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U Save Auto - 12 Reviews - 339 Front St, Binghamton, NY - Motorized Vehicle Rental & Leasing Reviews - Phone (607) 772-0999

U Save Auto

339 Front St
Binghamton, NY 13905
(607) 772-0999
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I needed a tow from Endwell to Binghamton, and they were there earlier than they said they would be. Charged me very fair prices.


I locked my keys in the car on a rainy day with my little brother, little cousin and 1 year old son with me. The auto club called these jokers. After 45 minutes they got there an...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/28/2014

The story is pretty much the same as the ones before me. But let me add that the owner's daughter- the the snotty b!tch named Marissa- is lucky she didn't get snatched up over the counter by her hair today! I guess she thinks that because daddy employs her, that she doesn't have to be professional and can spew venom on anyone she wants. Hey, honey, if you're reading this- know this- you are lucky you work for family because you'd never last in the real world with that horrible attitude and chip on your shoulder. Your office AND rental cars smell like cigarettes, but you push a no smoking policy. You rented out a roach that had NO BRAKES. I'm surprised someone hasn't sued you all the way to a Chapter 11. Be ashamed- you are all a bunch of SCUMBAGS!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/10/2012

NOT WORTH THE HASSLE, NEVER AGAIN!\r \r I have rented vans from this shady place at least 8 times in the past four years, and I am officially done now. Their secretary/customer service people are never friendly, but I tried to overlook that for a long time because I thought I did not have any other options to rent a large van.\r \r All the vans we have rented from them in the past have had some sort of issue, and this came to a head a couple years ago when we took a group of students to Syracuse and the serpentine belt on the van broke in the middle of the night. Obviously poor maintenance. Instead of finding someone in the area, they wasted our time waking up one of their towing drivers to come up to meet us. THREE HOURS LATER we could finally resume our trip.\r \r Most recently, however, I arrived to pick up a van for another trip to Syracuse, and I was told by a very annoyed, bad-attitude secretary (who was just waiting for the end of the day and could care less about customers) that I could not pick up a vehicle if someone else intended on driving it. Fair enough, seems like a decent rule, except for the fact that WE HAVE DONE THIS EVERY OTHER TIME WE HAVE RENTED FROM THEM. I tried to explain this and the situation to her (we needed to leave for our trip in 2 hours) but she had zero understanding and zero desire to be helpful whatsoever. When I called a couple days later to complain about it, I was met with a trite ""sorry for the problem"" by the manager- a sure sign that these types of issues are a regular occurrence here.\r \r U Save, you have officially lost my business, and as I now see from other reviews, that of many others in the Binghamton area. Get a clue or shut down.\r \r If you are a potential customer, do yourself a huge favor and don't go near this place! There are other options for rentals, towing and recovery in the Binghamton area that are very comparable in price. U Lose, U Save. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/13/2012

Here is a tip I should have done before I had looked into buying a car...Stay away from this So Called dealer and do some homework.\r They should be named Ur Screwed...Sadly enough, I have to deal with these people...\r We are currently contracted to buy a vehicle at this institution that takes advantage of people that are trying to better themselves. \r For starters, the odometer never worked correctly and shame on us for accepting this. But we we were told that their mechanic would fix the problem, while they charged us $15.00 per day for a rental. They never fixed the problem because the mechanic could not figure it out... \r Then eight months down the road, a major part of the 4 wheel drive broke down and left us stranded on the side of the road...Only for them to ""save Us"" and inform us that it would cost over 1200$$$ to fix. They Would NOT let us take it for a second opinion...while the mechanic admitted it was their fault.\r Then, to add insult to injury, we were threatened into claiming minor fender damage to our insurance ...Probably for more added money for them from people who need to ""SAVE"" money and was desperate enough to go to them.\r I DO NOT recommend them ... BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!\r I do intend to follow this up with a lawyer...\r more

Liars 4/9/2012

I locked my keys in the car on a rainy day with my little brother, little cousin and 1 year old son with me. The auto club called these jokers. After 45 minutes they got there and after a couple of tries he unlocked my car. I tipped him $10 and he took off. We got in the car and the kids told me he cracked my wind shield. Sure enough. When i got home and called the snobby secretary and she informed me that it was the owner of the company that came out and i was just looking for a freebie because there is no possible way any of their equipment could do that. more


