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Tropical Treasures

3502 W Greenway Rd 7 (at Corner of Greenway and 35th Avenue)
Phoenix, AZ 85053
(602) 993-8000
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Tropical Treasures - Phoenix, AZ
Tropical Treasures - Phoenix, AZ


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I have been buying from these guys for over 9 years. I have never had any problems or had anything die that was bought from them. This is a great place!


I was ready to leave this store almost as soon as I walked in the door. I thought the two guys working there were very rude to me and the other 1 person in their store and made us...

should be ashamed 10/13/2011

Ok CLEARLY these people are writing their own reviews! I've been to this place numerous times in the past and yes its smelly and dirty, the people are rude and uneducated. However, the reason I refused to contribute to the shop staying open is the way in which they house they're reptiles. Specifically a couple of mated bearded dragons in terribly poor conditions and obviously malnourished. I haven't been for a while but recently heard they are currently housing a full grown female bearded dragon in a 20 max gal tank w the light directly above. Both are big no-nos. They are also selling this cruely kept reptile for a ridiculous price. I have contacted the ASPCA and the maricopa animal control about the conditions of the shop so hopefully they will either be forced to get things together or be shut down. more

Not educated at all on their livestock... 5/16/2011

Make sure the pet store you go to is educated on the items or live stock they sell. My wife & I were very happy to find Tropical Treasures, because the store is so close to our home. We have bought numerous livestock, pumps, etc from here. I recently bought 3 tiger cowries(babies) for my wifes reef tank. I have read they eat condi ane...mone, yet no other types. When my wife saw one of the cowries by her maximini carpet anemone, she asked me to call Tropical Treasures and see if the anemone was safe. The gent working said if anything it would hurt the cowrie, yet he had never heard of a cowrie hurting one, so it should be quite safe. I figured these gents working there were educated in the livestock they sell. I woke up this morning to a quarter of the anemone left. The cowrie ate it. It really bummed me out, and my wife even more. When I took my friend in for a pinky, for his snake I figured I'd tell the gent working, I was curious to how they'd react. The gent behind the counter pretty much giggled it off then said, ""Well, maybe it'll grow back"". Right. Not, ""Wow, I'm really sorry, i'll make sure our employees are educated on our livestock better next time. To show you how sorry I am let me give you a small discount on your next purchase."" I am the type to spend a lot of money in their store, yet not after this incident, I'll never go there again. To make things worse, When I bought the cowries and such, I spent around $60.00 that day. The same gent who giggled this off rang me up $30.00 less then I owed and being honest I made sure to point this out, so I would be charged the correct amount. Yes, the store has nice item to purchase yet not really educated or seem to care about the livestock they sell. I am telling all in my neighborhood about this incident. If you're going to take a chance on what you buy, you might as well be going to petco. Same lack of education on their livestock, yet cheaper prices. more

Great Place!!! Highly Recommended! 2/17/2011

I have been buying from these guys for over 9 years. I have never had any problems or had anything die that was bought from them. This is a great place! more

Highly UNrecommended 11/25/2010

The only reason I am giving 1 star is because this board doesn't allow giving none. Trust me, 1 star is entirely too much!\r \r 5+ years in reefs and saltwater tanks, and yes, sometimes a fish gets lost, but this particular experience warrants an honorable mention of warning: \r \r First time I ever shopped there. I bought 4 SW fish, all appeared OK in the store, but all 4 died in quarantine. \r \r The first - a long nosed hawkfish dead the second day. the second a Yellow Watchman goby, dead on day 3. The 3rd and 4th were a blenny and a cherub angel dead on day 5. \r \r The QT tank doubles as a pod and algea propagator, as well as a snail breeding tank. All species purchased were compatable, and since they came from the same water source, no reason to separate through quarantine. NEVER before have I had such a loss of new fish, even if they showed symptoms of illness which required removal to a hospital tank for treatment. \r \r Without knowing what the heck came into my water with these fish, I am tearing down the QT - getting rid of everything, as in destroying - and then bleaching the @#$$%! out if it - filters, rock, skimmer, powerheads, EVERYTHING. \r \r One encounter with Tropical Treasures has cost me significantly. NEVER NEVER AGAIN!!! more

very pleased customer 3/22/2010

I feel this is one of the best stores you can go to if you are looking for fish or reptiles. I will agree with most people that the store is small but they carry almost anything you will ever need. If they do not have something you need they will order it for you and have it for you in just a few days. I have been going to the store for over three years and have NEVER seen any reptiles starving. I have been in the store on feeding days and they do not skimp on any of there reptiles. I have purchased lots of reptiles and fish from them and have never had a problem with any of them. I drive to there store once a week for mice and have never seen anything wrong with any of the animals. I would recomend this store to anyone who is looking for quality pets and a fair price. more

This place may have the best prices but fish quality is poor 10/29/2009

After buying several saltwater specimens and none of them surviving from this place, I will only buy snails and crabs here. Bluejaw Trigger got popeye 2 weeks after purchase. Custom reef fish for $89 died not long after purchase., Hardy Hawkfish died in quarantine tank 2 days after purchase. ALL THESE FISH WERE PURCHASED FROM TROPICAL TREASURES!!! NEVER AGAIN.\r Johnny more

Tropical Treasures is there if you must go 9/3/2009

It's ok. I think the saltwater section could use a boost in lighting so you can see the fish. Some more walking room would be nice. Customer service poor to ok. Seems as if Don doesn't care anymore about his store. more

