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Turtle Bay Tavern - 39 Reviews - 987 2nd Avenue, New York, NY - Brunch Reviews - Phone (212) 223-4224

Turtle Bay Tavern

987 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10022
(212) 223-4224
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Turtle Bay Tavern - New York, NY
Turtle Bay Tavern - New York, NY
Turtle Bay Tavern - New York, NY
Turtle Bay Tavern - New York, NY


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There is a bartender named John who makes a great mojito. Ask for one, no matter how busy he is he will take the time. I freakin love to party and Turtle Bay is the place to do it...


We went to Turtle Bay on a Saturday night and it was what we needed. It has two floor of space and the cover is $5 but it includes a well drink. We had about 13 people in our ...

Nothing really special 12/13/2011

Drinks are cheap, the bar is crowded and there is some room upstairs. The staff is inconsistent, some are very friendly, some are not, or annoying (like this Brazilian girl who is hitting on you just to sell you shots). The music is OK, sometimes it's too cheesy though. Nothing really special about that place, but I can't say i had a bad time. PS: the bathroom guy is very annoying, I don't need to pay someone to hand me napkins. more

Horrible/Discrimination 9/30/2011

I, of asian decent), just got into from the city celebrating my friends birthday and upon arrival at the door, the bouncer told me i wasnt allowed in for wearing a white shirt. so i abided by the rule and began walking away. soon as i start walking away, a patron (white boy) walks out wearing the same exact shirt. i go to the bouncer and asked why he was allowed in. the bouncer (black, 6 ft, big man) told me to f* off and learn the rules. i go towards the other bouncer (little spanish man, 5 ft 5) and ask the same thing. the black bouncer told the smaller bouncer to not tell me a damn thing cause he doesnt need to explain anything to me. the little bouncer just told me that i was rude and i was a mother f*er. the big black bouncer then told me and my friend (her birthday) to f* off or else. Stuff like this happens in NYC? i doubt it. ive been to NYC a lot and this is the first. i felt humiliated in front of everyone. when i spoke to the bouncers and told them i would call up and complain. they laughed and said it wont do any good. They said they would guarantee they would still have their jobs. im skeptical about the other reviews on this page. if you cant even get past the bouncers, how do you even make a review about this trash. more

Definitely DO NOT Recommend 9/30/2010

I considered having a birthday here in July. I spoke with Erin on the phone, the coordinator listed on the site, and stopped by after work to make the arrangements in person so I could check out the space. I was completely ignored for a while and then the waitress kept saying she would get her for me. When Erin finally came down, she just gave the waitress a business card to pass along to me...I was RIGHT there. Extremely rude and unacceptable customer service, not to mention the sticky floors and frat house scene (and this was only 6pm on a weekday). I ended up having it at Traffic across the street and had a great time! \r \r In Short: If you are already tipsy and just passing by, this place may be tolerable to stop in and dance for a while, otherwise, keep moving! Its crowded, dirty, and the staff if totally disorganized and rude. more

Worst Bar Ever in NYC 6/17/2010

I was here on June 6.. Bouncer started a fight with 3 patrons one of them being a woman. I witnessed the entire situation, Bouncer completely lost it..he threw the poor woman into the door-she was SOBER...all she wanted to do was notify her friends that she will be waiting for them outside. This took place at 3:15AM...Cops came to bar...the bar got away with it because she was forced to drop the charges due to it being a weekend (central bookings no judge so have to wait until MONDAY). I must say this is the worst bar ever in NYC ...WHY ARE THEY STILL IN BUSINESS?! Stop going to this BAR you will enjoy the bars down by 8th st or Mc I should have checked their reviews before going to turtle bay...obv..I'm not the only one that has had a bad experience...Owner if your listening either run a bar right or close it down..the little fat spanish guy who happens to be a manager is so disrespectful. Staff at the Bar. Bouncers. (oh and apparently this bar is the only bar that uses a shady company to hire bouncers...guys must be fresh out of jail with a criminal record) Cons: The entire STAFF is Horrible, No Respect for their Patrons more

HORRIBLE SERVICE!!! Cheesy 80's music. 6/8/2010

I went here for an after work event in which all invitees got a wristband for half off on drinks. Sounds fun, right? WRONG!!! As the place got more and more packed it became nearly impossible to get the bartender's attention for service. I and two of my friends who are female tried for about half an hour until I finally tapped the bartender on the shoulder, and he responded by cursing at me. I laughed it off and then 5 minutes later he spoke to me again saying how I could never reach over the bar and blah, blah, blah... He wore glasses and looked like a sad man. Anyway, after this sensitive bartender's shift ended he told the next bartender on shift! So I had to order another drink from another bartender down the bar. My friends explained to yet another bartender our story, and she gave us a round of drinks on the house to make up for it. Still I will never go here again. The music is a bunch of Jersey Shore 80's fist pump anthems that are warmly nostalgic until after about half an hour. Do yourself a huge favor and NEVER GO HERE! Pros: Yeah, right... Cons: Rude bartenders, awful music. more

