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Tunie's Super Save Nutrition

5651 Coral Rdg Dr
Pompano Beach, FL 33076
(954) 510-0410
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The prices are excellent and the sale in the back is really cheap!\r I don't understand what happen with the other people that had a bad experience ... I been going to the store ...


I went to Tunies seeking a supplement for menstrual regularity and a women who worked there urged me to try a product called OONA. I took one pill and woke up with ""vaginal bleed...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/18/2014

Great variety of supplements. Helpful employees. Always shop here! more

WARNING! 3/19/2011

I went to Tunies seeking a supplement for menstrual regularity and a women who worked there urged me to try a product called OONA. I took one pill and woke up with ""vaginal bleeding"". It is a Saturday, so I can not contact my physician and the company who manufactures this product is closed on weekends. I called Tunies to speak with someone who worked there and the young man who answered the phone told me he could not put anyone on the phone because they need to be on the floor to help customers. He asked me if I was in pain, and I am not but I told him I was bleeding and would like to speak to the ""nutristionist"" who urged me to purchase this product because she seemed very knowledgeable about it. I figured I would inquire if it is a normal side effect because i rather not spend 100's of dollars to go to the hospital right now and wait an hour to be seen. The associate told me I would have to come in because the clients in the store are more important..I think my situation should take precedence over the people in the store. HORRIBLE customer service!! Not to mention the women who urge me to purchase this product amongst a lot of other products practically told me i was crazy for going to doctors because doctors are the evil.. Honestly, I should have known better to not take advice from some health food store but when you need relief you are desperate. This product is not approved by the FDA either so my pharmacist could only tell me to discontinue it and he was not familar with it. THANK the heavens for cvs!!! They are so kind and willing to answer your questions even if you are not a customer of cvs. THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE!! The women also was missing a few teeth so I am not sure why I took any type of health advice...I am really angry at myself right now for being mislead. STAY OPEN MINDED PEOPLE! DO NOT DISMISS TRADITIONAL MEDICINE OR HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS. STAY NEUTRAL ...What works for you might not work for someone else but still do not judge other people for which type of treatment they seek out. DO NOT LET THE PEOPLE AT THIS STORE BRAINWASH YOU! I feel so disrespected by the person I spoke to and I hope nobody every has an experience like this ever! more

I love it 10/26/2010

The prices are excellent and the sale in the back is really cheap!\r I don't understand what happen with the other people that had a bad experience ... I been going to the store for years with a very nice service. I bring my children and they run around the store with no problems.\r All my questions are answered in a satisfactory way and they even help you get all the stuff if you want to.\r I love the place!!! more

Very Good Service! 4/22/2010

I don't know what the people are talking about below. I had a great experience in the store. Anytime I could not find a product I just asked and the employees walked me directly to the product. I didn't have children with me but I can't imagine any of them being insulting. Perhaps it could have been just one employee having a bad day, who knows. \r \r Overall, I love Tunies, I shop there at least once a week. Its an enjoyable place to shop and I look foward to this weekly activity! Pros: Great products, customer service more

Kid UN-friendly 5/29/2009

The treatment my children and I received from this place is truly unbelievable. A Tunies employee began yelling at my 4 year old son for touching a shelf. He was NOT knocking things down nor was he moving items that were on the shelf. He just gently touched the shelf. For this he was yelled at and I was accused of being a horrible mother who doesn't control her children. I tried to reason with him which was completely pointless as he was completely out of control. He was insulting me and my children in front of other customers. We felt scared and threatened. I spoke with the manager who just said, ""we've received other complaints"" and continued as if this was a daily occurrence. I truly feel this is NOT a safe place for children as I do not know what this crazy man can do if he is pushed over the edge. I can't imagine what would've happened if my child had accidentally dropped or spilled something. The low prices are not worth the insults and danger to your child. Pros: Low Prices/Good Selection Cons: Rude, Unprofessional, Owner, Manager, Employees more


