United Auto Credit Corp


2400 Lake Park Dr SE Ste 210
Smyrna, GA 30080

(770) 937-0088
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All reviews seem negative


I have had an auto loan with them for close to a year. The only reason I am giving them more than one star is because they were the only company willing to take a chance and finan...

I have had an auto loan with them for 6/3/2012

I have had an auto loan with them for close to a year. The only reason I am giving them more than one star is because they were the only company willing to take a chance and finance a vehicle for me. I have never been late with a payment, but if I make a payment on my due date they will call and harass me before the payment is made. The last two months the bills they have been sending me are for 100 and my usual car payment is 350. When I called to ask them about the difference they stated that it was for a late fee and was a mistake. But it wasn't sent like a fee-it was sent as my usual bill. And they sent another bill this month for only $100. I keep make the usual $350 payment because I think they are trying to get me to pay less than the amount I'm supposed to pay so I'll have to pay late fees or something. This company is very unprofessional and confusing. more

United Auto Credit in Cartersville,Ga (Melissa Maddox ) 2/19/2009

This company thumbs down! I have had my car 3 years one more year to go. I mailed my payment to the address i had on my file and the branch had closed.Melissa Maddox the manager in Cartersville,Ga called me the day of my payment with an attitude harassing me i told her i mailed it the next day she called back with a worse attitude so i gave it back to her.My payment is at a office thats closed she thought i was going to send another one,wrong im broke.I contacted corporate officetold them she threaten to come get my car i called another UACC office she said the mail would be forwarded and she was very nice and understanding.I talk to the vp of the company he is also very nice i told him about the people he had working for him.Little do UACC know word of mouth is HELL!People better start asking who is financing their cars before they get stuck with them.Stupid,ignorant,unprofessional is puttin it nicely.The one star is for the vp,and Keisha in Columbus,Ga if they had more people like them the company would be great but now it need to be closed for good and everybody who have a car payment with them should not have to pay just keep the car for having to deal with them.I was looking for a need car just to trade companies and thats sad.No grace period who in their right mind would agrree to that mess! SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!! Rip Off Pros: VP of company,Keisha of Columbus branch Cons: nasty attitudes,unprofessional,lack of skills more

Unethical, No respect, Unprofessional, Low life company, Verbal Abuse, Unhuman Treatment 8/20/2007

This company doesn't desire a rating! They need to be out of business! This company and their employees should be investigated by an organization for their business practice towards customers. The customers who have been harrass need to file lawsuits towards this company for their unethical treatments. Nobody desires to go through the unhuman treatments and threats given by this low life, uneducated employees at this company. If any of the employees have an ounce of education they need to seek mental help for working for this company or they're not human! There employees raised their voices at me and my husband, called my employer asking for me to call them back which is unethnical, spoke horrible to us (husband and I), verbal abuse, nasty, no respect, unhuman treatment. First of aIl I regret not doing my research regarding this company prior to signing the contact. Secondly, I experienced the verbal abuse, phone calls, repro threats, rude threats, horrible, nasty, nprofessional, unethical treatment, etc. too. My story: Last week I mailed my first payment ahead of time to United Auto Credit Atlanta East, along with the payment stub to their P.O. Box. This weekend I recieve a call from their employee saying my payment is 1 day late. She told me I need to Western Union the payment ASAP or come to the office to pay TODAY! I told the lady my payment shouldn't be late because I mailed my payment (Cashier Check), I have a post office confirmation to ensure my payment reached their PO Box on time(August 17). The lady and her branch manager say they don't have the payment and there is no window for being late! Today, this company called my employer leaving their name and telephone number for me to call them. Plus, their planning to start the paper work to repo of my vehicle. :-) Again, my first payment was due August 17, 2007. I wouldn't recommend anyone to this company! This company is business to screw up people credit ratings even more! Cons: Unethical, NASTY, HOBBIBLE, VERBAL ABUSE, UNHUMAN TREATMENT more