Tropical Treasures is a great little store 8/15/2009

Nothing but good things to say about this place. Very helpful with tank set-ups and fish selection, answered all questions my questions. The end result being 2 tanks (std 55 GA and tall 65 GA) full of gorgeous & healthy fish. The price I paid for my 65 GA set up (included everything) was less than what other stores wanted for just the tank and light - AND it was exactly what I wanted. Hard to beat their price and service. more

Knowledgeable and caring 12/13/2008

I see that some of the older reviews are not so good?but our experience for the last two years has been a good one. We purchased our ball python ?Jesse? at the store, and our beardy ?Dexter.? They are both about two years old and doing fine. The staff is courteous and knowledgeable. When we call on the phone, they don?t ask if we purchased our pets there, they just help. more

awsome place 12/9/2008

i love it here it rocks u people need to shut up if u dont like it leave!!! THEY have googd fish great parking and no dead fish anywhere!i love it there it has a lot of fish and they have great employees! more

A true Reef store 2/9/2008

After buying at a few places around town-- this place has the best prices, the best real life advise, fast custom orders. I've never had anything die from there, great hours, good parking, and has never tried to sell me anything that I did not need. Yes, sometimes the saltwater fish selection is small--but check back in a week; for what you save--it's worth it. As for the tanks are dirty--lol, they look like what your tank is going to look like at home . The place smells of saltwater and ceder chips--what I expect from all that they have in the size space. This is not walma*t extra wide isles and a snack bar ; is not what I'm after . I'm after a place that is friendly, controls the overhead so that i know that it will be there next week, real life advise and expectations, healthy fish, and good prices--- what i've always gotten. Pros: parking, real life advise, prices, been around longer then most stores Cons: it smells like a store that sells fish and reptiles-- no Starbu*ks inside more

A "Real" Tropical Fish Store 5/13/2007

This store has both new and used equipment, and fish you won't find elsewhere. Most chain pet stores only have very young fish but here you can find the adult ones, also. The fish seemed well cared for and healthy. I did not look at the other sections (snakes, etc.) but went there only for the aquarium hobby. In the future, if I want something that is not readily available, I'm sure Don can get it for me. It is worth driving down from Prescott Valley. more

should be shut down 9/27/2006

Heard there was a good selection of reptiles and walked in to find snakes and lizards in unacceptable conditions. There was a dead lizard (starved to death) in with two others. Another tank had three lizards in it which were on the verge of starvation (with no food to be seen). Another tank had several snakes in it. One of the rat snakes was also starving (skin and bones). Another tank had snakes which in filthy conditions ( fecal matter smeared all over and a general lack of sanitary conditions). I have kept all types of herps and understand they can be messy; however these are being kept in unacceptable manner. To have starving animals and dead ones left in tanks seems a bit much. PROS: none CONS: starving animals...dead animals...filthy cages more

Dirty and Smelly 5/5/2006

I was ready to leave this store almost as soon as I walked in the door. I thought the two guys working there were very rude to me and the other 1 person in their store and made us feel like we were in their way. Tanks were all dirty and you can barely walk. They did have some unique freshwater fish but the saltwater selection was not good at all. Don't think I would ever go back. PROS: nice selection of odd fish CONS: dirty and smells very cramped more

fish store 5/3/2006

these reviews dont make sense. some1 said parking was alright? theres a bunch of front row parking and a entire parking lot of an old grocery store. yes it is dark but everytime i have been there the tanks are always clean. the selection is outragous for how small the store is. crampy(could be bigger). prices on equipment have to be the lowest in the valley. and i know if u dont c it there they are always cool to order it within a couple of days. the staff is very friendly laid back and very knowledgable. they make u feel comfortable and not leeches like other stores (ocean floor, pet safari, aquatouch ext). however they do need more salt water selection. but if u love variety and strange freshwater this is your store. oh and thier reptile selection is huge, a whole room that is pretty clean for reptiles. i like this store and its on the west valley. oh and for the other reviewers fish die from time to time its okay. im sure it happens in every store unless ur in a perfect world. P more

awful 11/15/2005

This place is definitly not the place to go if you are looking for healthy fish. The whole store is dirty, the fish tanks are absolutely filthy and there are dead fish in all the tanks in the store. The staff doesnt seem to know what they are talking about and really are no help at all. I would reccomend choosing another store. more

Tropical Treasures 11/11/2005

It has been a little while since I have been here, but I was happy with it. When we went it, we really were not looking to buy, just to get information. The guy working seemed extremely knowledgeable and willing to take his time with us. It did seem cramped in there to me, and a little pricy, but the customer service is worth it. more

fish 10/8/2005

This storm has all kinds of fish and reptiles for sale. They have aquariums and all the equipment and supplies you would need for your fish or reptiles. They carry a good selection to choose from. They are open every day and the staff is very helpful. Their prices are good and parking is not a problem. more

Friendly FIsh 9/2/2005

I went to this store on the advice of a friend. I was looking for a basic fish tank, a few moderately priced fish and the usual accessories (rocks, tank decorations, fish food). The staff was very helpful and seemed very knowledgeable about the fish and tank set up. The prices were a little more than I had hoped to spend, but the helpful staff made up for it. I called a few days later when I thought the tank filter had broken, and the sales person walked me through getting a teeny rock out of it. I have been back 3 times for more stuff, and another gift for a friends son. The parking was ok. more

dirty store 8/10/2005

This store was really dirty when I first went in - the tanks looked like they hadn't been cleaned in some time and even the floors ad walls were dirty. Dead fish were in nearly every tank and the staff was rude and knew nothing about their product. The prices are really high and what you are buying is half dead fish with no garauntee. I've only been here once and would never return - I go to the Pet Safari for my fish and reefs now. more
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