Every experience I’ve ever had with Tunies has been a miserable, rude one. This morning was my absolute worst experience and I will never go back. We were almost finished with our shopping when I approached an area of the aisle where an employee was standing on a ladder stocking the shelves. The item I was looking for was in the area just below where he was stocking and I was having a hard time seeing what was there. So, it was taking me a few minutes to find what I need. Now, that I’m thinking about it … hmmm … wouldn’t it have been nice if he had offered assistance … perhaps asking if I needed some help finding something … perhaps moving out of the way to help find it???? No. Instead, he begins climbing down the ladder and as he gets right beside me he bellows, “YOU DO NOT TOUCH THAT!”. I jumped, thinking he was speaking to me and ready to drop the bag of rice I was holding. I’m looking at him a bit shocked and then he bellows again, “WHAT? I CAN’T SAY ANYTHING TO YOUR DAUGHTER?”. I turned to look at my daughter, who has been standing right beside me, holding onto my pants leg the whole time I was leaning over looking for rice. She has this terrified look in her eyes with tears welling up. I turned back to him and looked confused. He bellowed again, “YOU’RE HER MOTHER, YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING HER!”. I gathered my thoughts and asked what it was that she had done. He pointed to the shelf and was ranting about how long it takes him to arrange the shelves. I looked back at the shelves and four boxes of rice had been pushed back about a quarter of an inch from the front of the shelf. I’m thinking, “is he kidding me?”. I was so caught off guard, I really didn’t know what to say. Then, I looked up to see a lady standing across the aisle from us shaking her head at him. He turned, saw her, and then began bellowing to her about it. She said to him, “there really is a better way …”. He kept cutting her off and going on and on. At this point, I’m just focusing on my daughter who was sobbing. I knelt down with her and began moving the four boxes back into place. He starting yelling at me to leave them alone. I explained to him that I didn’t want this instance to ruin his whole weekend. He returned to bellowing at the other lady who was obviously trying to explain to him that there is a more humane way to speak to a child. He’s going on and on about how many kids he’s raised … etc. I turned to him and said that I couldn’t believe he would speak to my child that way and I have never met such a rude person and that I have experienced nothing but rudeness since coming to Tunies and that he wouldn’t have to worry about his shelves because I would never be returning. He then began to yell about how I was lucky that the General Manager hadn’t seen her! So, I scooped up my daughter and our things … pushed my cart towards him and told him to have fun putting all my things away. I then walked out. As I was leaving, he was yelling to the manager about us. No employee or manager came out to see if we were okay. Apparently, no one there cared. My little girl sobbed half way home about that man and how he screamed at her so loud and how he scared her. I promised her she would never have to see that man again or Tunies again. Pros: price and selection Cons: treats customers horribly more

Worst Shopping Experience of My Life! 10/6/2008

If you have children and even if you don't....please listen up!! I just had the most horrifying experience at Tunie's in Coral Springs, FL....I have been a loyal customer of theirs for over a year and have referred several people to the store during that time but what happened when I was there a few days ago changed all of that! I was there with my 3 1/2 year old daughter and as we were walking down the last aisle getting ready to check out, an angry voice came over the loudspeaker and a man started yelling ""Woman need assistance in aisle 2!!"" I looked up and saw that we were the only people in aisle ""2""....I turned around and looked at my daughter who was walking down the aisle behind me and she was pushing in the tea boxes on she 2nd shelf as she went....I grabbed her by the hand and proceeded to walk to the end of the aisle....the voice over the loudspeaker kept ranting and then he started yelling ""Look what the little girl did, go see what she did!!"" over and over again. I walked up to the register where the 2 female employees started apologizing profusely for this crazy man who was yelling and I asked them who it was that had just scared us half to death (my 3 year old was so scared she just held onto my leg and stared at the floor trying not to cry and I was close to tears as well) and they told me it was the OWNER of the store!! Can you imagine?? It truly was the rudest and most disgusting behavior I have ever encountered during any shopping experience in my life and I am 40 years old!! My advice to anyone who is a regular customer or is thinking about giving this crusty old crab your hard earned money is to go somewhere else!! This miserable excuse for a human being has no right whatsoever owning a customer service related business!! more

Horrible Customer Service 1/22/2008

While this store would have received 5 stars if it were for price and inventory it has crashed and burned do to the repeated poor customer service not only have I received but several of my friends. The store is clean enough to eat off the floor but that's just it. They care more about their store than the customers. I have been repremanded for my child eating in the store (neatly, I might add) and have seen the owner chastize other customers for absolutely ridiculous things. The shelves are immaculate but get someone to care more about you than them is hard to come across. Its a shame because you can really save a buck compared to Whole Foods but honestly, I'd rather pay the extra and be treated kindly that save a few pennies in my pocket. Two thumbs down! more
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