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Trashy Lingerie - 19 Reviews - 402 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA - Womens & Girls Clothing & Apparel Mfrs Reviews - Phone (310) 659-4550

Trashy Lingerie

402 N La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 659-4550
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Trashy Lingerie - Los Angeles, CA
Trashy Lingerie - Los Angeles, CA


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Try this place for a romantic getaway or for Halloween! Trashy Lingerie is what Id call a "HOT SPOT!"


Well this is a great place to find a corset, should you happen to be looking for one. Expect to pay a high price for your items, but they are handmade. They have an extremely st...

online order not reliable 1/12/2012

I ordered an outfit with stockings - they sent the right colored stockings but wrong color outfit. Come on. if you didnt have it in stock refund my money, dont just throw the same item but the WRONG color and call it a day. I wrote to them and I didn't get word back on how to rectify the situation. I dont need to waste my time stalking this company to get the right product. I ordered once and will never again. Fair warning from someone who orders lingerie from other sites. more

They sell you Made in China for Made in LA 3/7/2011

They send me a wrong order and want me to pay for reshipping!!! Can you believe this??? Don't go and spend your Money. "Trashy" Customer Service!!! more

EVERY positive review is FALSE & written by paid employees!! 12/30/2010

Repulsive experience. Material is bought in yards from Santee alley downtown clothing district and bumped up several hundreds of dollars to sell to you with an attitude in their disgusting filthy hovel which resembles a madams brothel in an old condemned victorian house. Absolutely 100% these reviews that are positive were written by a string of paid employees in a room full of computers that lays in the "Back" of the sweatshop that resides in the back of the store (Far back room). If you are an out-of-towner, dont be an shlep for once and get starry eyed from your reality shows - this is the REAL Hollywood. Fake glamour, hyped media and false intrigue. If you are a local girl? SHOP AT AGENT PROVOCATEUR down the road on Melrose near Fred Seagal. At least there you will get your moneys worth, treated like a human being, and wont go home with BedBugs. more

Go ANYWHERE ELSE. 11/17/2010

This is some kind of family business where they treat everybody including eachother like animals. Go somewhere else to buy lingirie if you want to feel good when you wear it. If you need more details, here's the letter of complaint I wrote them. "I want you to know that I will never ever go back to your awful store. You don't treat customers or each other like human beings! After being told to pay for a membership card before I could enter to spend money in your store, your complaining older lady was completely abrasive to me. Why? Because I wanted to try on a halloween costume like everyone else in line did. Wow I guess you can't handle the business you have so why would I trouble you with mine!? Sorry. "I guess the tip off was your sales girl telling us that the day before, you had made someone cry! Not surprised to hear it. After surviving the line, the rude lady, trying on the outfit in a dirty kitchen and all the yelling at each other you did... I was told you had given me the wrong belt and I should come back the next day to get the right one. Well, I didn't have time to come back on your schedule. Then your lady rolled her eyes at me and the old man who claims to have designed my piece accused me of lying about my schedule!! "As I tried to pay, your cashier shoved the wrong membership card name of another customer and wrong debit card in my face telling me to just pick one even though I'd had to pay for one with my own name. Later I discovered you charged me full price- not the displayed sale price!!!! "All this as you yelled and insulted each other...and accused me of lying again. Then since you lost my membership card, on the way out I asked for a new one and had to argue for it. Now I have time to help others avoid my experience as you probably treat many worse than this. So: 1. I am announcing this every where I can. Yelp. Facebook. Yahoo. Google. As a costume designer with access to actresses and models, I will be recommending Frederick's of Hollywood and a boycott of your disgusting and offensive customer service. 2. I have two fashion blogs I will be posting this on 3. I will be reporting you to Better Business Bureau. 4. May I suggest appreciating your paying customers." more

Trashy sums it all up! 4/22/2010

I put an order for a costume on Monday after I tried to search through the website for when my order would be shipped, which I couldn't find the first time I checked for it. When I put my order through I had to do a google search to find out when they were going to ship the order. According to their policy, it would take 1-2 weeks for them to ship the order! My item was a bargain item and according to them- they had them in stock. So why would it take 1-2 weeks for them to get around to shipping out the damn costume? I promptly emailed to let them know that I would like to cancel the order all together. I won't complain about the restocking fee of 15%, even though their website said that they would charge me a 5% fee for canceling. Times must be REALLY hard on them to blatantly lie about their policy. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COST!!! Pros: Some of the lingerie is nice Cons: Bad website design & shipping time is ridiculous! more

