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Toyota Tsusho America Inc - 44 Reviews - 12543 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA - Japanese Restaurants Reviews - Phone (206) 367-7972

Toyota Tsusho America Inc

12543 Lake City Way NE
Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 367-7972
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Toyoda Sushi is my absolute fave! As I'm sitting here dreaming about their food I am saddened by the fact that I can't eat it for another seven months because I am pregnant! Bef...


To those who find this to be the superior sushi in town I challenge you to get out a bit more often. We have been here less than a year and have found better than this. It wasn'...

One of my favorites (so far) in Seattle. 10/26/2010

I thought the sushi here was on par with the best places I've been anywhere in the US. more

Decent sushi in a neighborhood with little else 4/3/2009

We live in Shoreline and there aren't a lot of places up here for sushi but we like Toyoda. They are always accomodating to our 2 year old and she enjoys the noodle dish they serve before the meal. Husband likes mackeral and they do a nice job. If you want sassy rolls, go someplace else. Plain sashimi is good and the spicey tuna roll is great. Pieces are generally nicely cut - large but well served. Some places give you huge slices that seem to be hacked off. Fresh and good. Just don't expect the crazy stuff - ""Queen Anne Roll"" and other nonsense. Not perfect but excellent for a Lake City location. Pros: Good selection, sashimi is well prepared Cons: Wait, sometimes slow more

Not one of my faves 3/5/2009

One night my gf and I had the craving for sushi so we googled local sushi venues and ended up here. I have to say ill never return. Not sure if it was a bad nite or wwat but my total experience was pretty miserable. Probably had the worst table there which was by the entrance to the kitchen. Waitress took forever to first get me a water and never refilled it. Had kinda cheaper sushi but it was very mushy and bland. And lastly the bill seemed a lil padded or something. I just know it wasn't that great more

Avoid toyoda sushi at all costs!!! 1/15/2009

I went there twice, one time with my family, and one time with my girlfriend. \r The sushi is okay, but the service is horrible. There was one time I ask for a cup of water because of the wasabi, they were too busy that they decided to drop me a lollipop and told me that it helps relieving your thirst. When I was about to leave, they turned out to be not as busy, so they came to me and gave me a cup of water, and there was some stuff flowing on the water, so I didn't drink any water in the restaurant at all. It was the worst I have ever encountered, and it will be the last one. \r \r WARNING: I have heard my friends who used to work there saying that they would cheat on customers, too. What they do is they would end up charging you extra on your credit card or by editing your bill before you pay, so got to be cautious about it, make sure to check and recheck your bill before you pay. Pros: okay sushi Cons: horrible service, cheat on customers, dirty, always crowded, why is there so many flies in a restaurant? more

Hidden Little Gem in Lake City! 11/7/2008

Toyoda Sushi is my absolute fave! As I'm sitting here dreaming about their food I am saddened by the fact that I can't eat it for another seven months because I am pregnant! Before my pregnancy Toyoda was one of regular spots. In fact, I drove my boyfriend crazy because if I had it my way I would eat there two or three times a week! It's that good. Their miso soup is awesome and I have never ordered a roll that tasted less than perfectly fresh and delicious! I will look forward to the day when I can return there to feed my addiction. :) more

Best Sushi 9/19/2008

What can I say, then just fabulous! This small sushi joint is the the gem! I appreciate the staff's knowledge and the sushi master was the most helpful and friendly I've ever met. His specialties are like ...nothing like I've ever tasted anywhere. Pros: awesome sushi ans sashimi Cons: waiting more

Best sushi and sashimi in the greater Seattle area 8/25/2008

We have been faithful customers of this lovely restaurant since it opened. Our dining experinces are nothing but the best, with the freshest sashimi, great sushi (especially the rolls) and cooked food from the kitchen. The food is top rated as we are international travelers and have been to many sushi/sashimi restaurants. The owners and wait staff are nothing less than friendly and extremely cordial. We will continue to call this our very favorite sushi restaurant in the greater Seattle area and our three children will carry on our traditional two or three monthly trips to Toyodas.\r \r Parking is convenient behind the restaurant and we have never had to wait more than ten minutes. The few times we did have to wait, we were offered hot sake until the sushi bar became available. We ALWAYS sit at the bar so we can see the true art that Natchan-san displays while making our suppers. Pros: freshest sashimi, friendly atmosphere and quality service more

