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Transit Usa Inc - 10 Reviews - 650 NW 105th St, Miami, FL - Rental & Leasing Business Equip Reviews - Phone (305) 751-4069

Transit Usa Inc

650 NW 105th St
Miami, FL 33150
(305) 751-4069
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All reviews seem negative


After they loaded our stuff they ended up doubling our original quote, I should have told them then to upload everything. after having to help pack my stuff and them doing a terri...

AVOID AT ALL COST!!!! This company is the worst ever!! 11/26/2008

After they loaded our stuff they ended up doubling our original quote, I should have told them then to upload everything. after having to help pack my stuff and them doing a terrible job by not unassembling everything correctly, the items ended up going to storage for 30 days. When we got our shipment we were missing 18 boxes and a Dyson Vaccum. So we sent in all the info they requested. We even signed on their reciept ""missing 18 boxes and vaccuum"" They said we could not prove the items were missing. I now have to take it to small claims court since it is under $7500.00.\r DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY....I would rate it a 0 but 1 is the lowest they show. Also beware of their drivers, he brought his ""girlfriend"" with him to pack up...she made a bunch of comments on how nice my wifes' clothes were...which happen to be a large part of our missing boxes, along with some electronics. Pros: ABSOLUTELY NONE Cons: EVERYTHING...BUYER BEWARE!!!! more

Worst Mover In America 11/10/2008

We have moved many times during the past 40 years and these people were the absolute worst! As indicated elsewhere, their bid was initially low; however, the crew continually sought ways to jack up the price and were generally unprofessional. They completely destroyed one library table worth over $600, lost a brass caster from another table leg and completely lost an office chair. Upon finally getting the claims dept to respond, they offered only $150 to settle the claim, as we had not purchased the additional insurance. If you come across TRANSIT USA, run as fast as you can!! Pros: Low bid Cons: Continual attempts to jack up price after accepted bid, unprofessional crews more


There are many reasons not to use this company...I'll just list a few.\r \r 1. In my original contract I was told I could use my creadit card to pay the balance, when my household goods were already loaded on the truck they asked for a bank check or money order. I was told that I could not use a credit card and the employee that wrote my original contract ""forgot"" to remove that provision from my paperwork....\r \r 2. When my goods arrived at their warehouse in Miami, I was told that they would have to charge me $1200 extra because my item could not fit in their truck containers. I told them that we had already agreed on a ""revised"" quote based on additional items that I added on the moving day. They acknowledged that the person that picked-up my items did not estimate properly. And they insisted that I pay the extra if I want my items within one month. Otherwise it would be 6 weeks to deliver my items.\r \r 3. Many items were broken. When corresponding with the claims department, they tried to ""low-ball"" the settlement. I am still trying to get my money for the items they broke during transit. Pros: Low intial bid Cons: Changed quotes, changed contract terms, bad customer service, non-existent clams department more

NEVER use or recommend this moving company. They are less than a zero. 6/15/2008

I totally agree with prior observations. These people do not belong in business. The people who actually delivered the furniture were wonderful people, but the other employess from the so called expert who picked up the furniture and tried every which way to find some way to up the cost of the move to the point I wanted to throw him out, to the nastiest lady who works the interstate desk, this company is the worst business I have ever had to deal with. The sales people are very nice, but that's where it ends. It took constant almost daily calling and complaining before I got my last piece of furniture. The nasty woman at the interstate desk told me if I wanted my last piece of furniture that they left in a Houston warehouse, before they got around to delivering it, I could go get it myself.. When you screw up you'd think they would try to fix it. not these people. They screw up..touch luck for the consumer... They already have your money, so why bother. The law that they must be paid BEFORE they unload is why these people can do what they can and get away with treating the consumer so poorly. Buyer do not need this moving company unless you like battling with a company for 6 weeks. more

Can't I give this company ZERO stars??? 11/11/2007

I don't even know where to start; my experience was so bad as to be almost surreal. I am a first time poster to this site. I usually just shrug off bad service.But I find it hard to believe that a company that lies, steals, and mistreats its customers so badly could still be in business. This move was for my parents, and just across town (Miami). My father had set up the contract and then ended up having a massive stroke just before moving day. We were very distressed about my father's medical condition, but went ahead with the move, my mother and I, while my three young children accompanied us. You would think that being that we told the moving crew about my father, they'd have worked uncharacteristically hard to be polite and helpful. Instead, they were rude, and when they broke a large, expensive living room lamp (dropped it on the floor, right in front of us) they told us we would have to assume the burden of proof and the work to get reimbursed for it.) Right at the outset, the foreman told me that it looked like the apartment had more weight and items than on the contract (Impossible! We'd even gotten rid of 3 large furniture items since the contract was written!) He then said that if we paid him and each member of the crew $40 each, they'd not charge us more. While following us to the new residence they honked and yelled out their window for us to drive faster (than the speed limit!) At the destination, they neglected to assemble things they were contracted to, and left a door off its hinges (a door they'd removed to fit furniture through.) They refused to lay a runner, even though it was rainy/muddy, and thus tracked dirt into the new residence. After the move I wrote letters to the company and was rebuffed and presented with legal mumbo jumbo.In the end, they offered me $43.20 for the lamp (which I did not accept, as I want to pursue legal action instead), and no explanations about the extortion of the tips or apologies about the rudeness and mistreatment. Cons: Dishonest; disregard for customer's property; extremely rude; didn't provide/use promised boxes/padding more

