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Turner's Consumer Svc

11418 W 89th St
Overland Park, KS 66214
(913) 541-0438
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After reading all the bad reviews, we were very skeptical about using this company. The first company that came out which was recommended by Frigidaire manufacturer was no help w...


I, also, created an account simply to warn others of this horrific company. We purchased a Fridgidaire washer from NFM also, and it started leaking right after we purchased it. We...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/6/2014

WI was having f35 error on my Whirlpool washer and had a repairman from another company come out and after 2 hours of this and that and some story about the needed part not being available till 2020 he left with no repairs done. I contacted Whirlpool and sent me to Turner's. It was a week before I could get a repairman here but today Kevin showed up, right on time and with the part needed in hand. He had the part replaced in less then 10 minutes and washer is working perfectly. I'm very pleased with Turner's service, especially after the incompetent guy I had before them. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/7/2013

Yes they were polite, but unable to fix my fridge. 5 service calls and 7 weeks and my less than one year old fridge is not working. Every time you call they aren't available for several days, they don't have parts in stock (more waiting), they say they will call and then don't. I am so frustrated! I only called them as it was warranty work and would never, ever use them otherwise. As a side note, the van had no company name on it -that seemed unprofessional and odd. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/28/2013

Horrible experience. Initial tech came out and found problem with our whirlpool fridge/freezer. Parts ordered. Different tech came out and Told us that was not problem. Refused to put parts on. In a month came out and put 4 differents parts, still not working. Refused to put original parts on. Whirlpool (under warranty) sent another contractor and found out what original tech found out. Turners are scamming whirlpool, Lying to customers and whirlpool. Stay away from turners. They got very hateful when I approached them. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/3/2013

I have had the same problem with my Dryer for the last year or so. They have come out to work on it changing many parts and still it is not fixed. This last time they said there was a bad sensor. Why was this not checked the first time? It is now week 2 and still waiting. One other item. When they came on one of the service calls it was raining outside and the Service Tech came into our house with his shoes on and no covers over them. (We have Beige carpet). I was informed that I HAD TO ASK for them to put covers over their shoes. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! You got to be joking......UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/23/2013

I also had a horrible experience with this company. Rude and unprofessional in treating a customer. Am dealing for 3 weeks now with this company trying to get my fridge fixed. When they just canceled an appointment we had with them on a Saturday we decided to go with somebody else. I have good notions to report them to the better business bureau and also voice my disappointment and outrage on Angie's list.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/20/2013

My experience with this company has been horrible. I bought a new Whirlpool refrigerator in August. Since that time the ice maker has failed twice. The first time it just quit making ice. The second time a water valve jammed and sent water all over the refrigerator and utimately onto my wood floor. Of course the floor warped. The same serviceman came out that was out the first time. He is very unhelpful. I had to pull the information out of him to get the name of the district manager, and of course no phone number was to be had. I called Turners and finally got the phone number.\r \r Today, almost two weeks since the ice maker failed the technician came out to make the repair. My husband caught him trying to move the refrigerator with nothing to protect the floor. He left with no answer as to when he would be back. I just called Turners, and they said they have no equipment to move the refrigerator!!! They referred our problem to the district manager. How can you be an appliance repair company and have no equipment to move a refrigerator? I am not optimistic about the outcome of this repair.\r \r Also, no more Whirlpool appliances for me. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/22/2012

I, also, created an account simply to warn others of this horrific company. We purchased a Fridgidaire washer from NFM also, and it started leaking right after we purchased it. We contacted Turner as instructed and they came out. I had a newborn in cloth diapers so needless to say we really need the washer to be operational. The repair guy came out and told me the washer was leaking because we had animal hair against the front loader window. I found it odd that a washer would leak puddles from ten animal hairs, but he refused to look into anything else and told me it was my fault. It started leaking more. I called them again, and they came out, and gave me the same story in a very condescending manner. They said that a few animal hairs cause leaks and that it was my fault. I was also having problems getting the door to shut. They replaced the door hinge (reluctantly, they didn't think anything was wrong with it) and told me the leaks were just due to the animal hair. Two weeks later and my entire laundry room has flooded. Ruined our flooring and soaked into the basement. I called again, and the repair guy was a total jerk. Refused to come out at first, but finally did.....and guess what? NFM crossthreaded the pipes when they installed it and it had been leaking from the back the WHOLE time. It was never because of ""animal hair"" and under the washer had rotted out our floor. The only reason he even looked in the back was because I forced him to, he was trying to give me the ""animal hair"" story again. It took eight days for the part to get in, so we went elsewhere. 8 days without a washer with a newborn in cloth diapers. The door lock that they replaced seven months ago stopped working today, of course. When I called they said they only have a 90 day warranty. Im sure they put the lock in wrong or did something...because obviously these guys are totally incompetent...but what can I do? Just warn others to stay away from Turner. They should have inspected the washer (like actually looked at anything but the door) when they came out three times but didn't. Now I have a damaged home. more