My wife today had a flat at work. The insurance called u save auto. They were supposed to change the spare and said they could not get the spare off the car. The tow guy said they can tow the car to the shop and plug the tire because they found a nail in the tire. They guy said the cost would be $20.00 and the insurance will pay the towing. After work 4 hours later she went to get the car. They tried to get her to buy a new tire. They never even touched it all day. She told them no plug it like i asked. They took one hour to plug the tire and said she had to pay $50.00 dollars. $20.00 for the plug and $30.00 for labor. This is complete BS, you don't charge labor for plugging a tire and it should take only ten minutes to do the job. I will post this on every site I can find so nobody will go to there rip-off place. more

Wow... BAD! 9/14/2011

Long story short.... I was driving down 17E and my gas tank fell off... this towing company was called by the fire deparment, so I had no choice in the matter. I went to pay the towing fees the next day, the woman at the register acted like I wronged her for being in her presence. They made me go to my house and get my vehicle's title to have my truck released, even though the men who towed my truck just 14 hours before were there in the office. I then returned with my title and was informed that I could only pay with cash, even though it is posted online that you can pay with Visa. To add insult to injury, my vehicle was left unlocked the whole night with all of my personal belongings in it. Luckily nothing was stolen, as they have signs that explicitly state that they arent responsible for anything. Also for the vehicle to stay one night they charged me 50 EXTRA dollars, which was not mentioned when they were telling me about fees while taking my truck.... all in all, horrible experience. I DO NOT RECOMMEND! (I'd like to note that the JCFD was great) more

Worst Experience EVER! 5/11/2011

This towing company was called by the BPD at the scene of my accident. I had NO choice in the matter. Anyhoo...My car was put on the flatbed and was asked to be towed to the garage of MY choosing. The driver got in the vehicle and we left. After waiting at the Body Shop for my vehicle for approx. 20 minutes, we called to find out where my car was. The driver took it upon himself to tow the vehicle back to their facility. I was told we ""didn't wait for payment instructions"". When I told them we were waiting for them and they would get paid upon arrival - I was flatly told my vehicle would not be delivered until the next day. On top of that, the person I spoke with was extremely rude and kept adding charges because I was ""giving him attitude"". I was charged an extra $45 for clean up of debris that the Bing Fire Dept did (which U Save claim they did) and they threathened to charge storage fees. All said and done I paid $210 for what should have been 1/2 that cost. DO NOT USE!!! They will rip you off! more

They do not follow what their philsophy states. 9/4/2010

Back in May of 2010 My sons car had to be towed. This was approximately 3pm on a Sunday afternoon. The Cop handling the situation asked my son if he had a preference as to what towing co. to call, he replied no as he had not needed one in the past. They called U Save Co. for my son. This Company was less than one mile from my Son's disabled car. Before U Save arrived my son called them back to ask them to tow his car to Endicott, the associate at U Save told him that this was not possible as there was no one in the office to ask permission for them to do this. (Let's see now Son is the one who owns the car, he is calling for their help and they are refusing to give Son the help he is requesting. The car is towed and my Son calls U Save early the next morning to find out that he has been charged a Walloping $270.00 to tow his car APPROXIMATELY 1 MILE. YES FOLKS 1 MILE. Well U Save sure made their money on my young son with a girlfriend and small baby to take care of. He then had to call another towing co. that was so very nice and even had to sit and wait as the @#%^& at U save decided they would not take my sons check, or my Visa. U Save made us go and get cash to pay for the $270. Bill for less than 24 hrs in their lot and less than a 1 mile tow. Thank you U Save for Screwing over a very nice young man and a baby to take care of ...You can bet we tell everyone we meet about what you did. MAYBE YOU SHOULD READ YOUR PHILOSOPHY FROM TIME TO TIME AND ACTUALLY LIVE BY IT. OR MAYBE YOU SHOULD WRITE A NEW ONE ON HOW YOU PUT THE &^%$#@ to the good old AMERICAN. You can bet that you will never get our business again. FYI for those of you reading this. There is more to this story and the police were called you see the owner of U Save would not write down the mileage on the receipt for my son. mmmmmm smell a little fishy folks. Be Ware folks not just of the foaming dog but of folks that have a good philosophy that is really not so good. more

