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Transformations Salon - 24 Reviews - 1130 Western Blvd, Jacksonville, NC - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (910) 346-3600
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Transformations Salon

1130 Western Blvd
Jacksonville, NC 28546
(910) 346-3600
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Transformations Salon - Jacksonville, NC
Transformations Salon - Jacksonville, NC


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Best salon in Jacksonville. Stephanie always makes me feel and look like a rock star! The bad reviews I've read seem ""unreal"" I guess you could say. The staff is so friendly and...


**UPDATE** I JUST received a phone call from the manager, rude at best....she accused me of writing a false review, stated that I was the one that convinced my daughter her hair l...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/20/2014

I don't understand how ya'll can be so hateful. I have been going to Transformations for about 6 years now. They are the only place I go to get my hair died. The owner is a wonderful person. She is an amazing styalist. She did my hair for my wedding and that was 4 years ago today. When I decided to dye my hair to for the fist time she did an amazing job!!!!! I don't believe half the stuff I have read on there reviews this is the best place ever!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/6/2013

It was pretty good. Nice girls. One of the best places I think you could find in Jacksonville. Gave me a cute up do and did my mother and sisters hair. We walked in without an appointment and the girls there were plenty kind and made a nice day to get hair done. I also got married this day ;) that was the best part. If you're unsure whether to have a simple wedding with your fiance. My husband and I were just as blessed with the justice of the peace ceremony. We both cried and were very happy with it. Good luck to ya and God be with you in all your life. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/11/2012

Best place that ive ever been to to get my hair done! I would honestly recommend this place to everyone! All of the staff was so nice and greeted me as soon as i walked in the door. The prices are amazing and the environment of the salon is absolutely stunning! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/13/2012

Best salon in Jacksonville. Stephanie always makes me feel and look like a rock star! The bad reviews I've read seem ""unreal"" I guess you could say. The staff is so friendly and it's a great relaxing yet fun environment. Thank you Transformations Salon for being the best and making me feel like the best. more

HORRIFIC 4/29/2012

**UPDATE** I JUST received a phone call from the manager, rude at best....she accused me of writing a false review, stated that I was the one that convinced my daughter her hair looked bad and then continued to tell me about how the only time I had a problem was when it came time to pay, basically saying I couldn't afford it so I complained. If that was the case I wouldn't have paid her nail tech $140 for nails PLUS a $15 tip. I did pay $70 for my daughters hair, however, again my daughter was IN TEARS leaving this place. By all means, you make your decisions and if you choose to go here and have a great experience, great, but just know that they lose power, had a sink that came out of the floor and were speaking of raising prices and lost water pressure frequently because the place they are in, although cute, isn't even sufficient to handle all their curling irons, dryers etc...being plugged in. I am appalled that this manager called me and instead of apologizing accused me of putting a false review up and then tried to blame me for the issues. I have NO problem with the cost, actually my daughter was going to be going to a high end salon in Wilmington, however I was excited when I found transformations and they stated that they could provide all of the services. My daughter's relaxing day at the salon turned into a prom nightmare. Again, this was my experience and I wouldn't go back here if it was the last place on earth. The manager also stated that I seemed so comfortable with everybody that I even told them I had the cops called on me earlier that day, just to clarify I CALLED THE COPS on the woman that had altered my daughters dress because she had messed it up, then almost tore the dress and when I told her I was unhappy she came at me with scissors. So perhaps this manager should get her facts straight before she calls a customer. more

The worst Hair salon! 8/13/2011

Worst Dye Job Ever I took a pic of the shade of blonde I wanted in my dirty blonde/brown hair. Instead I received white hair. I mean porno star platinum white. When the stylist turned me around to the mirror and I saw how colorless white my hair was, I said it did not look like the picture I showed her. She attempted to fix it with toner but just turned it an awful orange/white. My hair was permanently damaged. I was not happy. I should not have paid for my hair, but I was so mortified. I just wanted to get out of that salon before my hair fell out on the spot. When I got home and my husband confirmed how unreal, terrible, and damaged my hair looked, I called - the owner- and requested my money refunded. She said no. Please, if you want to keep healthy hair, do NOT go to this salon!!!!! I would not let them do my hair for free if they were the only salon in town! more

Horrible costumer service!!! 6/28/2011

I went to this salon to get a touch up on my roots. It was applied very poorly. I have dark brown gaps all over my head plus the most damage I have ever had happen to my hair. My hair is breaking off all along my root line in big chunks. Plus the rest of my hair now has a very orange tint to it. Whatever she used on my hair has destroyed it! The manager was rude and in no mood to be helpful. She informed me that the policy is no refunds, something that I wish I had known prior to having them ruin my hair!!!! Any salon that needs to carry a no refund policy is not a place you want to get your hair done at. Believe me my head is not a pretty sight! I am embarassed to leave the house without a hat! Plus I am now out the $120 it cost to get this mess done! This has been the absolute worst costumer service I have recieved in an salon! more