Best Sushi for Non-Elitists 8/6/2008

Listen, if you want to get on to a review site and be a faux expert on sushi, be my guest. But please, for everyone else's sake, stick to reviewing the dimly lit, elitist sushi bars downtown. I on the other hand, will stick to the place that serves the freshest fish, with the best people, where I don't have to sit next to a bunch of black turtlenecks. Just remember: when people know they are going to a highly reviewed restaurant, they try harder to nitpick. Pros: Great food, service Cons: You get what you pay for.... more

Spectacular! 7/5/2008

I've been eating here for a few years, and have tried damned near all of the sushi places in Seattle. Raised very Japanese, I've got a good sense of what is authentic and fresh, and have high standards for Japanese food. Toyoda sushi has never let me down. Their fish is some of the freshest in Seattle, and their dishes (non-sushi) have clean, fresh flavors and are well presented. I would highly recommend Toyoda to anyone who has a love of delicious, authentic Japanese food. Pros: fresh, friendly, delicious Cons: sometimes have to wait (small restaurant), doesn't open till 5 more

Mediocre at best 11/16/2007

When we first walked in we noticed how small the restaurant was and how packed the seating is. The menu was limited and not everything was fresh. One of the things I noticed when sitting at the sushi bar was that the shrimp was prepped. I dislike my shrimp prepped because it means it's been handled and been sitting for a while; it's not fresh. Something else that I found disturbing was that the avocados have been precut. Not only were they browned, but they had gotten squished. Both the rolls and the nigiri were poorly made as it would fall apart when you tried to pick it up. The rice tasted like it was missing vinegar and wasn't cooked thoroughly... the service almost made up for the diappointing food, but didn't cut it. Pros: Service Cons: Food, Menu, Cleanliness more

Avoid 11/8/2007

I tried Toyoda Sushi tonight and left feeling ripped off and wishing I had invested the slightly longer drive to go to Kisaku or Rain. That's the problem with trying sushi places -- if you are unhappy, you feel especially unhappy because you end up spending a lot of money for a disappointing meal. The only consolation I can take from this experience is to log in to Citysearch and try to help others avoid the same mistake I just made. Funny thing was, my girlfriend and I just ordered a little bit in an attempt to gauge the food. After ordering and eating about half of our usual sushi night out, we decided to not order any more and leave. Then the bill came and we realized we paid as much there as we would for our full fare at our favorite sushi places! The fish was below average and the environment bright and uncomfortable. Don't make the same mistake we did. Pros: friendly people Cons: poor food, expensive more

Go Back To Basics! 10/7/2007

Restaurant is highly over rated. The sushi is not as fresh as it used to be and the restaurant needs to be cleaned, or better still - it has to have a much needed face lift.\r \r They play rock music, which does NOT add to the ambeiance of a ""sushi bar/japanese restaurant"". The staff behind the counter used to greet.patrons and thank you as you leave the place, but they don't do that anymore.\r \r They need to go back to basics!!! Cons: Rock/Pop Music, Restaurant Feels and Looks Dirty! more

Poor service, overrated food 4/26/2007

I can't believe this restaurant gets this high rate! When we get there, the half of tables were empty and yet they were very slow and even they didn't bring stuff (i.e. extra spoons & bowls) that we asked for a couple of times. Furthermore, as we waited for so long, I asked to a server who was passing by and her response was ""I'm not serving your table!"" with such a rude manner. Udon had no taste - one of the worst in Seattle! Sushi roll was bad - when I picked up, the piece was falling apart. Sashimi was 'k but definately overrated. Strongly not recommended!! - you should have no problem to find much better Japanese restaurants at this price with better food and service! Pros: sashimi was somewhat fresh Cons: very poor service, overrated sashimi & sushi more

Who would think? 2/18/2007

That such a wonderful Japanese restaurant would be found on Lake City Way?! I love this place--the service is great, and everyone is friendly. The fish is always very fresh and never fails to please. You should definitely go out of your way to make it here if you can. You will be well rewarded with a wonderful meal. Oh, and I don't mind the pre-dinner salad at all ;) Pros: great food, wonderful sushi chefs Cons: street parking, sometimes the hours are weird..not open when the sign says there are, etc. more

