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Truman's Gentlemen's Groomers - 22 Reviews - 120 E 56th St, New York, NY - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (212) 759-5015

Truman's Gentlemen's Groomers

120 E 56th St (at nr. Lexington Ave.)
New York, NY 10022
(212) 759-5015
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Ive been going to Trumans for over a year now, even have a membership. Every visit the service is impeccable and my haircuts are great. The staff there is more than accommodatin...


I gotta say, I really want to love this place. I enjoyed the whole ""service with a smile"" bit by the lovely ladies who work there. The bar is nice, the haircut pretty good ($6...

Awful haircut 3/19/2012

My husband came home for Truman's with big hair! I bought him a giftcertificate through Gilt City and after having tip the stylist, hair washer, and manicurist there wasn't savings at all, plus bad manicure to boot. I'm afraid I am now married to Dilbert's boss. Save your money. more

Nice place, but avoid the shave 1/29/2011

I gotta say, I really want to love this place. I enjoyed the whole ""service with a smile"" bit by the lovely ladies who work there. The bar is nice, the haircut pretty good ($65, but decent), the shoeshine adequate, the manicure--nice pretty lady who does your nails while you get your hair cut by another attractive girl. Who cares if the manicure is no better than you get from the koreans, but twice as expensive?\r \r The shave, however, all $55 of it (plus tip), is a massacre. Dull blade with someone who clearly lacks experience. My face is killing me five hours later. I have cuts all over. To add insult to (literal) injury, the shave isn't even close. I think I have to shave again (with a proper Gilette--none of this pocketknife bulls#i+) before I go out. Major barber fail. I had a straight razor shave in India, of all places, and had none of these issues. This guy is a butcher, not a barber. He should be chopping meat, not chopping me. Go to Art of Shaving or somewhere else. \r \r Despite all that, I still think I will go back, but not for a shave.\r \r \r \r more

money 10/26/2010

This place does a pretty decent job, but my husband hates shelling out so much for a simple cut and shave. Have any of you ever heard of Onyx & Jade? I guess buywithmeNYC has got a deal going on there offering a full men's package (shave, cut, etc.) for just $23. I'm gonna have him give it a try. If you're interested, check out this link: htp:// more

great space, ok service 3/23/2010

I have been coming here on and off for the past 2 years, and I really would like to love it because the space is very cool and they have everything a man could want. I have gotten almost all the services here and the only thing I would come back for is the handshake matinence and the massages, their therapist is amazing. The shave I got was ok, the hot towels and the face massage was great but the shave took to long. The haircuts are nice but nothing super polished my sideburns were uneven once and the other time there was hole in the back of my head that wasnt there before.\r General rule of thumb when coming here, stick with male stylist, my friend still goes here and his guy cuts his hair perfectly. Enjoy the beer and happy shaving.\r Pros: great receptionists and tasty draft beers Cons: sloppy haircuts more

Great Place 8/31/2009

Ive been going to Trumans for over a year now, even have a membership. Every visit the service is impeccable and my haircuts are great. The staff there is more than accommodating and are not only professional, but friendly. I have even bought gift cards for my friends and co- workers, and everyone has been beyond satisfied. All in all, it has taken me many years to find a great haircut, and the drinks help too. Pros: Service, memberships, amazing haircuts more

A Wonderful Experience~ 9/21/2008

I've waited several days to write my review on Truman's Gentlemen Groomers, in order to post as clear-minded as possible. It's been four days but my opinion hasn't changed-this place deserves your time, attention, and money. This place is absolutely worth it. I chose to try out Truman's since my last hair salon experience was a nightmare (in Paramus, NJ). The hair salon was cheaper than Trumans but it was a rushed, botched, job and I felt unappreciated. \r After feeling so bothered by that experience I started to think about what it was that I wanted out of a barbershop/hair salon. I wanted someplace tranquil where I could truly relax and enjoy my time there. Friendly customer service is obvious. The thing that I wanted the most though was a ?manly? salon. A salon that maintains a sense of masculinity but that isn?t set in the 20s, or 30s. \r I tried the Art of Shaving and just wasn't convinced that it'd be a place I'd look forward returning to month after month.\r Instead of blindly visiting every barbershop in New York City, I googled male saloons and Truman?s came up. It sounded to good to be true. When I stopped in, the front desk politely asked what it was that I?d be having done. Originally, I was only going for a cut & wash but since I hadn?t had a facial in years and my face felt like cardboard, I said why not. After sitting down for only a couple of minutes, I was asked what beer I?d want served. It was great. I was introduced to Kat, a very talented and kind hair stylist who gave me the haircut I was looking for-clean and styled to the way my hair grows. It sounds like not much but you?d be surprised (or not) by how many barbers and stylists disregard that small detail. She was also a great conversationalist. After the haircut, I went on for a much needed facial. The woman who attended me was absolutely professional and cordial and left my face feeling completely renewed. I'd write more but I've run out of space. \r All in all, HIGHLY recommended!\r Hector F\r Pros: everything. Cons: N/A more

