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Tuckahoe Montessori School

4103 Monument Ave (at Malvern and Monument)
Richmond, VA 23230
(804) 359-2754
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My daughter has been enrolled at TMS for four years. She began in Ms. Holly?s classroom when she was three and has continued into the elementary program. Within several months I ...


I agree with other post that elementary program is HORRIBLE. Brand new, lost teacher mid way, current teachers are not Montessori trained. Administration suffers from being disor...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/13/2013

As a parent who has had personal experience of the Toddler, Primary and Elementary program of Tuckahoe Montessori School, I can honestly say that the teachers at this school are wonderful examples of what any parent could want for their child. The Administrator of the school takes a personal interest in each and every child (and family) who enters TMS (as we fondly refer to the school), and does everything in her power to insure that individual needs are met and in most cases, exceeded.\r \r Children in this school learn through Maria Montessori's wonderful method in a beautiful, peaceful and caring atmosphere, while parents are allowed the invaluable opportunity of being co-educators of their children. To facilitate the latter, there are numerous opportunities during the year for parents to learn how they can continue their child's Montessori experience in the home and in every aspect of their lives.\r \r Not only is my child thriving in this environment, but so is my entire family.\r \r If you are looking for an intimate, individualized and wide-ranging educational experience for your child, then this is the school for you.\r \r PS...for those of you who have read the unfavorable comments about the elementary program, please note that they all refer to the inaugural year of the program 2011-2012. I was here through that time as well, and it was, indeed, a challenging time for the budding program, due to circumstances beyond the control of the administration. With a new and wonderful, experienced teacher on board for the 2012-2013 year and now with an additional wonderful and experienced teacher joining her for the 2013-2014 year, these students (including my child) are enjoying the myriad benefits that a solid Montessori education has to offer. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/28/2013

TMS offers an exceptional program. Our oldest attended for 2 years in the primary program and was more than prepared for kindergarten--both academically and socially. My youngest has completed 1year in the Toddler program and one year in Primary and we are just as thrilled with her experience in this nurturing and inspiring program. The school, even for its youngest students, offers an unparalleled environment where independence is encouraged alongside of working positively with peers - both older and younger. This union of independence and togetherness is executed so beautifully by all of the teachers, and, simply put, makes for a very happy, engaged group of children.\r \r TMS also shines in many practical ways. They offer a daily, efficient carpool line for drop-off and pick-up; lunch bunch for primary students; and add-on activities like gymnastics, soccer and yoga taught by area professionals. There are myriad opportunities for parents to volunteer in regular school activities and special events. Parents are also invited to parent-only social events and short workshops offered by the director to gain better understanding of the Montessori methods and classroom experiences.\r \r The lead teachers are adept at meeting each child's individual needs and the classrooms are lovely spaces that are well-managed by the leads and their assistants. The director has an extraordinary commitment to the school, staff and students and makes herself readily available to parents. Communication from the school is very thorough (in the form of regular newsletters and emails) and engaging (pictures of classroom activities are shared often with parents).\r \r As a native Richmonder who is very familiar with the area's most well-regarded preschools, I wholeheartedly encourage prospective parents to visit the school and put it at the top of your list. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/12/2013

My children have thrived both academically and socially in this program. I am amazed at what the children learn in the primary classroom (from ages 3-6 approximately). I have a 5 year old who is able to add and do lower number multiplication--the math in Montessori is so hands on and thus understandable. Additionally, the children are encouraged to do their work at their pace and repeat it as desired, which allows for deeper understanding.\r I love the education program and the lead teachers. There has been some turnover in the assistant teachers, but the lead teachers really set the standard and are phenomenal and we've liked all the assistant teachers as well. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/1/2013

TMS is a fantastic pre-school option for families in the Richmond region. Most of the parents relish the multiple ways to get involved in the classroom and on field trips, but if your schedule doesn't allow it, their are plenty of before and after school parent centered activities to keep you engaged in your child's learning experience. None of these are mandatory - and all of these experiences build a wonderful sense of community and encourage an extension of the Montessori methodology in the home. \r \r We've had two children thrive at TMS. Both are very prepared for life outside school and perform incredibly well socially & academically. We look forward to starting our third child their soon. \r \r We too did the lower elementary program in it's first year. As soon as we took the time to address issues that arose (and were bound to arise during a fledgling year), the teachers and administration implemented changes immediately. They were both receptive and resourceful. TMS has done Montessori well for over 30 years - they are likely on their way to do1st-3rd well for the next 30. More than 1/2 the class stayed on in the program and it continues to grow - so I'd encourage anyone to visit the Lower El program before making a decision. more