Love this Salon! 1/6/2011

I'm new to the area and I love this place. Stephanie does my hair. She is a great person. She does a fantastic job but when she has not been available I had my hair done by Steph and also Ashley and both did a great job as well. Everyone is super nice in this Salon. It's a very relaxing place to go to and I'm so thankful I found it. I have missed appts due to being very ill and they never treat you bad because of it, they always welcome me even if I do not have an appt....You could not ask for a better Salon!!!! Thanks to all the girls at this Salon for always taking care of me :-) TT more

Find something better to do with your time 11/4/2009

I find it very sad that this person has nothing better to do with her time than post negative comments on all these web sites. The wonderful ladies at this salon, which I have been a patron of about eight years, have done nothing but great things for their customers. They ARE great women of faith and have done nothing to deserve backlash from an unhappy person. The last time I checked there isn't a single perfect person on the face of this earth. So, the question you need to ask yourself is ""how would I want to be treated?"" You will REAP WHAT YOU SOW!!!!!!!! more

Also massages for $15.00 for 30 minutes, or $25.00 per hour 11/2/2009

Starting Monday, November 9th,2009, until December 23, 2009 we've got specials. ~ This includes all of the following: Free Hair Up Do's, Free Eye brow waxing, Free hair cut& style, when you pay for a 30 minute massage,which will be on special for $15.00. Also, Free hair coloring that includes 15 foils of any color you want. All you have to pay for is either a deep conditioning which is on special for $15.00 , or purchase two hair products. Don't miss out on this great Special!!! Pros: Greatest sales,we're christians, kind more


As a long time customer, I can tell you this is one of Jacksonville's better hair salons! Fantastic in everyway, with excellent, professional stylists. Pros: Great Massage Therapist and Hair Products Also Cons: NONE!!!!! more

Check out the great sales we're having 11/2/2009

Starting Monday, November 9th,2009, until December 23, 2009 we've got specials. ~ This includes all of the following: Free Hair Up Do's, Free Eye brow waxing, Free hair cut& style, when you pay for a 30 minute massage. Also, Free hair coloring that includes 15 foils of any color you want. All you have to pay for is either a deep conditioning which is on special for $15.00 , or purchase two hair products. Don't miss out on this great Special!!! Pros: won't get these great deals anywhere else,practically free Cons: none at all.We're Christians and friendly more

Transformations is the Greatest 11/2/2009

Terrific service and I highly recommend them! Pros: Professional service more

About time they get in trouble 10/30/2009

OMG this salon is by far horrible. I had Melissa color my hair and she turned it into looking like a skunk. This was about 2 years ago! I had to go to another Salon for them to fix the mess she made of my hair. They're VERY BAD WITH HAIR. It's like they went to special education for school and cosmetology school. I'm glad they're now finally getting what they deserve! Cons: Paid $85.00,COLORED MY HAIR A SKUNKS COLOR more

Terrific Transformations 10/30/2009

I?ve been going to this salon since the Hair & Kids Dimension days when Rebecca and Melissa were just out of college! I have recommended many families through the years to the salon. I have never had anything but excellent service and I have never known anyone having any sort of problem. All the young ladies are very professional and personable and my family and friends will continue to use them for many years to come! Pros: Outstanding service and pricing with a personal touch Cons: None! more

Gossip, drama and poor service 10/28/2009

Today I decided to try this salon because someone recommended it to me a while back, but has been a while before I finally went to a salon. Finally I went today and the stylist that was suppose to trim only an inch off the top of my hair, was busy chatting on her phone,cutting away and not paying attention and I lost 5 inches of hair,just off the top if that says anything. Then the stylist is gossiping about a co-worker that they recently fired because they claim she wasn't a team player and that her husband called them up and cussed them out. They also said the stylist had an attitude but they seemed to have an attitude towards this employee. Then a customer was checking out and the stylist says, see that woman? I said, yeah, she said her son runs away all the time,she has to be some horrible mother! Then she is telling me some crazy customer is threatening to sue them because she wants something for nothing. I decided to get my eye brows waxed and my one eye brow was pencil thin and the other was thicker and had wax stuck on my eye brows. I came home and told my friend what had happened with my experience ands he said, 3 of her friends have had terrible experiences as well and she as well will not be returning. On one review site for transformations, it's nothing but drama and mainly complaints. I think next time I'll head to wilmington where they supposedly do a lot better hair Cons: poor eye brow waxing, cut way too much hair off,gossip more