Neighborhood bar 5/9/2010

We went to Turtle Bay on a Saturday night and it was what we needed. It has two floor of space and the cover is $5 but it includes a well drink. We had about 13 people in our group but we managed to find tables to sit down and chill. We checked out upstairs, which is a dance floor with loud dance music and we were not in the mood. So it actually works out they had a floor for drinking and chilling and another for dancing. The bar is not fancy or anything though. I wouldn't make my way out to come here. Pros: Cheap drinks more

Great partay!! 1/20/2010

I had my Birthday party here and we arranged an open bar with them, and for $30 I drank Malibu and Sprite all night long. We went upstairs cause we wanted to dance and there were a whole bunch of hot guys that we talked to all night and the bartenders made me get on the bar and dance. They bought us drinks and it was a ton of debauchery and fun!! Have your Birthday here! I want to do it again.... Pros: HOT Guys! Fun atmosphere Cons: Crowded more

I freakin love to party 10/6/2009

There is a bartender named John who makes a great mojito. Ask for one, no matter how busy he is he will take the time. I freakin love to party and Turtle Bay is the place to do it. Pros: great bartenders more

Discriminates Against Gay and Lesbian Patrons 7/28/2009

In 2009 it is hard to believe that a low rent bar like this thinks they can get away with discrimination. I hope they are closed down soon. Avoid at all costs. Pros: That it will be out of business soon Cons: Everything more

Bigoted, trashy bar 7/27/2009

This bar has rude, bigoted bouncers that discriminate patrons based on sexual orientation. Google ""nick adams turtle bay"" to read about it. The place is totally trashy, so I don't know why any respecting New Yorker would go here in the first place. Pros: Many other bars in the area. Cons: Bouncers are homophobic, food is nasty, dirty bar more

Great place! 6/10/2009

Different kind of environment than your average bar and grill. It's a bit classier and you'll find more suits there than you'd expect for the area. Fun place to hang out and decent bar food! more

just stay clear 5/20/2009

I really usually don't write reviews, I've written reviews about one other bar but I felt it necessary to come tell everyone NOT TO COME HERE! First off, getting in is ridiculous. The place isn't even packed but there is a line. Once inside the bartenders would not pay attention to me or anyone standing around me. The whole crowd of people by my side of the bar was getting extremely frustrated. The manager made a pass at me in the grimiest way possible, my friends who came an hour after me waited on line forever, the bouncers were complete jerks, the drinks were not even filled to the top of the glass! and at one point i paid $54 for a round of drinks which is fine by me, but when i bought the same round from another bartender i paid $43, and then the original bartender charged my friend who bought the SAME EXACT round $64, hello??!! When my friend asked him whats up with the prices, the manager kicked him out, but said to me ""you can stay if you'd like"" no thanks weirdo, I am out with my friends and would not return. Everything in this bar is a joke. Except the music, so one star for the music and one star because the cops shut them down later on that night and that makes me happy. Pros: music Cons: everything else more

Thieves!! DO NOT GO HERE!! 5/3/2009

Gave $20 at the door then immediately found out my friend already paid for me and immediately asked for my money back and the lowlife who took my money started screaming at me telling me and my friend that my friend didn't pay for me. Total lowlife dirt bag. Anyway I went in for about five minutes. Way overcrowded with old, crappy, overplayed music blaring. Put this place in Hoboken and it will still be awful. Pros: None! Cons: Sleazy, lowlife, thieves steal your money at the door more

Awful clientele, rude management 3/30/2009

I went with a friend who had a half-off happy hour deal, and the drinks were still neither good nor cheap. The manager taking food orders behind the bar came on to me. When he saw I had a boyfriend, he had his bouncer come tell my guy to either take off his hat or leave. This is after two hours of nobody having a problem with us, and other people were obviously wearing hats. It's not exactly Tavern on the Green, after all. The guys in the bar were the creepy, pink polo with popped collar crowd. The food was terrible, and several of us felt sick because of it. The pizza sauce tasted like it came out of a 79 cent can of bad tomato sauce. I will never go back there. Cons: Rude management, creepy patrons, bad drink deals more

terrible 3/8/2009

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Jaw-droppingly aweful 2/20/2009

