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Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon

2329 San Felipe St (at Chilton Road)
Houston, TX 77019
(713) 523-2300
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Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon - Houston, TX
Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon - Houston, TX
Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon - Houston, TX
Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon - Houston, TX
Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon - Houston, TX
Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon - Houston, TX
Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon - Houston, TX
Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon - Houston, TX
Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon - Houston, TX
Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon - Houston, TX
Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon - Houston, TX
Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon - Houston, TX
Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon - Houston, TX
Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon - Houston, TX
Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon - Houston, TX
Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon - Houston, TX
Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon - Houston, TX
Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon - Houston, TX



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I used to be a regular at Urban Retreat West and was willing to pay a higher price for a good quality manicure and/or pedicure. The atmosphere has changed quite a bit so, althoug...

Not recommended! 4/11/2012

I have created a Yelp account for the sole purpose of writing this review. I used a Groupon for a "clinical facial" and did not have a good experience. I understand this was a clinical facial and not one that focuses on relaxation, but that still doesn't excuse the aesthetician from standing up the entire facial - made me feel as though she in a hurry and not fully focused on the facial. She also talked throughout the entire facial. For anyone who gets regular facials, it is common practice that the cleansing process that this is where the massage and relaxation piece of it should begin. Not here. She roughly rubbed wet cotton pads all over my face and under my eyes to remove the makeup. The facial is supposed to last 60 minutes and she finished in 45 minutes. She also recommended NINE products to me, which makes me believe she was simply trying to make a sale instead of making an honest recommendation of products that might actually be needed. During the facial, the aesthetician mentioned certain products she recommends (and their cost) and talked down about the products I currently use - not something I want to discuss mid-facial. I have wanted to try Urban Retreat for years and after finally doing so and having such a bad experience, I obviously would never return. Stay away. more

Nice Place--Would recommend 3/28/2012

I used a LivingSocial certificate for a photo facial 3 weeks ago. Had a wonderful experience. Mari, my technician, was professional, knowledgeable, courteous and caring. I saw some results with just the one photo facial, but it usually takes 3-4 photo facials for optimal results. I would definitely recommend Mari. Two days ago, I had a facial and chemical peel with Sabrina. She was also professional and GREAT! She knows what she's doing--just the right amount of talking when needed (I'm about to put on the chemical peel--you may feel a bit of tingling--let me know if you are uncomfortable) but for the most part--wonderful relaxation. There is currently a GroupOn for basically the service I paid full-price for yesterday. Buy it before it runs out! The salon it self is nice. The receptionist was a bit disorganized when I arrived for my facial, but I was there to relax--so I took a deep breath and let her get herself together. The Atrium where I waited for Sabrina was nice, though there was a nail polish rep giving 2 employees a pitch when I got back from the facial. I think that was a poor choice. Is the room for the relaxation of clients or for conducting business? There is an outside area that was under construction. It will be interesting to see what they do with it. Overall, it was a good experience. Mari and Sabrina were excellent. more


For the holidays, I was given a generous gift card to go treat myself at this particular spa. Experience #1: I scheduled a pedicure appointment for myself and 2 other friends. Confirmed the appointment even. What did Urban Retreat do? They "accidentally" gave our time slot to another party and bumped us to a completely DIFFERENT DAY. There was no apology. In fact, in was intimated by the appointment setter (Sherie?) that I had actually made the mistake. We had to go elsewhere Experience #2: I made a manicure appointment with their nail tech Maitai. What did Urban Retreat do? They "lost" my appointment the day of, but actually double booked her. SO, she was busy with another client. I had to wait 30 minutes for her to finish Experience #3: I made a brow trim appointment with Edward. What did Urban Retreat do? They checked me in and I waited at the reception area for Edward. 25 minutes later, I asked the front desk where he was and it turned out that Edward was getting his hair colored. Evidently, they failed to let him know that his appointment was waiting for him. I received no apologies. Edward simply came out, with his hair smothered in chemicals, and he conducted my brow appointment in that manner. Experience #4: I made a hair appointment for that with their stylist, Christof. What did Urban Retreat do? When I arrived for my appointment, they decided to bump me so that Christof could take care of another client who was the "mother of some bride". Again, there was no apology. I asked the front desk to kindly get me the manager since I figured 4 instances of poor customer service was reason enough to raise a stink. I waited patiently at their reception area for 10 minutes until it became evident that this place was beyond a joke and I would simply be wasting more of my valuable time. I decided to write a review for anyone who would consider taking their business here. I had an opportunity to read several of the reviews before writing my own and wasn't the least bit surprised to learn that there are MANY clients who were inconvenienced by Urban Retreat in almost the exact same manner as I was. Do you know that I left the salon, after the last incident and after not having had the opportunity to complain to anyone...........and NO ONE bothered to call me and follow up? Incredible. Needless to say, I still have money left on that gift card and threw it STRAIGHT in the trash! Save your money. I guarantee that you can find more competence at the local Super Cuts or strip mall nail salon. more

