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Trails At Crystal Park - 16 Reviews - 610 Greenhill Drive, Round Rock, TX - Rental & Roommate Agencies Reviews - Phone (866) 309-8012

Trails At Crystal Park

610 Greenhill Drive
Round Rock, TX 78665
(866) 309-8012
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Trails At Crystal Park - Round Rock, TX
Trails At Crystal Park - Round Rock, TX
Trails At Crystal Park - Round Rock, TX


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My husband and myself moved in t he Trails August 2009, and we absolutly love it here. The ladys are very helpful and friendly. We are looking to transfer into a larger apt with b...


I would NOT recommend this place to a friend or enemy! The walls are paper thin. You can hear every conversation, snore, burp and.... you get the picture! Not only can you hear...

Great Apartment 1/18/2012

Not sure what's up with the negative reviews. Our 1 bedroom apartment was nice and modern looking. It was on the small side, but with the rent prices about what we would expect. Didn't have any problems with the construction, never had to call maintenance in the almost a year that we lived there, of course they are pretty new so I would have been really disappointed if there were maintenance issues. Never got into any kind of dispute with the staff, never had any problems whatsoever with parking. The trails were ""okay"" but parts washed away in the rain and they are unlit, but I preferred the gym anyways. I never found the gym full, either, they seem to have a reasonable amount of equipment for the size of the place. Did have a little bit of an issue with the gate control but the office provided me with a trade-in that worked... twice... then I figured out that as long as I kept the gate control away from my work badge, it was fine. Not sure why that is. Also worth a mention is that our next door neighbors were tools... but this is NOT the fault of the apartment complex. The young couple next door would get drunk every damn weekend and you could hear them puke and argue with each other. A call to the quick, close and responsive Round Rock police department gets that sorted out well enough. When we left to buy a house, we moved out about a month and a half before our lease was up. We let the apartment complex know of this. We got our whole deposit back AND they called us when they found new renters before our term was up and asked if we minded if they leased it out again right away. We'd already turned in the keys by then. We said that we were fine with that and they actually rebated some of our already paid rent. more

Keep Looking 11/21/2011

Lived here for a while, the only good thing was the maintenance staff. Now if you prefer to live in a socialist community camp with Lisa and the off duty RR cop (security guard) wielding their beat down stick then this is the place for you. Also if you like being a part of your neighbors life and them yours without even seeing them, again this place is for you. There are a lot of good properties out there. However this is not one of them! more

What? 9/22/2011

Every once in while I will come onto this site and read the reviews. After living at this property over 2 years I can say ""What you are talking about""! I enjoy my apartment, the property and staff. Everyone has made it easy for me while living here but this could be because I haven't caused any trouble or problems for my neighbors. Yes, everyone has their opinions we do live in a country which allows us to voice opinions; however, there is no reason to be mean and nasty when giving opinions. It is just bad Karma...however, this is just my opinion. more

Mean Girls part II 8/15/2011

OK so where do I begin... I moved to round rock while my husband was deployed for a year and chose this apartment because of location and it was pretty on the inside. Little did I know I would have the worst experience of my life. Not only could you hear every single thing like closing of cabinets and drawers but you can hear kids screaming and running in front of windows and babies crying all through the night. They say its a ""green community"" yet there were gaps in the front door jams. So apart from the stupid way the buildings were built, I had the worst time getting out of my lease. When I first moved in, I let the staff know that i was only going to be living here for a year while my husband was deployed and even put him on the lease because it was his imcome paying for it... Everything was fine and dandy, I made sure there was a military clause because you never know with the army and proceeded to move in. I was probably one of the queitest residents. I never made a peep and always paid my rent on time. So 9 months go by with my disapointment only being the way the apartment was built until we get word that we have to move back to our army post that we came from. To make my long story shorter,I went in there to submit my paperwork to break my lease and they were the rudest stuck up people i have ever met. After telling me that my reason was not good enough to break my lease even after i gave them all the documents they asked for and submitted, they never responded to me until i had to continue to go in there and demand an emplaination. Liza claims to be the manager and she had grown up in the military life yet when i handed her my orders she had no clue what they! I wouldnt want anyone to live here and if your military then i would def. look elswhere unless you get everything in writing.After raising enough hell they finally just made me leave and said they no longer wanted me to live there which was the best news i had heard the entire time i was there. What a bunch of losers! more

