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Tv Unlimited

1296 Kifer Rd Ste 601
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 733-6913
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So Ive had to deal with Tvs unlimited twice now and I can say they were both helpful and quick. The first time I had my bulb replaced took about a week. It wasnt cheap but after d...


I have one of those expensive sony TV that has design problems. The TV overheats and damages components inside. I called sony and they asked me to call TV Unlimited for the proble...

Nothing good to say 4/27/2011

I have one of those expensive sony TV that has design problems. The TV overheats and damages components inside. I called sony and they asked me to call TV Unlimited for the problem. TVUnlimited is one of the authorized repair shops. I did not have good experience with them. On the first call, the person on the phone was most concerned that my TV was out of warranty. FYI, sony had extended the warranty for a couple problems specific to the TV. I had to argue with them that I knew about the extension from the internet before they accepted that the TV might still be in warranty. Even so they demanded the original purchase receipt even when they knew the purchase date was no longer relevant in my case. On the second call, sony had requested TVUnlimited to schedule an appointment with me. TVUnlimited refused to set the time of the day for the appointment until I told them that that was not the way business is done with other companies. You should be able to set a time window for the repair person to come. On the third encounter, which was the 'service call'. The repairment came to my house with an ugly look. He asked me what was wrong with the TV, with a bad attitude. I told him that there was 5 blinking red lights, and then I left him to work alone, giving him time to discover the burnt lamp. Overheating of the lamp compartment was one of the design problems with the sony TV. The repairman finished the job, and told me that the lamp was broken and need to be replaced, and that was it. I told him that the 5 blinking lights meant that more was broken, not just the lamp, most likely the power ballast was broken too. After explaining to him that if only the lamp was broken, another set of light would be blinking, he agreed that it was possible that there was more than 1 problem. He did not do anything to try to figure out the 'real problem' and he did not mention anything about the overheating problem. He just said his supervisor will decide what to do about it. I was baffled, that why wouldn't an authorized sony repairman bring a working lamp with them on their job. It is a common item, and it is handy for diagnosing problems beyond a broken lamp. I was baffled also by the fact that he was so sure that the problem was just a broken lamp problem to start with. Aren't these people supposed to know about Sony TVs? When I asked him whether he saw the melted plastic, he screamed at me and asked me where the melted plastic was. I did not clearly understand his question because of his not so good english, and he screamed more. I pointed at the melted plastic and then he said the melting was normal...which I did not think it was. Actually I was not even sure that he opened the lamp compartment and took the lamp out to examine it. If he had done that, he would have seen the melted plastic. He claimed that he did, and he might had. I should be there to watch him so that I know, but I was busy doing something else while he was looking at the TV. I am disappointed by sony selling defective products to customers, and that their authorized repair service, may be only this particular repair servce, do not treat their customer right. more

Awful customer service 11/30/2010

TL;DR --- TV Unlimited caused other problems when repairing my television. They denied any responsibility and were extremely rude; they even hung up on me. more

Tv Unlimited 7/27/2010

So Ive had to deal with Tvs unlimited twice now and I can say they were both helpful and quick. The first time I had my bulb replaced took about a week. It wasnt cheap but after doing some online research it was quite reasonable. Considering the mounds of Tv's i saw that were also up for repair a week is quick. The second time I was in contact with Mike to get a receipt. To my surprise, he emailed it to me on the spot. Thanks Mike for the great customer service. Hopefully my tv dosent break again but if it does ill have you see it. Kyle Pros: Fast Quick service more



Rude Customer Service 5/10/2010

I do not even know where to begin, but here it is; I bought a Samsung TV from Best buy. After getting it home, I dropped it. Yes, I dropped it. Well, accidents do happen, but I was referred to this place by a Samsungs representative. The place is called ""TV Unlimited,"" and after speaking with one of there rep's. I decided not to do business with this place, not even if they paid me. Both (Best buy and Samsung) referred me. I called this place, which they stated they would be out to look at my television on Monday. I called to find out what time, and they were so rude, not only to me, but my wife as well. I think someone stated that they are going ""Out of Business."" I do not know how true that is, but I do know that it will not be long. When you treat your cliental like they do, nothing good comes from it. ?Word of MOUTH,? if they don?t know it, they will find out. Pros: None what so ever Cons: No manners or customer skills more

