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Tumwater Family Practice Clinic - 34 Reviews - 150 Dennis St SW, Olympia, WA - Doctors & Other Healthcare Professionals Reviews - Phone (360) 754-6367
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Tumwater Family Practice Clinic

150 Dennis St SW
Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 754-6367
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I have been going to this clinic for over 20 years. The care under Doctor Atteridge was excellent but now the care under Doctor Thomas Duncan is superb. \r I consider Dr Duncan...


TFP is a corporate nightmare. Drive through medicine. After being a patient since 2005 with Dr. Atteridge, we were "dropped" after I had a disagreement with my physician's nurse...

TFP & Dr. Kuo are highly rated! 10/13/2012

I have been with TFP for a few years and find Dr. Kuo absolutely a top notch MD. While he might run behind during some appointments, when he is with you he will spend as much time as you need with him. He is a GREAT listener, thorough, caring, compassionate, professional, offers options & more. He found cancer when my past primary MD of 8+ years failed to diagnosis it. Dr. Kuo & TFP gets high ratings from our family & friends. more

TFP is all about the bucks. 4/1/2012

TFP is a corporate nightmare. Drive through medicine. After being a patient since 2005 with Dr. Atteridge, we were "dropped" after I had a disagreement with my physician's nurse via email (portal). I threatened to drop them and two days later I got a letter through the mail saying we were dropped. TFP does not like to be fired. During the entire disagreement, not one phone call was made. In fact, talking to alive person rarely happens at at TFP anymore. After spending thousands of dollars at TFP, they just dropped us cold. more


I also went to this place for years, would not go anywhere else. HOWEVER NOT THE CASE ANYMORE. They screw up and like alot of other people if you fight back they blacklist you. I went about 3 years ago was my last visit, very happy with them. Well they did not bill my insurance but sent me a bill, I called and said please bill my insurance that is what I have it for. This went on and on, so after fighting with them for a year they billed my insurance and the remainder was $21 which I paid but the check never cleared so I called as to why, she said that they were still waiting on insurance. Ok you can still cash my check.WHAM THEY KICKED ME OUT OF THE CLINIC AND DESTROYED MY CREDIT REPORT WITH THE BILL. However I do have the proof in hand that the bill was paid and they will not take it off of my credit report and will not see me either. I have records that I have called 16 times and do you think they will call back. This place WILL NOT TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS. more

Highly recommended 12/30/2011

I have been going to this clinic for over 20 years. The care under Doctor Atteridge was excellent but now the care under Doctor Thomas Duncan is superb. \r I consider Dr Duncan critical to my life since he has seen me through some pretty nasty sinus infections, yearly montioring of other issues and one stint of pneumonia--At all times he has been fully invested and engaged in my care. He also is a very exceptional person that is enjoyable to talk to--isn't it easier to discuss medical problems if you actually enjoy the person you are talking to? I would HIGHLY recommend him as a primary care to anyone!\r Going to the doctor is never fun and usually NEVER for a happy reason; but the staff here does everything possible to make it painless as possible.\r One other note: this clinic is open on WEEKENDS and there is no loss in the standard of care. We are very lucky to have this practice in the Olympia area! \r G.Patterson more

Best office ever! 10/4/2011

I've been going to Tumwater Family Practice since I was born, over 20 years. I've seen every provider in the office. Every single one of them is fabulous. I also work in the medical field and understand that they are getting busy, times are changing, technology is upgrading, healthcare is changing for the better. TFPC is one of few family practice offices in the area, which causes them to have to take on more patients then expected. Turning away people with health problems is not an option. What is in option though, is turning away people who can't pay their bills, you can't receive services for things your not going to pay for. Turning away people who demand pain medications. Your a liabilty. I'll never leave Tumwater Family Practice. They have really done alot for me and my family. The front office girls are always so great when I go in there. The nursing staff is amazing. The billing department helps me out with payment arrangements and the physicans are just outstanding. Thank you more

