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Umbria Prime - 26 Reviews - 295 Franklin St, Boston, MA - Late Night Dining Reviews - Phone (617) 338-1000

Umbria Prime

295 Franklin St (at Broad Street)
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 338-1000
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Umbria Prime - Boston, MA
Umbria Prime - Boston, MA
Umbria Prime - Boston, MA
Umbria Prime - Boston, MA


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My boyfriend and I recently went to Umbria and had a fabulous time. The food was really amazing. I started with the seafood trio and was impressed that the squid was cooked perf...


My colleague and I ate here for lunch. We ordered the margherita pizza, and I ordered the gorgonzola/pear salad. The pizza was tasty, yet much too greasy. The salad was bland. The...

Ehhh its ok 4/13/2011

This place was alright. The music was cool for the most part, the drinks were wicked expensive, and the club itself was kind of empty... more

Stay away, go elsewhere!!!!!!!! 3/26/2011

Over priced, unable to cook a steak in a steak house? This place will not be open for long!!!! The service was awful and the manager made no attempts to correct anything more

this club dont even deserve 1 star. 10/3/2010

so my friend had reserved a table and vip for her boyfriends birthday. They had told her it was 350 over the phone, right when she got there they said 420. She said she wasnt paying for that and she signed a contract. On top of that we all had to wait in line for at least an hour. When the lines finally moved they only let half of us in and we had to wait for another 30mins. So i got mad and started throwing a fit and told them take the ticket back, its ridiculous that we're all still in line when people who didnt have vip, tables, guestlist and just got there, gotin before us. And thats when they let us in. The vip section wasnt even RESERVED for us, anybody could sit where we were. The drinks we're nasty and over priced. All the workers were rude. UMBRIA IS THE WORSE CLUB I'VE EVER BEEN TOO. I WOULDNT SUGGEST ANYBODY TO THROW ANY EVENTS THERE. more

Umbria Prime is a great place to go if you want to get beat up 12/18/2009

Okay so I went to Umbria to support a friend who started "promoting" for them I was on a "Guest List" still had to pay a $20 cover Checked my coat and had to pay $5. Great just paid $25 to get in. After that I got to listen to crummy house remixes of great songs and pay $10 for tiny mixed drink which I doubt even had a shot of booz in it. Surprisingly I got sick of this experience quickly and decided to leave to go to a real bar. As I was leaving the bouncer at one of the doors told me " you cannot get your coat because the room is full" What?!?! I paid $5 to check my coat and now they were trying to tell me I had to leave without my coat long story short after having to argue I said "blank you I paid to check my blanking coat and I am going to get It!" (it was 26 degrees out) Now I am not one to lose my cool but this was ridiculous. After getting my coat I had to wait in the stairwell because my friend who I was there with was also arguing with the bouncer to get his coat. While stan more

serious safety issues 10/18/2009

My girlfriends and I were looking for a new nightclub and I read in one of ads for Umbria they were a place for "mature,sophisticated" people. We called Mr Winter who works for the club to put ourselves on the guest list and we spoke with him atleast 2x that day and asked if we are on guest list do we have a cover charge and each time he answered no no cover charge if you arrive before 11:30 pm. We arrived at club at 11pm-$20 dollars to "valet" park our car and we went in club-we still waited in line for a few minutes even though the bouncer had already given us tickets for being on guest list. When we finally got inside we were told $10 cover charge that it did not matter that M. Winter promised us no cover. We payed that and then went in. You are shown up some very dark and I think dangerous stairsp-the bouncer at bottom of staircase shines a small light 1/2 way up stairs after that you are on your own. Club advertises 25 and over. There were no mature or sophisticated people in there-everyone looked underage(they do card so I am sure they are over 21-"barely") Club is very small and crowded on all floors and very very dark. Club has something like 5 floors-each accesible with one set of small stairs that do not accomodate people going up and down at same time-all I could think of was if there was a fire!! how would all these people safely exit this place. When we were leaving and went back down to 1st floor we noted that bouncer at that door letting several people in for free. We were then told to exit thru that door that leads to an alley. We could not even leave thru front door. All in all very very dissapointing expierience and has soured me on boston nightclubs especially those Mr Winters is involved with. $10.00 is really not much money but it is the principal that you told us no cover you did not say 1/2 the cover. There is a difference and we are intelligent females we know what we heard on phone. Also bathrooms were absolutely filthy and very very small-you have a nightclub that holds that many people then make the bathrooms bigger!!! Someone had vomited in ladies room and it was disgusting and while I did not stay at club long due to too many "young babies" in there I was there atleast an hour and in that hour BR was not cleaned and 2 girls went and told employees about the vomit. IF YOU ARE AN ADULT DO NOT GO TO THIS CLUB IT IS FOR 25 and younger not 25 and over as advertised. Pros: none Cons: safety more

delicious 10/30/2008

The pasta here is delicious. I come here with friends all the time. In addition, their wine selection is grand. I always complement my meal with their wine and it is well worth it! more

