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My hats off to the whole crew: Dr Chris, candice, and Devin they all got magic hands. They are proffesionals and they know how to treat people related injuries very good. I was ...


All reviews seem positive

Very friendly staff 5/28/2011

My hats off to the whole crew: Dr Chris, candice, and Devin they all got magic hands. They are proffesionals and they know how to treat people related injuries very good. I was involve in a car/ motorcycle accident (I was the one riding the bike w/ my son) and my son's friend told us about this clinic, they were short in compliments, because this is the best thing that has happened to me (The chiropractor sessions and the massage terapy). Also is nice to arrive to the place and be greeated from the case manager receptionist Emily w/ a beatifull smile. Keep the good work up! more

Best experience ever!!! 3/2/2011

Drs. Harbrecht and Grant are an amazing team!!! With both holistic and scientific backgrounds to draw from, the experience that is to be had at Utah Injury Clinic is nothing short of miraculous. The Drs. at UIC are compassionate and caring in their approach to my injuries due to an auto accident i was resently involved in. I was at my wits end after my auto accident and didn't know where to turn for help. Luckily I had a friend that had been treated by Dr. Harbrecht for a sports injury with great success and referred me to UIC. I had been in such pain that i was missing work and not able to concentrate. My family and friends had commented on my lack of energy and happiness since the accident. But the vast improvement in my health and attitude has given me a new perspective on my healthcare needs and how to treat those minor bumps and bruises we all have in life. Thanks Utah Injury Drs. and staff for teaching me how to live better and free from pain. Forever grateful, Sheree more

Dr. Harbrecht is a miracle worker!!! 7/26/2010

Dr. Harbrecht was my chiropractor about 4 years ago for 2 years and I had to stop going because of financial stress and it was the biggest mistake! Recently I have been in a lot of pain and could not find where he worked due to him switching clinics, so I stalked the internet and previous clinics until I found him! He now works in the same complex where I work and am so relieved to have found that his office is so close! I was a very competitive athlete for many years, was in a very serious car accident as well as a jeep rollover, have suffered from severe migraines for 13 years and do hair for a living. Over the years all of these have taken a serious toll on me physically and I was in a lot of daily pain. I was only 22 but felt like an old woman and as most skeptics figured I would just have to deal with it and refused to see any doctors. I met Dr. Harbrecht at an event and just had a good feeling to trust him so I started treatment. He was very thorough in his examination asking a lot of questions, he actually listened to what I was saying, took my x-rays and I was a mess. After going regularly for 1 year more x-rays were taken and not only did I feel amazing I was straight as an arrow. My migraines were almost non existent and I could work without pain and participate in sports again. Also I didn't get so much as a cold for 3 years! I have been going to the new clinic for a few weeks now and love how professional and kind everyone is that works there. I highly recommend this clinic and swear by their methods. I already feel a lot better and will never stop seeing Dr. Harbrecht, he has changed my life in an amazing way and I will be forever grateful to him and his staff!! Thank you so much Pros: amazing team, central location, resonable prices Cons: none more

Utah Injury Clinic is 5 Stars!!!! 12/21/2009

Dr. Tom Grant is a real pro at what he does. I was told my only option was surgery to repair my lower back damage. That I should apply for disability and just get it over with. Dr. Grant told me that it looked bleak, but that he would work with me if I would give a good effort on my part. I'm glad I did. The results speak for them self. Anyone who has witnessed my progress over the last 2 month can surely say that Dr. Grant has pulled off a miracle. You are the BEST, Dr. Grant. Thank You Steve Pros: I've received the BEST treatment by Dr. Tom Grant! more

Dr Grant and Kristal are amazing 9/17/2009

Dr. Grant and Kristal are an amazing team. I was involved in a high mechanism car accident 9-8-09. I went to the ER and waited 2 1/2 hours for a MD to come in to evaluate me. He felt my spine, had me make some faces at him and look into a light and tell me to take 800 mg Ibuprofin for the next 2 weeks and to come back if the pain doesn't get better. The very next morning Dr. Grant was able to see me in his office to begin my recovery. He actually asked why I hadn't called when it happened (10:30 at night) instead of the next morning! The addition of Kristal in the office has helped incredibly. If you don't believe in massage, a single 30 minute massage will change your mind forever! She cares for her patients as much as Dr. Grant does, and together both of them can help you feel better. I know they can because they have helped me feel so much better in just over a week. Everyone where I work is impressed when they see the pictures of the accident I was involved in and how soon I am back to work with as little pain as I generally experience now! Not to leave out the rest of the staff there, the girls who answer the phones and run the office are just as curteous as can be, and do what they can to work with your schedule! In short: They are awesome, and if you do what they tell you to (a route i recommend-they know what they are talking about!) youcan feel great too! Thanks you guys! Pros: everything Cons: anything less than none? more

Personable Holistic Care! 9/3/2009

Dr Grant has incredible knowledge, experience and expertise in care of the body as a whole, which produces real and lasting results. His care is very interactive and he generously passes the education on to you to empower you to heal! Thanks for all you've done for me and many others! more