Worst clinic experience ever 9/3/2011

I had been a patient at tumwater family for over 7 years as my only doctor. Main thing I have to point out is that if you notice the further you go back.. The better the reviews are. In the past year or so the quality of care has significantly diminished. A few weeks ago I called for 2 days straight leaving messages with the receptionist about how I had been in pain and not been able to sleep for the past few days. Finally I just drove down there in tears on the verge of a \r breakdown. The receptionist had to bring me tissues and water because I was really worked up. They brought me back and had someone talk to me.. Don't even know if it was a nurse.. And said that Doug stamp PAC wanted to put me on a nerve pain medication. I said I didn't want to unless I could speak to him first about the side effects and/or medication interactions. I was told that I better just go to the ER then if I was in pain. I said that whenever I've gone there I'm asked why my primary care doctor isn't treati more


I have been going here for a while now and they have the worst customer service I have ever seen. They never have appointments available and your doctor is never in. I have had to wait 45 min in the waiting room when there are no other patients in there then another 20 min alone back in the doctor room. Just to have my doctor be in there for 10 min. This is a sorry excuse for a business. more

Don't go to TFP unless you have very deep pockets & alot of patience!! 5/21/2011

I have never been treated with such disrespect and discourtesy as I have at Tumwater Family Practice and have never experienced such disorganization of a medical facility. I have given them SEVERAL chances but now I am giving up and taking my medical care elsewhere. I have never been so frustrated with a facility before. They way overcharge for everything and it seems this is their business structure because I have tried several doctors there and they are all the same. It would be a miracle to have my prescriptions filled on time. They called me back 3 DAYS later after calling with concerns of feeling like I have a kidney infection and all they could say was "sorry we've been backed up". Every time I've called to talk to my doctor about concerning symptoms I have to call back several times to remind them I haven't received a call back yet and usually don't hear from them until the next week or two. ** To sum it up, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND DON'T TRUST YOUR HEALTHCARE TO TUMWATER FAMIL more

Mrs Anderson 3/12/2011

Do not ask to see Stamp PC, very unprofessional, he is not a MD... I brought in a very small list of questions and he rolled his eyes as if I was a bother...huh? It is my health, sorry! As far as informative, could not answer simple questions either. more

NeverGotoTFP!!!!! 1/20/2011

Strike one: After 18 years of going to Dr. Atteridge he retired and I had my first born. I tried to make my sons very first appointment there but they were too busy to see him and were booked up for 2 weeks. Which as a new baby he was needed to be seen within 3-5 days. Needless to say we had to find him a different family practice.\r Strike two: My fiance was very sick and we live right down the road from them and I tried to get him in to change his practice closer to our home and the one we originally wanted for our family! But they refused to see him as they were not accepting new patients even with referals!\r Strike three: My insurance lapsed and I was a self pay and paid for all of my services at the time. But due to a lack of communication in there office they didn't charge me for a $26 test. They claimed they tried to bill and even called but I never recieved anything so they sent it to Collections and discharged me as a client. I am no longer allowed back apparently!\r After 18 ye more

Business ($) over patient costs? 1/3/2011

I needed a special procedure TFP does not perform, so I called them to ask how to go about arranging it. The receptionist told me I HAD to see my doctor and he would refer me to a specialist for the procedure. So I went to TFP (a visit they coded as a "payable" office visit rather than a "free" annual physical), was sent for $200 of recommended - but not required - routine lab tests, and then was referred to a specialist who did my procedure a few weeks later. \r \r I later learned I could have scheduled the special procedure directly with the specialist and did not have to go through TFP as the receptionist had originally told me. This would have save me the office visit charge and the lab test charges. I called TFP and told them I felt misled by them and had paid for an unnecessary office visit and lab tests. I also recommended in the future they inform patients that special procedures might be able to be scheduled directly with a specialist. \r \r The manager I spoke with at TFP more


I had been an infrequent patient of TFP with 1 provider, when I had an accident one Saturday out walking with my son when I fell off of an 8-inch curb onto asphalt, with all of the fall bearing down on my left arm and immediate fractures obvious and was urgently seen at local hospital...I saw my ARNP at TFP, who was very attentive seeming, but typed on the keyboard the entire time of my visit except for her very brief exam of my neck...half my face was numb after the fall and I was also having neck/arm pain...she ordered 5-6 xrays of my entire spine! Not just my cervical spine...of course I will be paying for these xrays ordered at their on-site xray facility...I feel all of these xrays and thus the bill for such were not entirely necessary. However, I am not going to see a specialist for neck/arm pain which has worsened since the accident. My problem specifically, however, is that I was unable to get more than 1 prescription of 5 mg Vicodin for my pain...a broken arm in 3 places... more