If your time is valuable, go elsewhere. 3/23/2011

To be honest, I just created a Citysearch account because this awful business was feature on Groupon. I went here in late November 2010, and I had an expensive spa package (mani/pedi, a 45-minute massage, and "spa lunch"). I had made an appointment but ended up sitting around in a little back room for longer than the individual parts took. (That's right. It took 5 hours for their "3-hour" spa experience.) I wasn't the only one back there, and all of the ladies that day had issues with the management double-scheduling their appointments, losing the bottle of wine they had on the way in, etc. When I tried to explain to front desk that I needed to leave before my last appointment was to finish in order to go to work, they were far from helpful because they had messed up the schedules so badly. I waited for over 15 minutes to speak to the gentleman in charge, but he was on the phone and unavailable the entire time. I did not receive a follow-up phone call regarding my experience even though the staff knew I had left upset (and I didn't get as long a massage as indicated because of their gross 2-hour error). The mani was fine, but the pedi wasn't better than the cheapest in town. The massage was average, and the "spa lunch" was the crappiest 2 pieces of bread with a little bit of stuff inside and a couple of pieces of fruit. I would NEVER recommend this business to anybody because I know my experience there was not atypical. more

horrible customer service! 2/11/2011

I came in for a facial a few weeks ago as I've always been curious as to visiting the retreat. I pass by it every day when im going to work and finally I thought to myself, hmm a relaxing day at the spa might do me some good. oh boy was I wrong. Walking in the salon, you are greeted by an ambiance that does make it seem serene but dont be fooled. As I walked over to the front reception desk. The girl, who was too busy eating the buffet of taco bell items in front of her, failed to notice that I had walked in and was standing in front of her. As she wiped her grease ridden mouth, she rudely asked if i was checking in. Uhmm no of course not, I just love hovering over people eating, of course I was there to check in. It took her a span of 3-5 minutes checking me in saying that her computer was frozen all the while making it feel like I was nothing more than a bother to her and her eating. First off if you're working in a professional establishment dont treat the front reception area as the community buffet. its disgusting, rude,and downright wrong. In the midst of her still checking me in another girl walked in the desk area and proceeded to hold a conversation with this girl checking me in. They were laughing and chatting and calling each other "peanut" while i was still standing there. Finally after a long wait and having to hear about their banter, she simply waved me off to the seating area and told me my service will start soon. I waited. I waited a good 10 min. I sat, walked around the boutique, ate some cookies drank some water, finally fed up with it i went back and asked the girl what I should do, or if my service was running late. the same girl simply looked at the computer and said "oh you can head on back now, she should be ready for you" uhm...ok? head back where? I've never been here before. Fine, i started walking up and down the pathway in the middle of the salon looking all lost no one bothered to help me. FINALLY a girl, i assume another one of the receptionists, I think her name was nadi? (I was too frazzled to really keep track when she had told me her name) she immediately saw me as she was walking out of the back area of the spa, where i would soon find out the lockers were located, and asked if i was ok and i was in need of assistance. Finally someone who gave two cents about my being here. I told her what happened and She was very cordial, apologetic, soft spoken and welcoming. It softened my outlook on the establishment and the service i had received earlier. And she showed me where to go, picked out my locker, even gave me a new set of robes and slippers since they lockers were empty and led me to go get seated in the atrium waiting area, handed me some cookies and went to fetch me a cold beverage. She waited on me til she felt that I was comfortable and things were to my liking. Things were starting to look up from here on out. The service itself was outstanding. Kimberly, my esthetician was very knowledgeable and very eager to get to know me, my lifestyle, problem areas of my skin and suck. I felt that it was very professional yet the inter-personal interaction was tasteful and respectful. I told her the dilemma of trying to get to the actual appointment and she was very apologetic about it. I came out feeling like a million bucks because of that facial. I was about to check out and again, i got the same rude, crass treatment from the girl handling the transaction. I wanted to complain to the manager but was informed that neither of them were at the spa at that time. I tried calling back after this encounter to complain but trying to reach the GM joan or the AGM enrique(?) was like trying to find bin laden. They were NEVER available. all in all. the service was impressive. but dont expect to be treated like you matter when you first walk in! more

