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Usaa Federal Savings Bank - 9 Reviews - 10750 Mcdermott Fwy, San Antonio, TX - Management Consultants & Services Reviews - Phone (210) 456-8000

Usaa Federal Savings Bank

10750 Mcdermott Fwy
San Antonio, TX 78288
(210) 456-8000
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Usaa Federal Savings Bank - San Antonio, TX
Usaa Federal Savings Bank - San Antonio, TX


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I used to bank with Wells Fargo. They NEVER helped me on anything. When i wanted something (loan, credit card, etc) it was always no. Not to mention they charged me a monthly ...


I have been a customer for nearly 30 years. Recently the USAA ATM at 1025 Rittiman misread a deposit and put several thousand dollars in my account by mistake. I have tried for n...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/11/2013

I have been a member with USAA since 1974. Yes, I will agree that USAA's ""basic"" services provided by USAA are 4-5 Star. I must highlight the 'situational ethics' that this company has especially when dealing with deceased family members. This is an extremely sad story in how USAA treats long time USAA members.\r \r BLUF: Jurisprudence and legal precedence is not a strong suite of USAA.\r \r In 27 June 2010 our son passed. He was originally injured in an automobile accident in 2004. USAA accomplished a settlement to include setting up a 'Special Needs Trust' (SNT) for him in Nevada. This SNT was set up and filed through the Nevada Court system being completed in March 2006\r \r USAA decided to stop all payments from their own version or reading from their SNT in April 2011. This 'stop payment' was based on paperwork I was requested to sign by USAA in April 2006. The reason I was given by USAA was this paperwork was required to get payments started for his SNT. The paperwork I signed in April 2006 was not filed with the Nevada Court Approved documents nor was it reviewed/approved by the USAA Nevada appointed legal counsel.\r \r To date, these are issues USAA has failed to bring positive closure to our SNT problem.\r \r 1. USAA has done everything they can do to prevent payment of the SNT. By dragging this SNT and payment issue out, helps to continue our pain from the loss of our son. Our son passed over three years ago, yet USAA is not putting their 'best foot forward'. Their continuing stall tactics is doing nothing to help our family bring positive closure to his untimely death. If this was truly a company run by former military personnel, this SNT and loss issue would have been resolved as soon as the issue came to the forefront of senior management.\r \r 2. All of our communications with USAA in 2011 were with low level functionaries in USAA Member Relations. A specific low level functionary in USAA Member Relations, made a serious mistake in what USAA Company Policy is and this error reversed USAA initial response to what our family was told. This failure by USAA is absolutely amazing that such a sensitive issue would be executed by an employee so improperly trained and without oversight from management. Since this point in 2011, this same ""professional"" employee that made this ""mistake"" has been in charge of our file. At no time did a USAA supervisor or USAA senior level manager take charge of our case, contact us (by phone, email or mail) and bring positive closure to our case.\r \r 3. Every time we asked our USAA employee for a specific name of an employee in the legal department or the employee's supervisor handling our case, here was the response:\r a. Lawyer/law firm - ""Our legal section has stated...""\r b. Supervisor - ""My supervisor has stated...""\r At no time could our family get a straight answer from this ""USAA employee"".\r \r USAA has failed to acknowledge that the legally filed SNT (which their legal fiduciary in Las Vegas company set up and filed with the Nevada Court System) supersedes their internal company documents and requirements.\r \r We have had to retain legal counsel. We also have gone to the Nevada Division of Insurance. USAA's response to the Nevada Division of Insurance on 13 February 2013, was that USAA has retained outside counsel. We are approaching a month since USAA's response without closure.\r \r Again, USAA does great work with the basic issues of Banking, Insurance, and Investing. When it comes to more difficult issues such as SNT's to include order of succession and taking care of members, be prepared for frustration and the lack of common sense.\r more


I have been a customer for nearly 30 years. Recently the USAA ATM at 1025 Rittiman misread a deposit and put several thousand dollars in my account by mistake. I have tried for nearly a week to get them to rectify this error and they have done NOTHING but blow me off. Everyone use the USAA ATM at 1025 Rittiman, it will give you FREE MONEY and if you are honest like me and want things put right USAA will do NOTHING to help you. more

Worst fraud detetion and alerting in the world, 12/23/2011

They have a fraud dept that does NOTHING when OBVIOUS fraud occurs, they are complete idiots. It is Christmas Eve day and ZERO notification from the bank I have used for almost 10 years that my debit card info had been compromised. Two identical charges made in CALIFORNIA at a Shell station and I live in TX but no one notifies me or tells me ANYTHING. Spoke to fraud dept just now and they basically said ""too bad"" and then tried to blame the fraud on me because I used my debit card locally here in TX"". Really??? And I will not have access to ANY MONEY now for up to 10 days until I get another card. Merry F***** Christmas to my child when he won't have gifts. more