Horrible service, just want your wallet 4/27/2010

I was referred to this contractor due to a vertical shadow on the left corner of the screen. Fortunately, this problem is caused by a faulty light tunnel installed in 05-06 models and manufacturer recently open a RMA service protocol to resolve the issue. I called the manufacturer and they told me they would replace the part for free, and they referred (unfortunately) me to this provider. Initial conversation was brief as they wanted to setup a time to come out and replace the faulty component. The first red flag came about when they assured me that if the TV had other issues beside the faulty light tunnel, I will be assessed $95 service fee. After hearing this, I was a bit reluctant to go with this provider (you should always listen to your gut feeling), but since they were referred by the manufacturer, I went ahead with the service. The repair was a breeze, quick and easy. A nice gentleman came out on time and replaced the light tunnel within minutes. The interesting turn of event occurred after the service person left my house. TV started to run dark and red, leaving the screen with dark hazy outlines of images. The sound was coming out fine, just the images would dark out. I was concerned about this new symptom, and called the TV Unlimited for advise. First thing came out of the representative's mouth was, ""only the light tunnel issue is covered by the manufacturer."" My reply to that was ""well, I didn't have this issue prior to your guy opened up the TV."" The guy's replied to my reply ""is the shadow issues resolved?"" I said ""yes, but I have this new issue."" Then the guy cut me off and said ""listen up."" I was shocked. I never had someone talk down at me with that kind of tone. Only thing I was able to muster out was ""excused me? listen up?!?"" I asked for his full name and he said his first name is ""Simon,"" then told me ""don't worry about the last name."" Right there and then, I knew I wasn't going anywhere with this guy. I wanted to tell him he needs a new occupation and working for daddy's TV shop doesn't give him the right to treat customers like crap but since I am not a career adviser, I politely asked for a manager. After talking to the manager for 10 mins, I realized these people are just there to make money and they don't believe in the concept of ""product liability"" or ""after service."" Now, I am going to Yelp about my wonderful experience with these people and copy and paste this review on every TV repair review websites. I am going to contact Sunnyvale consumer commerce reporting the business ethics of this ""bad service"" oriented business entity. I probably going to have to sue TV Unlimited in civil court to recover damages done to my TV, more headache for me, I wish I just listened to my gut feeling in first place and went with someone else. Avoid TV Unlimited or you will waste your time and get yelled at by Mr. Simon. Pros: Fast service Cons: Bad after service more

Crappy Shop & Technician 4/24/2010

They are Samsung authorized service center in San Jose, Ca. Samsung doesn't have any other authorized service center. My Samsung TV started switching on/off and I complained to Samsung. Samsung opened trouble ticket and gave it to TV Unlimited folks. The technician came to my house and first he said it doesn't look like power supply issue (without opening the TV). On opening the TV, he replaced the power supply and it worked. He said he will call his boss and find out the charges and came back to me with BIG estimate to fix it. he said Samsung covers ONLY for capacitors. more

excellent work 7/20/2009

Giovanny, the technician, did am excellent job fixing our samsung TV. He was very polite and listened to our complaints and concerns. more

Bad service 8/8/2008

My Guarantee contract from GE, so I have no choice, but send my TV to them. The one to picked up my TV told me they will bring back after one week. The week passed I called them, and they told me wait for another week, they don't know when it will be done. Looks like they will keep it forever. The guys answer phone is rude, unfriendly, cut off the conversation. more