Why the bad reviews? We had great service! 2/29/2012

After reading all the bad reviews, we were very skeptical about using this company. The first company that came out which was recommended by Frigidaire manufacturer was no help whatsoever, so we used the next one on the list based on distance and that was Turner Consumer Service. The first visit was as expected...repairman diagnosed the problem and said he needed to order a part. Turner called back 3 days later and scheduled again at a convenient time for us because of our kids school schedule. He repaired the icemaker (which quit working 3 weeks after buying a brand new fridge) and it is now working great! He was polite and clean and made sure to protect any surfaces when moving the refrigerator. Overall, we are very pleased with the service from Turner Consumer Service. Thanks, we will recommend to others as we have here. more


CALL SOMEONE OTHER THAN TURNER!!!!!!!!!!\r \r Let me tell you the story…..First of all Whirlpool (this not being your fault) has obviously gone down in craftsmen ship so much but unfortunately there are very few companies that make good washers so one is forced to buy what is out there. In 2004, I purchased a Whirlpool Duet. Within a year the dryer had to be worked on and within 1 ½ years the washer had to be worked on ……..each time the work was done quickly with no long waits for parts or service- not your company……fast forward… 12/25/2011 our washer is not working correctly and we are so worn out we call your company for service. Tracy comes out on 12/27/2011. He does some general testing and determines two parts are needed to be replaced (W10130913 and W10163007) and of course these need to be ordered, it will take a couple of days. January 2nd he returns with the parts. Replaces them and then discovers this was not the issue. It’s the electrical board (part W10205841) and he thinks it too will be ordered and available in a couple of days……… January 9th I have heard nothing so I call your company only to be told (not sure why someone didn’t take the time to call me and let me know the situation- guess I was expected to just wait) the part is back ordered until January 13th……..well this goes on for a month and I am to a point where I am calling Whirlpool direct as well as your supplier Marcon and getting so many different answers it was completely frustrating. Finally on January 30 I am called and told the part is in and Tracy will be by January 31st to install…….(By this time I have already purchased a used washer)…….\r \r \r Now this is where it gets good!!! Tracy shows up and replaces the ??wiring harness (W10184856)???and although he has the electrical board he never even opened the package!! I questioned him and even asked if the harness had been on back order as well but he said probably because they (the harness) was not usually replaced. He then leaves taking the electrical board with him. Now I am a very curious person and not one to stand for bad service as I have been in many types of service companies including my own companies……..I call Marcon and ask as to whether or not part number W10184856 is available and ever backordered-------guess what!?!?------NO, the part could be to my house in TWO DAYS and to his knowledge has never been backordered. REALLY!?!? This is how you do business?? I wait one month for a part you didn’t even put on my washer but instead replace something that you probably had in your warehouse! I am not sure of the type of people you hire and whether or not they have any training but I think this story talks for itself. more

STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!! 1/10/2012

I literally created an account purely to review them. this is the worst excuse of a business I have ever heard of. It has now been 21 days of back and forth with these idiots. We were told by Nebraska Furniture Mart to go to them because they would honor our warranty on our brand new Frigidaire washer (frigidaire has been NO better in this matter). They have done nothing but lie to us on every step of the way. We have been told 3 different dates now for when our part will be in and every single time there has been something that has ""happened."" ONLY waste your time with this bs if you want to be infuriated. The owner even called my husband and told him he would be out today to personally take care of the problem. 3:30 pm came, and imagine that, no call!!! I was told the owner is ""out"" and that he is ""furious"" about the situation. Oh really?! If that were the case, it would be fixed by now, or they would have at least been bothered to call and let us know. NEVER CALL THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! more