Sorry, this is a big miss 3/28/2010

Years and years ago I was here and it was great. The atmosphere has changed, unfortunately. The place seemed a lot darker and grittier--a lot of merchandise is thrown into baskets and the sizes are completely mixed up. Prices are ridiculous--try Pleasure Chest or any of the little specialty shops along Hollywood Blvd. and save big. The worst was that the store was empty and the clerks "shadowed" our every move. They would stand beside us and stare. My husband and I don't exactly look like the local thieves (we're in our 50's!) but they treated us like we were. Won't got back-insulting place. Wish I had my 2 dollar entry fee back! Pros: can't think of any pros Cons: overpriced, unorganized, not customer friendly more

Don't order without seeing costume in person! 3/11/2010

I ordered a costume online based on the picture. The description stated top and bottom colors "dont' match exactly." The picture showed two slightly different shades of fabric that looked the same (shiny and satiny). It arrived with the top blue green matte finish mesh and bottom baby blue satin. There is no way that these pieces go together. Trashy has refused a return because it was on sale (not stated in return policy) and even if they did, I would get stuffed on return shipping and 25% restocking fee. AVOID. Pros: none Cons: cheap fabrics, not like pictures, bad return policy more

horribleeeeeee placeeee! 11/4/2009

after spending over $500 dollars and being a long time customer, i highly suggest not to shop here.... really!!! don't shop here... every employee here is rude, "manager" has a nasty attitude.... and they will steal your credit card info and anything else they can possibly get their hands on... honestly worsttttttt place to get over priced and cheap materials, even worse on halloween. empolyees here are bitches! someone from this store got my cc info and raked $4k in charges.... buyer be ware! Pros: NONE! Cons: AWEFUL OVER PRICED more

Fun and Sexy! 10/21/2009

Try this place for a romantic getaway or for Halloween! Trashy Lingerie is what Id call a "HOT SPOT!" more

best costume store EVER 9/15/2009

any of the bad reviews have they really gone to the store? I live in NY and I personally LOVE to fly to California in September to buy a Halloween costume from Trashy. I am a model but no big name celebrity. it's not like they asked my occupation at the door so they had probably had no idea. they treated me like a princess. helping me get dressed, to even giving me ideas for a costume. even a year later they remembered me and treated me great. it's my favorite store and I pray everyday they open up one anywhere in NY or even the east coast anywhere so I can shop and not have to fly across the country lol. actually HINT HINT OPEN A STORE OVER HERE! they would make so much money. I hate wearing costumes that every girl has or can get. they have unique one of a kind costumes. no one has ever had the same costume as me after shopping there. not to mention the great materials it's made out of. I get constant compliments when out on Halloween in any of their costumes. they even helped with my ex finding a costume by telling us another store in the area to go check out for him! they are willing to customize and the store is just beyond amazing. I can't rave enough about them. only bad thing I can ever say is that I wish they were in NY. just so I could go more often. Pros: everything Cons: none except they should open a store in NY! more


I had a legitimate reason to go to Trashy Lingerie...I was shopping for a low-cut bra/corset for a wedding dress...Macy's and Bloomie's both were no help...they encouraged me to go to Trashy...first of all, you MUST pay a COVER?! WTF?! To even see all the LOW-CUT lingerie, Trashy is an understatement, then the salesgirl was telling me that they don't have many low-cut bras, because their bras and corsets are "Functional" Functional? FOR WHAT?? F**KING??? Ugh, my friend and I were disgusted...she was talkin out of her a**, not making any sense and was pretty much doing everything she could do get us out of the store because we weren't celebrities...that place is disgusting and I will NEVER ever return... DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY OR THE TRIP...IT'S NOT WORTH IT!! Pros: NONE - if I could give it less than a star, I would! Cons: COVER CHARGE, SNOTTY LA CHICKS more