A HUGE let down! 10/19/2008

My friend and I wanted to enjoy a nice dinner somewhere authentic to the Boston area. We asked our concierege to recommend a good Italian restaurant nearby. Seconds later we had reservations for 2 at Umbria. We got dressed up to the nines and headed to the restaurant excited for some great food, great atmosphere and what we had hoped to be a great experience. When we walked in the door we were somewhat greeted (for lack of a better word) and showed to our table. After several minutes our server finally approached our table to pour us some water then walked away. When he came back he asked us if we "even wanted to hear the specials" as though it was bother for him. We asked for a few moments to decide. By the time it took him to return to the table not only had we decided upon our appetizer but our entree as well. We got our mussels after waiting a ridiculously long time. Shortly thereafter 2 ladies were sat at the table next to us. They got their appetizers and entrees before we got our entree (which was pasta with shrimp...) I thought it was a little strange that they got their meals before we did, but decided not to make a big deal of it. We requested a dessert menu and continued to wait. Before we were given an opportunity to order dessert I noticed that our neighbors had received their check, had their wine bottle corked and were ready to exit. Needless to say, we were obviously at the bottom of our server's Priority list. There was an obvious push to sell us alcohol on 3 separate attempts and maybe because we didn't order any it effected the quality of service?? When it was all said and done the meal was average and overpriced. The ambiance was less than appealing and the service was mediocre at best. It seemed as though the only thing they were attentive to was hurrying us out the door as soon as we received our check. Pros: Impressive wine list Cons: Quality of service, food, and ambience more

What a huge disappointment 7/12/2008

It appalls me that this restaurant manages to maintain a 4.5 star rating. Several complaints: First, the food could not be more tasteless and boring, especially considering the price. It was below average-- I'd guarantee you'd be happier at Olive Garden. The "yams and Brussels sprout lasagna" that accompanied my bacon wrapped pork had a piece of something small, sharp, and clear in it. I took it out of my mouth only to find that it was the appearance and consistency of a finger nail. At first I thought, no matter, it's probably not a finger nail. Then I found several more in my next bite. I finally just stopped eating it since it was all ending up in my napkin anyway. While the sheer quantity dispelled my finger nail concern, one should never find something like that in their $34 entree. Second, my boyfriend's dish was so salty he could barely eat it. Third, I wasn't going to get wine because I just wasn't in the mood to drink enough to spend $10 on a glass. Instead, I decided to compromise and just order an inexpensive glass of the house red. Everyone knows you order the house wine because its the polite way of ordering the least expensive selection. Well, when the bill came, we were charged $15 for each glass of house --it ended up being more expensive than any glass listed on the wine list!! This is a tricky and cheap practice. Even after complaining politely that this was misleading, the waiter was rude. Lastly, I went on a Friday night expecting some kind of ambiance but it was dead. And the staff just sat around watching baseball on the big screen. Really romantic. Also, though we were only there at 8 pm (not clubbing time), there was some kind of non-stop stomping and loud banging going on upstairs that disrupted the entire dinner. Unfortunately, I would give this restaurant NO STARS if that were a possibility, even if it WASN'T expensive. If you are looking for food worth the price, go somewhere else. I'd recommend Florentine in the North End for starters. more

Rude service -- Off My List For Good 4/8/2008

I recently made a reservation for 10 ladies two weeks in advance. The evening was a celebration of a co-worker having married. By the way, we are all 55+. We were greeted by waiter telling us we had better order quickly because they were busy. After spending over $650, and approx. 2 hours at our table, as soon as we finished our coffee and paid the check we were asked to vacate the table because they needed it! Very embarassing to say the least. My complaint to the manager illicited no response in the way of any compensation, this was after a personal discussion with her, a follow up phone call and an e-mail which was never answered. There are now 10 ladies in Boston who will never frequent this restaurant around the corner from our office nor recommend it to anyone else. Beware if you have a large group! Cons: rude and rushed service more

Overpriced, average food. 10/19/2007

Very overpriced for average at best food. Entrees ran around $40 each. For that price I expect them to step it up on the quality of the food. Lamb was not very good and the Filet was average. Portions rather small. I left feeling like I had just gotten ripped off. Dinner for two with tip and a reasonably priced wine was pushing $200 (no dessert). Service is average and the atmosphere is nice. The bar seems a nice place for a drink, but I would not recommend. This was for dinner. Pros: Nice atmosphere Cons: Overpriced, average food more

