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Tuckaway Harbor Child Care Ctr - 16 Reviews - 6857 Cold Harbor Rd, Mechanicsville, VA - Child Care Reviews - Phone (804) 730-2454

Tuckaway Harbor Child Care Ctr

6857 Cold Harbor Rd
Mechanicsville, VA 23111
(804) 730-2454
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We've been taking my son to Tuckaway ever since he was 2 (he's almost 4 now) and I can't tell you how many days I've dropped him off or picked him up when I say to myself: ""MAN! ...


This daycare is horrible and way overpriced. The other posters are exactly right, my child was also ""lost"", the staff is nothing but children thereselves, there is no actually l...

I want to trade places with my son! 4/9/2012

We've been taking my son to Tuckaway ever since he was 2 (he's almost 4 now) and I can't tell you how many days I've dropped him off or picked him up when I say to myself: ""MAN! I wish I could take your place here!"" The playgrounds are HUGE and FULL of fun stuff for the kids. Swimming pools where he's learned to swim already (THANK YOU!) and boy do they learn. His speech (vocabulary) has jumped leaps and bounds. I know he's in good hands. As for the other reviews I read here, they are just SOOO far off base. The staff is amazingly friendly and care for my son as if he was their own. I think at least one of the reviewers that gave a 1-star must've had someone pee in their Cheerios b/c they've posted more than once just to put more 1-stars. Jeez. What a loser! Seriously, Tuckaway is awesome! more

1st time mom 4/5/2012

tuckaway has the best infant/ toddler program i have toured...most of the baby teachers are grandparents themselves which gives them the experience and patience needed to deal with all those babies...and there's teachers in there that have been with the school for 20 yrs!!! that says enough right there!!! i never thought i'd love dropping off my baby somewhere, but i truly trust these wonderful women:) more

Tuckaway Child Care 9/10/2010

We had to find summer and after school care for one of our children with special needs. We checked several care sites, and chose Tuckaway because after meeting the director and teachers we felt they were very caring, enthusiastic people. We were absolutely correct. Our son has loved being there, they taught him to swim, took him on weekly field trips, including one of his favorite museums, and they feed him a diverse, healthy menu which is important to him. We feel truly blessed to have found Tuckaway. Good teachers, good staff, good facilities. more

fun education 9/10/2010

This preschool has been a blessing to my family! At first I was skeptical about bringing my child to a preschool (when my mom could keep her for free) but the benefits I've seen definitley remind me that I made the right decision. The administrators are professional and friendly and all the teachers are educated and communicate with me every day. My child as truly blossomed here and I have no fear that she will be ready for kindergarten. Their curriculum is great; my child is always learning and always having fun while at school. more

My Children's Second Home! 9/10/2010

My daughter has been at Tuckaway since she was 6 weeks old(she is now 2). I have always felt safe leaving here. All of her teacher's are great with her as well as all of the other children. They take extra time to form lasting relationships with the children and parents! My son has been at Tuckaway since he was 2 (he's almost 4). He absolutely adores all of his teachers (past and present)! He has made great friendships through out the years. He has also learned so much. I am amazed every day when he tells me something new he learned at Tuckaway. This is like a second home and family for my children and myself!! more

Dangerous Place 5/3/2010

This daycare is horrible and way overpriced. The other posters are exactly right, my child was also ""lost"", the staff is nothing but children thereselves, there is no actually learning... It is more like a ""country club"" and certainly not a Child Development Center. They let those children run wild. I came to pick my child up and she couldnt be found for about 10min, luckily she was playing under a huge mat leaning against a wall (not safe) with another student that NO ONE saw. Your child is not safe here. And the Director is a complete A**hole! When confronted about what happened he blamed my child. What a horrible place. Pros: Nothing Cons: Everything more

Love this place 10/6/2009

My kids love this place. They come home smiling every day. I do wish the teachers (while outside with the kids) would actually turn towards the kids and pay closer attention, (instead of talking to each other) but mine are of the age that they don't need much attention. Some of them really do need to be supervised. The people are friendly, the cost isn't bad, it's a cool place ( I am jealous that I have to leave them to work), and the games and activities are fun. Overall I give it an 8 out of 10. The younger kids do have pretty good supervision. I don't see the teachers there doing anything other than what they need to be doing. Pros: great playground, cost. Cons: teachers huddled talking not watching like they should more

All my daughter can say is ""YEAAA!"" 8/3/2009

Every morning, my daughter asks, ""Are we going to Tuckaway today?!"" and during the week when I say, ""Yes"", she just lights up and starts saying ""YEAAA!"" On Sat. or Sun., you would think that I had taken away her favorite toy when I have to tell her ""No."" I don't think my elementary school's playground was THIS big, and that pool is perfect. She's learned how to swim this summer, and I cannot thank them enough for helping teach her that. Every night, dinner is filled with endless stories about the stuff she's doing. Honestly, I'm jealous of her and her days. Makes me want to take some vacation time to join her class! ! We were worried that her enunciation was behind what it should be, but her teacher has really worked with her and we've made amazing strides in her speaking skills in just the 6 months we've been at Tuckaway. I could go on and on, but I'm pretty sure if you're reading this, you get the gist: as far as me and my daughter are concerned, TUCKAWAY IS THE BEST! Pros: GREAT playground! Swimming pools/lessons, Awesome Teachers Cons: Not open 24/7 - at least that's what my daughter would say more

