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Upstate Auto Center - 10 Reviews - 3990 West Rd, Cortland, NY - Used Cars, Trucks & Vans Reviews - Phone (607) 756-4450
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Upstate Auto Center

3990 West Rd
Cortland, NY 13045
(607) 756-4450
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I have bought a few cars from Mike and Mark. Never an issue if a mechanical problem came up. He even covered a repair after the warranty had expired on one of them. He has always ...


Well a friend told me of this place, sorry i went there, uninformed, unprfessional goons... and like a previous poster found what LIARS they are.. did a check on them using CAR...

Goes above and beyond 10/13/2009

I have bought a few cars from Mike and Mark. Never an issue if a mechanical problem came up. He even covered a repair after the warranty had expired on one of them. He has always been professional and helpful! Planning on buying another one in the spring. Pros: quality cars and trucks. Cons: Wish they had a website more

Great cars at a fair price, worth a stop. 3/3/2009

Myself and my family, over the years, have purchased at least 18 (lost count, probably more) cars from the guys at Upstate Auto Center. Problems with a few? sure. Fixed correctly in a timely manner? absolutely. Prices in line with other dealerships for comparable models? Yes. Overall buying experience has always been great. I've 'ordered' cars/ trucks, Mike has gone to the sales to find what I'm looking for, brought back a couple that weren't 'the one', ""no problem, I'll look again at the next sale""- has always found what we wanted, usually even the right color and miles. Doesnt have many cars on the lot? Who cares, fill out a credit app.- once approved, Mike will find what you're looking for. Simple. Biggest/ baddest dealership in the world? Who wants those headaches. Mike and crew know their customers, they know the repair shops, they know where to find quality cars. \r After 25 years in business, I'm sure Mike has met his share of bad apples, any business owner has, I'm a small business owner and take offense to some of the other posts, and honestly, wish the best for mr. 'put up signs all over town', sounds illegal to me- Defamation of character, not to mention destruction of personal property (You DO know that those poles are someone elses' property, correct?, better hope a utility co. worker doesnt get injured climbing the 'greased pole') Some people should THINK a bit before they post and take credit for ILLEGAL activities on a world-wide site. \r Not to take away from the intentions of this post, I just wanted to say myself and my family have been very happy buying cars from Mike and crew for the past 13 years, we have purchased at least 1-2 vehicles/ year, and will gladly go back there for our next purchases. \r Thanks Upstate Auto Center, see you soon. \r Matt. Pros: small, hometown dealership, good selection, fair prices. more

Upstate Auto - honest, helpful, highest integrity 1/2/2009

\r My husband and I have purchased all our vehicles here for the last 15 years. We have NEVER had any major problems with any of these vehicles. Mike Edwards has immediately taken care of any minor problem and has even made a special trip to pick me up and take me to work when the car I had purchased stalled out and wouldn't start (no fault of Mike's, bad gas). The service is exceptional. When I had to buy a replacement for my grand am which was totaled last winter, Mike handled all the paper work, I simply told him which one I wanted, and was able to pick it up that afternoon. My daughter purchased a car from Upstate just before she left for graduate school in Tennessee. When she had a problem with the oxygen sensor over a year later, Mike called the garage where she had taken the car and paid for the repairs with his personal credit card. As long as Mike is in business, I will buy all my cars from Upstate Auto. more


Well a friend told me of this place, sorry i went there, uninformed, unprfessional goons... and like a previous poster found what LIARS they are.. did a check on them using CARFAX.. the vehicle was not where they stated it was from, and HAD been in an accident and when confronted had excuses and more lies....\r \r \r BEST ADVICE......GO DOWN THE ROAD AND KEEP SHOPPING Pros: ON THE MAIN ROAD (is that a pro??) Cons: as another put it..... LIARS ..LIARS >>>CROOKS... more

Forget the others 4/22/2007

I have known the men at this dealership for many years. In response to the moron who claims the check engine lightt was painted over-that is not possible! My father happens to be the one who inspects these vehicles and they will not pass inspection if the computer reads that the check engine light is on or has been recently. Apparently this guy has no knowledge of the automotive world or else he would realize that in all vehicles 1996 and newer require that they be hooked up to a computer that has a direct link with the state, and if the light was on, the state would refuse to issue it a passing sticker. Beware of angry people who are ignorant, not of Upstate Auto Center more

found out the hard way... ask around 11/17/2006

Bought a truck off my brother-in-law that was origionally bought from Upstate Auto, (he had it three months)\r windshield got broke out (tree limb) and could not save inspection sticker, had Staffords in Dryden do the reinspection and check why it was running rough. Found ECU was out of wack, Cat converter plugged, and check engine lite PAINTED OVER... nice trick.. total cost $700 total to fix. Cant prove anything so basically SOL.\r \r I have heard from the guys at AUTOZONE and NAPA (right down the road) both which have stories to tell about these dirty deal A-holes.... interested in knowing about an auto dealer? ASK THE PROS THAT SELL PARTS..... youll get an earful... nuff said. \r MY ADVICE... STAY CLEAR, KEEP GOING.. Pros: nothing Cons: ask around..... more