Good lunch in the financial district, especially if someone else is paying 9/19/2007

I go to Umbria fairly regularly for lunch (I have never had dinner here), generally on an expense account. The service is a bit inconsistent -- sometimes it is great, sometimes very slow. Usually when it is slow, the dessert is free. The restaurant can get very crowded at lunch, and the tables are close together. I have enjoyed most of the meals I have had. I typically have either the eggplant and mozzarella dish or the market fresh salad to start. The eggplant is good but very filling for an appetizer. The salad is frequently underdressed, so it can feel like a large plate of greens. The soups are typically quite good. For an entree, I tend to alternate between the gnocchetti, the pappardelle, and the risotto specials, all of which I enjoy (though the gnocchetti can often be served too hot). I have had the chicken ravioli as well, but it is made with dark meat and quite a lot of butter, so it is generally richer than I like. For dessert at lunch, there are only three choices -- bread pudding, tiramisu, and gelatto. I love the tiramisu (and appreciate that they change up the presentation). more

Health Advisory 9/15/2007

Don't be fooled by the ambiance: candle-lit tables, exposed brick. The open kitchen was nice as well, although after we recieved our food, I was convinced it is just for show. We went on a Saturday night and were seated right away (should've been our first clue). We started with the fiori de zucchini appetizer - stay away! I'd describe their taste as a mix between grass and chalk. Trying to get rid of the taste in my mouth with bread was difficult since it was stale. I was hoping the pasta we ordered would be better - I ordered the cappellini with rock crab and scallops in shell fish sauce. My husband ordered the parpardelle with mushrooms. The cappellini dish was overwhelmed by the taste of fish, and there was no meat in the crab. The parpardelle was decent, but as I write this review now my husband and I are both nursing incredibly bad stomach aches the next morning. Overall, I'd recommend staying away from this place. Even if its just for your own health. Pros: Ambiance (but not worth it). Cons: Paying $130 for a stomach ache. more

Fresh pasta, upscale menu and atmosphere 9/13/2007

Pretty good food, and eager, but erratic, service. Warm atmosphere; brick walls, open kitchen, cozy and modern. Poor wine selection for less than $50/bottle; lots of interesting stuff over $50. Call me cheap, I guess. However, we got tasty wines by-the-glass. Appetizer of Bufalo Mozzarella lacked any basil, and "summer tomatos" were gassed. "House-cured" proscuitto was good, but also lacked the featured goodies (I couldn't find any speck or guaranciale!). I had anticipated the Pappardelle with Mushrooms, and it was very satisfying...fresh pasta and hearty mushrooms. Not only was the quail garnish unnecassary, but it did not add anything to the dish. Also, the menu said "shaved truffles", and I could not detect any. The waiter seemed to rush us to order (the house was only half full on a Saturday night), and then the food came out too quickly. They serve a white bean dip with the bread that is fantastic! but we couldn't enjoy it because the waiter removed the bread when he brought the apps. He had recommended the spaghetti with stuffed lobster to my wife, and when she ordered it, he said they had run out. To compound his error, he said that the couple next to us had ordered the last two, but we noticed later they they did not. We may be tourists, but we aren't stupid. She had instead the lobster ravioli, which she said was OK, but not exciting. The waiter redeemed himself in my wife's eyes when he brought us complimentary Limoncellos after dinner. Desserts were OK, molten chocolate cake with "hazelnut" gelato/mousse but it was peanuts. Lemoncello cake. Tasty. Pros: good selection of interesting pastas Cons: the menu gets a little ahead of the food more

Fantastic dinner in the financial district 1/5/2007

My boyfriend and I recently went to Umbria and had a fabulous time. The food was really amazing. I started with the seafood trio and was impressed that the squid was cooked perfectly - very tender. A lot of chefs tend to overcook it so it gets tough. My boyfriend had the spinach soup which was nice and creamy with a really nice olive oil drizzled on top. For the main course I had the osso bucco which was falling apart tender and had an intense flavor. I know that it had been slowed cooked for hours to get that concentration of flavor. We received some help from the staff in picking out several wines along the way. They suggested wines at different prices points each time we asked for help - which I really appreciated, and everything we drank paired very nicely with the food. One thing you should definitely try if you go, is one of the digistivos. They are a really nice ending to a large meal and, I think, somewhat unique here in Boston. Pros: Excellent food and wine, knowledgable, helpful staff more

unadulterated rudeness from hostess and waiter -- poor service all around 12/14/2006

