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Valley Thrift Store - 38 Reviews - 9840 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH - Retail Shopping Reviews - Phone (513) 829-2800

Valley Thrift Store

9840 Reading Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45241
(513) 829-2800
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I have only shopped here a few times I love how organized everything is. I like how they now have fitting rooms so your not guessing if something fits or not nothing like buying s...


Have shopped here for years. Good ideals Its a thrift store. Don't expect Macy's display. Some good some too high, just gotta shop. Lots of foriegners work there. Communi...

Great Deals Here 7/28/2017

Love this thrift store, find deals here, but they are overpriced on some items, like towels. I do not want to pay $3.00 - $7.00 on used towels, you can buy NEW towels at Macy's, J.C. Penneys, and Kohls on sale for $3.00 - $7.00, so I would prefer the new ones for the same price over the used towels. Sometimes they are kinda high on brand named items, sometimes not. Just depends on the day you go, but I keep going back looking for that diamond in the ruff, so overall they are a good thrift store. more

Allie B 12/7/2015

Have shopped here for years. Good ideals Its a thrift store. Don't expect Macy's display. Some good some too high, just gotta shop. Lots of foriegners work there. Communication not the best. more

Valley Thrift the Good and the Bad 10/8/2012

I read over the comments and especially the negative ones and for the most part do find them honest and correct, but it doesn't stop me from shopping there. I am always looking for that special item that I didn't know I needed. LOL . I love when I find a old table that can be rehabbed on Moday's 25% off day! Doesn't always happen but when it does YIPPEE. Shoppers need to be aware of the no return policy and make sure something works before you buy it. Check clothing for carefully for stains, wholes, etc. It's a thrift store not high end retail. Use common sense. I have seen a rise in prices in furniture over the past couple of years. With our bad economy thrift shopping is more popular and prices of some things seem ridiculous. So just do buy it. Often times, you can check back the following week and find the price reduced. OH, and by-the-way, it's not just Valley Thrift who has higher prices it's also GoodWill, and St. Vincent DePaul who have the same price increases. more

service sucks 5/14/2012

ll never shop here again... bought a bike for myself got it home tryed to ride it stearing was messed up called the store immediatley and they wldnt even offer instore credit or exchange... called the corporate office no help either the correct # for the store is 563-0555.... wont shop here again!! more


I had several large toys that would not fit in a bag, they do not have bags big enough. I was waiting in line and a clerk said she was opening up. I go over and she takes FOREVER to ring me up. Had an attitude from the get-go. I had said and done NOTHING at that point to provoke the behavior but it was purposeful and she had an attitude. I try to hurry things along by bagging a few things that WILL fit in a bag. You would think she'd appreciate the help! I had several large toys that would not fit in a bag, they do not have bags big enough. Instead of continuing with the sale and running my card, she stands there and looks at me and doesn't say a thing, doesn't continue! When I ask her to please run my card, she THEN tells me she needs my Driver's license. But she doesn't tell me this till I ask her to please run the card (I was in a bit of a hurry). Then she insists that EVERYTHING has to be bagged!! We're talking huge toys that barely fit in the cart. I have been to the Fairfield store and anything that large they have never insisted it be bagged. She claims it is store policy. She calls the manager over who is just as rude and has an attitude. I as her to hand me my receipt as she is still purposely standing there and purposely holding me up!! I was fed up at that point and said KEEP IT! And walked out. I appreciate a good deal as much as the next person but I have never been treated like that at any other thrift shop and deal or no I will not tolerate the behavior! I will never be back to Evendale Valley Thrift!! more

Buyers be Aware 2/16/2012

My wife and I try to shop Valley thrift store 3 to 5 times a week. We have a small used goods store of our own and have found that Valley's prices are reasonable and the quality of merchandise is both satisfying and acceptable for resale in our store. Until today, when that all changed. Making my way to the electronics, as I always do, I find myself looking at a beautiful neon beer light. And after picking it up I realize that I have bed bugs crawling all over my hands and the light. My wife and some other customers took video with their phones. Now after I took it to the back , I was given a trash can to drop it in . Heres the part that makes me never want to return to the store again...not 25 minutes later, I found the same light back on the shelf where I had first found it. Bed bugs and all. Why do you think this is? more

VERY DISSS-appointed!! 11/15/2011

I'm a frequent shopper @ Valley Thrift in Fairfield~~1-2x wk. & my daughter & her friends. Last night while shopping- we both found a couple sweaters we wanted to try on. While trying them on, over-top our clothes, we used the end-aisle mirrors. Three workers came--stepped in front of us-- and COVERED THE MIRRORS WITH SHEETS!! RUDEST THING EVERRR! They told us the manager told them to do it b/c people use the mirrors & leave unwanted clothing on the racks by the mirrors. We had NOT DONE THIS! We wanted all that we tried on. I spoke to the manager about it--SHE WAS NOT APOLOGETIC!! I told her to take the mirrors down if you don't want people using them--she said--" "We Can do that..." I'm absolutely appauled~~ INEXCUSABLE BEHAVIOR!!!! : ( more

Not so thrifty anymore 10/1/2011

I was a frequent shopper at both the locations on Reading Road and Route 4 in Hamilton. I guess they have to make up for the overhead on the remodeling from several years ago because the prices have become ridiculous! The other reviewer was not lying about $80.00 coats and knockoff purses. I used to find nice vintage leathers in there for under 10 bucks. Now they want $30.00 or more for leathers and coats that are worn, faded, smell of water damage and mildew and are older that dirt. If you go to the Reading rd location on the weekend and don't get there by 11 am you can forget it as far as parking. People will double park, invent spots and wait in the middle of the aisles until one opens up. They are constantly making announcements in the store about people's cars being hit. It's just not worth the headache anymore. I still go occasionally but I am not finding the bargains that I used to. more

