/29/2010

I just moved to Pasadena and needed to find a great vet I could trust. So many build up a b.s. laundry list of cost so that you are frightened into spending hundreds of dollars to save your baby cakes. Pros: Honest, Personable, No B.S. Cons: Last visit was a bit costly more

Dr. Dawson is awesome!!! 1/27/2010

It is so comforting to know that my much loved pets have the best medical care available anywhere. My nine year old shih tsu started passing some kind of small stones. When I took her to our former vet, he ignored my description of her problem and diagnosed a vaginal infection. After paying $200 for this "treatment" and two weeks later when she was still no better and I decided to see if I could get an appoint at Vanderhoof. I got an appointment for that very day and Molly was carefully and thoroughly examined by Dr. Dawson. She was diagnosed with lots of bladder stones and I was patiently shown all the xrays and had every possible cause and treatment explained and all my questions answered. Lab tests were sent to a specialist in Orange County who pinpointed the type of stones which enabled us to choose the correct course of treatment. Dr. Dawson performed surgery and removed Molly's stones. Her recovery was carefully monitored by the Dr. and I felt very confident throughout that I u more

Good with turtles and cats 11/13/2009

I needed a turtle specialist and the internet showed Dr. Dawson as one of the few in my area. When I called to make an appointment, I discovered she'd joined Vanderhoof, where I'd already been taking my cat for several years! :-) Somehow having it in my head that she was an "exotic" animal vet only (she also does ferrets and hedgehogs!), I wasn't expecting her to be the only doctor available to see my cat. However, she's been great with the cat, too. :-) She also really saved me money in several ways. She said vaccinations I thought the cat needed were unecessary, set me up to learn how to give him subcutaneous fluids myself (instead of having to bring him in every week and paying them to do it!), and told me an inexpensive, easily attainable, over the counter medication to give him if he started having problems with vomiting. He's over 18 years old and just starting into the beginning of the end, so it's comforting to know that I can focus on caring for him in what time I have lef more

Long- Time very satisfied client 4/20/2009

WE have been using Vanderhoof Veterinary Hospital for more than 15 years. We currently have 4 golden retrievers. We have had several other dogs over the years and I can state without qualification that they give first rate care, with compassion, at an affordable price. Because the practice is so busy, routine check -ups must be scheduled well in advance. They have always accommodated us when we had an emergency-- including when one of our dogs was hit by a car at 8:30 am on a Saturday morning. They took us in as soon as the doors opened, and they saved her life. She is now nine years old, and a happy healthy girl. more

The best vet for your buns!!! 2/4/2009

If you have a bunny go see Dr. Dawson!! SHE IS THE BEST!!! and comes highly recommended and I can see why. I live in Covina and make the drive there just to take my rabbits to her and I would not take them to anybody else!! more

One of Vanderhoof's first 20 customers 1/21/2009

A great veterinarian and staff. We've taken our 4 different dogs there and as stated above we were within the first 20 customers to walk in their door after they opened for business, this was almost 30 years ago.\r \r The great thing about the Internet is you people like me can post their positive experiences and share them with you. Me, a customer of almost 30 years of taking 4 different dogs and 1 rabbit. You don't go to someone for almost 30 years if they're a crook or ripping you off. And as far as expensive, I'm in my 50's now, so almost 30 years ago means my wife and I didn't have much money. The Vanderhoof Veterinary Hospital was always reasonable for the service provided.\r \r I told you the great thing about the Internet, now the bad side. If you're on the Internet much you'll know what I say is true. I could have written a trashing review of Vanderhoof with no truth or basis in fact and it would be posted as if it 'was truth'. Beware of a couple of 'negative neds' that might have more

Great and loving care 10/17/2008

The staff at Vanderhoof is the best. I have lived in Pasadena for over 20 years and have tried almost every clinic in the area. I am very picky about front staff, wait time, professionalism and cost. If you want rude treatment and go bankrupt, go to Dr. Black in La Crescenta, but if you want caring, knowledgeable, professional care for your beloved pet, go to Vanderhoof. The medications that my dog needs everyday are 1/2 the cost at Vanderhoof than they are at the clinic of Dr. Black in La Crescenta. When I took my goat to Vanderhoof with a fractured leg, the staff was so accommodating...even letting me lay next to my goat, Rosy, when she hospitalized. I know that sounds crazy but to them, it seemed normal and natural. I love the staff at Vanderhoof, almost as much as they love my pets. PS...I was not an established client when we brought Rose in and we were fit right in. more

Best Bunny Vet 8/13/2008

If you have a rabbit please have it cared for by Dr. Dawson. She is a true rabbit expert and is also very thorough and compassionate in her treatments. Dr. Dawson's knowledge of rabbits greatly surpasses all other vets I've visited. In fact, I took our rabbit to several vets before finding Dr. Dawson but no other vet could help him - and his health problem was not complicated! I admit the Vanderhoof office is slightly more expensive than other vets, but to me this is well worth it. In fact, I would have saved a lot of money if I had found Dawson earlier and not wasted consultations with other vets who knew very little. I highly recommend Dr. Dawson at the Vanderhoof office. more

Excellent Veterinary Experience - Highly recommend. 7/2/2008

I was recommended to Dr. Vanderhoof when my dog was very ill and I found all his staff to be very knowledgeable, kind, generous, and well priced. I definitely recommend their office! more

Great Vet! 5/28/2008

I'm very happy with all care that Dr Vanderhoof has given my dog. He is very calm and gentle and my dog even thinks she is given cuddles when in fact she is given a check over... \r \r Prices are reasonable and I would recommend anyone to this clinic. \r \r TK more