Went with some friends to Turtle Bay for the first time on a Thursday night. We?d heard they had good bartenders and wanted to check it out. While the bartenders were nice enough, they could in no way make up for the rest. On our way upstairs we were offered a $30 open bar and before we could answer the check-in girls starting a screaming conversation to the people behind us that went like this: ?She?s here! No way! Ohmygod! No she?s not! She is! No!? ?all while blocking the entire stairwell. It took 5 minutes to get their attention back and get them to move out of the way for the huge line of people going up. When we got upstairs, it was filled way past capacity. No one could get to the bar. Luckily, we didn?t buy the open bar bracelets because you couldn?t possibly get more than one drink all night, so that would have been a $30 draft beer. \r \r Basically if you never untuck your button up shirt, enjoy dancing to hiphop with your arms above your head holding a bottled Bud Light, dig girls in fishnets and uggs, and think lack of breathing room is the sign of a great bar?you will love this place. \r more

Terrible Party Service 1/29/2009

I planned on having my birthday party here. Everything had been set up a week before, but when I showed up with 20 of my friends, the bouncers turned us away! They had reached occupancy and we could not get it. When I asked to speak with the manager/planner I was told that she was inside taking care of other people's parties and I was better off ""just calling her on Monday."" They even directed us to the bar nextdoor since they couldn't gurantee letting us all in. I recieved an e-mail from the planner on Monday asking my friends and I enjoyed ourselves and the extra hour of open bar. Needless to say, my friends and I never got in so I have no idea who she thought she gave the open bar to. She offered to send me gift certificates for myself and my friends and I took her up on the offer. Over a week later, I have not heard back from her nor have I recieved the gift certificates. If you are looking for a good place to have a birthday, DO NOT go to Turtle Bay. more

Mediocre bar, AVOID ON NEW YEAR'S 1/1/2009

I've been to Turtle Bay a few times and it's nothing special. Unpretentious, just your typical post-college meathead bar.\r \r However, I just spent the worst New Year's Eve of my life at this place. The crowd was the usual suspects, but for $125 I expected some class from the establishment (at least for one night). Open bar of top shelf liquor for them meant taking empty bottles of expensive liquor and filling it up with dollar store brands to trick everyone. Even with the cheap liquor, the bartenders will go out of their way to put as little alcohol as possible in the drinks. Several times I saw the bouncers physically hurt patrons by dragging them down the stairs and out into the cold. The worst was when I saw three bartenders drag a girl who was no more than 5'3 and less than 115 pounds down the emergency staircase into the 14 degree weather outside, with NO COAT OR SHOES, and would not let her get back into the coat check to get her coat. At the end of the night, I tried to leave way ahead of closing time to avoid the crowd and went to the coat check. Handed my claim ticket, waited 15 minutes, asked about my coat, bouncer looked confused, waited another 10 minutes, coat check girl asked me for my ticket (which I had already handed to her minutes before), she claimed that they couldn't find it, and it wasn't until I threatened to call the cops on them that she miraculously found my coat two seconds later. Overall the worst NYE ever and probably one of the shadiest experiences I've ever had. Pros: unpretentious, not crowded during normal hours Cons: staff, their special parties, management, bouncers, physical assault more

Great Customer Service & Hot Bartenders 10/25/2008

I'm writing this review b/c I had the best time last Friday at my 23rd brithday at Turtle Bay. The service was great, fast drinks no hassles for anyone in my group, just one big PARTY. The DJ was sick, I highly recommend this place, not to forget the hot bartenders. I'll definitely be back soon! Pros: Fast drinks, sick DJ, Hot bartenders more

BEST BAR EVER!!!!!! 10/16/2008

I love this place. I've been a regular for months now, and the atmosphere just keeps me coming back over and over!!! Downstairs feels like a pub (GREAT food, try the fries) and upstairs comes fully equipped with a dance floor, seating along the sides, and AWESOME BARTENDERS! The even get up on the bar and dance sometimes! more
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A great place for a drink or private party!

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  • Established in 1997, Turtle Bay has long since been a favorite and a staple in Midtown's nightlife scene. Whether enjoying traditional American comfort food with a beer or glass of wine, catching your favorite team's game on one of our 25 HD plasmas, or partying the night away in The Upstairs with our state-of-the-art sound system, two-level party atmosphere with 30 foot celings, and live DJ Wednesday-Saturday, Turtle Bay is the answer to all your party needs. Call Kristi to set up your corporate happy hour or private party now: 212.223.4224 or

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