Professionals in The Face of Adversity! 10/28/2009

Christian women who put their faith to the test everyday they open their doors. They have been blessed with more good than bad and that is something to be proud of! Pros: Professional treatment of customers in need of help Cons: Any nut who doesn't like the results can write bad reviews more

Such lies that these employees make up to get business 10/27/2009

First of all, I would like to state, I am the mother of a client that they ruined my daughters hair. I was on the phone with my son in law for a vast majority of the time my daughter was getting her hair done and my Son in Law kept mentioning to me over the phone,my daughters hair has been turned gray,white, etc. I told my son in law to hand my daughter the phone,have it on speaker phone and put it in her purse. I heard the owner, manager,a customer they had get in my daughters face yell and scream because they ruined my daughters hair so badly, that they wouldn't let my son in law just pay but had it out to the point, my daughter was pushed by this client because I heard my daughter yell, you don't push me and to get this woman out of my daughter's face, my daughter threw a drink to get past her to leave the salon because my daughter refused to stoop to their level. now here's a review that ""claims"" to be a customer writes, Great Salon!...? By grits1 - Oct 20, 2009? I have to write this review because of the blatant lies told by raencre! Rachel Ellis, you showed up at the salon 20 minutes early for your appointment with purple-red hair that you said you had colored yourself with semi-permanent hair color. You decided to get a massage by the therapist so your appointment was moved to later to accommodate. You showed Meghen a picture of Cindy Crawford (who everyone knows is a brunette) and she had two blonde highlights on either side of her face and stated you wanted your hair to look just like hers. Meghen applied what she thought would take the color out of your hair based on the information you gave her. When asked again what you had used on your hair, you stated again it was semi-permanent hair color. Your husband corrected you and said it was permanent not semi-permanent. Meghen had to apply the process again and then cut your hair. Yes she talked about problems with her water as she was cutting your hair, not making you wait. You were ...? More ? 10 out of 16 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes - No - Flag as inappropriate."" I know one thing from owning my own business for 40 years is, you don't allow customers as an owner to argue with another customer and furthermore, look the salon obviously discloses my daughter's name to this customer because they made an assumption. My daughter kept her maiden name when she got married and my Son in Law paid with a credit card which has his first and last name on the card. I My daughter has it recorded where a so called customer that contacted my daughter threatened her and admits transformations gave her her name. They'll have their day in court and judgment day Instead of focusing on harassing my daughter,you all need to focus on repentance. Cons: ruins hair,refuse to reimburse money for horrible work more

False wittness against your neighbor 10/27/2009

I also am a Master Stylist . I haven't worked for 20 years, only 17, but I am a Cosmetology instructor as well. When I first worked in the Jacksonville area, I worked with the owner of Transformations Salon and some of the ladies that work with her now. The majority of the time that I've worked in Jacksonville I have been at another well established and up-scale salon that has been in business for nearly 30 years. I left Transformations only because of a confict of interest with a prior owner. There have been many times that when I was so booked with clients at my present salon, that I would send them over to Transformations, simply because I know and trust that they would treat my client as well as I would. And because of the type of people there, I don't have to worry about them trying to bad mouth me to take my business. I honestly don't know if the bad review I read on this page is true or not, about her hair coming out. I will say this though. It's like the old saying,"" Garbage in , and garbage out. "" When a stylist asks if the client has recently done something to their own hair , and the client lies and says no, the outcome will not be what they want. This has happened to me a few times. Unfortunately we are not walking lie detectors, so we can only go by what a client tells us. So, to let any readers know, ALWAYS tell your stylist the truth and you'll get the results that you want. Further more, I will continue to send clients over to Transformations Salon. Because I trust their work and their integrity. Pros: hard-working, kind, honest, and careing Cons: maybe too trusting of clients telling them the truth more

Fab-tastic!!! 10/27/2009

I am a master stylist that has been doing hair for 15 years. Before opening my own shop, I worked at Transformations for a short time. In that time I witnessed amazing color technique....trendy cuts....great personalities and the utmost professionalism. All of the ladies at Transformations are well trained and make sure they keep up with the up and coming trends. Their salon is very comfortable and their clients feel very at home and pampered. To anyone reading these reviews..I would hope that you would take into account the many positive reviews they have received and remember that there is always one or two people out there that just can't be pleased. I have great confidence in all of the girls at Transformations and would put my hair in their hands any day of the week. Pros: Great Experience Cons: None!!! more
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