Keep Driving Right On By!!! 7/11/2011

You go in to look at an apartment and they are beautiful then hits the fan. You get violations for anything and everything. Children are not allowed to play outside they have to stay on their porches and when they do the office staff takes pictures of them! The parking sucks you park the only place you can find in front of the office and they put a tow away sticker on it! They do surprise inspections constantly on the garages and tell you everything is flammable guess what sweetheart the whole damn car is flammable. You pay your rent on time they still find something to bark at you about. As far as security officer goes whats that he never walks the grounds and when you call him he rarely ever responds. Yes they are nice homes and the utilities are low but certainly not worth the aggravation at all!!! more

Wonderful Place! 6/25/2011

My husband and myself moved in t he Trails August 2009, and we absolutly love it here. The ladys are very helpful and friendly. We are looking to transfer into a larger apt with baby due befor current lease is up and property manager has been more than understanding along with her staf willing to make us feel welcome to stay. I recomend this place to anyone. Apt is beautiful inside and everyone on property are very friendly, all animals on property keep it clean and very friendly. Exciting to raise my lil'one her his 1st year! more


If I could give this place zero stars I would. My guess is that the good reviews are written by employees to help to cancel out the real reviews that are written by actual residents. There are many reasons that you wouldn't want to live there.\r As you read further understand my wife and I have both rented multiple apartments in our lives, and WE HAVE ALWAYS GOT OUR DEPOSIT BACK.\r \r -They will nickel and dime you when you move out. . Trust me YOU'LL PROBABLY LEAVE THIS PLACE WITH AN INVOICE.\r -They are trying to get us to pay to replace the carpet in the entire apartment.\r -A new vent fan on the stove because it had grease in it (how can you stop that from happening).\r -we were charge because the bottom inside ledge of a sliding door was dirty. (are you serious)\r -and charged because there was some grease in the drip pan of the oven.\r -I addition things on the list are $65 per mark on the wall to be repainted\r -If there is anything on the carpet they will replace the entire carpet for the whole apartment and send you a bill\r -No parking, unless you happen to live in one of the back buildings. If you live in a front building you'll be parking outside of the gates half of the time.\r -People flying thru the parking lot, and kids running around everywhere.\r If i had more time I would write a lot me.....DO NOT LIVE HERE more

Bogus. :) 4/2/2011

Stay away from this place if you can at all help it. As previously mentioned, the maintenance crew is the only good factor in terms of this complex. After giving a timely notice, I was told that the official documentation for my leave was not properly filled out. This resulted in a prorated rent cost of $150+. I was then hit with a $320+ fee for cleaning, when i thoroughly cleaned the place from top to bottom before leaving. The walls are ridiculously thin, it seemed no one picked up after pets on my side of the complex, and the staff was totally ARTIFICIAL. To clarify a bit more on the staff, the demeanor and mood these people give you can compare to that of a Stepford wife. Rebecca probably more so than the others, was completely fake and made you feel as if you were expendable. She treats her job as if she is running a hotel rather than a home. It was like speaking to an android. If you don't feel welcome at your home, then what is the point? Bad experience. more

No Recommendation Here!! 3/14/2011

I wouldn't recommend this place for anyone!!\r \r The walls are ridiculously thin. Our neighbors are very rude & the office won't do ANYTHING about the complaints. They just tell you to call the on duty officer. I think that's a little extremem. We've been kept up many nights due to loud music, upstairs neighbors & dogs barking.\r The office staff started out very helpful, now they are completely rude. We've had multiple problems and have a hard time getting a hold of anyone. My boyfriend called twice and couldn't get anyone to answer so he went into the office and saw the girls standing around.\r Maintenance is very quick to fix problems, we don't have anything bad to say about them.\r We've had many problems with our remote working & the office not having enough to switch out. more

What you NEED to know! 2/2/2011

I would NOT recommend this place to a friend or enemy! The walls are paper thin. You can hear every conversation, snore, burp and.... you get the picture! Not only can you hear everything, you can SMELL everything. I walk into my clean apartment and it smells like garbage or someone else's cooking because of my neighbors! Parking is not so great. Get ready to walk! There are no bugs, thank goodness. Office staff are FAKE. They lie about everything. GET IT IN WRITING! The maintenance staff is great! more

So great. 1/18/2011

I just moved into the trails apartments. I love it! Its so awesome, the ladies in the office showed me everything, helped me find furinture, got me a really good location and a good price. the apartment has such pretty granite counters and the cabinets are super nice, looks like a home inside. I do wish they had move of the covered spaces near my building, but they have a lot of parking anyway, so whatever. so far so awesome. more


