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Tri-Cities Lifestyle Ctr

2517 Knob Creek Rd
Johnson City, TN 37604
(423) 282-2375
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I have been a member for about 4yrs now. I love it! I was leary about joining a gym at all because I am over weight, but lifestyles is a very comfortable gym to workout at. I don'...


I dont write reviews much but this time I felt it necessary. While taking group fitness classes here I have seen everything from unprofessional conduct to warddrobe (near) obsceni...

Beware 5/7/2012

I dont write reviews much but this time I felt it necessary. While taking group fitness classes here I have seen everything from unprofessional conduct to warddrobe (near) obscenity to just plain dont know that theyre doing. This time was the straw that broke the camel's back. In a class a new lady was standing near the back of the class and apparently she wasnt using enough enthusiasm with the moves and the instructor walked back and asked her name. She then proceeded to tell the class the rest of the hour ""dont do it like so and so- unless you dont want a good workout. "" I believe the instructor was trying to humorously make a statement but I felt so sorry for the poor lady and she looked as if she were about to cry and the dumb instructor never got the picture. I've also taken other classes here in which the instructors have asked the class members to do dangerous moves that were incorrect (especially in a class of unexperienced exercisers.) I inquired about whether the staff had to have certifications and the manager seriously tried to talk me into teaching and told me I didnt need one. With such a pricey membership I expected more. I just say- beware!!! more

Great Gym! 2/16/2012

I have been a member for about 4yrs now. I love it! I was leary about joining a gym at all because I am over weight, but lifestyles is a very comfortable gym to workout at. I don't feel judged. as i can see, so there are a few bad reviews, but what place doesnt have a few bad ones. I agree that a couple management could get attitude adjustments, but i am there to workout not talk to management. prices are good, gym is clean. When I first started working out there I did ask how many members currently worked out there just to get an idea of how many people did like working out there and they said approx. 8,000. that was 4yrs ago. I am sure there are several if not thousands more have joined since then, seems like it when i workout between 3 and 7, usually all cardio equipment is being used, so that tells me that with only 9 bad reviews, this place is overall a good place to workout. I would definately recommend this gym. more


I was a member for several years and cannot more

Worst gym I ever joined. 1/12/2012

I was a member for several years and cannot recommend this gym. They are slow to fix things. Last summer it took them several weeks to fix the air conditioning. When I asked about it, I was told the owner said ?people don?t need to be freezing when they work out.? They also arbitrarily take away services but (surprise!) membership fees stay the same! For example, they noticed that the zumba classes were popular, so they opened it to non-members for a charge making the classes super crowded. They also started charging MEMBERS $1 PER class and called it ?club zumba? because they put in a strobe light ?for a club atmosphere?. I wouldn?t be surprised if they put up a black light in the main part of the gym, call it ?club gym? and charged members extra to use it! I will be joining the Wellness Center. more

Average 2/5/2011

I've been a member at this gym for 3 years so I think my input says a lot. It's purely an okay, average gym. The equipment is not bad, and they have plenty. I've never waited to use a machine and can usually get in a good workout in 30-40 minutes. Everything is spaced out, so you never feel cramped. The building used to be a Winn Dixie grocery store, so it's pretty huge. These smaller upstart gyms in the area are small and cramped and if 20 people show up, you're going to have to wait. Not here. As for the employees and management? I never really interact with them unless I'm ordering a protein drink. But I will say they have been nothing but friendly. They do have extremely high turnover, but that is most likely due to being paid $8 an hour (my friend used to work there). The owner used to be a cocaine drug runner in Miami in the 70s, so use that to determine the quality of management. I pay $39 a month and am bounded by a 12 month contract. Not bad for a huge gym. I never use personal trainers as I know what I am doing, so I can't comment on that aspect. The locker room is huge with showers, a freaking sauna and a hot tub. With basketball courts, an indoor track, tons of weight and cardio machines and tons of free weights I think this is a pretty good gym for the money if you know what you are doing. After a year I did shop around for other gyms in the area, but the selection is extremely limited and nothing seems to size up. So I continually re-up. They don't have swimming pools which sucks, but as a whole, it would do you well to join. more

All I can say is AVOID!! 1/21/2010

Do the 14 days, if you must, but realize that they will be somewhat nice until you sign the contract. The staff is very rude and unhelpful. I only joined this gym because my husband, fianc? at the time, also wanted to work out and it was cheaper to join as a couple rather than individuals. We were stuck in a 3 year contract that, thankfully, runs out this year. The equipment is not repaired in a timely fashion. They act like it is a sin to ask for a towel. The front desk staff is not helpful. The business office is rude and slow to answer questions. I plan on working out at home until my membership is up and then going back to the Wellness Center. more