Not impressed. 12/7/2010

My sister and I have had our hair highlighted here and it was an awful experience. We both walked out with paying almost $300 each and had blonde & red patches on our scalps. She tried to put a toner on it, but it didn't work. She acted as if we were a bother. Ladies test drive your hair dresser first or get references. We did not and that was our fault. Personally, I will never go back. more

great esthetician 10/28/2010

Mirela is the queen of wax....had my first brazilian wax, she really is very good and very professional! going back for all my waxing. Thank you!!! more

Don't Bother Rude and Arrogant should be the name 10/1/2010

How HORRIBLE! I took my mother for her 50th birthday and got a $400 package for each of us. We did not get what we paid for. Between services our wait was 30-45 mins long but were only to be a max of 10mins wait. All of the services that were paid for were not completed. We were rushed and the hair stylist said " I don't have time", when asked for a specific hair style which was included in the package for my mother. I told myself it would be useless to reason with him since he was a DIVA and decided to speak to the manager instead. The manager sure was intent on making sure she would speak to him and call me back to compensate for poor services. She never called. Instead I get my credit card bill and there was an additional $80 charge that was not supposed to be charged to my card. My father in law gave his credit card and he was footing the entire bill. They charged my card without permission. Oddly enough I can not get a hold of the manager to take care of the charge since I am sure it was "ACCIDENTAL" so I am left with writing a formal letter to my credit card company of a fraudulent charge. The WORST experience ever! A negative rating for sure. more

The worst customer service experience EVER! 9/29/2010

My three girlfriends and planned a lovely Saturday of shopping and mani/pedis. Due to circumstances outside of our control we were running late to the appointment. We took the time to call and find out what the late policy is. A receptionist at the salon said we could have half our services so we all decided to get pedicures. When we got their the receptionist was very rude and confused but found three employees to take care of us. There wasn't a fourth so one of my friends was excluded. Then, we were all split up. We booked these appointments together for the opportunity to sit together, chat, and catch up. Fine, we sat separately. The final straw came when we went to pay for our $50 pedicures and the receptionist wanted to charge us 50% for the manicures we never received. We argued with the receptionist and finally asked to talk to the manager. We spoke to the assistant manager (Enrique?) who had zero respect for the customers that make his livlihood possible. This man was condescending and downright mean. At one point one of my friends tried to speak to him and he literally held up is hand and yelled at her. I have honestly never witnessed something so rude at an establishment I was patronizing. Our complaint was not about the money, it was about being told one thing and then being charged for another. I wish I could give this experience a negative star rating. more

I HEART KELLY! 8/11/2010

I just had the most fun I have ever had at a salon in my life. I payed money and got exactly what I wanted, great hair and a great time. Urban has stepped it up since this last time I went. Back to a good old A+ in my book. It was raining out and there was valet +. Front desk was nice +. Shampoo was great +. Kelly, my stylist, was amazing +...There you go ladies and gents. This place is back to where it used to be. Never mind I am changing from A+ to A++. more

WHAT? Trey is gone! 6/29/2010

Oh well, back to the drawing board.....just when i find an amazing stylist, Trey Gillen....he has moved on to another salon. i dont know how i will find him but i was disappointed when i called the salon to book with Trey and they offered me no help at all in finding where he went! Seems to me that Urban is having trouble holding onto great stylist. Cons: my stylist left more

OH NO! my stylist Trey has left urban 6/25/2010

my hairstylist, Trey Gillen has moved from Urban....after some searching on the internet i was happy to see he is now at Therapy Hair Studio on Westheimer Rd. luck i wont have to miss my appt. with him! more