I agree with other post that elementary 5/18/2012

I agree with other post that elementary program is HORRIBLE. Brand new, lost teacher mid way, current teachers are not Montessori trained. Administration suffers from being disorganized, poor communication with staff, poor planning. Administration seems to have no regard for working parents, staying on time with events or having adequate back up plans in event of weather issues. Tours are staged. First half of year, parents were kept in the dark about what was going on. Second half of year brought in brand new teachers! Expectations of children are not well thought out. lessons and educational objectives are not age appropriate. Past year has been one of trial and error with significant negative consequences. Pre-K was very good. Ms. Holly was great. Lower elementary was terrible. In retrospect, I regret sending my child to the Lower L program and allowing him to be a test subject for their first class at this level. more

A few good things about the elementary 5/12/2012

A few good things about the elementary program: art, soccer, music. Some of what has made this year awful and left me feeling like I may never trust another school again: 1. In Dec of 2010 we were persuaded to keep my son at TMS for K to gain his ""leadership"" year which should occur in the same classroom he was in for preschool. Then in the spring we were told that all K students staying would be in a new classroom with rising 1st graders in order for the school to start an elementary program. The fall came and it was awful from day 1. When I asked to have him moved, I was pacified with, ""oh, let's just give him a month and see how it goes"". Well, he never got moved and my son's mental state kept going downhill daily, to the point that we brought in a psychologist, who observed significant problems. This all led to trips to multiple professionals and testing for autism and the use of the Director's recommended psychologist. After the unqualified teacher and teacher's assistant quit in December, everything started turning around for my son and all of those costly professionals determined that my son's behavior was most likely from the TEACHERS! Some time in Jan, I looked at the list of kids in my son's old classroom and saw Kindergarten aged girls. This left feeling like my child and family was used b/c they needed more boys in the new class. 2. Kids have gone on multiple outings away from school property without parents knowing. 3. Son has shown signs of anxiety by having to learn two foreign languages and doing work that is too challenging. The first spelling list that came home when new teacher started in Jan included--hour, minute, Egypt, Africa, mountain, animal, tiger, panther, rattle snake & cobra. I finally insisted that he be excluded from spelling tests after 2 months of trying to work with new teacher to produce lists appropriate for my son. 4. Recently, my son describes that at least half of lunch time must be silent and he is fearful of uttering a word b/c the teacher raises her voice and scares him. I am not sure why silence is necessary since 2 kids have already left the program and the class now only has 8. 5. This week my child was left unsupervised w/ an inexperienced individual who is apparently the Spanish assistant teacher. They have been planning a Spanish puppet show for the parents. This assistant wanted the kids to memorize their lines. My child had some tough lines and more lines than some of the others. She told him in front of his peers that he should be ashamed of himself for not having his lines memorized. He came home w/ a crushed spirit and in tears. When I asked this assistant about what she had done, her excuse was the same excuse I have heard from others who have negatively impacted my child this school year....""well I am still new here or the program is still new"" We are not sending him back to complete last weeks of school. I wish I had removed him in January when professionals evaluating him felt the school was not in his best interest. more