Dr. Grant and his staff are GREAT!! 8/26/2009

If you’re reading this, then you are probably wondering the same thing I wondered several months which include 1) does chiropractic care really work, and 2) can Dr. Grant make me better? Let me first tell you that I had never been to a chiropractor before. Up till I started seeing Dr. Grant, I’ve been taking extra-strength Tylenol and Advil for any muscle, neck and head pain. Recently I was involved in a car accident that rendered several head, neck and back pains more frequently with more intensity, as well as migraines. Well, the quick fix, pill-popping solution didn’t seem to work, and I found Dr. Grant through the internet. In my first visit, Dr. Grant explained things I never really quite understood, and he showed me visuals on how misaligned vertebrae could really put pressure on some of my nerves. He also discussed how untreated soft tissue damage could cause problems later in life. He also explained to me how pain-killers could ease the pain, but it never fixes the problem. So, I decided to continue with Dr. Grant. However, my body isn’t used to being bent, cracked or contorted. Needless to say, my body was resistant to chiropractic treatment. However, Dr. Grant has a great way of putting your mind at ease and relaxing you. That trust in Dr. Grant only continued to grow: each week, I could tell my head, neck, and body pains were getting better. It’s been weeks since I’ve had any head or neck pain, and so it’s been weeks since I’ve had to use any pain killers. Dr. Grant, Crystal, and the rest of his staff are very professional, and show the kindness and compassion that every patient seeks. In answer to the first question; YES, chiropractic care does work and is a longer term fix than pain killers, and YES, Dr. Grant can surely alleviate those head, neck, and body aches! I highly recommend Dr. Grant’s chiropractic care not only for those that are injured but those that need realignments and massage therapy and just want to live well and healthy. Finding trust in someone that can make you feel better without medication is tough to find….. I have found that in Dr. Grant and his staff, and so too will you. Pros: professional and compassionate Cons: not enough time in the day more

Great work! 8/20/2009

Dr. Grant gave a real thorough diagnosis and explained what was happening in a way that made sense to me. After an initial adjustment I felt much better, and that was even before he looked over the x-rays to start the real work. Pros: Excellent diagnosis, wonderful service! more

Great doctor and awesome massage therapist. 7/20/2009

Dr. Grant has been my doctor for years, and he has always focused on educating me about my problem so that we can fix it together. He doesn't just do the same things on every visit. He pinpoints your issue and helps you resolve it through therapy and finding the bad habits that caused it. Krystal, his massage therapist, really knows her stuff, too. My back feels so relaxed when she's done. And Andrea really makes the whole insurance experience easy to understand and painless. I love this place! Pros: Fixes the problem instead of patching it. Cons: I wish I lived closer more

Absolutely Amazing 6/12/2009

I was in terrible pain and was unable to move my neck. A coworker referred me to Dr. Grant. He was extremely thorough when you have your first visit, making sure he explains in depth, what is causing you the pain and discomfort. Within the first visit, I felt better and was able to move my neck. The next morning, I felt fantastic. He is very efficient and truly cares for your well being. I would highly recommend him to anyone. more

Great, wonderful Chiropractor!!! 6/4/2009

I have been going to Dr. Grant since May of 2008. My neck was in a lot of pain and I happened across him from the phone book. When talking on the phone with him, I was so impressed with his knowledge and willingness to talk with me concerning my problem neck. He seemed to be genuinely interested in me in both a person as well as a potential client. My first meeting went well. We discussed options of treatments and my outlook for healing. He took x-rays and we were off running. Dr. Grant has so much knowledge in this field as well as wanting to heal the whole person and not just the neck. One year later; I am still going to see him, but not as frequently. I don't need to because he helped me get to a point where I don't have to go as often. To this day, I am still pleasantly surprised with his healing treatments. I would recommend him hands down over the many other Chiropractors I have seen in the past. I trust him completely in helping me live pain free!!!! Thanks Dr. Grant. And, thanks for hiring Andrea. She is an asset to your business. C. Greene Pros: Genuine, helpful and caring Cons: There are none!!! more

Dr. Grant has been great! 5/17/2009

I started to use Dr. Grant about a month after a car accident. My neck was especially bothering me and no matter what I tried, I could not get it to feel comfortable at all. Even after the first visit with Dr. Grant, my neck felt 100% better. I appreciate his help in my recovery. Pros: He has helped me to feel so much better QUICKLY more

thank god 4/6/2009

This was the first time I have ever been to a chiropractor. I was very skeptical but my back and neck have been in pain for years so I gave it a shot not only was Dr. Grant caring and very informative. My back and neck pain was gone the very first adjustment. I feel like I have a new back. Should have gone to Dr. Grant years ago. I highly recommend Dr. Grant & Millcreek Chiropractic. Thank you Dr. Grant. David R. more

