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Thank you, Marcia, for your services! In 2010, my Mother was faced with over $9,000 in back taxes and threatening letters from the IRS to levy her accounts. Her previous 3 years...


This review is based on only 2 short phone conversations. My job requires me to look at tax returns all day and I have a very good knowledge on how to prepare an average Form 104...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/21/2013

Thank you for ANOTHER perfect & timely job preparing our tax returns! My wife & I always appreciate your very professional, accurate & timely service, with a minimum of consultation. I am glad that you understand how to report oil & gas income & expenses too. Upon receipt of your completed return, I have reviewed it quite thoroughly and find it 100% A-Ok. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/17/2013

Marcia has been working with me over the past year, straightening out my taxes and helping me get organized financially. Recently, when the IRS opened an audit on previous tax year, Marcia went to bat for me. She even managed to get the audit closed which was a huge relief. My hat is off to her and her expertise. I don't know where I would be without her help. \r \r Give her a try. You'll be glad that you did. more

* * * * * THIS CPA?? MARCIA IS THE BEST IN TOWN * * * * 7/11/2012

THIS CPA?????..... I THINK THAT MARCIA IS THE BEST CPA IN TOWN\r \r * EXPERIENCED \r * HELPFUL\r * REASONABLY PRICED\r * FREE REVIEW OF PRIOR YEAR TAX RETURN \r \r I called Marcia office and left her a message on her recorder. She called me back, within about 8 hours and I scheduled an appointment with her.\r \r She is not like other firms, because she has 30 years of tax preparation experience.\r \r Later, Marcia reviewed my prior year tax return and asked me LOTS of questions. She then prepared an amended tax return for me. \r \r As a direct result of her work, I was able to claim an additional IRS refund of $ 3,100!!\r \r Anyway, I plan to use Marcia’s services, for a long time in the future.\r more

Cheapest tax preparer in town - I actually paid her nothing out of my pocket - Uncle Sam paid her 7/5/2012

I use to brag to my co-workers, that I only paid $ 100 to have my tax preparer fill out my federal and two state tax returns. Then someone told me about this CPA that is really good with income returns & audits. I use to go to the cheapest tax preparer in town. \r \r This CPA reviewed my prior year tax return for FREE.\r Then she amended my prior year return and got me a refund of over $6,000 in taxes\r \r Marcia knows a lot about helping me claim the maximum deductions allowed, helps me grow my small business, by not only saving me $ on my taxes, but helps me expand my network of bus contacts, helps me with economical advertising opportunities and tells me how to save more money next year, by using a few of her suggestions.\r \r Will she be doing my next years tax return? Are you kidding, even if I move, I will continue to mail her my documents and have her do my taxes for many years to come. She says if I am out of town and need a tax appointment, we can use her web cam to have a ""live"" in person appointment, no matter where I move my office to in the USA.\r \r Richard Ryberg more


Thank you, Marcia, for your services! In 2010, my Mother was faced with over $9,000 in back taxes and threatening letters from the IRS to levy her accounts. Her previous 3 years of taxes had been filed by a well-meaning, but ignorant person, who did not understand my Mom’s situation as a self-employed home health provider. I went to Marcia anxious to help my Mom. She was extremely professional and very caring. She took the time to fully understand my Mom’s situation, asking a lot of questions, and explained in great detail what she needed from us. Marcia amended all of my Mom’s tax returns and, in the end, mitigated my Mom’s liability to $758. Her charge for the returns was very reasonable and I couldn’t thank Marcia enough! I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a CPA with an unequaled knowledge of our tax code and professional attitude. Thanks again, Marcia!! more


WE APPLAUD YOU.... MARCIA,… FOR YOUR INCREDIBLE WORK ETHIC, HONESTY AND INTEGRITY After the great results that my mom and dad received, from having Marcia, represent them for an IRS audit, we decided to bring in all our financial and tax work, for both our personal and business’. The customer service that my family and I have experienced, from you has been superb and unparalleled, by any former CPA’s. For us, Marcia is the only CPA that we have found that we really feel really tries to help us grow our business’, while still trying to implement strategies to minimize our expenses, while maximizing tax deductions, in order to save us the maximum legal amount in federal income tax liability, each and every year. Due to her knowledge and experience, we continue to financially benefit, with her as our financial professional. Overall, my husband & I have been using Marcia Van Norman, CPA for about 4 years, so we can safely say that we have been extremely satisfied with her level of due diligence and expertise in assisting us with a variety of personal and business financial and or tax matters. Marcia has been very responsive to our financial needs and concerns. If she did not have an immediate answer to my question, she would always get back to us shortly after looking into the issue in more depth. Recently, you solved one of our “shoebox bookkeeping” nightmares, by my son, whom just opened his own construction company. Another company offered my son a great solution, but which would have cost him 400% more. Your honest is refreshing and welcomed in such a difficult economy. By implementing one your creative and simple solutions, my son is now able to manage his business expenses quickly and effectively. THANK YOU, MARCIA, for all your hard work and everything that you continue to do and have done for us personally. Moreover you are one of the key reasons that our business’ to continue to grow and expand. more