Not Impressed 6/12/2008

I get a massage at least twice a month. I saw this place when I was walking home from work. I have a regular massage guy that I use but I'm always down to try new places, especially when they're geared towards men because I hate sitting there, looking like a tool in a robe thats too short and you just know the pretty brunette sitting next to you is making fun of you in her head. Anyway, I work crazy hours, usually around 12 hours a day and amazingly, I still find time to work out as well. can just imagine how stressed out and stiff my muscles are. this place is like 3 blocks from where I work, so, I figured I'd give it a shot. On the inside, it looks real nice, it's well decorated, some of the girls that work there are very pretty and talkative, they give you beer while you harm in that. One of the pretty girls comes to get me for my massage and I ask her nicely if I could have a guy for my massage. (I always have male therapists beacuse they're just stronger, in my opinion, and i need really deep intricate work done) Anyway, she looked at me like i had 10 heads and said there were no men, only females. i thought that was kind of weird, i guess that they're going for one of those 'Masters of the Universe' homophobia, no man is touching me kind of deals. which i guess i could understand...if this were the 80's. But, it's not, it's NY, in 2008, deal with yourselves. I prefer a guy working on me...and I'm totally straight. Ok, so no guy, I'll go with the flow, i'm cool.. however, it was just as I suspected, the massage was too light and when I asked her for more pressure, it was just more of the same for the whole hour. Next time, I'll just go back to my regular guy. the servcice was good, the people were nice, the decor was cool and real masculine..the massage wasn't. Oh well..maybe they're better at haircuts Pros: decor, friendly staff Cons: no male therapists for those who prefer a really deep massage more

Haircut to beat 3/11/2008

Tried this place on a gift card for a shave and haircut from my girlfriend. The whole 'man-salon' is not really my thing. I really just want a great haircut and hate going to women's salons. (Don't really care much for free beer and all that stuff but I'll take it!). Hands down the best haircut I have gotten in NYC. The staff is friendly and straight-forward - almost too friendly in constantly offering me drinks, coffee, water, etc,, but I guess that is better than the alternative. I even tried their ""Handshake Maintenance"" (aka manicure) which I would never have done if it wasn't part of the gift and actually enjoyed the results. Straight-edge shave was nice too, though I didn't realize it was a 40 min service. Net: great haircut, no attitude. Pros: Great haircut, no attitude Cons: Service can be a little too much at times more

A bit overrated! 10/30/2007

I was really excited about getting the ""Truman's Service"", but must admit that I am disappointed. I was ready to love everything, and was strongly considering signing-up for one of the year-long packages, based on this experience.\r \r I will not be signing up for the year-long package, and I will not send my friends to get their haircut.\r \r The service was great. The beer was delicious. The women are all very pretty, nice, and attentive.\r \r The manicure was good (nothing special, but I'm not a pro on manicures). The hairwash was great -- I would take the redhead with me anywhere.\r \r The shoe shine was average (I strongly suggest you go to the shoe shop across the street, where they'll give you mirrors on your feet for $3 - $4!)\r \r The haircut is not good. The consultation was essentially her asking ""How do you want it cut?"" Both the back and sideburns are uneven, and the sideburns aren't even shaved with a clean line (I had to do it myself this morning!) \r \r Ultimately, all I wanted is a good haircut. So if they can't deliver THAT, then what good is all of the other stuff?! Pros: Attentive service with tasty beer. Cons: Haircut was no good...what's the point of all of the other stuff w/o that?! more

Best men's haircut in NYC 5/13/2007

My husband discovered Truman's a few months ago and I can't believe the transformation; he looks great! He always raves about how great the atmosphere is. He's even tried a few extra spa services. I'm very happy that he now gets a great haircut and looks so good. The prices are very reasonable for their services. I wish there was a place like this for women! Pros: Quality service, reasonable price, fantastic place Cons: Only one location in midtown more

Quality Service 2/15/2007

Walked over to Truman's from my office expecting the best preparing for the worst..sound fimilar? Walked into a casual desk area with a sly bar, and headed for a shampoo.... fellows that may be the best thing they got going for them. The stylist I believe Rebecca took great care of what hair I have left and showed me some alternative styles and stuff to buy to make me feel better. I got to say it worked! \r \r more