Good (but not great) sushi 11/26/2006

I eat at Toyoda because it is close, not because it is so great. Don't get me wrong -- I like the food, I like the wait-staff, ... What amuses me the most about this place is that its almost two restaurants in the same location. Some nights you can go in and dining there is a solemn occasion -- you feel the urge to bow, show off your limited japanese vocabulary, and so on.... \r \r Other nights? There's a party in there. The chefs behind the sushi bar shout greetings at anyone who walks in the door -- everyone's laughing and having a great time...\r \r In both cases the food is consistently good -- not excellent, but very good. The fish on your sashimi plate smells good and tastes better. It might not be arranged as artfully as some other sushi bars, but the presentation is more than enough to make you smile when it is set down in front of you. \r \r I like going to Toyoda Sushi and will continue to do so. Yes, Seattle has better, but Toyoda is more than good enough for me. Pros: staff, art, food Cons: kinda spendy, street parking more

Very fresh country-style sushi restaurant 10/8/2006

This is not your dark, hip, urban sushi restaurant with overpriced specialty rolls and trip hop playing in the background. This is a simple, clean, country-style sushi restaurant with very fresh fish, reasonable prices (very reasonable compared to some places in the area), and a great staff. \r \r Tip: Spend less time ordering ordering maguro and hamachi and find out what's fresh that day.\r \r Pros: Very fresh fish, reasonable prices Cons: Street parking more

Big hype, and very crowded 9/28/2006

I've gone here off and on for years, partly because it's close to my house and partly because my family likes it, but I've never figured out why it's so damn busy all the time. It always smells like bleach inside, you wait forever for a seat, and the sushi is really not that special. Go to Kisaku or Chiso instead. Pros: It's nothing if not lively Cons: Sub-par sushi, long wait more

Embarrassment of ""Japanese Cuisine"" 8/19/2006

If you go there often and tell others you know a very good Japanese restaurant, you are wrong because you are not eating Japanese food there. I don't know what you are eating. They might have gotten some kind of award a decade or so ago, but the title has been long expired. I was fully offended by how they serve dishes. A mound of very sub-par food that is spilling out of a bowl is not anywhere close to be ""wabi-sabi"" or ""zen."" Does this fact convince you better that I am Japanese? Born and grew up there? more

Avoid at all costs and I do mean costs $$$$ 8/17/2006

This was my third time to Toyoda Sushi on Lake City way and it will be my last. The table surface of which I sat was sticky with some unknown gue that grabbed the hair on my arm every time I leaned on the surface. My sons soda was served warm with two barely visible ice pieces. We ordered the crispy Calamari of which they should rename cooked to a crisp Calamari and edamame that had a pile of salt covering the entire top. \r \r I ordered several different kinds of tuna nigiri and they arrived with other pieces that I did not order. I could not tell the difference between the three that I had ordered. I know that I had not ordered Unagi. The cuts were very irregular and some of the cuts were chunks of fish stacked on the rice. My son had Sukiyaki udon. He did not complain until he ate all of the few udon noodles present. Where are the noodles he asked? That was a $17.00 bowl of soup.\r \r In all we had Cooked to a crisp Calamari, Snowy edamame, 6 individual pieces of sushi and a roll, sukiyaki udon bowl, a soda and a beer that came to $67.00. Because I am such a nice guy I left an 18% percent tip. The tip I should have given them was to get your business on track before you lose it and Lake City has another vacant store front.\r \r There are many other Japanese restaurants to choose from in the area that offer better food and service at a much better cost. City search needs to reevaluate the rating or lose credibility. Pros: You don't have to go back or go there at all. Cons: I went there one last time. more

Generous In All Ways 7/5/2006

I had the recent pleasure of ordering take out from Toyada on a busy Sunday night. Upon arriving, not only was the joint packed and a buzz with apparently happy patrons, but I was thanked immediately for placing such a large togo order. I only wish it had been for more than just the four of us. Toyada San was so gracious offering us beers while we waited for him to finish up our order and his wife (hostess) took care of packaging up everything and even putting a few extras in for us on the sly. Generous owners serving generous cuts - who could ask for more. Pros: Generous Cuts Cons: Lake City Way more
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