Caring and kind! 4/24/2008

I was worried about finding a vet for my new cat, a specialty breed. \r However, I find Dr. Vanderhoof to be very kind and good with animals. He is really interested in their welfare. I would highly recommend him. When the first round of antibiotics we tried didn't work, I took her back and he prescribed a new one. He's very methodical in his medicine, and whatever he recommends makes sense to me. I also really liked the vet tech named "Ginger," a calm and kind influence who was fun to talk to.\r \r However, the communication skills for the receptionist are a little lacking--stuttering, not sure what sort of deadline to give, a little "loosey-goosey." (especially on the phone) Though it's true, animal people can be pretty strange, and I guess I'd forgotten just how nutty vets offices can be in my pet ownership time lag. Other negatives-- if you own a cat, or even a sensitive dog, I observed a few dog owners very insensitively letting their dogs growl at others, wander, etc. So just keep t more

THE BEST - BAR NONE 1/5/2008

I have an old doxie who has suffered thru some awful experiences with less experienced vets, namely Raymond Animal Hosp. where they change vets annually. Dr. Vanderhoof is BRILLIANT, never recommends un-necessary tests and can identify the problem while calmly working over my little girl. There have been times where I'm sure he'll recommended putting her down but with a test or two, maybe some meds, she's back to her old funny self. Especially if you're new in town and don't know where to go for quality care, this is the place. Trust me, on this, Vanderhoof is good old fashioned gentle care with a wonderful knowledgeable staff. more

long time patient 12/19/2007

Ok, I'm not the patient, but I have been taking my animals to Dr. V for probably close to 20 years now. I find that the drs are caring and they give the animals appropriate levels of treatment. Often I'd like sooner appointments for routine or non-emergency care, but when your animal is sick/injured, they will manage to squeeze you in (and I get the feeling that is if you are an established patient). more

medical staff very dedicated to quality care 9/14/2007

My old Labrador suffered from a hematoma in his ear flap. First at VCA clinic, they wanted more than $800 for the surgery and lots of bloods test, etc. ( I always do get two opinions, at least)My vet at Vanderhoof, Dr. Sloan, offered to try, at my request, an "office visit" procedure, on local anesthetic, and was able to cure this problem with only one tenth of the "VCA price" and it was a SAFER procedure for my pet, with great results!! Vanderhoof Veterinary has a "no nonsense" attitude , I & my dog really appreciated the wonderful care & treatment. . . more

Good experiences 12/8/2006

In spite of the bad review which said that this vet is expensive, I actually find\r it reasonable. The vets do take a cautious approach to evaluating the health\r of your pet, which usually means they try to avoid surgery/chemo and such\r unless you really want to do it. I've been to vets that want to run every test\r under the sun for the most routine reasons and I think this vet strikes a\r good balance between running every conceivable test and not running enough\r to diagnose problems. I have had 6 cats under care here for 5 years with\r a variety of routine and severe illnesses. \r \r My biggest complaints:\r \r 1. Make sure that dog owners leash their dogs and have control over them!\r I have never had an incident, but the number of 100 pound women \r busy filling out paperwork while loosely holding the leashes of 150 pound\r dogs disconcerts me and (sometimes) my pets. \r \r 2. As someone else said, they do not really make exceptions for emergencies.\r They will try to fit you in more

Caring and competent 11/21/2006

We have been taking our dog to Dr. Vanderhoof for ten years. They have always provided excellent, caring treatment for her. They are conservative in recommending expensive surgery/treatment. She did recently need surgery to have some benign cysts removed. They've been watching them for years and told us we didn't need to do anything about them unless they ruptured. One did and it wasn't healing well so they then recommended we do the surgery to clean it out and remove the others. The final bill was only 60% of the original estimate. They have always treated us and the dog with respect and care. I highly recommend this clinic. more

Bleed you dry. 10/30/2006

We went to Dr V. ten years ago when we took our elderly boxer to him, he wanted to do all these extra tests with all the bells and whistles ( and pricey) just "to see IF...' When we already knew he had cancer. Fast foward ten years later, we take our second boxer to him to get a small lesion on his face looked at, to "look" he charged almost $300. He wanted to do a battery of tests and the estimate given by the office was close to 1000 bones, that was not including the treatment (of course) which would be unknown!After a good cry and feelings of being a horrible owner because we weren't zillionaires we went to anothe vet which knew what our dog had, did ONE precise test and fixed our little buddy for less than Dr. V's "look at" fee. He seems sweet and nice and smiles an awful lot but you will pay...oh how you will pay... PROS: CONS: thin wallet. more

Rude and uncareing 10/29/2006

STAY AWAY!!!!!Don't trust your pet's life to them.Very rude staff!!! Incompetent vets. Will turn away your pet even when it's an emergency!!Worst experience ever. PROS: NONE CONS: Rude, unprofessional and jerks! more

Caring, friendly staff make the difference. 9/26/2006

We brought Dr. V our senior cat near death's door, and he and his staff nursed her back to a point to give her a fighting chance. Dr. Vanderhoof is very competent, dedicated, and conscientious. He called us almost every morning (weekdays and weekends) to give us a progress report, in addition to the reports in person when we visited our pet @ the hospital. I wish that physicians would treat their human patients with as much consideration.\r \r Roberta, the chief nurse and hospital manager, is amazing. She really runs the place and sets the tone-- they take excellent care of their animals and keep the hospital and cages spotless. The staff really seem to love the animals. They're constantly thinking of ways to make th pet more comfortable, recover. They knew most of their patient by name and are always ready with a treat for the pets. The receptionists visit and pet the hospitalized animals when they have a spare moment.\r \r We highly recommend Dr. V and his terrific hospital. PROS: Kind more
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