We've looked at a lot of schools, and this is our choice 3/10/2012

My daughter has been enrolled at TMS for four years. She began in Ms. Holly?s classroom when she was three and has continued into the elementary program. Within several months I knew that if they ever started an elementary program we?d be very interested. TMS applies the Montessori approach thoughtfully and effectively, giving the children freedom in an ordered way. The school is peaceful, welcoming, and highly academic. The elementary program has quickly lived up to this promise. The two teachers are amazing; the caliber of instruction is everything we could have hoped for and is firmly grounded in Montessori principles. The children are learning in a remarkably positive classroom. No school is going to be everything to everybody. Before giving too much credence to reviews, mine or anyone else?s, I really suggest visiting the school. Here are some highlights from our family?s experience with the TMS Elementary program: - A genuine concern and responsiveness during family troubles. When a family member was ill and dying, the school showed great care for my daughter?s feelings and for the state of our entire family. - An approach to ?work? that is inspiring. The children are engaged in rigorous learning, and are justifiably proud of that effort, but aren't burnt-out or resistant to increasing challenges. I attribute this to the overall tone that is supportive of achievements but doesn?t emphasize extrinsic rewards. Children work because they enjoy learning. - Instruction that encourages children to deepen their understanding of a topic. Recently the children focused on Ancient Egypt and created a museum at the school. Not only could parents come by to hear each child describe their individual research, but later that day, the young students from the primary program came down to hear the presentations and see the models and drawings as well. Each elementary student got to present their research several times, giving them such pride in their work. - Inclusion of activities in the school day that at other schools would be tacked on at the end of the day, requiring extra payments and time away from family activities. Soccer, gymnastics, Chinese, Art, Spanish... all are integrated into the school week. - Limited home-based work. We practice spelling for about 10-15 minutes every night (each child works with a teacher to determine their own spelling words each week), but the idea is that home life is important and should be protected. Instead of homework, we see our child making connections between what she learns in school and what she sees around her. I don?t think the children see learning as just a ?school thing.? - An environment that encourages children to work out their differences thoughtfully, kindly, and peacefully. When disagreements arise, the teachers are an immediate resource. They guide the children in ways to sort things out without doing the work for them. I?ve seen my daughter blossom socially, and I believe this is due to the enormous care the teachers take in walking that fine line. Full disclosure: I?m a volunteer at the school (not required), and once a week run a literary discussion group for the elementary class. Best wishes as you search for a good fit for your child and your family. more

Elementary Program has been a HEADACHE 3/5/2012

I am glad to see maybe someone else warning the public of an elementary program that has been poorly planned. My one star is for this program. Overall, I would give the preschool program as a whole 3-4 stars and the lead teacher for my child's preschool class a 5 star. If, however, you are considering the elementary program, do your homework well. Visits of prospective parents/children appear to be very well staged from what I can tell. There is currently no full-time Montessori teacher for this class. There was an inexperienced Montessori teacher at the beginning of the year and that didn't work out. This teacher and the assistant teacher quit in Dec. The list of issues with this new program is too long for this review. more

consider and look at other school choices too 2/26/2012

I decided to update my posting since this site seems to be getting reviews on program that my child is not in and to clarify that my child is in preschool program. School needs to improve administration. Seems to be a lot of chaos at times with so many planned events and teachers not always knowing what is going on or what plans are. I think confusion is intensified by multiple programs going on simultaneously and trying to figure out which events or details in emails and/or newsletter apply to my child. Teachers seem good and caring. Our child has learned a lot and is well prepared for pre-K. The building has some serious temperature control issues. I haven't asked why, but I am assuming it is out of the school's control since they rent space from a church. I don't like the school location and the playground. I have gone back and forth on giving the school a one star (meaning ""Eh"") or 2 stars (meaning ""sorta good"") b/c there are some good aspects of the school, but I do wish I had looked around more and got on more waiting lists for preschools. I also don't fully understand what my child does during time there and I do not have time to go to parent education meetings that explain all of the Montessori materials. I suppose Montessori just wasn't for my family. more

This is a not a very good preschool. 10/7/2010

This is a not a very good preschool. When I toured the school I was told about the mandatory parent volunteer work for ""Continent Day"". I was not warned, however, of the numerous field trips that require parents to drive because the school doesn't have a bus. Nor did I know there was going to be days involving lunch with your child for 6-10 times for the very short school year they have. So if you have a job or another child at home you may not want to consider this preschool. The JCC preschool and Richmond Montessori expect volunteer work, but nothing like this place. Also, the Director of TMS shuts down the car pool line on Friday afternoons in order to force parents to talk and become friendly with each other. As if we are not going to do this on our own? Come on...So finding a parking place in the area is not so easy at pick up time on Friday. more

Best preschool experience available! 8/4/2007

Very impressive! My older daughter left after 3yrs to start kindergarten ( she began Tuckahoe Montessori @21/2yrs old). She had a fabulous experience, and will begin kindergarten well beyond her peers academically thanks to TMS. My younger daughter has 2 more years there, and is progressing wonderfully! They have a wonderful, loving group of teachers who love to teach and will love your children as much as you do. I highly recommend this amazing school to everyone!!!! more
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