One Star is the least I could do. 4/14/2010

I needed a tow but instead of towing it to my house they took it to their garage which was less then a mile away. This was on a Sunday and they said I couldn't get it back until Monday during their normal business hours. So Monday comes and they say I owe $270 which includes 2 days of storage for the 20 hours they wouldn't let me have my own car. I then had to pay another towing company the fair price of $65 to actually get it to my house about 15 miles away. more

great place nice people 4/12/2010

I needed a tow from Endwell to Binghamton, and they were there earlier than they said they would be. Charged me very fair prices. more

Nothing but excellence! 11/17/2009

I read the other reviews and am quite suprised by what I saw. I was recently in a car accident and U-Save's towing company came to the scene of our accident. They towed my car away from the scene along with another that was involved in the accident. When we arrived to their shop they set us up in a rental car and started the claim for us. It was stress free for my husband and I as out of town travelers it was a major bonus. We continued on to our travel destination and when we came back into Binghamton they had even set us up with a one way rental back home. I can not thank this company enough for all their help, and would recommend them to anybody!!! Pros: This company was nothing but helpful! Cons: Nothing! more


I needed my clutch replaced in my car and decided while they were in there they could just replace EVERYTHING from the disc, pressure plate, throwout bearing, fork ect ect. He quoted me at $1700 i said to it up and dropped my car off that afternoon. He came out acting like he knew what the hell he was talking about. He filled out a slip of paper that i never saw (this was my first time ever having to use a repair shop) so blah blah sign here and here and i never got a slip of anythign i just figured it would all be my paperwork filed away. Well hes an a** in all sense of the word. He ""ordered the wrong part"" 2x long story short he had the car for over 14 days and finished it the last damn day. I found out where and what he ordered after he been throwing me BS lines over an over and he spend roughly $500 on parts (only the presure plate an disc) and still charged me 1700 bones. I brought this to his attention and how he replaced half of what i intended and also what we agreed on. He said it was a verbal agreement after never giving me paperwork and somehow he felt my word was good in charging me 1700 and his word was sh*t cause he did half the work and charged me the same as if he did everything. On a side note i had to bring my car back to this dredded place because the smart people there never tightened down my engine to frame mounts. The bolts were sticking out and i had to hand tighten them after finding them. STAY AWAY they are all full of sh*t and they would love nothing more than to take your money and your car will be worse than it was before. Obviously i wasnt the only one who noticed this seeing as i stood outside while he was tightening my mounts and noticed someone spraypainted JEFF TEEBOO (or whatever his last name is) is a THEIF! i almost cried laughing and even took a picture on my phone for sh*ts an giggles. TRUST ME FROM MY MISTAKE RUN LIKE HELL FAR FAR AWAY Cons: EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM AND THE FACILITY more

never ever again... 12/23/2008

what a joke - avoid u-save auto at all costs - they're crooks plain and simple. I came here to warn others about this joke of a business and find TWO other reviews talking about how they got ripped off the same way i did. unbelievable. Cons: to many to name more

Thieves. 12/23/2008

A $100 charge showed up on my bill out of nowhere. I called to ask what the charge was for and they told me ""It must have been a cleaning fee"". I told them the car was returned spotless (which it was) and they said ""well then it must have been a late fee"". After I informed the man on the phone that I had returned the car 2 days early he told ACTUALLY HAD THE NERVE to tell me ""what's done is done"" and then HUNG UP THE PHONE! I'm currently disputing the charges and spreading the word: avoid this business at all costs.... Pros: they've taught me an important life lesson: beware who you trust Cons: probably the worst business i have ever delt with in my life. more

NOT Recommended 10/21/2008

After questions regarding the payment process by myself and my sister-in-law, we were not told the truth. We were told that a credit card was needed simply to 'HOLD' the reservation, and that it would not touch the account- we were paying cash. While the cost was low ($117.00 for 1 day), the HOLD that wasn't going to touch my account DID, and for $300.00! When I called to inquire they insisted they told me about the $300 - I've got news...NO THEY DID NOT, I specifically asked how much would be held on my account. Needless to say, they need to be ALOT more up front when questioned about their policies. The whole process seemed very shady!! I'm frightened that I ever gave them my information. Cons: NOT honest about policies when asked (it's in the fine print) more
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