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Trail Dust Steak House - 62 Reviews - 7101 S Clinton St, Englewood, CO - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (303) 790-2420

Trail Dust Steak House

7101 S Clinton St
Englewood, CO 80112
(303) 790-2420
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So good. The food here is always great. I will admit it was better before the fire years ago that burnt down the restaurant, but I would def...


This is a show place for out of town visitors, or after-work revelry, it's an entertainment center, but not a place to go to enjoy a good steak. I'd measure the steaks more on q...

Highly recommend 2/22/2010

Citysearch User Provided by Partner
So good. The food here is always great. I will admit it was better before the fire years ago that burnt down the restaurant, but I would def... more

Highly recommend 2/22/2010

Citysearch User Provided by Partner
So good. The food here is always great. I will admit it was better before the fire years ago that burnt down the restaurant, but I would def... more

Unfortunately closed down yesterday 12/28/2009

Stelli Provided by Partner
I think my headline covers it. Trail Dust will be missed! Pros: Great food despite prior comments Cons: They're closed down more

TERRIBLE!!! 10/21/2009

DENNIS OYLER Provided by Partner

Stay as far away as you can get!!! 9/7/2009

RoadKillCritic Provided by Partner
OMG! What a crappy dinner we had yesterday at the traildust in the Denver Tech Center! Our waiter must've been from MARS! After waiting an hour and 10 minutes to get our meal (there were probably 5 diners in the whole place), the waiter completely screwed up EVERYTHING! First, he spaced our salads and bread. Not ONE of our meals (there were 4 of us) was correct! He brought my son and I something that resembled prime rib when we asked for 2 grilled Sirloin steaks. The steak fries were burnt to a crisp - I kid you not! I asked the manager if she would ever have the nerve to serve these to a customer??? They brought brown gravy when we requested cream. They brought my daughter mashed potatoes when she requested steak fries. Soft drinks for $2.50?? That’s robbery – but don’t get me started on that! The canned music in the place was so loud you couldn’t have enjoyed your meal, even if there had been a meal to enjoy! They played the same 3 songs about 5 times while we were there – maybe that was because it took so long to get our food, we were there for multiple rotations of the play list! To add insult to injury, we watched as a pizza delivery guy dropped off a pizza to the kitchen crew!!! When it came to the bill, they comped us a lousy appetizer!!! For the quality of service and the substandard meal we received, they should have PAID US to eat there!! We should have taken a lesson from the kitchen staff and ordered in pizza instead of bothering to drive across town to what used to be one of our favs!!! Pros: There were NONE! Cons: see below! more

I must protest! 2/15/2009

AlLansing Provided by Partner
My girlfriend always is telling me that i should use city search to find information about restaurants that we want to go to. She and I LOVE the Trail Dust and she called me at work this morning telling me that she was reviewing restaurants and checked out traildusts because we were there saturday night and had our valentines dinner there. She is mad, which makes me upset that anyone would find anything wrong with trail dust . Mind you , i have had bad experiences at restaurants, so yes i can understand someone could have a bad experience there, but i am just amazed that someone didnt like their ribs or their steaks. i love thier ribs and steaks and i just love the trail dust. We dont get to go very often because my girlfriend lost her job, but i have to say if i could go out once a week i would probably go to the trail dust. They have great food and i love when they have live music. The loud kids get a little annoying but once we asked to move to a quieter area and they moved us. So it made us happy. Anyway, i hope that anyone reads these reviews takes all in consideration because we love the trail dust. Pros: GREAT FOOD Cons: We dont get to go there as much as we would like more


thesharpfamily Provided by Partner
My family and I went to Trail Dust on Saturday night for valentines day dinner. We made a reservation and I am so glad we did. The place was packed. We were greeted in a friendly manner, seated at our table right away. Our server, Monique , was probably the most friendliest wait person I have encountered in years, I eat out at least 2 times a week and she was awesome. I ordered the steak ribs and shrimp combination, my wife had a ribeye and my brother and his wife shared their valentines special, it had ribs, chicken,shrimp and steak. I am impressed, our food was so hot, fresh and tasty, my ribs were tender and probably the best ribs i ve ever eaten, i love ribs and will definately come back for their all you can eat rib night on sundays. My wife raved about her ribeye. We loved the atmosphere, it was loud but we expected that, we ve been to trail dust years ago and remember that theres a live band and lots of families with children playing and it was a fun time, we got up and danced and had a blast. The manager came over and talked with us, asked us about our meal and we praised them and monique. I read some of the reviews posted on here and there are 2 that just sound like the same person wanting something for free. I cant imagine that anyone could find something wrong with the ribs at this restaurant or their steaks. Ya know, i love how they cook them, i wish i could duplicate that at home, my little charcoal grill just doesnt do it,. I ve been to alot of those other chain restaurants that use gas to cook their steaks and they just dont compare to the flavor of the real mesquite that you get at this trail dust. I would highly recommend anyone to go to the Trail Dust, but do like we did and make a reservation, seems like the must always be really busy., The Sharp Family Pros: Fun great energetic atmosphere. Great food and music. Cons: very busy so im glad i made reservations. more