Please take heed to all of these reviews!! 8/16/2007

All of these reviews completely mirror the experience I had with this ""corporation"" (haha). They are all 110% accurate. I financed with UACC for 39 months. I never missed a single payment but was CONSTANTLY harassed every month. Kudos to Devon Baker!! He can issue idle threats better than any Oscar nominated actor. This summer when I went to trade in my car and finally get rid of UACC, they refused to give the dealer a payoff until that month's payment had been made. My advice to anyone financing with these guys is to make your payments on time and just hang up when they call; and they will call. They WILL try to scare and upset you if you talk to them. They are in business to make money and with the interest rates they charge you have paid for any future ""late fees"" well in advance . The last thing they want is to come and get your car. Also, check the repossesion laws for your state and dare them to come and get your car if they have followed them. more

Horrible, rude, and I will never consider this company for anything. 8/10/2007

Let me tell you about my experience with this company. I am NOT a customer of these people. They happen to keep calling my house number since I got a land line earlier this year looking for someone named Rosalyn Beasley. I never met the person, and politely told them time and again that they had the wrong number and please stop calling. ( They would call anywhere from 7:30 am till later that evening) They asked me where she was.... I told them my husband and I just received the number they are calling. Anyways... as clear cut and precise as I attempted. It still wasn't enough. My husband had to call and talk to a supervisor, who apologized about the employee that would call and annoy and then hang up on us at all hours of the day. more

Rude, Lacking in Customer Service Skills, Very Un-organized Company 7/12/2007

DO NOT use this company for obtaining an auto loan. We have been with this company for 2 years now and if we could have gotten out of this contract, we would have done so within the 1st 6 months. The way they deal with their customers is appalling. They treat their customers as less than educated when, in fact, they are the ones that obviously lack an education. They lose payments between the drop box and the office and then proceed to call you horrible names and tell you that you did not make your payment. (This has happened to us more than once. We had to stop payment on checks and they refused to reimburse/credit us even with proof of the stop payment.) They discuss your account with other people without your consent. EXCUSE ME - BUT THAT IS AGAINST THE LAW! There is something called the HIPA Privacy Act, you bunch of jerks. They called our daughter while we weren't at home and told her that they were going to have her father arrested for a stolen vehicle when the payment is only 5 days late and the car is sitting in the driveway. That's a lie - you can't have someone arrested when you haven't even attepted to obtain the vehicle thru normal measures. One time we were 3 days late and they tried to threaten ""warrant"" and I had to educate them on the fact that they couldn't file a ""stolen vehicle warrant"" on a car that was located at the address that they have on file. I told them that if it was that important to them to come get it. At that point they wanted to arrange for payment. And another thing - - I'm sorry, but the $15 late fee does not include verbal abuse of another human being. It's either the late fee or come and get the car! I've had nothing but trouble with the vehicle from the very 1st month of purchase from CHRISTIAN AUTO BROKERS. United Auto Credit is not a reputable company that anyone should have to deal with. They are nothing but a bunch of bullies making empty threats. Pros: Are you kidding me? Cons: Everything about this company. more


STAY AWAY PLEASE! DO NOT ENTER! DO NOT ACCEPT A LOAN! I called the business line to see if they had a pay by phone service or credit card payment service. A man picked up the phone after 8 pm and said they do not accept payments by phone and I asked if I could give a starter check because that was all I had and he went on accusing me that I was going to give him bounced check. I stated that my check definitely was not going to bounce that I have overdraft protection of up to $750. He started accusing and telling me that he could have come to pick the car up and that if I didn't bring the payment to his office at 8 am the next morning to bring him his property and I stated that there is a $15 late fee that was also going to be paid and told me ""I could keep my $15 and just give him his property. I asked why do they give you late fees if you can't be late even 1 day????He was so nasty, rude, unprofessional and treated me like trash. My payment was due on 6/17/07, it was only 6/21/07. He continued with his nasty accusations and I simply told him, why would I want to come into the office and see his face now after all that he had just did. I bought the car on 4/17/07 and it is now only 6/21/07. I have had to take the car back to the dealer for repairs about 5 times and it still needs work. He said that's my problem. I told him"" I wanted my $1300 I put down on this car and I would give him his car. When I asked how well know the company was he told me"" that it was none of my business how well known it is. I told him it is my business to know who I'm paying money to or doing business with. In the end, he hung up on me and the ironic thing is that HE WAS THE ONE BEING RUDE! 4 days late, THAT'S RIDICULOUS BEHAVIOR, SCARE TACTICS,WHATEVER, BUT THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED! Pros: Gave a loan Cons: Bad business, unprofessional, nasty, disrespectful, unethical, no quality more