High prices for donated items!!! 9/28/2011

I just went to the Valley Thrift Store in Dayton Oh on Woodman Dr. The prices were horrible! I've been there before and it wasn't like that. I overheard others talking saying the same thing. I'm not goint to pay $20.00 - $50.00 dollars for a used pair of boots or shoes. I seen coats that were torn that were $80.00 and purses "Vera Bradley" that the handles were worn, shredded, and bags were stained and discolored, they still wanted $20.00 to $30.00 for them. Fake L.Vuitton's were $80.00. Who's pricing this stuff! It might be a charity but the prices should not be that high. more

(513)563-0012 9/15/2011

The phone number is (513)563-0012. WRITE IT DOWN! Very hard to find, actually re-called St Vincent DePaul to ask them if they had it. :( Very odd that it is so hard to find. more

Good prices on clothing 8/24/2011

I like the price's on the clothing. My daughter wear's a lot of clothes in one day. I like that I was able to buy her enough clothe's for one week. Under $5.00. That's great, I am able to come back a few more times and get her some pant's and long sleeve shirts. I know that she was happy to pick out her own clothes. So thanks for the great price's! more

clothing 7/19/2011

they mark one price then tell you it was marked with wrong price & can not tell what it sells for more

Disappointed 7/10/2011

My daughter was trying on clothes and I saw that they now have new handscanners for their employees to clock in and out. I won't be shopping there again or allowing my daughter to. I will not support any place that treats it's employees like this. Handscanners should be outlawed and companies that use them should be boycotted. more

great buys 5/29/2011

I have only shopped here a few times I love how organized everything is. I like how they now have fitting rooms so your not guessing if something fits or not nothing like buying something to wear and you get it home and it is the wrong size and you can't return it. The prices are very reasonable also. Just a great store! more

Degrading treatment by manager to a professional purchasing for children charities 5/14/2011

Donna and Comzi were managers with no professional background or training in dealing with people as customers. The clerk at the check out counter was initially helpful but lied along with Donna on a price difference where three different prices on two identical objects was questioned by me. They lie about the policy. I have been a private donator to this business for 12 years and go in once a week to privately purchase things for unfortunate children in shelters and orphanges. Last week I spent $188.00 in their store in Evendale and prior to this review I have not had the treatment that I experienced yesterday. The Evendale Police Dept. was called when I ask to talk with someone whom could answer questions regarding a purchase. I had purchases amounting to $75.00 at that time. I commend the Evendale police officer for getting me the help that was needed to expedite things in this matter. I was told I could call a manager the next day but not given a number to the store nor told that there was not a telephone number to be reached. There were approx. 60-70 customers witnessing this appolling situation and there difinately needs to be some sensitivity to custumers who patronize in order that those same employees have and keep their job. Diversity training is also greatly needed. I have witnesses to the misconduct of these employees and they too are saying that it was definitely mistreatment and unprofesionalism. I have no complaints regardinging the stores in Fairfield or Evendale as it helps me giving back to the community and society as a whole the usefulness is great. In fact, on this particular day 3 employees were very helpful and courteous with purchasing during the 3 hrs I was there. I plan to discuss this further in attempts to eliminate this from happening to anyone again or repeatedly. I have not violated any terms of Use in this matter. more

Shopping experience 4/6/2011

Took my mother shopping and was having a good time at it. We had just finished checking out with the clerk when another clerk came over and took my bags and rechecked the items in the bags. I was shocked ! I have no idea what was up with that...I have never been subjected to that before. WE WILL NEVER BE BACK. Big mistake! That was just wrong. There was no reason to recheck my items. The clerk did a good job and was very pleasant. more

This store is AWSOME!! 3/13/2011

This is the best thrifstore ever!! I never go without finding a good buy on something I really want. If your willing to take the time to look there is something for everyone at a reasonable price. more

Vtech Game System....DERP! 2/25/2011

Rhonda its a Vtech Game System... Derp! You definately have some internal issues with different sizes of people and skin color. Check yourself gurl. I have been shopping there for over two years and yes I have seen a bit of a breakdown in the organization of items, although it still offers a great variety of clothing and knicknacks.First, check your facts people The Valley Thrift Store is a registered Trade Name and is owned by Cherryhill Management, Inc. a 'For Profit' business. I agree am abit disappointed in what initally believed to be a nonprofit but hey this info is public. more

whats wrong with this picture 1/25/2011

Today I attempted to put in an aplication at the thrift store on reading rd ,after filling out the aplication I was able to talk to a manager and was told that i would be unable to be considered because of an 5 year old felony conviction. Now this is not a new thing to me but it is very dishearting when it is at a place that claims to be a sevice to the community and they wont even consider qualified people for position. Even more disturbing was that fact that I had to speak with 6 different people to even get the application because of all the only spanish speaking people working in the back ,now i have paid my debts to society an still not able to take care of my familly due to places like this. If a place like such that has used and donated things will not help the community in witch in does business then it should be shut down for hiring illegals just as many other businesses are. I have volenteered my time at many places and donated clothes and furinture but Valley Thrift will never be on that list of places I will help or suport. more

ignorant people 1/13/2011

First of all stop being ignorant and racist. do you have any other words to describe someone. woooppty doo you didn't get a game system for what $1.99. Stop being cheap!! She was doing her freaking job. more
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