A girl friend and I went to this place after work last night for a couple of drinks and some appetizers. From the moment we walked in we received nothing but rudeness. The hostess was snotty and after we asked her if we could sit out by the bar, she immediately asked if we had a reservation. When we said we didn't (and also noticed that no one else was in the place, aside from the five people sitting at the bar), she made a big point to look at her computer to see if we could sit there. Once it was deemed "okay" to sit there, she even acted miffed that we declined her offer to check our coats for us. Pros: The upstairs lounge may be cool -- haven't checked it out yet Cons: rude service, incompetent, food average more

Don't waste your time or money 12/11/2006

I can't agree more with the other reviews posted here. The service was very unprofessional for the price point of the restaurant. We had a large group with a price fixed menu. The waitress couldn't even tell us what was included or what the price was - she had to keep running to her manager for every question. The fixed menu gave us no choice for appetizer - everyone was forced to get the exact same thing and the entrees were way overcooked. Of course my expectations were high when the entrees of salmon or steak were roughly $35 -$40 each if you subtracted the appetizer and dessert individual prices from our fixed price. The bread pudding was awful, over cooked and tasteless. Then when we left the hostess couldn't find our coats and after several failed attempts I suggested that I go to the coat room to find them. When we go there she snapped "there in the corner - those are the coats for your table" and walked out as if it was my fault she couldn't find our coats. Pros: Good conversation with our friends Cons: Service, food, attitude more

Boston's Authentic Italian Dining Experience 8/3/2006

With all the gossip surrounding the departure of Marisa Iocco's guiding hand at Frank De Pasquale's finest restaurant, one might be a little concerned about the quality of the food. Put all doubts aside. New Executive Chef Gianni Caruso is ready for the big time. The food is phenomenal; from the hand-made pasta to the fat, juicy steaks and the only poached salmon I would ever consider eating, the food is way ahead of any competition. The service is also excellent although some of the servers, fresh off the boat from Italy, have pretty strong accents--but isn't that part of the the charm? The dolci, too, were delicious. The closest thing to cannoli I've had in Sicly are available at Umbria. A well-conceived and priced wine list is another bonus. And it all goes on in one of the city's prettiest dining rooms offering a delightful note of rustic charm. Pros: Night club upstairs more

Definitely wont be recommending this restaurant 4/29/2006

The menu was to fussy for me. The bread on the table was stale and the tables are too close together. You dont get a whole lot on your plate for the huge price. My husband had a seafood pasta dish that tasted too "fishy" which made us suspect it was not fresh seafood but it was one of the "so-called" specials for the evening. We also had an expensive appetizer that consisted of barely one serving! No one even bothered to ask why we barely touched our meals either...RUDE! Cons: expensive more

RUDE Staff, Terrible Service.. DON'T GO HERE!! 2/14/2006

I booked a table in advance for 15 on Saturday. I called multiple times to ensure everything would be ready. Upon arrival, the door men were very rude. These Chums have Napolean sydrome working the door in Boston. We came there to spend money and have a good time but these boys gave us a first and lasting impression of what a bad place Umbria is. The rudeness continued with that woman taking tickets at the door. I wondered why such a miserable lady wasnt in bed sleeping.. She was awful!! When I went to get to our table I learned that it wasnt ready and that the staff wasnt even told about it. Nobody was expecting us like they had promised. We had to wait 30 minutes. When the table was finally put together, it was in a different room than I requested. Moral of this story: UMBRIA SUCKS! Cons: Rude Staff, Unorganized, Music more

Rude Staff 2/10/2006

I have been to Unbria twice - once for my company's holiday party and once for a friend's birthday party. While I found the food to be very bland, the worst part of my experience was in dealing with the staff. I was yelled at by one of the security guards and then - after I asked to speak with a manager - the manager was also very rude. If service or food are important to you - I would not recommend Umbria for a private party. Cons: Service, Management, Food more
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  • UMBRIA PRIME, Frank DePasquale’s steakhouse, is situated in the heart of Boston’s Financial District just steps away from the waterfront.

    This classic steakhouse features exclusively corn and grass-fed, 35-day dry-aged prime CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF that's seared and finished in a 1,200 degree brick oven leaving the perfect char. Besides the beef, there's an extensive menu of other items that include inventive appetizers, artisan Umbrian pastas, fresh seafood, chops and hearty side dishes. For a finale, we offer an assortment of exquisite homemade desserts. Come, taste and find out why UMBRIA PRIME has already taken its place among America's finest steakhouses. (617) 892-4254


  • This steakhouse-cum-nightclub specializes in corn-fed, 21 day, dry-aged beef cooked in a brick oven; post-dinner, the lounge comes alive as the night creeps on. Umbria Prime’s hearty dishes...

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