very poor food 2/13/2009

rookie992 Provided by Partner
We waited 45 minutes for a table.Ordered are meals which came with side salads that cameout soaked in salad dressing.Could not even taste the lettuce or tomatoes,all you taste was the salad dressing.I had the ribs which where so over cooked that a chainsaw couldnt cut them.The corn on the cob was wife had a 20 dollar steak that was flat as a pan cake and had the taste of road kill.Music was so loud that you couldnt hear anything but music.I would not recommend this place.The service was outstanding from the waiter which was the only good thing about this place i can say.This place serves great dog food with outstanding service. Pros: good service Cons: very poor food//dog food taste better than this place cooks more

Dismal Disappointment, Inedible Food 1/30/2009

jabeck79 Provided by Partner
We went there for dinner last night. I had the ribs and my boyfriend had a $20 steak. The ranch dressing was good. The blue cheese was terrible. It was way too loud-the music was deafening. Our entrees came with the sides switched-not a big deal. But I wanted to send the food back right away after trying to eat the ribs-they would not come apart, even with a fork and knife it was difficult. The sauce was way too salty and gross. The steak was 1/4 thick and tasteless. It was fatty and poor quality, definitely not worth $20. The fries were wilted and old. The beans were tastless. The baked potato was undercooked and still hard. We asked to speak to a manager and he offered another meal option but since NOTHING tasted good, we refused and he took care of our meal. Texas Roadhouse and Outback are much better chains and there are countless better steak restaurants in Denver-do not go here!! more

Trail Dust 1/26/2009

Citysearch User Provided by Partner
The service was horrible, and so was the food. They had a special on all you can eat ribs, and they ran out at 7:00, it wasn't even that bu... more

Banquet Party 9/28/2008

blmanske Provided by Partner
We had our company party at the Trail Dust and It was Fantastic. Pricing fit right in with our budget. The sales staff was fantastic. The service was great 4 servers to attend to 52 people. The Tenderloin Filet was mouth watering, The country music band and line dancing lessons were alot of fun for the group. What a way to celebrate. Pros: Sales Staff, Service, Food Cons: Very Crowded, Make reservations more

Too LOUD! 8/22/2008

Renefe1 Provided by Partner
We went looking for a casual steak dinner. We got atmoshpere that was so loud and obnoxious that we'll never return. We were greeted promptly when we arrived and shown to our table right away. Our server was at our table right away and our food came much faster than we were expecting for being so busy. Unlike other reviewers here we enjoyed the food very much. Our steak (the Prime Rib) was done just like we ordered it (we were there early) and other than having to ask for butter (the waiter forgot it) all the food was perfect. The portions were HUGE! My husband & I shared a meal and both left feeling very stuffed, we had no room for dessert. However, the music was turned up way too loud. I couldn't understand how parents were subjecting their children to those levels of noise pollution. I couldn't even hear myself and certainly not the waiter. It was more tolerable when the band took a break and they just played a tape of music, but it was still loud. There were many tables on the front porch and we wished that we could have had our dinner out there, but alas those were for folks waiting for a table. :( more

run away and be very afraid 7/4/2008

softballmommy Provided by Partner
Group of about 25 went on a Friday night - immediate seating at 8:30, what a disaster - took about 20 mins for drink order another 30 mins for them to be served - drink given to wrong person in party (they took a drink) the waitress realized the mistake, picked it up and gave to correct person - dinner served at 10:00 (after waiting an hour) - sometimes you just don't know the difference between the cuts of meat so you just start cutting and eating, after someone realized they didn't have the correct cut the server said oh that lady to your left has yours picked the plate up and put it in front of the complaining person - mind you the person to the left had already taken at least 3 bites from the plate - needless to say the food was sent back. I ordered the prime rib rare, was served at best a well done piece - sent it back - we finally asked for manager, she informed me that the staff was pretty much trying to pull a fasty and get rid of the prime rib for the night, she said please let me get you a steak, after all our party had eaten and plates cleared (by a guy in our party) I received my steak - no taste and extremely fatty. I learned after we left that all said food was tasteless, except for the bag chicken and chicken fried steak, those got high ratings. We waited at least 25 to 35 mins for our checks - the prime rib and the wrong steak were comped. We finally left the restaurant at 11:15, almost 3 hours after arriving, completely unacceptable. Even without the poor service and questionable health code violations, the food was nothing I would return for - no flavor, no seasoning on steaks, sweet mashed potato was plain, etc. The slide was fun for all, adults included. Best advice, run away. Pros: slide Cons: food and service more