Customer service.......what is that? 8/30/2011

I don't normally take time to write reviews of places, but this was a must. Like many earlier reviews, this is not a positive one. Turners has horrible customer service. the serviceman who came to my home was rude and had a bad attitude. He basically told me the part that I needed for my frigidaire refrigerator needed to be picked up and he did not have time to do that today so I would need to wait several days for him to come back. What?! Yes, you must take off work to wait for them because they call you the morning of service to give you a 2 hr window, but then they don't even complete the job the same day! I am actually calling frigidaire today to report Turners horrible service and am going to plead with them to send out another company. Like I said before, i do not normally take time out of my busy day to write reviews but this was a must. Do NOT use this company unless you literally have no other option. more

Time Will Tell 8/17/2011

The jury is still out! more

Customer service is not a priority 3/3/2011

Turner's Consumer Svc came out to my house in Jan 2011 to fix my Frigidaire dishwasher. It had a bad motor and was making a lot of noise. The repairman came out to my house and changed the motor. But I believe he broke something else. After the motor was repaired the dishwasher would run all day. I called back and he said it was a timer that went bad. The cost of the repair for the motor was $200.00 parts and labor. I only paid $400.00 for the dishwasher in March of 2008. At the time, I was torn between do I go purchase a new dishwasher or repair this one. Unfortunately I went with the repair. I called Turner Consumer Srv again and the repairman came back out and changed the timer, for a cost of $90.00. So now I have almost $300.00 into a $400.00 dishwasher. The problem is that the timer would work some times and some times it would run all day. It now is at a point where it sticks in the same spot as it did before and runs all day if you don't turn the dial. I called back to Turner's consumer srv and they want to charge me for another service call. I find that appalling! They obviously did not fix the problem, and could care less about there reputation or customer service. The only thing they would do for me is gave me a 800 number for Frigidaire. I called Frigidaire and they will help me with parts that are already covered under warrant. I will never purchase a Frigidaire ever again and I will never do business with Turner Consumer Srv. I am posting this review so other people don't think they are an upstanding company. All they want is money and don't care if they fix the problems or not. more

They sent a sex offender to fix my appliance! 8/1/2010

Turner is a sham, they showed up late, without calling prior to arrival to let us know they were coming late. Very unprofessional. And here is the real kicker, I walked in the kitchen and next to my wife was a person I recognized from the sex offender list, his name matched too. His offense was with children, which I happen to have a few of. Scarred the heck out of my wife once I told her! My appliance is not worth my family's safety! Cons: Crime more

poor service 8/13/2009

Have had 3 visits from the technician and less than half the work is done. Poor respect for customer time, impolite and arrogant. Offered explanations which were illogical and solutions that did not work( e.g: vacuum under the fridge as fridge wasn't cooling well.......and despite vacuuming nothing canged). I am stuck because my home warranty co.( American Home Shield) uses them and by the way they are of almost no hlep either. I have only had 4 1/2 days taken off to get 4 appliances repaired and so far only 1 out of 4 has been fixed. Dont use them, in my opinion if you have a choice. more

Poor service and no communication 7/17/2009

Since June 10, 2009 Turner's has made 3 trips to my house and still not fixed my dishwasher. Each time it is a different excuse and the right part is not on the truck. Even when Turners special orders a part, it takes weeks to arrive and I receive no communication, even though I am promised a call or follow up. American Home Shield also has liability in this matter and will not take action. I am now told to expect the part and a repair next Thursday ) 7-23) and my dishwasher is leaking again after their first repair. Do not let Turners anywhere near your appliance repair. more

Lousy, dishonest service 7/16/2009

Took over 5 weeks to have a dishwasher repaired. Their excuse (3 times) that they received the wrong part, finally that the part was not available and did not know when or where they would be able to get part.\r \r Finally had to contact another service company who came next day and fixed the unit in 15 minutes. This technician had the part on the truck.\r \r At same time Turner called to tell me that they now had the part and able to come out to fix but earliest in 4-5 days. (By now 5 weeks had passed).\r \r more

Awful customer service 6/3/2008

I contacted this company because they were on the approved list for the appliance maker. And wow, I have had five appointments set up with these guys and they have shown up twice. The last two.... no one showed and no one even called to tell me they were running late or not coming. I have had to call them every single time. On top of it all, every time I try to call their line is busy!! It sometimes takes me 15 minutes of trying to get through to them. Do yourself a favor - go with a different company. more
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