Excellent comprehensive primary care! 12/1/2010

My family has been with TFPC for 23 years. They care for 4 generations in our family. One of them even delivered my granddaughter. Cynthia Whitney, MD is our physician and Colleen (God Bless her!) has been our nurse for the full 23 years! TFPC has evolved over the years to meet the needs of their clients, and to utilize the latest technology. As much as we all curse computers and technology and our providers pecking away at the computer during our visits, this very technology permits our doctors and PA's and AARNP's to have at hand much more comprehensive information on us which ensures safer and more effective care. My experience is that the group embraces each phase of growth and pursues it earnestly and positively to the benefit of their clients. I think it is imperative that patients assume at least as much responsibility for the substance and the outcome of their care as their provider does. Someone who wants quality care must provide their physician/PA/AARNP with quality and up more

Highly Recommended 9/29/2010

This is a good group of people and I almost had a very rough experience with them. However, after sitting down and speaking with the staff and my insurance company, I was able to learn that these folks really went the extra mile to make sure I could get home from a business trip in Las Vegas. I am really glad for the care they provide for my wife. more

changing doctors after 20+ yrs 9/27/2010

I am currently looking for another Doctor since i had such a bad experience with Dr Duncan. Went in with UT problems and he only addressed the issue with "push water". He got so distracted by other problems he didn't address what I came there for. I I could i'd comunte to NM to see Juletta Ortega. --- And I so understand the faxed percriptions bit - I've lived through a few panic attacks over renewals not done til last minute and a few angry phone calls. I wonder whats going to happen now that all of the records are electronic. The Doctors spend way too much time reading the computer screen than talking to me. I hate change - but after 20+ year at the sme place, this time needs to be the final change!\r \r Any body else having a problem with the "business manager" having knowledge about our medical records? This is a bookeeper - this is not a medical doctor or othe licensed medical care giver. Please remember the HIPPA laws. Bookkeepers should know about whether we paid not if we "got g more

Tip-top 9/27/2010

These are some good people that really try and do the right thing for all of their patrons. My wife has been going here now for close to 10-years and they have really done an excellent job of making sure she is in the best health. more

Doug Stamp is the BEST 9/21/2010

We have seen PAC Doug Stamp for quite a while now, He is always helpful and listens, takes time with the patients orders tests needed great follow-up. He is the BEST absolutely recommend. more

Awesome Practice 9/8/2010

After my doctor quit the clinic he worked at I received a letter in the mail that none of the other dr.'s were accepting new patients and I was being discharged (Yelm Family Medicine - Boooo). The first time I was seen and actually everytime since, I did not wait in the waiting room longer than 10 minutes, it was probably even less than 5. Not only that, but the 2 doctors that I have seen there were very thorough and spent the time to listen to me and actually cared. I have had headaches for years and in one visit Dr. Surette did more for me than my Dr. at Yelm Family did in 8 years. Everyone in the office, even the receptionists are happy and you can tell that they enjoy the environment they work in. I would recommend Tumwater Family Practice to anyone and everyone! more

Barrred from care after waiting for a month due to their scheduling error 8/2/2010

I scheduled an first check up as a new patient here and was told I couldn't get in until August 2nd if I wanted a female doctor (about 4 weeks prior to 8/2). I waited for the appointment and called on 8/2 to verify my time since I hadn't gotten a confirmation. The receptionist told me that I missed my appointment on July 5th, which was around if not after the time I called to make the appointment. I tried to explain over and over that I MADE the appointment around if not after that date and that I even remembered the receptionist apologizing for not being able to get me in on 8/2, for almost a month. The woman kept insisting I was wrong, that I missed my appointment and that I was no longer welcome at Tumwater Family Practice. more

Fix your problems 1st 6/15/2010

I have been a patient for 19 years and had an outstanding bill from August 2009. I recv'd my 1st statement in January 2010. Failed to pay a balance of $76.00 and was kicked out of clinic after 60 days of non-payment. They have a new computer system and it is obvious there were some problems. I have talked to numerous friends that get treated there. They have been threatened to be terminated from clinic as well. They are fed up and think the clinics new corporate ideals are over the top more
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