Nice Gym 12/22/2009

I think the staff needs to monitor the circuit area more. For those of us who are trying to go through our circuit training in a reasonable amount of time, there are too many people using these machines as their own body building machine. There are ususally two of them and they keep taking turns over and over while preventing the circuit users from being able to ever get the machine. Also, when a machine is out of order, you have no option whatsoever. I've had to skip a machine and got all the way to the other end thinking I'd come back to it but the peopole would still be there. This is a HUGE problem. These machines should only be allowed to be used as a circuit. If other people want to work only abs or only chest for a long period of time, they should be restricted to the center machines for those. The staff needs to make sure the circuit is being used as a circuit. The object is to keep moving. The rest of the gym is fine. I like the classes that are offered. I really don't mind that all the trainers aren't certified. They are only showing you how to use the machines. Not much training is needed for that. If you pay for a personal trainer, you WILL get a certified one but the guys just giving instruction on the machines really don't need to be certified. That would be a big waste of time for a certified personal trainer. They do have several personal trainers who are certified. It's a nice facility and I think is great for the price. I would like to see a little more air flow in the cardio area. Pros: Good elypticals, fun classes, nice equipment Cons: Too many people jump in on the circuit machines & ""camp out"" more

Effective Training 10/6/2009

I like my gym. I am really impressed with Roger/Personal Trainer and most of the staff. I did have to pay extra for the personalized training which is standard. I am hoping that there will soon be more experienced staff on hand, on the floor, to help with standard exercise set up i.e. circuit as I cannot always pay for the personalized approach. Roger is the best if that is something one is looking for and I would join this gym just because of him. He knows how to help and strengthen the body after an injury. Pros: Personal Training/R, Open Space, Music, Large Windows, Track Cons: Some trainers on floor seem to socialize more than guide more

Pay attention before you join. 11/26/2008

I highly recommend you take the 14 day free trial and pay close attention before you join. There are a few things that, to me, indicate that this is not a well-fun facility. They have a really high employee turn over rate. It's not just the front desk, I'm talking about the personal and floor trainers. I've also noticed that they hire a lot of ""personal trainers"" from the local college - students that are yet to receive their degree or have actually ever participated in any kind of internship. I have actually received incorrect and unsafe advice from one of them. Also, their cardio equipment is inconsistant. Sometimes I'll walk in and it's all working and sometimes I'll walk in and there's only a couple of functioning treadmills. They have replaced the LCD tv's twice in the year that I have been a member yet there are no fans in the cardio area. Members are only allowed to used one towel per visit. It was explained to me that this was to cut down on unecessary costs. I don't know that I've ever actually needed more than one towel but I was pretty aggravated when I reached for a towel and the girl put her hand on mine and asked me how many I was planning to take. I could probably go on all day about how unimpressed I am. I just don't love this place at all. I wish I would never have joined. Their hours are continually getting more restrictive. If you decide that you still want to join, consider contacting some members and see if you can just transfer contracts. I signed a 3 year contract for $36/mo which is no longer available. Now, unless you work somewhere that is somehow associated with the gym for a discount, you have to sign a 2 year, more expensive contract. Otherwise, it gets wicked expensive. Month-to-month will run you $100/mo. Also, they charge $5 if they send a paper bill instead of deducting it from your account or having you come in to pay. Clearly this ""members-only"" gym is in it for the for the money and could care less about us. Pros: Hardly ever really crowded. Cons: Restrictive hours, inconsistent cardio equipment, no fans-lack of air circulation. more

Avoid their trainers! 12/16/2007

I have had personal experience with this club for several years. It has been my observation that the floor trainers and personal trainers hiered are young and inexperienced in the field of personal health and fitness. I have even known someone to become injured due to the inexpertise of this club's personell. I would not recommend this gym to anyone. It is an attractive fascility, however the management and owner have proven to be difficult to work with time and time again. It is not people-friendly and like I stated earlier, the trainers appear to be high school kids who don't have a clue of how to train properly. more

Avoid at all cost 11/7/2007

I had two seperate bad experiences with this gym. Having previously worked as a personal trainer in Nashville, Tn I was shocked by both events. The first incident occured when I had just moved to the JC area. The sales women I met was rude to the worker behind the counter because he informed me of the 14 days trail the club was offering. He (the counter worker) actually seemed excited about the gym, about my being there and seemed as though he was glad people were joining- willing to help. As I stood behind the sales woman, she informed him how he was not supposed to tell about the 14 days or do anything other than have me sign the sheet then sit and wait. Because of that incident and my work I never joined any gym. more
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