My favorite place for lingerie worth its price 1/17/2009

Rarely are there times I feel compelled to write reviews for a store online. This is one of those times. Although I've never been to the store, I've ordered from Trashy a few times and I love their stuff. Instead of 3-cents-to-make-a-pair-in-India underwear from VS, I prefer the handmade-in-the-USA (and much cuter) lingerie from Trashy. It's honestly the best quality I've seen in clothing (especially lingerie!) in a long time. Even the tiny ribbon roses on my chemigarter are curled by hand. The high prices are worth it. And to the claim about poor service, don't worry about that too much; I accidentally ordered 4 pairs of stockings instead of 2, and when I notified them of my mistake, they emailed me back quickly and sent me a check refunding my extra charge with my order. Great! Pros: creative, attractive designs that your partner AND you will find appealing Cons: expensive (but worth it if you're into quality and handmade-in-the-US items) more

Worse Service Ever! 12/16/2008

I have not visited the location but I have bought from their online store, and the service is not even below average (which would indicate there was some level of service), it was none existent! After waiting on my order for over a month, I have tried calling customer service to no avail. No one answered, I have made email enquires and they have gone unanswered. I would not recommend this store to anyone. Far too much stress. Pros: Nice collection Cons: very poor customer service and poor on delivery time more

Hot "Trashy" Lingerie! 8/25/2008

This is a great alternative to Victorias Secret. They have really cute, fun lingerie! The colors are great, I got a gorgeous deep purple /blue lacey bra that they even custom tailored to fit me! The bra isn't padded, and makes me look really good! I have gotten many compliments, when i wear it under a low cut top! Don't be scared by the members only vibe, for two dollars, you too can get some "trashy" lingerie! Pros: Great Selection, Reasonable prices Cons: Can feel uncomfortable due to membership only protocol more

amazing lingerie, terrible service 3/24/2008

was so excited to go to trashy lingerie today after driving past their amazing window display several times...but this place is WEIRD. the lingerie is awesome. but sadly there's a very negative energy a place that should be FUN! the staff is downright RUDE. aside from some dude sitting on the couch (who i couldn't tell if he actually worked there or was just chilling making comments to everyone) the woman who "helped" me was insulting! after hooking me into a gorgeous black corset she steps back and says "we can pad that up for you" and then suggested i get a corset CUSTOM FITTED to fit my small cup size! um, why don't i try on a smaller cup size first?! haha little did she know my chest was actually looking big for me (thanks to birth control). the corset looked awesome but unfortunately she tried to make me feel inadequate for not looking like pamela anderson! basically i wouldn't go back despite the awesome selection. i don't need anyone trying to make me feel unattractive or give their opinion when it's not asked for. they also don't have prices on anything which means you have to constantly ask! (the idea here i think is that for those who shop there money is not an issue.) more

Great Lingerie, Snobby Service 11/5/2007

I love women in lingerie, and without a doubt, this place has some of the best lingerie, and it's not trashy at all. It's exquisite. Of course, the staff does treat you like dogs from the alley out back, unless you're Christina Aquilera who is one of their customers. Just figure that you'd have to pay more for the goods if you got better service, and it all evens out. Pros: Beautiful lingerie at fairly reasonable prices, when you consider it's all handmade Cons: Lousy service, snobby attitude more

WORST EXPERIENCE!!!!! 9/19/2007

Really cute stuff, although it is poorly put together, and the customer service is BEYOND terrible. I placed a $400 order only to be jerked around and treated like I was beneath notice. When I finally got part of the order I payed for it was really poorly put together, and I ended up returning it. I refuse to reward a rude retailer by giving them my money. I wrote a more complete review on yahoo, if you're interested in hearing about my experience. more

Know Before You Go 11/9/2006

Well this is a great place to find a corset, should you happen to be looking for one. Expect to pay a high price for your items, but they are handmade. They have an extremely strict return policy. Basically if you buy an item and walk out of that store, never expect to be able to return it. The item I purchased has prooved to be durable, but I'd never spend that much for it again. Pros: Handmade items Cons: Overpriced more

Terrible customer service 11/9/2005

I spent a good amount of money on an outfit from here and it fell apart 20 minutes after I put it on. When I took it back to the store the day after I had picked it up they were very rude and did not help me at all. They stated there are 'no refunds' even though it was clearly very poor quality. more
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  • Don't be intimidated by the gated entrance: This family-owned shop is open to everyone, once you pay the nominal $2 annual membership fee. Inside, you'll find a kaleidoscopic collection of teddies, robes, garters and the infamous corsets, hand-made in unusual fabrics like marabou, gingham and rabbit fur. These delicate, hand-made corsets are coveted by brides and fetishists alike, and have been worn in movies by many an A-lister, so what are you waiting for? It's time to get trashy!

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