The worst company ever!! 3/23/2007

I am so ANGRY with this company right now until I cant even type without trembling with anger. I have a car loan with this CRAPPY company. I called to make a payment arrangement and they refused me. My payment is actually due on 03/26 and I called to tell them that I will be in on 03/30. Those jerks are rude, i spoke with Devon Baker who stated to take my car to the nearest location with the keys and drop it off and I can pick it up when I pay and he hung up in my face. I then called back and asked for the Corp# and he told me that I will need to speak with his supervisor. He put a Rafael Salazar on the line and he stated "" Pay or bring the car in or get financing elsewhere by 03/26 and refused to give me a corp # and then he hung up. I am so over this place I have only had the car a year and this is the first time that I have had to make an arrangement with them. I will be selling the car or trading it in quickly. I cant give me money to a crappy company like this.Please for your sake look further for a loan!DONT USE THIS COMPANY OR YOU WILL REGRET IT!!! Pros: GAVE A LOAN Cons: AWFUL EMPLOYEES,SCARE TACTICS,CRAPPY BUSINESS EHTICS more

EVIL CORPORATION!!!! 3/10/2007

They use forceful scare tactics that are so excessive it almost becomes funny. For instance, when my husband first got the loan they told him that he could not be late on his payment even by one day. He was concerned about what would happen if the payment date fell on a weekend. They told him that he needed to make sure his payment was received by the due date or they would come and get his car. The inevitable happened and I eventually forgot to mail out a payment. My husband was in such histerics that we had to drive 40 miles during rush hour to the payment center in order to pay the bill before they closed. The lady at the counter was very rude and, to be honest, not very bright. I was sure she would be able to reassure my husband that he was previously misinformed but she actually confirmed what he was told. She stated that customers were ""not allowed to be late"", even by one day! At this point I asked her, if that were true, why there was an amount entitled ""late fee"" right on the payment stub. She fumbled over her words and never did come up with a clear answer. These people think were idiots! Just for that I now pay 7 days late every single time. True I have to pay the $9 late fee but it helps me feel better about being trapped in a long term contract with these vampires. Oh, and guess what. They have never ""come to get the car."" Pros: Well? The building wasn't that hard to find. Cons: Souless corporation devoid of all traces of professionalism and run by morons. more

Stay away! 2/2/2007

These people don't care about there clients stay away. They will take your money any way the can. Pros: Don't care about current clients. Cons: Willing to give you the loan any way they can. more

Unethical Management Style by ""Joyce""! 1/16/2006

Manager using verbal scare tatics on young people and inappropriate verbage! As a parent, teaching my children to be responsible for themselves, BUT... the experience here has impaired their faith in the ""ADULT"" world, the lack of respect, in-proper communication with others! I called myself, with somewhat disbelief, but received the same verbal abuse and inaccurate accusations, completely appalled and in total shock this was happening! I definietly wouldnt recommed this place, especially knowing the problem at hand was very minimal and being completely disrepected by ""MANAGEMENT"", this cannot be a place of buisness! There isnt any complants with the other office personnel, but feel that with this type of management being the final decision maker is not what I want in a business partner! Just from an individual that believes we all make a difference, or with the hope that we all do! Pros: approved loan, wanted our buisness, in the begining Cons: unethical mgmt, incompetent, unproductive more
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