DO NOT use them, you will regret it 9/19/2007

1) Picked up my things 4 days later than what was agreed upon\r 2) Delivered my things a month after the agreed upon date. \r 3) Was tricked into using this company by a broker. The broker was Queen Van lines, and I thought they were the ones doing the move. Only found out that they were using US1 van lines after they had picked up my things.\r 4) Broke my 61"" TV, Tables chair etc. Missing a coffee table.\r 5) Delivers at their own convenience. I could not be available at pickup or drop off.\r \r Couldn't give any lower rating than 1. Suprising that they have a 4 star rating with citysearch after all the abysmal reviews. Cons: Scheduling, Service, Handling of Property, Value more

DON'T USE US-1 VAN LINES!!!! IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!!! 7/18/2007

One word to describe my experience with US 1?Horrific!!! This is the worst experience I have ever had in my life. When they pick up your furniture they are extremely professional but for delivery it's a whole other story. I was told it would take a week to get my items when it took 16 days instead. Instead of calling me and telling me they were running behind schedule I had to track down the driver myself. He told me he would call me the day before delivery instead called me at 6:30pm the day of saying he would be at my home at 8:30pm. I am a single female and told him I thought it was unsafe and unprofessional to which he yelled and hung up on me. When I called back he said that I needed to take my furniture then or have to pay the storage and redelivery fees. When he delivered my furniture at 9pm he refused to reassemble anything, threw my opened, busted and smashed boxes around, broke my dining room chair and left everything in the living room...bedroom set included. I still haven?t received all my boxes either! I had to call the police to make him finish taking my things off the truck after he tried to take off. I had to file a police report because I felt threatened since this mover was screaming and spitting in my face and forced his way back into my home. He refused to give me a manager name and number. And guess what? When I called to complain the following day they said that he was a good employee that had worked with the company for years! I paid this company over $1600 (originally quoted $1066) for an Interstate move for this treatment. Cons: Worse company I have EVER dealt with. Had to file a police report for fear of my safety. more

Worst Company you can think of, very rude, unprofessional and keep just storing the stuff 7/4/2007

I am not trying to talk bad about anybody or any company but since I am furtunately or unfortunately realizing that I am not the only one who had such a terrible experience with US1 Van Lines I would like to warn everyone not to us US1 Van Lines. \r In June 2005 I used your moving company in our relocation from Roswell, GA to El Paso Texas. The agreement with your company was not upheld and I did not receive my possessions in the time set forth. The prescribed date of delivery was set to be NLT 24 June, due to the delay of the container in El Paso I even extended the date till July 01, 2005. It was not delivered until late November 2005 and that through a different company(IFF). This shortfall caused great hardship on my family as this was the first leg in a move to Germany.\r In addition to the loss of dollars incurred due to the inability of your company to stand by its agreement I dealt with a customer service department that could be best described as rude, absolutely unprofessional and In particular a Mr. Danny Vaittsman.\r \r Pros: rude, unprofessional, keep storing instead of delivering on time Cons: nothing at all good about this company more

Worst company to deal with ever. Same as US-1 Van Lines etc. DONT USE IT-- YOU WILL REGRET. 2/7/2007

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with for anything. The previous reviewer is absolutely right and I would NEVER ever USE THIS COMPANY's services ever again, or recommend anyone to use it. I moved from south to north recently. The company delivered my stuff over a month late, with lost boxes of valuable papers, books and damaged goods. During the delivery, I had to tell the delivery man three times to take someone else's boxes back from my house. I had to 'survive' without my essential stuff for nearly a month-- what a nightmare. The customer service is horrible and the person called Michelle in the long distance moving department is absolutely rude and obnoxious character. When the stuff arrived at my door for delivery they extracted extra 75 dollars from me to deliver it in to the house even though the person signing the contract with me assured that it would not happen. The driver will park the vehicle unnecessarily far from your house and then will point you to some rule about distance from your house, asking for more money. They have no respect for your time either. They will always refer you to a different department for everything and keep you running in circles. I am not very hopeful about my claim either and will perhaps take legal action using a friend who is a lawyer. NEVER EVER do business with them. YOU WILL REGRET DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM. I wish I had read the previous review earlier. Pros: NOTHING with this company Cons: rude and unreasonable customer service, tricks you with their rules, never gives you all paper work, damages and loses goods and does not handle claims well more not use this company!!! 8/10/2005

I used this company(also known as US1 Van Lines)for my relocation of coast to coast. First of all, they were late in delivery for more than 1 month! During this 1 month of wait, I had to buy necessities to live, such as bed linens, plates, clothes, etc. I called the company to ask the status of my items but their attitude was absolutely rude at this entire time. After 1 month of long wait, they finally arrived. But I found they are missing 3 boxes, 2 chairs and coffee table, and they damaged 4 other furniture. I felt so furious at them with this unreliable, unprofessional work, rude and disrespectful manners. I've been talking to this company's claim dept. until now, but nothing is solved yet nor none of my missing items are back. If you don't want this horror story of moving become yours, don't use this company. Pros: none, none, none Cons: late delivery, lost items, damaged items more
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