'Could Not Reproduce' a very obvious problem - wasted a month 8/4/2008

The front audio input on my surround sound receiver burned out. When I plugged in any audio source into that input, a loud buzzing came out of the speakers. I took my device into TV Unlimited and clearly described the issue and how to reproduce it. They said they would look at it. 1 month later I get a call saying they can't reproduce the problem. The guy on the phone didn't want my help reproducing the problem - in fact every time I tried to explain he interrupted me. He was just telling me to come pick it up. So I did, and sure enough the problem was still there just as obvious as before. So TV Unlimited held on to my receiver for a month just so they could tell me that can't find the problem. Thank goodness it was under warranty and they didn't try to charge me for this terrible service. Pros: Resonably nice in person (not on the phone) Cons: Held my reciever for a month just to tell me they couldn't find the problem. more

Great Service! 8/2/2008

After seeing other poor reviews of this company here, I was kind of afraid to use them. But these guys were absolutely terrific - highly responsive, very professional, and did excellent repair work. I would definitely recommend them for TV repairs!!! Pros: responsive, professional, competant more

This shop is the by far is the worst business I've ever dealt with!!!! 7/25/2008

Is incredible that business like this one continues to operate when their service to customers is rude, impolite, dishonest and immoral . The staff are rude in particular manager and owner. The manager is like a gangbanger and has no concept of civil interaction with customers, very indifferent with no concept of what customer service is. The owner tries to be the nice guy but ultimately the decision maker who encourages this type of behavior with the staff. Pros: They were the only shop authorized by the manufacturer within 150 miles Cons: Dishonest people, rude to was returned unrepairable. more

Overcharge, broke my TV 6/13/2008

Other reviews are right, crooks. They over charge. Quoted $4000 to repair $1500 TV. They are arrogant and have unsatisfactory customer service skills more

Horrible!!!!!!!!!!!! 6/7/2008

This is the aqbsolute worst company I have dealt with in my 37 years!!!! 1. The lady I spoke to was rude and didn't speak or understand english very well. 2. took 2 weeks to get someone to come out. 3. 3 different guys came out all saying something different. 4. When they decided what was wrong they said they had to take the tv, this is after they had said they will do the repairs in my home. 4. They said it would take 3-4 days to get the part. When I called later that day another guy said that they had the part in stock. more

Prompt, courteous, friendly 3/27/2008

My Samsung lNT3254 bought from amazon had the (by now infamous) noise problem from the power supply on DTV 480i channels. 2 hours after reporting the problem to Samsung support I got a call from TV Unlimited, 'Dan' was very friendly and patient in taking some additional information from the labels on the TV. Told me parts had to be ordered, estimated 3 ~ 5 days. Few days later I got a call from a very nice lady to schedule for the repairman to fix the TV at home, got a 3 hour window to expect him. Repairman came during early part of the 3 hour window, changed the power supply and the main board (he explained that while the problem as most likely the power supply the main board was also being replace just in case). Again very courteous, friendly, and respectful. The noise problem appears to be fixed. I am very happy with the service I got. Pros: Prompt, friendly, couteous more

Good experience with a Samsung repair 3/27/2008

I bought a new Samsung LCD TV on Amazon and it arrived defected. I called up Samsung right away and they assigned the case to TV Unlimited. I went on line and found only one review on this site and it was very bad. This guy had the same thing happen to him with a Samsung TV and was assigned to TV Unlimited for repair. He had a very bad experience with them. Needless to say I was VERY VERY worried and upset about the new TV that didn't work and afraid the communication with TV Unlimited will be horrible and I won't get my repair. more

Avoid them all the time. 8/9/2007

I have been assigned TV Unlimited from Samsung to repair my TV. First of all they lied to me for two days that they don't have the service request yet until I called up Samsung again. Most horrible part is when I complained to them about their lies the guy on the phone vehemently threatened to me saying ""Do you want your TV to be repaired or not ?"". All this happened when the Samsung representative is on the other line with me. I told Samsung about this immediately and they said other people have already complained about this folks not only about their behavior but also their work. Samsung was extremely helpful to assign me to an other service center immediately. This folks are horrible, if they can talk to you in the phone like this god knows what they can do with the TV at the time of repair. more
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