Monica is fabulous! Best masseuse in town! 6/4/2010

After I was in car accident and had residual neck problems, I tried many different spas around town. Monica at Urban Retreat was the only masseuse who was able to help my neck feel better. Since that time, I have gone back many times and whether I need help with a tight IT band or a flare up of my back and neck pain she is always able to address my aches and pains. She is the only masseuse I have requested to have again, and I have never been dissapointed. more

Best hair stylist - Kristen Fariss 6/4/2010

I have going to Kristen Fariss for about 8 years. Her advice regarding cut and products has kept my 39 yr old hair looking youthful and flattering. I am always pleased with the results and I get loads of compliments. I don't color yet but she is the only person I would let color my hair. Her own color is always good so I will trust her judgement. Pros: great location, great service, great products Cons: coming in and out of parking is awkward at best more

My Stylist Trey at Urban Retreat 5/29/2010

I just wanted to say how wonderful Trey is. I come into the salon with wild ideas and he always amazes me with his talent. I started bringing both my children to him. Everytime I bring my kids in to get their hair cuts he has little surprizes for them. Today he got my daughter sparkle extentions to put in her hair before we go on vacation (That is above and beyond). Thanks more


Trey Gillen is a phenomenal hair expert! He has an outstandingnpersonality, and is genuimely honest and caring. Very seldom does one run into a hairstylist that actually listens to what you want and deliver simultaneously. I came in for a color correction and not only was he able to fix my hair color, but was able to give me what I wanted in 1 sitting that others could not accomplish in several. His hair styling is the best. If I could get away with it, I would never washing my hair again after his styling because it would last me forever. I have since referred Trey to a number of others and will continue to do so. Thank you Trey for all of your help! Pros: Trey Gillen more

Trey Gillen - Best Men's Hairstylist! 5/11/2010

I lived in Los Angeles and worked in the entertainment industry for years. I became accustomed to the best when it came to haircare and styling. A Stylist with experience in the entertainment industry is the best - they know all the tricks and secrets! I moved backed to Houston 7 years ago and have searched and searched for someone with the talent and knowledge that I was used to. The search is OVER. Trey Gillen, who also has an entertainment background, immediately knew what to do with my hair and how to do it. My hair looks great when I leave the salon and still looks good one month later when it's time for the next cut. Trust me -- book your appointment now. You'll thank me later. Oh and kudos to URBAN RETREAT for having such a high-end salon without the high-end attitude! Pros: Excellent Cut & Style Cons: None I've found more

my bday do rocked!!! 5/11/2010

Trey Gillen of Urban Retreat blew out my hair for my big bday bash last week and then styled it in a way that really spoke to my individuality! Countless compliments sealed the deal - I will absolutely visit him again when I wanna feel special and look my best! In fact, I am booked for this Thursday for cut/color - can hardly wait! Pros: original fierce and oh so sassy more

TreyFabulous Hair 5/11/2010

I have never been more pleased with my current haircut and color. I finally have the hair I have always wanted. I always try and schedule my appointment prior to something social because I know I am going to leave looking and feeling "Trey Fabulous". Pros: Feeling great Cons: Absolutely nothing more
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  • The Urban Retreat has welcomed more than 400 clients For 21 years on a daily basis providing special luxury care for guests in and out of the Houston community. The staff and management of The Urban Retreat are dedicated to providing a nurturing, professional environment that brings together state of the art technologies with the highest trained service providers. In the area of massage Urban Retreat offers Deep tissue massage, Hot Stone Massage & Chair massage just to name a few. Some of our spa immunities include Manicure & Pedicures, Facials, Mud baths, Pregnancy Massage and Swedish massage. Check out our website or call for a full list of services provided. And keep in mind for your next birthday party or Bachelorette party we can host Spa Parties or provide Spa Packages.


  • In Short
    This salon and spa strikes an engaging balance between luxurious sophistication and general accessibility. Urban Retreat makes a real effort to wrap the client in comfort, and the more extended treatments include spa food from a small but impressive menu prepared in-house. Even simple procedures, like a manicure, will probably be undertaken with the client sipping a soothing cup of herbal tea.

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