High quality responsible, knowledgeable and no pressure hair joint 1/11/2007

I know what I want, I know how I want my hair and I don't want anyone telling me otherwise. I also don't like but kissing, just pay attention when I talk. Well, Truman's, particularly Maureen (great Irish accent) has got it. They have the experience, ambiance, stature and attitude to satisfy a very picky person. Like me!\r \r Yea the beer and the babes are nice, but I can get that any night at any bar, I am here for a good cut, a comfortable conversation and a stylist that not only knows what she is doing but actually enjoys her career. I can tell you, I live in Philadelphia but I get my hair cut in New York at Truman's, trust me, their really good. Well I should say, from first hand experience, Maurine the Irish girl, is really really good, and downright just cool. Pros: Location, Experience, Quality of Service Cons: a little ""fishbowl"" feel more

Wow!! Great Job!! 11/5/2006

I never understood what was up with my boyfriends bad hair days/weeks but someone here finally got it right!! Looks awesome and he was super happy with the service! more

Story of my life: Screwed over by women and booze. 11/2/2006

I went into this swanky ""men's"" salon where some guy offered to take me on a tour as he pointed out the various changes made to direct the salon towards men. A lot of it made sense. A bar with 4 beers on tap, full selection of spirits, and the usual squat Hispanic hair washers replaced with slim exotic women who wash your hair, while performing a ""head massage."" \r Other ""manly"" aspects seemed put upon, but while fantasizing about throwing back a hefeweizen while Tia Carrere goes to town on my head, I went with it. For example opaque dividers separate each haircutting station because ""guys dont want to see another guy getting a haircut."" Well, I've never thou--OOh another beer. \r I agreed to come the next day for a ""style consultation"" to see if they had any stylists who could cut my very difficult sloppy moppy curls. (Something I have dealt with for years. Remember the bowl cut that your blind grandma could do in the kitchen, and yet still was the hottest thing? My white boy fro and I were left out.) But, as soon as I stepped through the door and had that beer in my hand, the preliminary ""style consultation"" turned into a ""bad haircut."" \r The head massage was great, the beer was good, the barber was nice, the haircut blew. And when paying upwards of 60 bucks for a basic cut, I want to be blown away. As he was finishing, I sarcastically remarked ""Wow, I could have a pretty awesome pompadour right now."" That should have been interpreted as ""Wow, can you fix this?"" but instead translated to him styling my hair like a brunette Johnny Bravo. \r The beautiful girls at the front desk gave me my coat, took all my money, and chimed in unison about how much better it was, and how much better my life would be. I was almost convinced, but left hopeful.\r I rushed back to the office bathroom, looked in the mirror, and cried. Pros: Cool place, free drinks, friendly staff Cons: If you have a history of troublesome haircuts, spend time picking your barber. more

I have been waiting for years for a place like this! 9/12/2006

finally i've found a place where i can have someone give me advice about how to wear my hair / what products to use without feeling dumb, get a great haircut & a shoeshine, have a beer, and be around engaging, interesting people. and the space is fantastic! more

Avoid this place! 9/5/2006

OHMIGOD! This place is the worst! My boyfriend was so cut up right before a wedding...for a place that should know how to shave, this is a serious embarassment. They should not charge the prices they charge if they are going to cut people up. more

Good Beer, Great Haircut and relaxing shave 7/10/2006

Don't normally go out of my way for a haircut, but I will from now on. This place is awesome. Cool bar, good drinks friendly service with no attitude, some privacy and actually a great haircut. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a great spot to relax. Pros: Great stylist, cool atmosphere, relaxing Cons: wish there were morning hours. more

Good Atmosphere, great results 6/12/2006

Really impressive. After a shampoo/head massage while sitting in a recliner with a hot towel over the eyes, a great haircut from a chill stylist. World Cup on the TV behind the bar. Metrosexual rating: Zero...just a great place for folks that work on or near Park ave to get a quick comfortable haircut and a little relaxation. You won't regret trying it. Pros: atmosphere, zero pressure, short walk from anywhere in midtown more

My girlfriend likes my haircut for a change 6/11/2006

need I really say more? ok, fine, not only did I get a great cut, but the hair wash was so heavenly I nearly fell asleep. As you lean back you look up at these colorful backlit photos that make it seem like you are lying in the woods on a clear fall day and not in a midtown men's grooming establishment. Everyone who works there is really down to earth, professional, and they kept my beer mug full, which really takes the edge off of telling a beautiful woman not to expose your receding hair line; to which she replied ""you have great hair, trust me."" She may have been lying, but if she was it didn't show. The lighting was a little bright, but I guess if that helps them give you a better haircut, it is well worth it. more

My new mainstay 6/11/2006

Got a great haircut, styling advice, and a couple beers in the process. Beautiful people, no awkward moments, what else would a guy want? more
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