One of the main problems I have with this property is\r SAFETY in the POOL AREA! The developer should NEVER have had those waterfalls located above the\r swimming pool. I PROMISE....someone, a teenager or adult who has been partying...will FIND a way up on top of those waterfalls and either jump or dive into the pool area. I know about a 21 yr. old guy up in Dallas several years ago who dove head first off of a 10 ft. high arbor into a 4 ft. deep swimming pool...even though it was HIS fault, he filed and won a $10 million law suit against the apt. owners. Than young man became an\r instant ""quadraplegic"" when he hit his head on the bottom of the pool....and he died 5 yrs. later. It's NEVER a good idea to have ANYTHING raised near the edge of\r a swimming pool....these things only invite people to\r jump or dive off of them. And, in accordance with The State of Texas' Pool Regulations, these watefalls would be considered an endangerment to the tenants and\r therefore in ""violation"" of the State Pool Codes. The\r owners not doubt have ""liability insurance"", but I guarantee that insurance won't be any help to a person who becomes a ""quadraplegic"" or dies from diving off\r of those waterfalls. more

Read the fine print.. 9/8/2010

I would say that the only great thing about this complex is the maintenance staff. They were always prompt and took care of business no matter how small the particular item was. Now with the bad, I dont have all day so I'll keep it simple... As soon as we moved out we got hit with a $187.65 fee. Well apparently they charge a cleaning fee although I had the apartment professionally cleaned and the carpets steamed. Nobody seems to pick up after their pets, watch your step. The wall are paper thin, I agree with one of the reviewers. Yes a house would be better, but I mean slap a little insulation please. The staff was mediocre at best. Lisa was nice, but Rebecca not so much. I agree with most of what other reviewers have said about her. Bringing her child into the mix however is out of line. Stay away from her and you'll be fine! Better yet stay away from this place and you'll be better off. more

We LOVE It Here! 8/27/2010

My husband and I have been here since September 2009 and we like it here alot. We have not had any mishaps with the staff. Lisa is and has been very very helpful. She went out of her way to make sure my husband and I were transferred to a 2 bedroom apartment. Rebecca has been nothing but a sweetheart to us and has also gone out of her way. And as far as Stacy, we miss her! Melody is very friendly also. We will be sad to leave here when our lease is up next year. As far as the comment below about being able to hear ""everything"" through the walls, it is true BUT I believe that comes with every apartment complex. If you want your own privacy I'd concider a house!!! more

Unfriendly Staff 8/11/2010

I had a short term lease at this complex while my home was being built. I was initially attracted at the low rent and the seemingly friendly staff. However, I quickly noticed that this was all a front. The staff is very unfriendly, especially the red headed girl with her annoying nuisances and brat for a child. She patrolled the complex with an aura of superiority and was quickly to call out anyone any anybody for minor infractions such as having more than two guests at the pool. Unlike the prior review Lisa was ok. The one to watch out for is the two face red head. The apartment itself is ok. The major issue here is the lack of insulation in the walls. You can hear everything, I mean everything! This place was no good , please look elsewhere. Be aware that the ""trails"" are a half mile mudpit. Not much of a trail, almost like a bait and switch tactic. more

Terrible Place & Terrible property Management by LISA 2/4/2010

Well how should i start off this apartment complex is managed so badly by Miss. Lisa the property manager. I rented this apt for my mother and I was never late or never had a write up but somehow miss Lisa denied renewing my contract even though I requested to remove my 30 day notice. I have my attorney looking into that for me. She makes every excuse to bug the heck out of you and write you little love letters we understand she doesn’t have anything better to do I wonder why... I did have a run in with her and there so called courtesy officer who works for round rock p.d. but somehow likes to use his authority even when he is not in uniform. They tried to say he could use his authority regardless if he was on duty or not. That is false I verified with round rock p.d only if you’re doing a criminal activity he can but I don’t think walking around your apt or hanging out by the pools is considered a violation of public safety. I encourage you to look elsewhere until they remove Lisa the property manager and replace her with a manager who really knows her job I suggest you wait. Lisa if you read this I hope that for 1 you look at the brighter side life is good stop living in misery god u never look happy I wonder why. Stacy, Rebecca thank you for everything. i hope you 2 don’t pick up lisas personality please don’t.... \r \r NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT THIS PLACE MOLD IN APARTMENTS Pros: Stacy and Rebecca front office lease agents Cons: Lisa manager needs more exp with people & managing more
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  • 1, 2 and 3 bedroom Apartment Homes for lease in Round Rock, Texas. Located just North of Austin, Texas, The Trails at Crystal Park should be your next Home! Conveniently located near Dell Computers World Headquarters, The Scott and White Hospital, Seton Hospital, Round Rocks Texas State University campus and the Outlet Mall. We are also located minutes from The Dell Diamond, Home of the Round Rock Express. Come home to The Trails at Crystal Park!

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