horrible day care 7/29/2009

When picking up my child, I was greeted as normal by one of the two teachers in the room and she also called my child's name to tell him his mom was here for him. I signed him out and walked to his cubby looking for him: however, he was nowhere to be found. I asked, Where is he? I could see the disbelief on the faces of the teachers when they realized he was not in the room. One teacher said, ""I have not seen him since we were outside"" My answer to her was, ""what!?"" Amid total chaos, the director and myself frantically began looking everywhere for him. Upon asking the front desk person if she knew where he was, her reply ""did someone else pick him up"" I replied to her ""would you let someone else take him"" My child was not picked up by anyone. Now we were in panic mode, looking everywhere again, back in the classroom, outside by the fence, and I made myself take a look in the pool. We were calling and calling his name. After I said to call the police, the director said she will do a lockdown fire drill. All of a sudden out of nowhere some teacher I have never seen before appears from behind with my child. Overcome with relief, I picked him up and hugged him so tight. Tears were flowing from my eyes and even the directors. So please, please, do not send your child to this facility. They do not keep track of where he or she is throughout the day. I do not feel this day care is safe and I have reported this incident to social services. Tuckaway was entrusted and paid to keep my child safe and protected, they failed. Cons: no communication between the staff more

is your child safe at Tuckaway? 7/29/2009

I do not recommened this facility. My child started in Sept 08 and I pulled him out in June 09 -I went to pick him up like any normal day and he was NOT in his classroom. His 2 teachers and both directors had no idea where my child was. We searched the playground and even looked in the pool for my child. 20 minutes of looking and suddenly he appeared from another teacher at a different buidling, someone I had never seen before. For several minutes, my child was lost and I was in panic mode. this was an experience I wish on noone. It was horrific and avoidable. The staff does not communicate. Please do not send your child to Tuckaway. Cons: safety, communication more

not for us 9/3/2008

My daughter is 2 years old. Today was her first, and last, day at Tuckaway. Cons: you won't know what's going on with your kid, rude director more

Not recommended 8/6/2008

I agree with comment before, i was not satisfied. I tried Tuckaway for a few months about a year ago. I was not impressed with the teachers or the learning experience my daughter recieved. I could care less about the playground or the swimming pool (which is unsafe in oppinion any way). I was mainly concerned about what my daughter was learning and it wasnt much. I also agree with the lack of teachers and that most of them are young, just out of highschool. My daughter loved it there but only because there was no structure. I wouldnt recommend this daycare if your looking for an educational daycare for your child. Cons: education more

Simply the best school by a mile! 7/17/2008

WOW! Don't know where the previous reviewer came from, but Tuckaway is just pure heaven for my 2 children! My 3 year old DOES have his very own playground that is just his size. It has a GIANT sandbox and swings and slides. My 5 year old has the rest of their playground to go nuts on (which I need so that he'll sleep!) The rest of their playground is for the older kids and I wouldn't want my 3 year old to go there b/c he's just not big enough yet! But, they both get to enjoy the swimming pools every day. I even get off work early some days so I can swim with them - JOY! As far as the teachers, they've done an amazing job getting my 5 year old ready for kindergarten. He's constantly showing us all the things they've done in his class. My 3 year old knows is alphabet (literally) forwards AND backwards! I've already recommended Tuckaway to anyone within earshot. You should check them out. You and your children will love it! Pros: AWESOME playground! Pools! The teachers are just perfect for my kids! Cons: I wish their pool was open on the weekends so my kids could have more fun (sigh) more

Save your money! 6/16/2008

When I initially toured Tuckaway it looked great, with the pool and nice playground that has the rubber ground for safety, the five star rating, ect.. I was very excited for my child to attend only to find out its more like a glorified babysitter than a learning center. My child is almost five and about to start Kindergarten, he is suppose to be prepared for that and Tuckaway wasnt teaching him anything. I never recieved anything where they were teaching him numbers or letters. Most daycares will send home papers weekly to show drawings of numbers or letters that your child does, all i recieved from Tuckaway were 2 finger paintings. Does this place even have a curriculum? The wonderful playground is only for children 5 years and older, any child under 5 gets to only look at it and watch the older children play on it. Every afternoon I would pick him up from a bunch of teenagers letting the kids run around wildly. The staff was always very short and rude and after a few incidents that happened there, it was very clear the staff did not watch the children like they should have, so i pulled him out of that ridiculous uneducational environment. Save your money and send your child to daycare that will help them learn or atleast pay attention to them. Pros: the hours are nice Cons: the staff, the curriculum or lack of more

Best Day Care 2/20/2008

Growing up in Mechanicsville, I've been driving by Tuckaway for years. They weren't my first choice because I'm not next door to them anymore. After a year in a at-home day care, and I had some serious problems with the lack of actual teaching, I decided to check them out. The classrooms looked great. All the children were totally engrossed in all kinds of stuff. Some were painting, others building blocks, and even others putting together puzzles. My son even wakes up on the weekends heading for the door to go to school. I couldn't be more excited my son getting excited about learning. Just perfect for us in every way. Pros: Great classrooms, wonderfull school Cons: Wish they were closer to my house more

Country Club or Day Care? 2/20/2008

WOW! I wish I was a kid again so that I could go to Tuckaway!!! They've got it all: beautiful school, huge (and I mean a HUGE playground) and they've even got swimming pools right there at the school! I was blown away by their school and they've got a great reputation and they cost less than the other day cares I visited - most of which would fit inside of just the playground of Tuckaway in Mechanicsville. We love it love it love it love it! Pros: HUGE playground, swimming pools, I wish I could go instead of my son! Cons: My mom and dad didn't send me to a Tuckaway when I was a kid! more
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