This CPA, Marcia .... is really good and knows how to help her clients with tax returns, IRS audits, Government grant audits, bookkeeping, QuickBooks & payroll. My family & I have been going to this CPA for years for her professional services. Recently I hired Marcia to handle my IRS audit. Wow, I turned over all my tax documents and Marcia took care of everything for me. She is very organized, though, and comprehensive. After successfully representing, handling & closing the IRS audit for me, I plan to continue to utilize her vast amount of professional services, including preparing my tax returns! Thank you Marcia for all your due diligence and hard work! Tom more


This is the BEST CPA that I have worked with in 30 years! She is patient, reasonably priced and answered all my questions. During my first year with her, she found some errors on 3 of my prior year tax returns, so she prepared amended returns and got me back refunds totaling $10,000! ACCURATE TAX RETURNS: I no longer worry about IRS audits: After Marcia prepares our return, she returns it with all of our original tax documents, cross referenced to the tax return, so that we know the return is correct and exactly were all the income & expenses are included on our return. KIND & PATIENT: “Over the last few years, I have needed help with various tax return issues, including some IRS tax notices for adjustments to income. Marcia was able to read the notices & explain the various IRS regulations to me. PROFESSIONAL: I was quite pleased at how much she was able to assist us with educating us and guiding us through the maze of IRS rules and regulations for income and expenses. KNOWLEDGEABLE: “Recently, Marcia helped me again with another area of the tax code. Marcia, I am consistently amazed at how well you are able to identify and process all the savings you find…………. Thanks again for your help and I will bring in my tax data again soon! more


Marcia is the worst cpa you could ever work with! AVOID AVOID AVOID!\r \r She did horrors to our taxes and is very rude, unprofessional and messes up on her own work. Besides the fact that she chargers extremely too much money for her horrible services she makes many mistakes! She charged us over $600 for a 1040 form to be done. She even tried to keep our original documentations hostage when she tried to charge another $350 on top of the $600 she already received. I even had to contact Texas State Board of Public Accountancy to get my documentations she was holding against us. On top of these preposterous charges she charged us $150 per hour for her unprofessional services. For one amended she wanted to charge $890 for a tax return of $1800! I am telling you do NOT go to her! All she wants is to take advantage of people and get money for something she cannot do well at all.\r Do not get confused by her first impression, she sounds professional and nice but it is the opposite. Once you start working with her you will see what you got yourself into. The other reviews might be positive but do not get that confident to trust her with her services. I hope this helps for future victims! more

Marcia is the Best! 6/14/2011

Marcia is so wonderful! My husband and I are so fortunate to have found her. She really cares about giving her customers the very BEST! She explains everything, and she gives us advice on how we can put more money in our pockets. We have used her for the past two years now, and we will definitely be using her for many years to come. \r \r As far as our returns go.... We have never before recieved a refund using places like H&R block which has also cost a few hundred to file. Marcia has found ins and outs helping us get our max refund (8K - 14K/year).\r \r She is so wonderful to work with as well, and she responds quickly to phone calls and emails. I couldn't ask for more! more

MVN CPA 2/2/2011

Marcia has been great to work with on bookkeeping and taxes. She explains everything and doesn't mind when you have to ask the same question again! She helped me to truely understand what i needed to do to help her HELP me....keeping my stuff striaght and accounted for!!!!! more

MVNCPA saved me $32,000 1/26/2011

Marcia helped me with my taxes from 2002-2009. I was self-employed and my books were a complete mess. Not only did she save me from $32,000 in back-taxes, but I actually got a $2300 check after it was all done. Go Marcia, Thank you very very much!! - MB more

Great Accounting Service 12/6/2010

I was about to launch my own computer repair business and I was having trouble figuring out how to setup my business for tax purposes. After researching different companies online I decided to give Van Norman Marcia a call. I setup an appointment and met Marcia the next day. She was very knowledgeable about my particular business and gave me some sound advice on how to set my business up. I will end up saving more money for my business than I spent on her services. I am very happy. Thanks Ryan more

Won't get my $$$ again, very bad experience 6/3/2010

After reading the glowing reviews online I decided to give Marcia a try, turned out to be a huge mistake and a complete waste of $275. I bought my first home in late 2009 and thought I'd better let a ""tax professional"" do them to make sure I got all I was due. I met briefly with Marcia in late 2009 for a quick (really, about 30 minutes) self education session that cost me $75. She told me she would have the tax organizers out by Jan 15th, it didn't come. I emailed her on January 28th asking for a status and got a reply that she had computer problems (a virus as I recall) and they would be going out shortly. I completed the organizer and dropped off my paperwork to her in mid-February. I retrieved them from her on March 4th and mailed my return to the IRS on March 5th. That's right, $275 and I don't even get an e-file for crying out loud!!! I checked the IRS website regularly for the status on my taxes and they indicated that I would have my refund no later than April 20th. So, I waited patiently. On April 15th (oh, the irony) I got a letter from the IRS telling me they were missing my Schedule L form *AND* my return was on hold for 8 weeks until they received the Schedule L. I was leaving on vacation the next day and kind of planning to use the money to pay for the vacation. Anyhow, I looked though my copies and verified the Schedule L was missing so I called Marcia and left a message explaining the letter, she called back a few hours later asking me to scan & email the letter and that she would send the letter and missing form in for me. So now I get to wait another 6-8 weeks for my refund. June 2nd I call the IRS to get status on my refund and I am informed they never received the Schedule L and would be processing my return at a reduced amount. I can still send in the Schedule L and get a second refund of the difference, *I* will be handling that and sending it via Certified Mail. I can't say Marcia didn't send it, I just know the IRS didn't get it. (IRS RANT - I called a few times before to see if the Schedule L had been received but they are unable to answer that question until the 8 weeks is up). So thanks to Marcia's error a refund that I should have received in mid-April won't get to me before mid-July now. Cons: Messed up my taxes delaying my refund 3+ months more