Satisfied Repeat Customer 11/15/2006

I have purchased three cars at Upstate Auto since 2001and have been very pleased with the quality of car and service. I will be purchasing another car from Upstate soon. I return to Upstate because I know that I will again be satisfied and that it will be a worry-free purchase. \r \r I get a fair deal, good customer service, easy transaction and car I am happy with. There isn't anything more I expect. \r \r There are plenty of places to buy a used car and I have looked at many of them, but I have no reason to buy anywhere else. more


how can an OWNER rate his OWN business? kinda defeats the whole purpose of this right?going back to REAL world ratings.. I would rate this place a big fat ZERO.. the salesman MARK clueless DUMBA$$ and out and out LIER...Mike the owner, isnt much better. no reason why they are SMALL TIME USED DEALER.\r compared to Tropical Motors, or Royal or any of Cortland's OTHER QUALITY dealers in both new and usedcars these idiots wouldnt know a good car from dirt. The selection small, the QUALITY of what they do have cr@p.but shiny polishing a t*rd..its shiny ,but still a T*RD.. how can he consider his place THE BEST BEING SO SMALL TIME?????? BILLY FUCILLO youre not! never will be either.. over 20 yrs and thats all you got to show for it? YOU DONT GET BIG BY SCREWING OVER YOUR CUSTOMERS.. AS FOR ""lack of common sense"" where's yours?FU(KTARD.... you are dishonest, flat out, you make the sell then IGNORE problems, and will not honor any warranty PERIOD. i KNOW BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN THERE. the grief you caused by NOT fixing things you promised, then when it came down to actually fixing\r other things (like brakes) you had your cronies half a$$ that!!! I had to redo everything out of my own pocket\r costing me big money. bad advertzement you need and a warning to the public to stay away. nobody should be burned like we were. bitter yes! rate yourself a BIG FAT ZERO.. oh i have posted this site on all the internet user groups i can amd making it clear.. UPSTATE AUTO DISHONEST LIARS \r \r and yess we have all seen the signs, (one is on the pole across the street STILL THERE had your guys blank out) UPSTATE AUTO DISHONEST LIARS.. but could not remove! HA! lots of paint left and plenty of time, IM telling everyone I can, UPSTATE AUTO DISHONEST LIARS UPSTATE AUTO DISHONEST LIARS UPSTATE AUTO DISHONEST LIARS UPSTATE AUTO DISHONEST LIARS UPSTATE AUTO DISHONEST LIARS UPSTATE AUTO DISHONEST LIARS UPSTATE AUTO DISHONEST LIARS Pros: VERY SMALL TIME AND WILL STAY THAT WAY... Cons: poor service after the deal, avoids warranty work stonewalls,ignors problems... more

Best Dealer in Cortland County 10/24/2006

I am Mike Edwards and am the president of Upstate Auto Center and have been for 23 years In all of our years of business in Cortland County we have sold and become friends with well over 300 customers a year .In all of the time we have been doing business in the area we have been known as an honest and most helpful dealer . If anyone has any questions about any review on this website please call us and we will explain about this customer and his lack of common sense. more

upstate auto, where we shove it UP your @$$! 9/17/2006

UPSTATE AUTO sells high priced junk, they dont honor warrenties, lie lie and lie more, dishonest doesnt even come close to these low life's, snakes cant get lower than these idiots. right MARK?\r they TELL you the brakes are NEW (they were never off the car and they tell you they will fix things then re-nigG on the deal, dont honor the warranty, wont fix anything and if something falls off its a TOUGH SH*T FOR YOU attitude. BTW they called me repeatedly when i showed interest in the car, but after the deal will not return the call, or avoid altogether by putting you on hold untill you give up.. they $uck, they lie lie lie, and rip you off,, ..BEWARE!!! bunch of ***holes, sell you junk and walk away, ... look for my signs on route 281 cant miss it large letters in day glow orange,,UPSTATE AUTO DISHONEST LIARS.. \r UPDATE 6 MONTHS LATER. The air conditioning that they claimed was good ,cost me $300 to fix, from a very obvious hole punched in the low pressure tube diliberatly after going to WILCOX TIRE for the brake and other work UPSTATE AUTO was supposed to fix, and after much screaming and yelling I got through ,they told me to take it there,I did, big mistake... their ""BUDDIES"" who worked on the brakes, were ""fixed"" by replacing the rotors THEN putting the old cr@p worn out pads back on only REVERSED.!!..I painted them I know.. I bought pads cost?$57 and an 1/2 hour to put on, the replacement body panel that fell off a few days after getting the car cost $100 and since they would not fix anything ,I made signs, nailed them up, across the street, they tore them down, I made STEEL signs , bigger nails, higher up and greased them, WHERE THEY COULD SEE THEM. (and everyone else). they tried and tried to take them down.. MY cost? ZERO.. watching your boys get GREASED and WET trying to take them down..... abosolutely PRICELESS! !. \r DEE DEE DEEE! who's the DUMB@SS NOW? MORE TO COME..... Pros: NOTHING LOWERE THAN DIRT DISHONEST Cons: BAD PEOPLE, STAY AWAY NOT RECOMMENDED LIARS, CHEATS more
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