Awful 5/23/2008

Traildust is the red barn restaurant at Dry Creek and I-25. I took my son there for lunch on a Saturday because I had heard that they had a... more

Horrible food, poor service, skip it! 2/9/2008

LeslieJS Provided by Partner
My husband and I went there for our anniversary dinner last year. Never again! The food was horrible. The buffalo wings were not terribly good, but the weird thing was that we were still trying to scrub the orange stains off our hands the next day! What the heck do they put in that stuff!!?? The steak was like bad tasting cardboard. Our waiter seemed bored or depressed the whole time. Nothing stood out as a "plus" for this place. I know many families go here for the fun, kid friendly atmosphere, but I think I would prefer MacDonald's or Chuck E Cheese over this place! Pros: Easy to find! Cons: You'll wish you hadn't found it! more

A single star is only as low as this allows-needs to go much much lower 1/20/2008

parkbench1 Provided by Partner
I don't know how anyone could give this place anything but a negative rating. The steak was so smoked and undercooked, I was better off eating the steaksauce without the steak. The mixed vegatables were left overs from someone's uneaten Kbob that was drenched in the same butter\oil concoction that the corn was floating in. I had to tackle the waiter to get the bill so we go leave and get something decent to eat somewhere else. I also had to wash my hands to get the stench of the meal off of them in a bathroom that felt like it was 20 degrees colder than the rest of the place. The children, which normally would get on my nerves ranked 2nd in my visit, missing out on first place to the exit sign. Pros: knowing I was leaving and never coming back Cons: walking in and ordering more

We defintely will NEVER go back 10/17/2007

bjennings77 Provided by Partner
Went with my husband and son. The atmosphere is great for kids but the food was TERRIBLE. There was not one single thing that we ordered that any one of us enjoyed. There are way too many good steak restaurants nearby. How they stay in business amazes me. We most defintely will never, ever go back. Pros: Not a thing Cons: ALL the food we ordered was terrible. more

horrible service, terrible food, great atmosphere 8/7/2007

rickinparker Provided by Partner
Kids LOVE this place, but they also love Casa Bonita. The food is terrible, the service is weak. A steakhouse should be able to cook a steak mid rare, mine came WELL DONE. Sent the plate back, the server brings the entire plate back including the well done steak and tells me to eat the patato so it doesn't get cold while cooking the steak, the second steak comes out very rare, I tell the waiter to box it up as I am now too mad to eat. Nothing from the waiter about taking the plate off the bill, comping a desert etc. Great slide for the kids and they love the live band, but we won't go back again. Pros: great for kids Cons: terrible for eating, poor service, poor management more

Worst Food! 8/4/2006

bef43 Provided by Partner
I had not experienced the Trail Dust in almost 15 years. My friend was having her 46th Birthday, and since her grandkids needes some entertainment .... and everyone enjoyed steak .... we came up with trying the Trail Dust in Englewood Colorado. We made a reservation and we were seated right away upon arrival. The people were friendly and able to accomodate our group of 9. Out of 9 people there were "9" of us HIGHLY disappointed in the food. Our group ordered steak, chicken and shrimp. The chicken was over-cooked and the steak was tough. Our bill came to almost $200 and it wasn't worth $20. We will never go back to the Trail Dust and we recommend you try any other steakhouse in town .... DO NOT WASTE your money or time! I wish I would have trusted the others who posted a negative review of this place. Pros: Seated quickly with reservation Cons: Food is horrible more

Worst Service in Town!!!!!!!!! 6/5/2006

nicknader Provided by Partner
My wife and I went here for my birthday, and found it to have the worst service of any restaurant in town. I normally just read reviews, but the service was so bad that I took the initiative to sign up and write a review. I ordered the porterhouse, and the server brought out the wrong steak, so I sat there for 20 min while my wife ate. Then when I told the manager she said they were busy and it happens. We went there on a tuesday night.. Long story short, she didnt even offer us any compensation. I'm sorry but when you pay $30 a steak you expect some service. Anyway do yourself a favor and go to another steakhouse in town. I promise you'll appreciate the advise. Cons: Service, Management more
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