Solid First Impression 4/11/2010

Marcia (pronounced as if spelled ""Marsha"") gave a good first impression. Our previous tax preparer retired, so I went online for recommendations. Marcia gave me a Saturday appointment about mid-March, where she does business out of her house, in Round Rock, just East of I35. Our previous tax preparer did not charge extra for adding up medical and other expenses. Marcia said she would do this, but it would be at an additional hourly charge. -She explained she prefers her clients to present her with all needed totals so she doesn't have to make decisions based on unclear receipts. Other than that, she seemed personable and open to a middle-of-the-road approach to tax filing, neither too aggressive nor too lax. We've not yet received the completed return, so I can't comment on the end product or timliness, but, as I said at the beginning, she gave us a sufficiently solid first impression that we decided to enlist with her. Hope this helps! :-) Pros: Saturday appointment, taking new clients, Cons: Charges after 30 minutes initial appointment more


My husband & I have changed CPA's every 2-3 years due to various issues with CPA preparer.\r \r However, I just picked up our completed tax return and wow am I thrilled.\r \r MARCIA VAN NORMAN, CPA is the BEST CPA that we have found in 20 years!!\r \r Marcia was EXTREMELY HELPFUL with our Schedule E - Rental Building.\r \r She answered all of our rental questions on our list, which helped educate us in what to give her for our Schedule E - Rental building, so we could maximize our deductions!\r \r She did a great job done on our tax preparation, so we definitely will be going back to her next year.""\r \r \r Pros: Knows IRS - Knowledgeable about tax law - Experienced more

Not very helpful 3/4/2010

This review is based on only 2 short phone conversations. My job requires me to look at tax returns all day and I have a very good knowledge on how to prepare an average Form 1040. I was lacking knowledge in how to prepare a Schedule E and thought I could pay a CPA review with me the basic principles on completing a Schedule E. I was thinking this overview would take about 30-45 min. When I told Ms Van Norman what services I required she said that she only does return preparation and does not ""teach"" how to prepare returns. I asked if she could refer me somewhere where I could find the assistance I was looking for and she said ""no"". I did not think my request was unreasonable. Ms Van Norman did not show any interest in wanting to help me. Pros: Answered her phone, good reviews Cons: would not answer my questions more

Thorough & Aggressive CPA 11/11/2009

I began using Marcia for my 1997 taxes, after I connected with her by winning an auction - our connection was essentially a ""cold call."" I was a brand new Anesthesiologist, with a new mortgage, a variety of investments, and two small children. From the outset, I was impressed by how much Marcia was able to save us on our Income Taxes. She knows the IRS regulations, knows how to ""work the system"", and is adept at organizing an array of records. The first year we used her, she saved us several thousand dollars more than we would have been able to do on our own.\r Marcia has continued to organize and prepare our taxes on an annual basis ever since. Over the past 11 years, our finances have become increasingly more complex. We now own several rental houses, have diversified our investments, survived a direct hit by Hurricane Ike, and have purchased a brand new house. In each instance, Marcia has guided us in such a manner that we were able to avoid sending tens of thousands of dollars to the IRS. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she will research any questionable situation until she determines the best way to save her clients money.\r Marcia is scrupulous to a fault. There have been times when she forced us to pay a penny in order to save a dime. She resisted our urges to manipulate situations when the truth could have been compromised. Despite limiting our tax burden, I am confident that her actions have protected us from any audits over the past 11 years.\r We are consistently amazed at how well Marcia is able to identify and process all the savings she has found. What began as a cold call has turned into a positive and lasting professional relationship. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone and everyone!\r Pros: Experienced, Thorough, Aggressive, Knowledgeable Cons: Lives outside of Houston more

Professional Cpa 4/11/2009

Marcia Van Norman is the best CPA I have worked with yet. She is very knowledgeable and works hard to do an amazing job for you. \r Guaranteed to deliver Professionalism, years of Knowledge, and treat you with Personal Care. \r Thank You Marcia! Pros: Professional with a Personal Flare more

Taxes with personal attention 3/27/2009

Marcia was able to quickly analyze my taxes and make a list of items that I needed to provide her. I was able to provide her the rest of the information via fax/email, thus saving me another trip. Pros: Knows her stuff! Cons: higher cost ... but higher reward more
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