Becoming average like others. 9/30/2011

I've been a USAA member for 22+ yrs and really can't say I have any real problems with them. I have banking/investments, auto/home insurance, and a mortgage with them. The ""3-star"" rating is for the their low interest rates for checking (.1%), savings (.6%) and CD (less than 2%) which are among the lowest in the banking industry, and high auto premiums (in Texas) compared to many other States. USAA's bank rates are low even if you have enough to open a jumbo accounts. Many credit unions will beat these rates hands down. As far as auto insurance goes--yes they are pretty good for claims less than $1K. I've had my insurance with them for 22+ yrs no accidents/tickets (just hit by a stray golf ball--$800 damage minus $250 deductible) but their Texas premiums are more expensive than even Washington, DC or surrounding areas. I was shocked to see that Geico's Texas premiums beat USAA (at least for me--3 cars) by almost $200 for a six-month policy (identical limits of liability as USAA). I'm probably going to switch over next year when I move. As far as the Mortgage service goes--I guess I've been lucky up to this point. Moved from Bank of America to USAA (mortgage partner) when BOA wouldn't even talk to be about refinancing my fixed-rate 7.5% loan 7+ yrs ago. USAA stepped up and helped me. I really haven't had any issues with them. If USAA's partner gives me a problem, the balance is low enough for me to write a check to pay it off and be done with it. Unfortunately, many people do not have this opportunity. I had one experience with USAA's home/renters insurance when I had hail damage several years ago. It took a little while but USAA came through--I think it was quicker because I had a large deductible that saved them 50% of total cost of replacing my roof. I'm sure others probably had a negative experience. One thing is for sure, many things have changed since I joined--membership and access to services has been opened up to a wider audience. I think they have become so big that they are slowly losing some of their customer service edge in many of their departments. It's slowly becoming evident that having everything with them or being a longtime customer doesn't make a difference anymore. more

Mixed Experiences 5/9/2009

Until about seven-eight years ago, I had only positive experiences. My first negative experience was with a claims adjuster they outsourced my claim for a wreck on. I was the victim of a drunk driver who rearended, me at a major intersection and pushed my car into cross traffic. I was lucky, I walked away alive, but was injured. My car was totaled. After my complaint to USAA, the assigned another adjuster. I hate their automated system. It is next to impossible to get to an live person. My next negative experience was in January of this year. I was rearended again and all started fine until they transfered my to the total loss department of their Auto Insurance group. That was a nightmare. The young woman assigned to me never would follow through with providing information or returning phone calls. My other experiences have been through a professional organization with their Executive Administrative, Administrative and Associate Assistants. My understanding is that a number of the Executives have multiple Admin assistants. These ladies appear to have flextime and lots of time off, they are paid 40K+ annually, and don't really have a lot of job duties to perform for their Executives. It was explained to me that their Admins are true admins, that USAA has this policy that promotes individuals from their customer representative ranks. Anyway, I have been pulling back from involvement from the professional organization, because a number of these ladies are Board and officers on this group and appear to think that all the rest of us have time to do ""thier"" bidding while at work. Lot's of chain emails back and forth, most start to get very harassing if you don't respond immediately. I had asked for about 6 months to have my email for work removed from their distribution, before it finally occurred. Now I get all this nonsense at home and most are pretty inconsiderate and expect that I can forget my duties at work to do all of their last minute bidding. No one in this group seems to know how to do advance planning or preparation. The other part of this they all seem to have lots of flex time, lots of time off and expect that all companies function like USAA with this overcompensation of $$ and time off. I think USAA should reduce some of their overhead and save members money by cutting some of their admins. They all appear to have an entitlement mentality and I think that USAA is being used as sort of a welfare system for military spouses that don't want to really hon their skills and look for real jobs. Pros: Auto Insurance Claims, Banking, Investment Cons: Lower level employees (Admin Assistants, Associate Assistant more

EXCELLENT BANK!!! 4/15/2009

I used to bank with Wells Fargo. They NEVER helped me on anything. When i wanted something (loan, credit card, etc) it was always no. Not to mention they charged me a monthly fee. Pros: Always able to help Cons: there arent enough banks to walk into to do business more

Security Questions from Hell 12/31/2008

When doing my reconciliation I found a questionable entry. When I called USAA, I was asked EIGHT security questions. I found this to be close to harassment. When I still couldn't get an answer, I asked to speak to her supervisor, and was put on hold for fifteen minutes. The bank is unresponsive to customer's complaints. They told me not to call anymore. (Just use the internet only.) Pros: The investment banking area is better than the banking. Cons: Don't ever call them. You'll be frustrated by the unreal multiple ""security"" questions more

A pleasure to deal with 11/5/2008

I called to inquire about a customers account and found the bank employees to be professional and after they verified my identity and credentials they were very helpful. Thank you more

Best Bank in the world 9/15/2008

I have been a member of USAA for 25 years. They have always been extremely efficient. All services can be accomplished online. All phone representatives are very courteous and always solve any issues I have. They have my home loan, car loans, boat loans, (insurance for all of these), checking, savings, credit monitoring etc. They are a great organization! Thank God for USAA!!!! more

customer service is bad!! 7/31/2008

We have been members of USAA for 10 years. This week we have attempted to mail a check to our account. It is important that this check get into the account because it is a pay check that was cut to us in paper. My husband has worked for the company for two years and has had direct deposits into the account from the company for that length of time. He order envelopes from USAA Sat., which we still haven't received five days later...USAA is in San Antonio, we are in Houston. He called them Monday to let them know the circumstances. They told him to wait for the envelopes. We called them today, Thurs. The envelopes were finally mailed yesterday. The envelopes are just self addressed stamped envelopes...we could've requested an address and mailed it in ourselves on Monday if the representative had told my husband that! So, as it turns out we are to overnight the check to USAA and the manager said there will more than likely be a hold on the check. I asked her to wave the hold since they are familiar with the employer and since her employee on Monday didn't help matters any. She refused to make any promises. When I asked her what the hold policy is she refused to share that information with me, saying that it is secure information. I asked to speak with a manager and a phone number for one. She said that she couldn't give me that number and that someone would call me in 24-48 hours. So, how do we pay our bills...including a mortgage in the meantime? They don't care. I have never had to beg a bank to take my money before! This is ridiculous! Stay away from them if you can...we intend to withdrawal all of our accounts and go where our business is appreciated! Cons: customer service poor, convenince poor, wait time unacceptable more
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