Chiropractic Care That Will Change Your Life! 3/24/2009

I found out about the Utah Injury Clinic at a health fair that took place at my work. I had been suffering from chronic migraines along with neck and lower back pain for years due to previous sports injuries and a car accident. I felt like I was an old woman trapped in my 20-something year old body and I was really frustrated. I had seen many different chiropractors and physical therapists for my neck and lower back pain as well as a neurologist and internist for my chronic headaches but none of them had ever been able to completely heal me or figure out why I was having these problems. As fate would have it a few weeks after meeting Dr. Grant at the fair I was in another car accident where the car I was riding in rear-ended another car. My neck and lower back pain were once again acute and I knew it was time for me to visit Dr. Grant as I had been impressed by him at the health fair. I called Dr. Grant and he arranged to see me right away. I was worried about the medical costs but as Dr. Grant specializes in healing injuries caused by auto accidents he was able to answer my questions and took the time to help me fill out all of the forms to turn into my car insurance company. He even made an extra effort to become an in-network provider for my private health insurance provider so that I could continue to see him after my PIP (Personal Injury Protection) from my car insurance ended. I could tell from the beginning that his primary concern was to help heal my injuries, not to get a paycheck out of me. My first visit with Dr. Grant was thoroughly comprehensive and he took the time to explain my condition to me. We discovered that my chronic migraines and neck pain were caused by the injuries I had sustained in my first car accident two and a half years previously and which had once again been aggravated by the whiplash I experienced in the new car accident – injuries that had never healed correctly despite the fact that I had seen a chiropractor after the first accident. Because this chiropractor was not a registered auto injury specialist he did not have the knowledge to help my injuries heal correctly. In subsequent visits Dr. Grant would always explain the procedures he was going to use on me and I always felt comfortable. He has always listened to my concerns as his patient as well as to what my body really needs. I have never once felt like he has adjusted me for no reason. He has also taken the time to educate me as to how to take better care of my back and neck as well as given me a comprehensive set of stretches and exercises to help strengthen the areas of my body that are weak that contribute to my pain. Now, 4 months after the accident, I am feeling better than before it occurred. My chronic headaches have vanished and my neck pain is almost completely gone. My chronic lower back pain has almost completely disappeared and I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this good in years! I never thought that I could get my body back to feeling this great, but Dr. Grant is helping me to accomplish this. My outlook on life is so much brighter now that I know that I won’t have to live another 60+ years with the chronic pains I had previously experienced. I know that for the first time my body is actually HEALING correctly, a miracle that none of my other doctors had accomplished, and I finally feel like a young 20-something year old SHOULD feel. I am so grateful for Dr. Grant and for the care and concern that he has for all of his patients. If you’ve ever been in a car accident or suffer from chronic pain you cannot afford NOT to give Dr. Grant a call. His healing practices will change your life! Pros: Best auto injury specialist in Utah Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

Wow!! 2/23/2009

I am impressed and in less pain. The attention and service is remarkable, but the best is the information you get. You get an explanation of what your body is doing and what you can do to help. I felt empowered and that I was a part of my healing process. Dr. Grant engages you and asks for your input. I actually have the belief and confidence that I will heal and pain will not be "just something I deal with on a daily basis". Millcreek Chiropractic IS a place of healing. more

//// 2/19/2009

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Millcreek Chiropractic's Dr. Grant 2/10/2009

Dr. Grant does an excellent job of addressing a wide range of chiropractic issues. He has recently started using a new method that requires less actual adjustment and, in my own experience, allows for easier recovery. He also gives his patients exercises to assist in building muscle to maintain alignment. I highly recommend Dr. Grant for anyone who is serious about alignment health. Carrie Morgan more

Limited Pain 1/29/2009

For over a year now I have had a constant pain in my shoulder EVERYDAY! It hurts so bad sometimes I am in tears. Since I started getting treatment with Dr. Grant my pain is very minimal now. I don't hurt everyday. Dr. Grant really pays attention to what I am saying about my pain. I can tell he cares about me and his patients. more

Saved my career 2/14/2008

I have been a professional skiier here in Utah for about 8 years. My career and favorite pass time was starting to take a toll on my body. I had a great deal of pain in my lower back and neck and it was starting to limit my activity on the mountain and in every day life. I went to see Dr. Layton at Willow Creek Chiropractic in Millcreek and my life changed. I was imediatley comfortable in their office. Over a short period of time Dr. Layton was able to correct many of my problems and take me out of pain. I gained a lot more flexability and range of motion. I still have weekly visits to maintain my adjustments. I am back up to speed with skiing and my daily life. I feel better than I ever have and now have many of my team mates and sponsers going to see Dr. Layton. more

Best chiropractor in Utah! 2/14/2008

I was really impressed with this doctor. I came in with several problems and instead of just assuming he knew the diagnosis, Dr. Layton actually took the time to listen to me and perform the appropriate exams. I'm a snowboarder and when I found out the doc was recently published in some climbing magazines, I knew I found the right person to help! The other things I liked was the fact that I haven't had to wait to be seen, and I don't have insurance and it was very affordable. My girlfriend made me come in (he helped with with her asthma and allergies) and I'm glad i did. Pros: very intelligent doc, no waiting, affordable Cons: i doubt there are going to be any more
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